I penned the paragraph below a couple weeks ago. Since then, Sears/Kmart has been announcing closings across the land. Today it is being confirmed that Radio Shack will be shuttering 500 more stores, after shuttering 500 last year. Only 6,000 more to go. This was so predictable, a BLS economist could have seen it coming. Of course, Jim Cramer says it’s a buy.

“Quarter after quarter there will be more announcements of store closings. Macys just announced the closing of 5 stores and firing of 2,500 retail workers. JC Penney just announced the closing of 33 stores and firing of 2,000 retail workers. Announcements are imminent from Sears, Radio Shack and a slew of other retailers who are beginning to see the writing on the wall. The vacancy rate will be rising in strip malls, power malls and regional malls, with the largest growing sector being ghost malls. Before long it will appear that SPACE AVAILABLE is the fastest growing retailer in America.” – Famous Retail Guru – Admin – The Retail Death Rattle – 1-14-14

One year ago I wrote an article called Disastrous Results, detailing the coming bankruptcy of Radio Shack.

The chickens are coming home to roost. There will be 500 more vacant shells in malls across America. Liquidation is in the foreseeable future. Book it Dano.



23 thoughts on “DO I EVER TIRE OF BEING RIGHT?”

  1. Admin,
    You are like the Ted Williams of retail analysis. I worked for a company out of Minnesota in the nineties, they would often kid me and call me Cliff Claven. I am a half-assed know it all and have a perfect Boston accent. I have been practicing for over 50 years.

  2. “DO I EVER TIRE OF BEING RIGHT?” ————— Admin

    You’ve never won the NCAA pool. You came in just about dead last in the Superbowl pool. Just sayin’

    On a more serious note, you have a brilliant mind analyzing these companies. I would suggest you get a Teevee show, but they’re not interested in truth. I would suggest you run these companies, but they’re not interested in profits, apparently. So you’re stuck entertaining us monkeys, and we love it.

    I must say ……. the Radio Shack commercial is one of the few I actually enjoyed. Please don’t thumb me down. I loved seeing all those 80’s characters, especially Cliff (the Cheers mailman).

    1. Stuck

      You are full of shit.

      I won the NCAA tournament a couple years ago when Connecticut took the title. Look it up bucko.

  3. Shit. I didn’t think you kept that thread. WTF are you keeping stuff like that? Don’t you realize there is a disk shortage?

    OK, so I submit bullshit once in while. I’ve been outed.

    Seriously, do you think Syracuse or Wichita State will go undefeated, O Wise One?

  4. Admin cheats so much on that stuff, it is impossible to believe he actually won any damn thing without cheating.

    Hell, Admin even gloats about his power to cheat. He makes his posts where he fucks up and says something stupid just magically disappear. He edits his posts. He edits other folk’s posts who point out that he edits his posts. Damn, he is good, gotta give him that.

    I suspect this post will just magically disappear, too.

    Also, Admin is almost 100% right on his calls re retail. It does help, I suppose, that you could currently throw a dart at a list of retailers, and say that whatever retailer is hit is going under and have nearly a 100% chance of being right. Nonetheless, Admin is almost always right on this.

    However, he still cheats on sports pools and any argument where he is getting his ass kicked. Basically, that means he cheats every time he is in an argument against me or SSS.


  5. Llpoh ….. +10.

    “Seriously, do you think Syracuse or Wichita State will go undefeated, O Wise One?”
    —-Stucky @ Admin

    I predict that Arizona will go undefeated this season. Heh.

  6. You were wrong about books a million and converse tennis shoes.Not much luck at predicting sporting events.You were wrong about bank stocks.Sears,JC penny and Radio Shack don’t count because AWD told all about those.

  7. Admin,
    I am sure glad Llpoh finally saw fit to appreciate Andrew Jackson’s greatness as a president, fighter of terrorist Indians, and land planner for the native Americans. Next up Tippecanoe and Tyler too.

  8. Michael Paul Rogin, UC Berkley professor in the 1970s.

    Anthony F.C.Wallace Canadian Born Graduate of U Penn.

    Enough said of the 2 Psycho babble liberal weenies.


