It’s good to be the king. Just ask multi-billionaire Sam Zell who thinks the 99% are lazy good for nothing pieces of shit and we should bow down before Zell and the rest of the crony capitalist assholes who control the financial system, political system, legal system, regulatory agencies, and the media and thank them for their wisdom and brilliance in running this country into the ground. All hail Zell.

The arrogance and hubris of Zell and his kind is putrid. These fucks have destroyed this country by turning it into a giant casino of financialization. Pricks like Zell and Dimon add no value to society whatsoever. Financial engineering produces nothing. It enriches the engineers and impoverishes everyone else. I’d like to wipe that self satisfied smirk off  Zell’s face with the back of my hand.


An Open Letter to Sam Zell: Why Your Statements are Delusional and Dangerous

The 1 percent are being pummeled because it’s politically convenient to do so. The problem is that the world and this country should not talk about envy of the 1 percent. It should talk about emulating the 1 percent. The 1 percent work harder. The 1 percent are much bigger factors in all forms of our society.

– Sam Zell yesterday on Bloomberg Television

Mr. Zell,
I’ve seen clips of you on television several times in the past. I can’t say those appearances elicited strong reactions from me. I can recall being offended at things you have said, and I can remember agreeing with you on other occasions. However, yesterday I found your statements on “class warfare,” “envy” and the “1%” delusional and dangerous. I will address these two points separately.

Why Your Statements Are Delusional

Individuals, social classes, even cultures and nation-states develop storylines and so-called “myths” about themselves and how they fit into the bigger picture of current events and human history. We all see ourselves and whatever group(s) with which we identify within a particular social, political and economic context. This is obvious, yet it is much more difficult to look at your owns myths and question them. It is far easier to look at other groups’ myths and heap criticism on them. That is basically all you do.

For the purpose of this letter, I will focus on socio-economic groups that people are now using in these contemporary United States. Ever since Occupy Wall Street popularized the terms, many people have divided themselves into two overly-simplistic groups, the so-called 99% and the 1%. However, this isn’t the real struggle. I was always against the 1% label, because the true cancer, the true problem comes from a much smaller slice of the population. It comes from what I call the “oligarchs,” the 0.01%, and the politicians that do their bidding. This is your class Mr. Zell, so let’s get that straight right off the bat. That doesn’t mean everyone in the 0.01% should be vilified. I am certain there are many well meaning, decent and honestly good people in that bucket. Nevertheless, what the past five years have proven without a shadow of a doubt is that this class collectively represents the most destructive, delusional and counter-productive members of our society.

Your statements on Bloomberg yesterday prove my point exactly. Let’s start with the most offensive and asinine statement. You said:  

The problem is that the world and this country should not talk about envy of the 1 percent. It should talk about emulating the 1 percent. The 1 percent work harder.

First of all you talk of envy. Now without a doubt, there is a significant portion of the so-called 99% that would want nothing more than to have the riches and the power of the 1%, but certainly not all of them, or even necessarily the majority. In my life I have had various experiences and met a lot of people. I lived most of my life in Manhattan and the last three years in Boulder, Colorado. What defines Manhattan more than anything else is that it is a money-chasing place. People who live there are generally obsessed with money as well as materialism, and want as much as they can get in the shortest period of time. People in Colorado are not this way. When I lived in NYC, almost every conversation I overheard would consist of how to make more money or get a bigger bonus. In three years in Colorado, I cannot recall ever hearing a similar conversation. Of course this is an over-generalization, but there is certainly truth to it.

It’s fine to want to make money, and it’s also fine to just want to be comfortable, content and fulfilled in what you do. I’m not making a judgement call here. What I am saying is that people like you, who are constantly surrounded by people that think just like you, people who obsess 24/7 about how to make more money on money, you think that everyone thinks just like you. Sorry to break it to you, they don’t.

So this is where your delusion begins. You think everyone that has issues with you oligarchs and how the 0.01% is destroying our economy and society is simply envious because you assume they think like you do. Certainly, if you were poor you would be envious of the the rich. You’ve made that clear. However, that is not the primary motivation of the anger and resentment swelling up from the underclasses.

