A World of Hurt


Posted on 13th February 2014 by MuckAbout in Economy


Note to old veterans of TBP.. You probably won’t learn much new from the rant below. We’ve pretty much beaten the subject to death over the last few years. But I just boiled over again today and vented.. MA


Our debt crises.. Our welfare crises. Overseas wars. You hear it every day.. How do we deal with it all? What can we do to solve it? What will we do to get it behind us? Even temporarily?

What will save us from a Supreme Court that has legalized “elections to the highest bidder”, reduced the First Amendment to ash and a President that has trashed the Constitution at every turn and a Congress who will not stand up to an Imperial Presidency? Who will save us from a spiral of every higher inflation, unemployment and poverty? Since the Government can’t “fix” anything, only one thing can.

In one word, WAR.

Will going to war truly solve our economic malaise? Our exceptionally negative Debt to GDP ratio? The counterfeiting of currency and credit by the Federal Reserve? The continued trashing of our Constitutional rights?

Of course not, but it will accomplish one critical thing. It will frighten the vast majority of the non-thinking (ever poorer people) into getting behind the Federal Government in a “patriotic” manner that convinces and coerces the same uninformed non-thinking mass of middle and lower class American citizens that “sacrifice” and “doing without” is both the appropriate and least thing they can do in order to support America’s efforts to fight a War.. This will be encouraged and demanded in all the old fashioned ways by the Federal Government.

Who we fight is totally unimportant and not germane to the point (but I’ll speculate later). The fact is that the Federal, State and local governments of this country have over spent and scammed themselves into a totally non-tenable and unsustainable position of being completely unable to fulfill commitments made to foreign creditors, the general public, retirees, union members, government, private and public employees and welfare recipients. With a tad over 50% of the general population receiving some sort of Governmental assistance or payments how could they cover the bill other than print money to do it? Who else would pay for it? How about 49% of the population works full time, if they could find a job, to pay the other 50%?? I don’t think so..

These promises include Medicare with unfunded liabilities of $39 trillion(1), Medicaid at $84 trillion(2), a mere $74 billion for some 150 plus programs for “school aid”- a real bargain that(3), unfunded Federal Employee retirement fund equal to $1.6 trillion(4), and it doesn’t count the over 30% of the Federal budget that is spent supporting a military that is multiples in size of all the other nations of the world! (PS: That 30% also does not include the multitude of huge corporations that feed off the military to perform R&D, build weapons and ammunition and drones and such for the military’s use!)..

This cash is furnished, in a significant part, by the Federal Reserve which purchases – today – just about 100% of the Treasury Bonds and Bills issued by the U. S. Treasury to fake the assets (in the Fed books) to back our fiat currency in order to pay all those unfunded liabilities, broken housing bubble, military budgets, contractors, federal employee salaries, foreign aid, educational loan guarantees (that are about to default as the next bubble), bailouts to banks who would fail without them and everything else you can possibly think of. But don’t want to think about.

I’d say things are far beyond control. These small insignificant sums are just a sample of the few hundred $trillions of the total unfunded liabilities of the Federal, State and local governmental entities of these sorry wrinkled, scabby, busted United States. When you add them ALL UP, it totals over between $220 and $600 trillion (depending on which data you use) and climbing. This does not count the liabilities of mortgage backed securities and other garbage paper (which are being purchased at a $70 billion monthly rate by the Federal Reserve from Zombie banks) or the literally hundreds of $trillions of credit default swaps ($620 trillion at last estimate) and other phantom securities issued by those zombie of the financial world, who collect fees with every sale and know, that, if the counter-party can’t pay off, well, the Federal Reserve will! After all, they’ve paid off on everything else that’s gone broke, right? Anyone in jail or prosecuted? Nope! I hope “place” Holder sleeps well at night.

Can this absolutely obscene pile of debt ever be paid off? Of course not. It’s a Grand Oversized Cancerous Ponzi Scheme of massive proportions and is doomed to collapse upon itself sooner than later.

Ah, you say! Collapse is never going to happen in our America! We are too smart, too industrious, too vigorous and besides, the Federal Government is way too intelligent and too powerful to ever allow that to happen!

