It seems another brilliant government program has cost the American taxpayer $100 million in fraudulent losses, in addition to the $200 million supposedly paid out legitimately. That’s only a 33% fraud rate for this fine government program. That might be a record for best run government program.

It seem Bush and his neo-cons were running out of cannon fodder to send to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2005. So they used the old Roman Empire method of  hiring mercenaries. Blackwater couldn’t fill the gap, so they resorted to bribing people to recruit clueless, poor, young dupes into joining the military and fighting in the War on Terror.

Under the program, National Guard soldiers — and their relatives, as well as other civilians and retirees — signed up to be recruiting assistants and could earn up to $7,500 for each new recruit they managed to enlist. We say we have a volunteer army, but then we pay $300 million of taxpayer dollars to influential adults to lure unsuspecting youngsters into the line of fire. They fight an enemy in a far off country, killing women, children, and don’t have a clue what their true mission is. They come back physically and/or mentally wounded for life, if they come back at all.

Your government lured 130,000 youngsters into their un-Constitutional wars of choice with this program. That is bad enough, but the NYT reports the rampant fraud perpetrated in the name of recruiting:

Army officials appeared before a Senate hearing on Tuesday and sketched out a huge criminal endeavor that has implicated more than 1,200 people — 200 of them officers — including two generals and dozens of colonels.

Investigators said that in many cases, high school guidance counselors and even principals with access to their students’ personal information took credit for recruiting students who they happened to know were joining the Army. One person who is now under prosecution was fraudulently paid $275,000 under the recruitment program, and four others received more than $100,000 each, according to papers released Monday by the Senate panel.

After reports of potential fraud in 2007, the Army examined the program and found that 705 recruiters were linked to payments with a high risk of fraud, including multiple large recruiting bonuses going into the same bank accounts.The Army terminated the recruiting bonus program in February 2012 and ordered a wholesale review. Officials say that they may not finish the investigation until 2016 because of the scale of the fraud.

So the Army knew there was widespread fraud in 2007 but kept the program going until 2012 and will get around to finishing their investigation in 2016. There is government in action for you. Every government program is a clusterfuck of fraud, inefficiency, cronyism, over spending, and cover-up. The military industrial complex doesn’t give a crap about the American people or our tax dollars being wasted and pissed away. They don’t care about the recruits into their wars. They are nothing but numbers meeting some quota. They are pawns in the game of getting as much funds as possible for the arms dealers.

Everything about the American governmental system sickens me. Let it burn.

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  1. When someone says government, you just assume fraud. Government is a fraud by nature, a corporation using money stolen by force, known by some as tax money.

  2. Correction:
    the government is not a corporation, it is a mafia/organized crime (no disrespect to the real, honest in comparison mafia).


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