I will use myself as an example. I worked on Wall Street from the moment I graduated Duke University. By the time I was in my mid-20s my career was taking off. I was well into the “1%” by my late-20s and if I had continued along that path, who knows maybe one day I could’ve been an oligarch like you. If you were me, you would have continued to pound the pavement of the world’s financial centers to one day become a “master of the universe.” But I don’t want to be you Sam Zell. I voluntarily took myself off that career path, at the very top of my game because I became so disillusioned by the monetary and financial system after the crisis and the bailout of the crooks (your socio-economic class) that caused it. I’m not trying to portray myself as special or some sort of a hero. I am just making the point that from your point of view my choice was completely irrational, and probably one you could never comprehend. Yet there are plenty of people like me out there and you don’t seem to understand this because your entire worldview revolves around wealth.

Your misdiagnosis of the root cause of the current dissent in America is a result of your obliviousness to the actual concerns of the 99%. A group about which you speak with such certainty, yet certainly know almost nothing about. In fact, my website is dedicated to highlighting all of the destructive trends happening in this nation today. From record high food stamp participation, to declining real wages and the reality that young people need to take on so much debt they become indentured serfs from the moment they enter the workforce. From a loss of 4th Amendment rights due to illegal NSA spying, to the militarization of the police force. From oligarch immunity from serious financial crimes that average citizens would be thrown in jail for life for, to trillion dollar bailouts with zero strings attached for the financial community. From the over-prosecution of some of our bravest citizens such as Aaron Swartz, Barrett Brown and Private Manning to a fraudulent two-party sham political system entirely controlled by your socio-economic class.

While I agree that President Obama talks in simplistic, imbecilic “class warfare” terms, what does he do in reality? He is the most oligarch-coddling President this nation has ever seen. Talk is cheap Zell. I only listed a few of the root problems causing dissent in the country. They are very real, they are not going away and as long as oligarchs like you pretend they don’t exist and this is all the result of “envy” nothing will get better. In fact, it will get much, much worse. I see very little envy. I see a populace waking up to a gigantic fucking fraud, full of below average cronies thieving and people getting pissed about it. I see a 0.01% class of oligarchs to which the free market and the rule of law do not apply. So I’m not sure what exactly the 99% is supposed to be emulating. Your unaccountable criminality?

Of course I couldn’t end this section without calling you out on the most absurd thing you said: “The 1 percent work harder.”

Where to begin…First of all, I’d like some hard data to back up this statement. You complain about class warfare and then hypocritically say something like that? How is that not class warfare. You, a billionaire, come on television and tell 320 million people that the reason they feel disillusioned and agitated is because they are lazy. If that’s not class warfare I don’t know what is.

But let’s take this a step further. Let’s assume that the average person in the 1% works harder than the average person in the 99%. This reality still means that there are likely millions, if not tens of millions of above average workers within the 99% that work considerably harder than the average 1% person. Even if you don’t accept my numbers, you can’t deny there would still be hundreds of thousands that fall into that bucket. So what do you have to say to them? Furthermore, where does your expertise on the work ethic of the 99% come from? I highly doubt you spend much time hanging around them.

Why Your Statements Are Destructive
There is genuine dissent in America and it would behoove you to actually try to understand it, rather than assuming it is represented by inane political rhetoric from Barrack Obama. In case you hadn’t noticed, Obama isn’t popular. Neither are Democrats and Republicans. In fact, a recent Gallup Poll showed that 42% of Americans identify as Independent, versus 31% as Democrats and 25% as Republicans. This is the highest “Independent” identification on record. People know something is very wrong, they know the system is broken.

Generally speaking, the dissent from both the “progressive” side and the “libertarian” side overlaps on many issues. Issues that you seem to be oblivious to. These are:

1) Opposition to Wall Street bailouts, the concept of TBTF and the growth of crony capitalism generally.
2) The fact that the “rule of law” is not applied to oligarchs, politicians and government officials.
3) The destruction of civil liberties through the nation and the militarization of police.
4) Endless and pointless wars abroad, as well as the destructive war on drugs at home.