Ha! The jokes on you! It not only can collapse, it will collapse. The only question is when, not if. We, as a nation of “consumers” are no longer too smart, too industrious, too vigorous, too responsible or too self-reliant to fall on our collective faces.

History is literally stuffed full of fiat money collapse (debt default) from ancient Roman coin clipping to Zimbabwe’s 6.5 sextillion percent inflation rate in November, 2008. There is no historical exception to the rule that once a currency is converted to a fiat instrument (i.e. printed with no commodity backing), it ends up being inflated and depreciated to its’ intrinsic value; i.e. the value of the paper it’s printed on, or less.

The U. S. Dollar is a fiat currency, backed by nothing and will indeed end up being worth the paper it’s printed on.

It matter not one whit whether you use the term “printed” money or “credit” money, it’s all the same. Digital, paper or plastic, anything that is used to purchase real hard goods of any kind from land to toilet paper is “money”. As the money supply expands and loses value and everything costs more to bring home in a bag or stake out as a house foundation, you are being taxed, continuously and stealthily with nothing you can do about it. How do you vote “NO” on inflation? How do you vote “NO” on the subject of your purchasing power being reduced day after day, week after week, year after year? Why does the American public put up with such fraud and outright stealth stealing and dishonesty by the Federal Government?

#1. Because most of the uninformed “general” public has as much knowledge of economics as a tick. All they know is the price of gasoline, beer and their smart phone bill. Sorry, but the truth hurts sometime.

#2. The American public can no longer agree on the time of day, much less take sides on a vital issue such as printing money! Half of the “public” gets handouts from either local, state or the Federal Government anyhow, so why should they grump? What they really deserve is going to be what they get.

So it’s tough to defend yourself. You can purchase real assets (like agricultural land, gold or silver) or you can get mad. Sooner or later, there will be a sufficient number of citizens of this totally busted United States who get mad that it will attract the attention of the Powers That Be.. The Elite. Those who pull the puppet strings that make the President, Congresspeople and the Judicial System dance.

Then comes trouble. Cars burn, store fronts get windows broken, tires are lit off in the street, a few banks are knocked over and Walmart closes some stores because the shop lifting gets too much to bear on their bottom line. The natives grow restless and torch a few houses and buildings. Then the militarized police roll out their pseudo-combat vehicles and we look Greek (or Spanish or Egyptian or Italian to the rest of the world. Horrors!

The Elite does not appreciate nor desire more than a few percent of the citizens to get upset – after all, about 10% of the population drove the American Revolution back in 1776 – the rest being either Loyalists to the Crown or just typical disinterested people who wanted to be left alone to get on with it. 10% was not a lot of people back in 1776. Today, 10% would be about 3.3 million rabble-rousers that could make a lot of noise, break a lot of windows, roll over a whole bunch of cars and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

So, as far as The Powers that Be are concerned, “something” must be done.

Since the country is bankrupt to start with, we now have reached the point of no return. Inflation is probably running higher than tolerable (or the 10% wouldn’t be ticked off!), cities are weeping about their budgets and many are “bankruptured”, perhaps a state or two is busted and awaiting bailouts that will never come.. What to do? What to do?

Ah Haa! The Power’s That Be come upon a solution that has provided a pretend bail out for many a country throughout history that was high and dry and flat broke (think Germany in 1933). Think America in 1939. History begins to echo.

Let’s start a War! Lot’s of targets out there. Syria’s is being an ever bigger pain in the butt but we can’t touch Russia or China – they’re nuke city. But we need to find someone who is beatable “over there”, after all, we sure don’t want to fight a war on United States’ soil. After all, the last time we fought a war inside this country, we killed over a half million citizens and it took almost three generations to get over it and, by the way, we’re still suffering the aftermath of that civil war today.

I know! Let’s go after Iran and Syria both! That way, we can perhaps drag Turkey into it and not really tick off anyone else over there that we haven’t already made froth at the mouth! Saudi Arabia, being Wahabi Muslim anyhow (which are on the Sunni side of the street) and everyone else in the area being mostly Sunni Muslim anyhow, no one will object too strenuously if we kill off some Shiites if we’re careful not to blow up too many mosques.. (I also suspect that Iraq will once more boil over into civil war (remember the two wars there that we declared a “victory” and decamped?). More fun to come there sooner than later.