  9. “Admin,

    I am sure glad Llpoh finally saw fit to appreciate Andrew Jackson’s greatness as a president, fighter of terrorist Indians, and land planner for the native Americans. Next up Tippecanoe and Tyler too.

    (Boston) Bob”

    @ Boston Bob and flash,

    You two nitwits don’t seen to realize that Admin ADDED the Andrew Jackson comment to Llpoh’s comments AFTER Llpoh accused him of doing just that. Jackson is NOT a president on any well read Indian’s favorite playlist. You got suckered, plain and simple.

  10. I dont mean to bring this up but admin was wrong about Oblahblah taking oil from the US reserve.

    Okay, I did mean to bring that up. Sue me. =)

  11. When your never wrong you get a big head

    When you get a big head you feel invincible

    When you feel invincible you jump off tall buildings

    When you jump off tall buildings people think your a Wall Streeter

    When people think your a Wall Streeter they desecrate your headstone.

    Dont be a big head.

  12. “Really SSS you missed the sarcasme you really are an old tuck.”

    Nice tap dance, Bostonbob. Your “sarcasme” (Can you fucking spell, asshole?) is so subtle, it was meant for …… YOU?

    Besides, I don’t believe you. You’re flat fucking lying to cover your stupid ass.

    Admin’s editing of Llpoh’s post went right over your head, and you claimed that Llpoh’s citation of two author’s critical of Jackson’s policies towards Indians were the work of “psycho babble liberal weenies.” You can’t be serious. The Trail of Tears was REAL. It happened. Jackson hated Indians, and so did Martin van Buren.

    I don’t care whether Llpoh cited liberal two authors critical of Andrew Jackson and his policies towards Indians. Sure, those authors may be over-the-top with their criticism, but that doesn’t dismiss the CORE of reality of what they are discussing.

    Jackson hated Indians, in word and deed. He called them savages and sub-humans and treated them as such. I condemn him for this.

    BTW, he destroyed the U.S. Bank. Go, Andy!!!! See how critical thinking works, Boston????

  13. SSS, ever one of my favorite folks, hits the nail on the head re Asshole Jackson. I hope he was reincarnated as a dung beetle.

  14. I think Radioshack would have still had a niche market if they hadn’t decided to transform into a really shitty version of Wal-mart’s already shitty electronics department.

    And stop trying to sell me a fucking phone, if I wanted a cell phone I’d go to a cell store.

    Parts for people to build their own computers, hobbyist style PLC’s (arduino), hobbyist style controllers (raspberry pi) and don’t forget the parts for hobbyist builders for quadropters and drones etc.

    So much shit they could be selling, but no, the only reason I go there is when a piece of lab equipment requires a weird battery size.

  15. SSS,
    I actually read ” the Long Bitter Trail” many years ago, required reading in certain history classes at UMass. Your superior critical thinking is clouded by your slowly deteriorating, aged brain. I do not care if you think I understood Admin’s edit, in all capitals. I fully under stand the depravity of Jackson’s policies toward the native Americans. He was not the only one to have committed these atrocities, his policies were preceded and followed up by much of the same until all the Indians were killed or entrapped. My only point, besides being sarcastic, was to show how much of this view is propagated by self loathing liberal weenies. Sorry about the spelling I do not type well in the Kindle at 11:00 at night.

  16. @TPC, right on. RS is a store for GEEKS. That is fact. Instead of looking at the greener grass in the soccer mom’s back yard, they should have doubled down and directly went after the geeks while slowly turning their storefronts into online. Instead they wanted to sell fancy bluetooth gadgets to Gidget, maintain thousands of POS retail spaces with thousands of separate tax laws, and totally suck in their entry into the internet while remaining the same place the geeks want to shop!

    Simply the most stunning example of corporate hubris and blindness I’ve seen in a long time. If I ever take another class where I would have to do a case study of a business failure, RS would top my list.

    I bow to your business acumen Admin. On this I’ve always agreed with you.

  17. In my misbegotten youth I used to install stereos in friends cars. All sorts of inline fuses, clips, harness parts, just about everything you would need. It was a great geek hangout. That and U Do It Electronics in Needham. The 1970s really were a lot of fun.


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