As you yourself admit: “the 1 percent are much bigger factors in all forms of our society.” This is true, and since the 0.01% wields even greater power, you must accept responsibility for these issues. Instead, you just come on television and call everyone envious.

The fact that there is such tremendous overlap on such major issues from activists on the so-called “left” and the “right” is extraordinarily important. These are real grievances that are not going away. Angst on these issues must be dealt with, and no amount of superficial, ignorant statements will change that reality. The only thing that the arrogant oligarch attitude will do is cause more people to despise you. Is that what you want?

I don’t think you’re a bad guy with evil intent. I think you are a money obsessed financier who hasn’t taken the time to actually understand what is really going on within your own country because you have your head so far up your own ass. It’s hard for anyone to actually look at themselves in the mirror and be honest about themselves and the myths they create. However, history shows us that when decadent plutocrats are unable to do so, we end up with disastrous situations. Situations which are often times violent and result in despotism. A situation I desperately hope to avoid, and I truly hope you and others like you recognize your error before it is too late.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

55 thoughts on “DO THE 1% WORK HARDER?”

  1. Krieger’s comments about the .01% make sense, but Zell’s comment that the 1% work harder is something that should be comprehended by many of the 99%, even though they probably wouldn’t believe it. Those of my clientele who are in the top 1% of income (not the .01%) do tend to work frighteningly hard. Even more than working hard, they work smart, and they’re always thinking – which I find exhausting. I’m talking about corporate execs who get up at 5AM and start every day with a five mile run before working a 12 hour day. Their whole lives are divided into 15 minute blocks, synchronized via smart phone with their spouse. Even their weekends and vacations are crammed full of activities, challenges, etc. I have a brother who’s climbed to the top of one of the big four accounting firms. My wife says “he’s lucky”. Luck has nothing to do with it. This is someone who lined up snow shoveling contracts every fall starting at age ten, held multiple paper routes from age 12, was valedictorian, summa cum laude, MBA, etc etc. I don’t feel sorry for 1%ers, but a lot of regular people don’t have any idea how hard they work – and it usually starts when they’re very young.

  2. It has been proven that the hardest working people make the least.

    CEOs on a show where they work regular jobs for the companies they run (Undercover Boss), couldn’t hack it. Many would’ve been fired after screwing up entry level positions. But, many denied they were overpaid even after not being able to do jobs at the bottom of the totem pole!

  3. The 1 percent are much bigger factors in all forms of our society.-SH

    How, sir, is that democracy no matter how hard one works?

  4. When people write LOL, they aren’t usually laughing out loud. I literally laughed out loud at Econman. It’s reminds me of the old saying “it’s funny how people who work really hard are really lucky”. The 1% are often people who own plumbing businesses or insurance agencies or consulting firms. They usually work long hours. A week or two ago a couple of guys came through my neighborhood about 7:30 AM on trash removal/recycling day. They were salvaging copper and other metals from old appliances that my neighbor had left out to be hauled away. It was -10F (before wind chill) and I started talking to them, wondering how they could be working with bare hands. They seemed like decent guys. One said he was 52 and had been doing it “for 35 years”. He said “I didn’t go to school, so I started scrapping”. He said he liked it. It seemed like honest work to me, and that’s what matters most. Those guys were working hard doing tough work, but they also admitted they fell into that line of work because they hadn’t learned to do anything else. I’m not putting them down. I’m holding them up. I realize that there are a lot of people doing hard work. I’m not saying that only the top1% work that hard, but the top 1% of income earners usually started working hard and smart from an earlier age.

  5. Undercover Boss? Really? Is that your proof that those who work the hardest make the least? Do you think that maybe that plot line (CEO discovers it’s hard in the trenches after all) might be, um…preordained? Do you think that the majority of viewers are more inclined to identify with the CEO or the guy making the burritos?

    And where the fuck is Llpoh when I need him? I’m going to check out for now. I have work to do.

  6. I wonder if Zell over stressed one of his massive biceps, from working harder than 99% of people, patting himself on the ass.