Perhaps a few “false flag” situations are staged to get the American public’s attention and suitable propaganda is broadcast to them that makes a convincing case that “if we don’t fight this war, civilization is lost” or some such baloney. After all, we’ve already fought two wars of “choice” over there, lost both and they both are like tar babies to get out of (which we haven’t managed to do yet).

Plus, the Powers That Be figure, this kind of WAR can capture the imagination of the millions of the unthinking masses that dwell in the middle reaches of the U. S. A. . If we tell them often enough and loud enough and long enough, they will believe that this WAR is necessary for their own wellbeing as well as freedom of the poor and oppressed, those who are persecuted for their religion, human rights, women’s freedom and education, blah, blah, blah ( shhhh!Never mention gasoline or oil or the fact we’re broke!). We can rally the ignorant dummies into accepting gas rationing, food rationing, perhaps a few brown outs here and there for good measure and make sure that all the Main Street Media stress that anyone not for this WAR is unpatriotic and not deserving of any handouts from the Federal Government. Besides, if you’re not for us, you’re against us and we just might throw you under the jail using HSA to imprison you as a terrorist! Not to mention monitoring what TV channels you watch and who you talk to about what on telephone or computer (which they are already doing)!

Also, as a good upstanding citizen of the U. S. A., don’t forget that saying anything or doing anything that leads the Government to believe that you are not 100% behind this Just and Necessary Military Action will result in great displeasure upon you – far beyond an ordinary grope at the airport – and you will be labeled non-patriotic and banned from most of the rationed goodies we’ve let everyone else have. Bad on you if you don’t think like your Government does!

Oh, and by the way, because of the WAR EFFORT, we’ll have to cut down on Social Security payments, Medicare, Medicaid, also Welfare, Unemployment, Education Assistance, School Lunches (and about a thousand other give-aways) in order to support our military in fighting this just and righteous WAR. You may also have to put up with gas rationing (since no one will take dollars for oil any more — shhhhh!) and grocery rationing (Chile just said “No dollars for grapes!” shhhhh!) but it’s all for a great NATIONAL CAUSE of WAR which we have to win because (1) “because” and (2) “because” and (3) “because” this too!

Do you think this is all too far fetched to believe? Sure you do! Just like the German’s believed in 1933 that when Hitler came to power, well, he wouldn’t do anything that went against fairness and goodness. Oh, he might toss a few Jews into jail to fulfill a campaign promise – but nothing evil, right?

I’m sorry to disabuse you of your belief, but Governments at all levels and all times have one thing in mind; their continued survival and command of power to control you and you and you. Once in power, power is what they care about and power is the dope that intoxicates those Elites and Powers That Be because power is the thing that allows those same Elites and Powers That Be to rape and pillage the financial and industrial systems to their benefit.

Their only desire, upon getting such power is to dictate to all those below them on the hierarchical ladder, as much as possible, what they do, how they do it, when they do it and even why they can’t do it and, oh by the way, pay me while you do it.

If you don’t believe this or understand it, you have not been living in these United States for the past 40 years. Ever since 1971 when “Tricky Dick” Nixon slammed the international gold window shut, defaulting on United States international debt to redeem our dollars in gold, we have been on the ever steepening slope to insolvency.

If you don’t understand that the “dollar bill” is a debt instrument that will never be redeemed with anything of value, you need to review your economic literacy.

That one 1971 default (check the charts!) has led to our downfall, removing the very last limiting factor for spending more than we produce that Congress and the Executive Branches of Government have taken advantage of, to the extreme, ever since.

Debt started to accumulate in 1972 and has increased into an exponential and hence unsustainable rate ever since. At the moment, it rises almost vertically and will, in the near future, S-T-O-P. At that point comes civil unrest and a knee-jerk reaction leading to WAR to distract the masses. “Shared” sacrifice (and reduction of “freebies”) will be the word and while men die, the PTB will try mightily to kick the can down the road just a little further, paying for it in misery, blood and death. The Three Horsemen will ride – for a violent short time.

