Clint Eastwood is 83 years old. The dude pictured below is 205 pounds. He was choking on a piece of cheese while sitting at a table with Dirty Harry earlier this week. Clint had never performed the Heimlich maneuver in his entire life. Clint was at a golf event in Monterey, CA at a golf tourney this week when he noticed the tournament director — Steven John — choking and not able to breathe. Clint told a local paper “I looked in his eyes and saw that look of panic people have when they see their life passing before their eyes. It looked bad.”

When it looks bad, some people cower and shy away. But you know the Man with No Name would step up and do whatever needed to be done. Clint came up from behind the man, bearhugged him and threw him up in the air 3 times. The hunk of cheese flew out of the dude’s mouth. “Clint saved my life,” John told the local paper, describing how the 83-year-old actor/director came up behind him, lifted him off the ground and performed the lifesaving maneuver. “I gave him three good jolts, and that got it out,” Eastwood said, adding that he had never performed the Heimlich maneuver before.

Reports that Clint asked him if he felt lucky before dislodging the cheese were unconfirmed.

Most 82 year old men have a hard time taking a piss. Clint Eastwood doesn’t just play tough guys. He is a real tough guy. After the incident, while pictures were being taken, everyone said CHEESE!!!

Steve John felt lucky.


15 thoughts on “DIRTY HARRY MADE HIS DAY”

  1. Sillyboy

    You’ve already confirmed that you are the standard nutjob conspiracy theorist that occasionally stumbles onto this site before we kick your ass so hard, you crawl away like a mangy cur.

    I give you one week before the shit throwing monkeys have you whimpering like a baby.

  2. Sillyboy believes Outlaw Jose Wales was engineered consent to acclimate the American public to the American Indian invasion. LOL. What a Maroon.

  3. you actually could argue that the jose wales clip is to manufacture consent…to be governed by double tongued politicians
    and they don’t fight against the government together either
    just a little devils advocate for you
    personally, I’m not willing to throw any conspiracy theory away, because you never know when it might be proven true
    rate rigging, libor, forex and monex worldwide rate rigging
    those are big games and turned out to be big theorys proved true
    BCCI is another
    you’ve even got dan brown level Vatican money laundering for the mob and drug lords
    shit even the CIA has been busted repeatedly importing mad amounts of cocaine
    military brought in heroin during nam, and is guarding the shit now
    and that’s a tiny sample
    barry seal, Watergate, whitewatergate, mena
    shit, what isn’t a conspiracy
    fraud and corruption constantly rooted out of government at every level
    it never ends, so maybe silly boy aint as silly as we all want him to be
    normalcy bias, with a side order of cognitive dissonance

  4. Sillyshit is gonna wear out my Thumbs Down clicker.

    exarmyguy must have a Random Paragraph App.

    It is
    driving me

  5. Silly willy shows his brilliant grasp of TBP after three days on the site. I figured out he was Doomsday Prepper level nutjob from his first post.

    You caught me silly. I’m an undercover DHS agent planted here to lure in domestic terrorists and then slam the trap shut. You are so prescient and have such a firm grasp on reality, it’s shocking that you just got your final warning for burning the fries at McDonalds.

    Let’s hear more about how Hollywood is controlling our minds. I love those stories.

  6. Sillyman

    Tom Cruise just called and said you were wanted back at the scientology center for your yearly re-programming.

    Something about DC-8’s flying thru space and dropping you off near a volcano and thetans.

  7. Oh boy. Sillyman is our new David Pierre 9/11 nutjob conspiracy theorist.

    We breathlessly await your detailed logical analysis of who, what and how the 9/11 attack was an inside job.

    Make sure you include Building 7. You can’t forget building 7. And don’t forget the lack of video at the Pentagon. Every good conspiracy theorist has to include that in their bag of tricks.

    You might as well leave now, because you will be my punching bag every time you post some non-sensical bullshit. Which appears to be most of what you post.


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