  7. Work is usually defined as burning calories.

    So Zell jabbers his jaw telling underlings what to do. Why he should have a hummingbird ass and a crocodile jaw.

    But that is not in evidence.

  8. Sam Zell….

    Born Samuel Zielonka in Chicago in 1941 to Polish Joo Immigrant parents….

    Hmmm…. “work harder”? Not so sure about that…

    Zell was heavy into real estate when Blackstone bought them out for 39 Billion in 2007. Blackstone was formed by, amongst others, some guy named Schwarzman who used to work for Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb Inc… LOTS of “tribe” names there, donchathink?

    So anyways, Blackstone buys out Zell in 07 for 39 Billion, then turns around and sells off the properties at huge profits. Of course by early 09, less than two years later, most of the properties sold were “under water” and worth less than their mortgages..

    So… Joos who used to work for other Joos bought out yet another Joo, sold that property to stupid Goy at overinflated prices… and all the Joos made shattering amounts of money EXCEPT the stupid Goy who ended up “under water”….

    Works harder? Meh… the more I read about this Zell piece of shit and his dealings, the more I fucking hate him…

  9. Zell, huh? With a name like that shouldn’t he be drilling the healthy teeth of a captive Dustin Hoffman asking him if it’s safe?

  10. Who dominate the top 1%?

    Doctors, lawyers, small business people, top managers, CPAs, etc. The one percent is not by and large the Zells. They are the .0000003 percent. The one per cent are the aspirational, who by and large have worked their asses off to get what they have.
    Fuck yes those folks work harder. Anyone who thinks not is a fucking idiot. And not only do they work hard now, they worked hard getting their education and experience.

    And by harder I mean longer hours.

    How anyone could even seriously debate this is beyond me.

    And my understanding of Zell, no matter what else he may be, is he is and has always been a hard worker, working virtually every waking moment.

    Iska – sorry to be late to the party.

    Man, this place is not what it used to be. Class warfare seems to be the name of the game. People do not even know what or who the one per cent are. They concentrate on it being Zell. It is not him, and he was right about the one percent working harder.

    I am going to have to consider joining Stuck and AWD on the sidelines. Comments are more like what I see at the NYT at the moment than what TBP has been.

    It is turning into a sitewhere class warfare is the theme. Unbelievable. .

  11. Economan is a dolt. He says “they have proved it”, then references undercover boss. Are you shitting me? This is the kind of commentary on this site?

    There was a time every man and his dog would have torn him to bits for a turd like that. That a disappointment.

  12. I’m not sure exactly how much wealth or income it takes to be counted in the 1%er club. I took in tons of swag from mid 70’s thru the 80’s when swag was really worth some swag. Because of this got to meet quite a few folks that I’m sure adjusted for inflation far exceeded the minimum requirements what ever they are. During this period I met among others many bankers and securities dealers. I dealt with these wicked rich bastards almost every day. They were most useful in that they had pre-pillaged and plundered the sheeple, investors and such and then piled it up all in one place. So it was relatively easy to conduct legal but what otherwise amounted to raids of piracy against them. This was in a way a kind of creepy time in my life but I thoroughly enjoyed my walk of debauchery and profit thru the dark side while packing deals up rich fuckers assholes. Through my associations with these successful people (at least financially successful) I have observed this………………..

    Do they work hard? Some do, some don’t. Some of them are always on the damn golf course or getting a blow job when you try to find them. Are they real smart? Some are very smart, very sharp and very talented but many are morons. However as a sub set of humans they contain a much lower percentage of morons than the general public, but many can become temporary morons when you hand them a pen and let them draw their very own greed button. Are they trustworthy and virtuous? Only to the extent that their behavior is predictable. Are some of them fun or crazy? Hell yes. Do they make good friends? No. Best they remain disposable associations or you will become disappointed. So for the most part they are like everyone else except with more stuff and more power. This is why they often do stupid shit just like most people. Makes you wonder how they managed to earn all their money in the first place, how they managed to keep some of it and get more all the time. Now I’ll tell you how……………………….