And then even that will fail too.


  1. Llpoh says:

    Thanks Muck. Ruined my day. But thanks.

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    13th February 2014 at 5:39 pm

  2. gilberts says:


    I can’t remember if I ever saw this posted here before. If you’ve seen it, oh well. Double-tap. If not-Please watch this! I’m not a big fan of Iran, but having read Robert Kaplan’s account of his visit and some other folks, I realize they’re not all evil hitlers with black, oozing ichor for blood. Some of them may even be normal folks who work a job they hate, got a kid, and have a hobby that doesn’t involve killing people…

    I had a similar experience of my own in the 1990s when I went to Russia, met the Russians, and learned they weren’t all communist demons preparing to kill me and hoist the red banner over DC. According to them, they were told WE were the aggressor. Imagine that?!?

    Anyway, this Israeli guy made a simple poster on Facebook that said “I love Iran-I don’t want to kill you.” He posted it, went to bed, and overnight he started a sensation online when thousands of Israelis and Iranians all jumped in, saying they didn’t want to kill anyone, either. In a short while, he had folks from all over the world reciprocating and even starting their own pages.

    We’ve already seen how the public can stop a war (Syria) when it wants to. Perhaps we can stop the next one if we try. With the internet, we have the ability to learn about our “alien” enemies and sidestep the traditional diplomats and legacy media. They can’t keep us as in the dark about conditions in North Korea or Iran or wherever like they used to. I’m not a fan of Iran at all and I know about the nasty stuff their govt has done, but they’re not all the Ayatollah Khomeini and they’re not all terrorists. Plus, what little of their food I’ve tried is awesome. And their carpets are beautiful. So if they try to convince me Iranians are all evil and deserve America’s tender loving care, I suspect they’ll have a bit of work ahead of them.

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    13th February 2014 at 5:56 pm

  3. gilberts says:

    I wonder if they need to declare war on a foreign enemy? They’ve already declared war on nouns (terror, drugs, homelessness, poverty) and they’ve already said it’s kosher to kill Americans, so why not target Americans here? We can make a witch hunt for patriots or Steelers Fans or rebel abortionists and let the country go nuts chasing down suspected terrorists.

    Vets seem like a favorite group to hate. You could probably get a few motivated to attack the govt if they keep trimming and taking away their retirement and medical benefits.
    Vet: “What? I got wounded on active duty!”
    Clerk: “Sorry, Tricare and the US Govt don’t cover injuries incurred in Operation Iraqi Freedom. According to the Affordable Care Act, your injuries count as a pre-existing condition.”
    Vet: “But I got shot in YOUR war!”
    Clerk: “And you entered the US with some kind of injuries, therefore you aren’t covered. Sorry. NEXT!”
    Vet: “That’s it. I’m going back to war…”

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    13th February 2014 at 6:05 pm

  4. Hollow man says:

    I like boxers………….the doggie kind.

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    13th February 2014 at 6:20 pm

  5. Hollow man says:

    Oh yea it is 73 degrees and sunny with a light breeze in west texas. But I can’t remember what it’s called when water falls from the sky like in a shower. It starts with an r I think.

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    13th February 2014 at 6:22 pm

  6. card802 says:

    I agree with Llpoh, the first post I read was by AWD, and now this?

    I’m sitting here texting a buddy about a hunting trip to Argentina next year and now I’m not so sure if there will be a next year….

    Ah, probably for the best, with the currency crisis going on now in Argentina the odds of expanding civil unrest there is pretty good. I went in 2011 and it was still a little hairy.
    We spent two days in Buenos Aires and I was told not to walk the streets alone or I would most likely be robbed and beaten. The main road into the airport on the trip back was blocked by protesters burning whatever they could burn, all lanes into the city were burning.

    May as well use the money to add to the preps. Get more ready for the day of reckoning.