    Three things I see in common with most all of them, and they are critical attributes……one they find and can motivate lots of other people who are workaholics or can be driven do all the real work. These people who do all the work are just as greedy but don’t think as big and on occasion need to be whipped. At the management level or even the executive level these are also the people who do the deceiving, bullshitting and finagling. That way if things go south on a deal they are the ones who get nailed to the wall.

    Two……………since it’s better to pretty much do what ever the fuck you want then be regulated and better to get paid than pay tax they all had fantastic accountants and attorneys who specialized in their industries and making all kinds of things go away. These accountants, attorneys and their firms were not connected with the political and bureaucratic authorities in any improper way…….wink,wink,nudge, nudge. Those unrecorded payments, awesome deals on cars, houses, hookers, vacations and other such things have nothing to do with anything.

    And three………..they take great risks with money. But only with other peoples money and not before commissions, fees, expenses and lots of other necessary costs or they have other people pay for everything plus a lot more and then bill for cost overruns like those big time in the trades.

    A general can be industrious and brilliant or slothful and foolish but he can do nothing with out a a staff , an army and having his solders take the ultimate risk.

    For those who are religious, rest assured that these fuckers will almost to a man burn in hell. Got a 1%er who is a totally immoral wild bastard. He ‘s going to burn in hell. Got a 1%er that goes to church every week and contributes to charity. Don’t let him fool you. He’s gonna burn in hell. Harbor hatred for these people …………… …well save a little of it for when you look in there mirror.
    The difference between them and most all of us is the amounts of money and how much gets done with it. My one concern since I’m repentant for almost nothing is that when it’s my time I may get stuck in with a whole pack of these fuckers and their minions while being set on fire. But then that’s still a lot better than being set on fire in a place full of sheeple.

  13. Llpoh

    If you read my comments and the story by Krieger, it isn’t about the 1%. You are right. The most productive, hard working people in the country are a major portion of the 1%.

    The story is about Zell and the rest of the .01% who have used the Wall Street gambling casino and the easy money provided by the Fed to ruin the country, gutting all the productive assets.

    I remember when people weren’t so thin skinned on TBP and didn’t leave the site like pussies and 3rd grade girls like ecliptix and AWD.

    I’m sure they’ve found a site that doesn’t censor them and doesn’t hate the uber-rich who have fucked the country.


      “The commercial world is very frequently put into confusion by the bankruptcy of merchants that assumed the splendour of wealth, only to obtain the privilege of trading with the stock of other men, and of contracting debts which nothing but lucky casualties could enable them to pay; till after having supported their appearance a while by tumultuary magnificence of boundless traffic, they sink at once, and drag down into poverty those whom their equipages had induced to trust them.”

      Samuel Johnson, Rambler #189, January 7, 1752

  14. Bruce, thanks for the insight and interesting read. Basically, the majority of over-achievers cheat the system. I don’t think like a criminal, so while it’s easy to understand, it’s harder to put oneself in their shoes.

    I was with you up until your last point, no one other than the devil and his anti-christ are going to burn in hell forever. Let me explain. Man was created with body, soul, and spirit. Adam transgressed God’s commandment and lost his spiritual connection with God. After the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who gave up his life, it’s possible to be born again and receive holy spirit. Spirit is eternal life.

    People who never accept Jesus Christ as Lord, and believe God raised him from the dead will go through life without receiving holy spirit and in the resurrection will be thrown into the lake of fire.

    “This is the second death, the lake of fire. And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.” (Revelation 20:14b-15, ESV).

    “For in death there is no remembrance of you; in Sheol who will give you praise?” (Psalm 6:5, ESV)

    When you die, you’re dead, until the resurrection, and if you’re thrown into the lake of fire, you are no more, you perish. The difficulty with the devil and the beast, the anti-christ, is they are spirit, and as such they cannot be killed, therefore, when they are thrown into the lake of fire they do not perish.

    “And the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who in its presence had done the signs by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped its image. These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur.” (Revelation 19:20, ESV)

    “and the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.” (Revelation 20:10, ESV)

    Here’s a link I found which discusses it further,

    Thanks again for the insight into the lives of people who are takers, contribute nothing to society, and only cause difficulty for everyone else.