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    13th February 2014 at 6:38 pm

  7. IndenturedServant says:

    Damn Muck, it’s like you’ve been reading my mind. I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately trying to think of ways to avoid what we all know is inevitable. I just wish the dam would break. This interminable wait is killing me.

    Excellent post. I’ll be printing this out and sending it to my brothers and parents.

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    13th February 2014 at 7:14 pm

  8. Stucky says:

    Jeebus. What everyone else said. Doom Porn on Steroids!

    Here is what I know.


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    13th February 2014 at 7:41 pm

  9. AWD says:

    Muck is a great writer. Can’t argue with a thing he said.

    It has to end in war, one last world war. Good against evil. God versus the Devil.

    Spoiler alert: the USSA doesn’t represent “Good” or “God” in this war, but the opposite.

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    13th February 2014 at 7:47 pm

  10. Sensetti says:

    Thanks MA

    I was telling Clammy the other day the Bullshit being dealt to the Minnie’s has only begun. She needs to prepare for the draft.

    Minnie’s will be drafted and killed off in the coming war by a few hundred thousand. War will come long before the dollar crashes. It’s a done deal, gonna happen.

    Fourth turnings are a bitch and this one will prove to be the most devastating of them all.

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    13th February 2014 at 8:27 pm

  11. Anonymous says:

    Leave it to the arabs to be create the asshole of the world…Syria. In comparison we got it good!


    “Nobody is able to actually feed themselves, feed their children, feed their families, with anything but the weed, the grass that they can pick on the side of the curb and what little that they can eke out from what they’ve saved over time,” Matthew Hollingworth, Syria director for the World Food Programme, said on the phone from Homs.

    “They’re living in tunnels, they’re living in basements of apartment buildings which are otherwise destroyed, basements of shopping centers.”

    “They are barely, and they have been barely, existing,” he said. “I’ve never seen levels of deprivation such as this.”

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    13th February 2014 at 8:40 pm

  12. Card802 says:

    The USSA will not represent anything but ground zero if this turns into a world war. We’ve remained bloodless on the piece of ground too long, I think our luck will run out.

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    13th February 2014 at 8:46 pm

  13. crazyivan says:

    Dear Muck,

    -Note to old veterans of TBP.. You probably won’t learn much new from the rant below. We’ve pretty much beaten the subject to death over the last few years. But I just boiled over again today and vented.. MA-

    All colors of thread need a loom, and when the bolt of cloth is finished… what’s a loom to do?

    Start a new one dummy.

    Thanks MA, it is your kind of recurrent training that reminds me to look at the tapestry.

    Since Admin has skated, I would like to nominate Mr. Muck as the official Master of Weaving for TBP. The only stipulation on acceptance of this appointment (which needs to be ratified by that insolent fuck Stucky) is that you will be required to text, e-mail, facebook, fax, skype, snailmail, voice message and teletype your each and every utterance to the clam in a timely manner.

    With Admiration,

    crazy ivan

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    13th February 2014 at 8:54 pm

  14. Stucky says:


    Your motion has been ratified.

    Insolent Fuck Department

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    13th February 2014 at 9:06 pm

  15. crazyivan says:

    Sorry stuck, I was hunting and pecking through at least six comments, and posted before I read the comments from our colleagues and yourself supporting Mr. Muck. Otherwise I would not have used the term Insolent Fuck.

    This has been a lifelong challenge for me- this team playing thing.

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    13th February 2014 at 9:20 pm

  16. flash says:

    MA, very well said and under ten thousand words. Bravo!…you da man!

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    13th February 2014 at 6:40 am

  17. Nonanonymous says:

    MA, there’s one possibility which you didn’t consider, and that is that TPTB wage a war against the American people.

    While 5% of the American People, your number of 10% of Americans were patriots is incorrect, it’s 5%, which makes your point even more, so while as many as 20% may protest a war, which we saw leading up to Syria, a test, it could be a ploy to cause civil unrest, blame that for the economic consequences of their policies, and implement a totalitarian police state in the US.