    1. The latest numbers from the IRS—based on just released data from 2011 tax returns—show what it takes to be among the top 1% of income earners: adjusted gross income of $388,905 or more. That’s 5.2% higher than it took to buy into this rarified status a year earlier. The 1.37 million Americans with this elite status reported 18.7% of all the country’s taxable income.

      That’s right. One percent of taxpayers reported almost 19% of all taxable income. And that same tiny group kicked in 35% of all the taxes paid. (A year earlier, the top 1% of earners kicked in 37% of all taxes paid.) How much do you need to make to be in the top 50% of earners? Just $34,823.

      For historical perspective, back in 1986, the top 1% of earners reported 11% of all income and paid 26% of the income taxes; the lower-earning 50% made 17% of the income and paid 6% of the nation’s individual income tax bill.

  15. Llpoh: I am going to have to consider joining Stuck and AWD on the sidelines. Comments are more like what I see at the NYT at the moment than what TBP has been.

    bb is slowly working himself up to Big Dog status,…. oh the shame…

  16. The top 1 percent is defined as households with incomes above $388,905

    How hard do you have to work to make $400k per year? 60 hours a week? 100? Or maybe even hardly at all? A wise man once said …….. “it’s not about working hard, it’s about working smart”.

    One way to work smart is to get other people to make your money.

    I worked very very hard as a mortgage broker. And if you think that’s dumb or funny … you just don’t understand what the job entails. I made OK, even good money. A “slacker” week was 60 hours …. 70-80 hours was more normal. But the floor manager? He worked 40-60 EASY hours … never leaving the office …. and made around a million per year.

  17. “I am going to have to consider joining Stuck and AWD on the sidelines.” ———- llpoh

    I’m back in the game, BABY!!

    1. Looks like Stuck is the only Big Dog with Big Balls. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

      Smokey is up in heaven looking down at all the previous TBP big dogs and muttering that they are a bunch of pansies and pussies. They could never jerk off a mountain lion with barbed wire in a phone booth.

      What a disgraceful display by AWD, ecliptix and llpoh.

  18. “It is turning into a site where class warfare is the theme. Unbelievable.” —– llpoh

    Maybe, maybe not.

    Here’s my view, and I believe also that of most TBPers. I would like to have more money than I currently have. However, I do not envy rich people for their wealth. Not even on iota.

    Envy, and her twin sister Jealousy, will destroy one’s soul with extreme haste and efficiency. So, I won’t entertain those two bitches, ever.

    I firmly believe that what many perceive as “class warfare” is not due to their actual wealth, but rather these Big 3;

    —– 1) the 1% earned their wealth in an unsavory manner
    —– 2) the 1% use their wealth to hold others down
    —– 3) the 1% use their wealth to circumvent Laws the rest of us must follow

  19. T4C

    Jeez. Have you read in Proverbs 19:13 that — “the contentions of a woman are like a continual dripping of water ..” ha!

    I’ll see what I can muster up.

  20. llpoh only said he was “considering” it. I KNEW that was going to happen as SOON as I saw TheClam post. She can really get under one’s skin. However, llpoh ain’t yellah … he’s a redskin … a warrior … a Big Chief who has NEVER run from battle … and he won’t do so now. He’s in his teepee doing a Cherokee Dick Dance over a Clammy Doll, and will soon return.

    When did AWD leave? Are you serious?? WTF happened with that? But, I don’t believe it. He’s a Serial Leaver, like me. He’ll be back. I think he’s in the teepee with llpoh.

    ecpliptix, too? yeah, he’s a pussy. :mrgreen:

  21. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, its not the one percent that controls the fate of the government. That belongs to a handful of billionaires so far up the food chain that a percentage doesn’t describe them.

    Although the term oligarch does, I much prefer that.

    1% cuts off at something like $350k, and I personally know many people that make that much dough. They are business owners, doctors and engineers. Patent holders, writers and producers.

    The one percent certainly do drive the economy. Without them we have almost no jobs.

    The problem is that we have a bought and paid for congress, and the people doing the buying are mega-conglomerates and oligarchs. Its these jacklegs that are running and ruining the show.

    Targeting the 1% wholesale is just as ridiculously divisive as targeting the boomers or blacks exclusively. Division is the enemy of the people, and thats why our owners (mega-corp/oligarchs) have encouraged it at every turn.

  22. TPTB are all in the 1%, but the 1% as a whole is not TPTB. I don’t think that a small business owner or professional (doctor, lawyer, or whatever) who makes enough to be in the 1% is the problem.

    I think everyone here is on the same page and the only issue is the term 1%. Some take it literally and then take offense, but others use that term to really mean the 0.1%.

  23. @TJF – The vast majority of people that use it refer to anyone that makes over a hundred grand, and ifs plain fucking irritating.

  24. The reaction from people after reading a piece like this is far more telling than the piece itself. The temperature is rising judging by the increasingly visceral reaction. Reminds me of that Australian mining fat-ass bitch…

  25. “Have you read in Proverbs 19:1”

    No. I don’t read the bible.

    “…contentions of a woman”……

    Excuse me, I am not quarreling nor am I nagging you.

    Numbers 30:2

    “If a man vows a vow…..or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.”

  26. Name one thing of value that Wall Street fucks or shyster lawyers add to society. -admin

    If i did cocaine i would say cocaine.

    If I were a prostitute I would say prostitution.

    If I had an EBT card I would say JPM

  27. T4C

    I trust you know I was just having fun with ya.

    Regarding my supposed “vow” ………….. I DON’T do vows!! And here’s why;

    “So the servant put his hand under the thigh of his master Abraham and swore an oath to him concerning this matter.” ——— Genesis 24:9

    Understand this, please — “under the thigh” is a EUPEMISM. There ain’t no Hebrews touching each other’s thighs. God don’t care about no stinkin thighs. It is a euphemism for “penis”. Plus, translators don’t use anatomically correct terms for sexual organs. So then, what is under the penis? Testicles!! So, a Biblical vow requires grabbing testicles …. and Stucky is, and always will be, familiar with only his own nuts.

    This is 100% true. Today it is common to “swear by one’s word”. Well, that was the Hebrew way of doing the same. Only it was a more forceful method because they were “swearing by one’s seed or lineage” that the vow would be carried out. (Seed and lineage are EXTREMELY important concepts in the O.T., and New.)

    And it is from this concept … the importance of TESTICLES … from which we derive our English words testament, testify, and testimony. Seriously.

    Now, this is scary. Ms Freud had to testify in court yesterday …. I just hope she wasn’t grabbing anyone’s nuts.

    Thus endeth today’s biblical word study.

  28. @TPC- yes, I agree that using it to refer to anyone making over $100k a year is irritating. I have no doubt that the OWS crowd thinks of me as the enemy. I still think that the folks posting here know better – that is all I was trying to say.

  29. Class warfare? Meh….

    I don’t give a fuck if someone has a giant pile of cash if they earned it. Or if they came up with a really, really good invention and made a giant pile of cash off that..

    For the most part, I’m content with what I have – even glad to have what I do. Oh sure, it’s fun to play the “what if” game… “What if” we hit the Powerball? (I’d buy up several square miles of Appalachian mountain range and build a big fuckin fort… probably something that looked like Helms Deep… call it “Fort Badass”. Then buy a big pile of gold and silver bullion and pile it deep in the mountain)

    What I hate is when people – very SMART people – use the system in a way it was not designed to be used, in effect abuse it, and make shattering amounts of money while a great many other people – usually dupes – are soaked for a great deal of money… SMART does not mean honest, honorable, fair or even good… it just means they’re smart enough to figure out a way to manipulate the system (sometimes in collusion with others) and make out like a bandit. Do THOSE people “work harder”? No. They’re smarter than the average bear, I’ll give them that… but am I jealous of them? No. I’m angry that these weasels can do what they do and skate with no repercussions…

    I’m not jealous of what someone else has… If someone makes good, then good for them. But those who pillage and raid? Those fucks need to swing from a lamp-post…

  30. A woman my Mother worked for inherited a great deal from her father. One day she asked my Mother “Do you know how my Father made his money”. My Mother answered “No”. This woman replies “By fucking people over”. Literally.