    Do we fight against that? Maybe! The litmus test is the 2nd amendment. Without firearms, it could very well be Nazi Germany, or Stalinist Russia all over again. Starvation was the leading cause of death in Stalinist Russia. Lead poisoning will top the list in the US, if the FSA attempts to leave their ghettos. It’s estimated only 10% complied with the MA law requiring registration of assault weapons and mags. How many will comply with national registration? How many Marxists are there among TPTB? We out number them exponentially in every meaningful statistic, with the exception of military power. Yet, the military didn’t subdue the insurgencies in Iraq or Afghanistan. I’m advocating non-violent protest, as vigorous as necessary to counter any offensive of the feds against their own citizens.

    Our enemy is a formidable foe, but let’s not forget who is the enemy, and the single tactic proven to defeat him, the truth of God’s Word. See you on the other side, amen!

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    13th February 2014 at 8:37 am

  18. Nonanonymous says:

    AWD, didn’t see your post ahead of mine. I agree, there will be a lot leading up to it, and opportunities to make God known to those who want to know the truth.

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    13th February 2014 at 8:52 am

  19. flash says:

    Freemen don’t kneel and if and when they do , they are no longer to be considered free, but subjugated, mere chattel if you will ..and to be treated , perhaps even discarded as such.


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    13th February 2014 at 9:05 am

  20. Stucky says:

    ” … but let’s not forget who is the enemy, and the single tactic proven to defeat him, the truth of God’s Word.” ————- Nonanonymous

    Satan, God, the Bible, and the “other side”. lol I’m sure MA is running to the nearest church. lol You don’t know your audience, do you?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 4

    13th February 2014 at 9:17 am

  21. Nonanonymous says:

    You down thumbers can bite me.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6

    13th February 2014 at 9:17 am

  22. Nonanonymous says:

    “Satan, God, the Bible, and the “other side”. lol I’m sure MA is running to the nearest church. lol You don’t know your audience, do you?”

    Sure, I do, and I know it’s not you. Your choice.

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    13th February 2014 at 9:20 am

  23. MuckAbout says:

    The picture in the comment post above is how things work when the PTB lose control and bad things get very personal.

    Glad you all liked the post – but it is sure tough to write something that long and have it scroll off to “post hell” in a few days. I’ll go back to Muck’s Minute style unless I really need to vent..

    Ah, Valentine’s Day.. How depressing.


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    13th February 2014 at 9:35 am

  24. MuckAbout says:

    @Nonanonymous: The range of human beliefs is the propellant that makes “the world go ’round’”..

    It would be terribly boring if everyone believed in the same thing or terribly frightening if everyone believed something different (and in either case) insisted on trying to make everyone else believe (or not believe) identically.

    You believe. I don’t. If we can agree to disagree and leave each other alone all is well. The real problems start when you get a religion of violence (which happens over time to almost all of them – some short term, some longer) like the poor Muslims, devolve into two to five sub-religions which all fervently believe that their variety of superstition is the only one that’s worthy of survival and try to kill off the others.

    Trying to get Wasabi’s, Shiites, Sunni’s, Kurds and whatever the hell else is seething in the minds of all those ignorant, poor and sorry people is impossible.

    It’s pity they sit on top of all those oil reserves that Europe, China and Japan must have. For some absolutely unknown reason, our Idiot Government has nominated itself to keep order in such a mess and the whole world will pay the price of our stupidity (not to mention our own Idiot Governments’ citizens).

    Humbug on all of them…


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    13th February 2014 at 9:51 am

  25. Econman says:

    The only proof needed the USA is run by complete morons is, when saying the illegal attack on Iraq was about weapons of mass destruction, the government idiotically called it “Operation Iraqi Liberation” aka O.I.L.

    Needless to say, Iraqi became even more angry that their country would be destroyed & the infidels would steal their oil & gold reserves. Also, the US government said they’d validate Saddam’s DNA evidence. We never hit the proof as it was probably coincidentally dumped at sea with Osama Bin Laden’s body.

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    13th February 2014 at 10:44 am

  26. Econman says:

    …We never got the proof…

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    13th February 2014 at 10:45 am

  27. Econman says:

    Derivatives owned by the Too Big To Fail banks total multiple quadrillions of dollars. Rumor is $15 quadrillion.