  31. Start a business, they said.

    Incorporate. Pay a tax.

    Rent office space. Pay a tax.

    Drive to the office. Pay a tax.

    Generate revenue. Pay a tax.

    Pay employees. Pay a tax.

    Draw a salary. Pay a tax.

    Bitch about all the taxes you pay to the IRS. Hurt IRS’s feelings. IRS gets huge bonuses.

    Award a bonus to yourself. Pay a tax.

    Collect a return on your investment. Pay a tax.

    Spend your money. Pay a tax.

    Invest for your retirement. Pay a tax.

    Die and pass on the business to your children. Pay a tax.

    Sit on my ass and do nothing, I said.

    Housing: Free.

    Food: Free.

    School: Free.

    Cell phone: Free.

    Internet: $10 a month.

    Health insurance: Free.

    Disposable income: Free.

    Vacations: Free.

    Having all the time in the world to agitate venal politicians for more freebies? Priceless.

  32. Sensetti , it’s called perseverance..Romans 5:3-4..knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance
    And perseverance,proven character and proven character ,hope….

  33. AWD

    LMFAO!! I was just talking about that fucking guy with the question marks all over his jacket! Said that he reminded me of The Riddler, but cheezier..

    I can totally relate to “Plumbing for Dummies”. Last few times we have called for a plumber, we’ve either got some inept kid who is apprenticing or some ancient guy.

    Now, I’m not opposed to ancient guys, since they pretty much spent their lives making mistakes and they know their shit backwards and forwards… but the QUALITY of the work we usually get is sub-standard. Couple weeks ago, we had a couple pipes burst (along with everyone else in America) and the plumber that ended up “fixing” our burst pipes had to come back THREE FUCKING TIMES to get it right….

    And the hell of it is, IT’S STILL NOT RIGHT! So, I dug into my Great Library and got out the book on plumbing. Bought what I needed from Ace Hardware and I’M gonna fix that motherfucker…. totally within my skill set.

  34. Llpoh, thought of you when I read that Paul Rosenberg post on the other thread. You could just as easily have written it.

    Regarding the increasing number of dimwits on the site and Admin’s comments, I would only say that this is his site. He pays for it, maintains it, takes all the flack for it. This ain’t democracy, this is a kingdom and the king gets to do — and say — whatever he damn well wants.

    We should just be glad that he’s rather meritocratic. He gives everyone the chance to prove themselves, even if they do end up shooting themselves in the foot. You just have to wait for it to happen and avoid the posts from the idiots until they go away.

  35. Avalon told me I have to show more appreciation for you shit flinging big dogs

    She doesn’t understand the TBP code. The nastier the comment towards a Big Dog, the more respect it shows. Llpoh calling me a dick is the highest form of flattery on TBP. It made me smile.

    When any of you storm off in a huff, I know the best way to get you back is to insult you unmercifully.

    A big dog has thick skin. That is how you become a big dog.

    So thanks for all your contributions to TBP. You’ll always be number 1 in my book.

  36. Bought what I needed from Ace Hardware and I’M gonna fix that motherfucker…. totally within my skill set. -AWD

    Dont by a propane torch to solder with get one with a MAPP gas cylinder [burns hotter]

    BTW frozen pipes can and often will create cracks along the length of copper pipe. Fix one and another pops up.

    I suggest buying some heat tape[120v] to wrap around and plug in when cold and insulate over it.

    PS please relate your repair story and injuries afterward =)

  37. “The most common way to get rich is to start a business: nearly half (47%) of the world’s wealthy people are entrepreneurs.”

  38. Welcome back AWD! The regulars of TBP are just like peas and carrots again!

    Stucky, that last pic looks just like my adult dog going at it with the puppy. I’ll say one thing for this pup…..she is fucking tenacious! They go round and round. It’s a whirlwind of teeth, hair and eyeballs with a little blood mixed in. I really envy dogs sometimes.


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