    The banks owe more than the total worth of all of the world’s GDP.

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    13th February 2014 at 10:50 am

  28. Econman says:

    “Sunni Side of The Street”. Was that an old hit song or a Gene Kelly movie?

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    13th February 2014 at 10:57 am

  29. TPC says:

    Other than your assessment of who we war with (I think it will be a “hot” version of the cold war, with Russia and USA agreeing not to go after each other directly while we torch each other’s pawns), I agree wholeheartedly.

    Exciting times indeed.

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    13th February 2014 at 11:02 am

  30. Anonymous says:

    How can a people heal themselves with this type of brutality? The arabs are literally mind warped and twisted into zombies with there own hands. Can you imagine slaughtering defenseless people because you could? Where is there humanity?
    Were still whining over social issues. Life is good!


    Syrian fighter jets fired on civilians fleeing a regime offensive on rebel positions close to the Lebanese border, eye-witnesses told The Telegraph on Friday, despite appeals by the UN to allow refugees safe passage.

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    13th February 2014 at 3:19 pm

  31. Nonanonymous says:

    MA, we can agree to disagree, live and let live. Muslims don’t get a pass, and to compare them to the other world religions, such as Hindus and Buddhists, is disingenuous.

    Muslims don’t get along with anyone. AFAIK, pretty much everyone else can. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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    13th February 2014 at 4:53 pm

  32. Econman says:

    The demonization of Muslims is to distract you while the US gov’t steals their oil. The Muslims aren’t fighting with the Chinese? Why the Chinese have the money to buy oil fairly, so no need to invade.

    Dick Cheney once said the Middle East has a problem because our oil is underneath their land!

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    13th February 2014 at 8:15 pm

  33. Chen says:

    war is the final tool of diplomacy after intimidation, bombing, invasion, domination, dislocation, discrimination, eradication, re-orientation, subjugation, looting, robbing, rape and plunder fail.

    if all else fails, declare war on your own populace when they start complaining, demonstrating, rioting and bombing public buildings.

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    13th February 2014 at 12:19 am

  34. AKAnon says:

    Muck-thanks a lot-I think. Depressing, but I think you nailed it.

    Re religion. Not sure where this came from, maybe Bill Maher (who I generally find a repulsive, arrogant, elitist asshole, but when he’s right, he’s right), regardless the source:

    Religion is like a penis. It is OK to have one, and it is fine to be proud of yours. If you want to whip it out in the privacy of your own home and wave it around, amongst consenting adults, that is your business. But I don’t need to see it. And for Chrissake, don’t ram it down my kids’ throat.

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    13th February 2014 at 3:30 am

  35. flash says:

    can’t stop the stupid…

    Conservatives they called themselves..

    11 Million $2,100 ‘Scholarships for Kids’: A Real Answer to Inequality
    By Sen. Lamar Alexander

    On the same day that the president discussed income inequality during his State of the Union address, I introduced legislation that would allow $2,100 federal scholarships to follow 11 million low-income children to any public or private accredited school of their parents’ choice.

    This is a real answer to inequality in America: giving more children more opportunity to attend a better school.

    The “Scholarships for Kids Act” will cost $24 billion a year – paid for by redirecting 41 percent of the dollars now directly spent on federal K–12 education programs. Often these dollars are diverted to wealthier schools. “Scholarships for Kids” would benefit only children of families that fit the federal definition of poverty, which is about one-fifth of all school children.

    Senator Tim Scott (R., S.C.) has proposed the CHOICE Act, allowing 11 billion other dollars the federal government now spends through the program for children with disabilities to follow those 6 million children to the schools their parents believe provide the best services.


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    13th February 2014 at 7:57 am

  36. ragman says:

    Nice post but it will start in Korea and then spread worldwide.

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    13th February 2014 at 8:42 am

  37. flash says:

    So that explains it….rock that vote.

    Congressional Democrats: Global warming turns women into prostitutes

    It calls on Congress to use “gender-specific frameworks in developing policies to address climate change” and encourages President Obama to “integrate a gender approach in all policies and programs” related to climate change.


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    13th February 2014 at 8:55 am

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