The Russians support the elected Ukraine government. The U.S. and EU are behind the protests and riots against a democratically elected government. Obama pontificates to the Ukraine government to stand down. When Americans peacefully protested the criminality of Wall Street bankers and their bought off government cronies, the GOVERNMENT responded by beating, macing, and imprisoning the protestors. Did Obama order the police thugs to stand down? Know your enemy.

9 thoughts on “WHO ARE THE GOOD GUYS?”

  1. I know my enemy…that’s why I’m going to the range this week-end….practice makes perfect and I’m perfectly happy when all the shots hit the intended target .

  2. Who are the good guys?

    Well, POS Oreo supports the Ukrainian rebels. So, adhering to the Oreo-Is-Always-Wrong theory I would have to say the Ukrainian Government are the good guys.

    This puts me in the most uncomfortable position of feeling sorry for the Ukrainian copfuk getting the shit kicked out of him in the above vid.

  3. just because they are fighting each other doesn’t mean that one of them is “good”.

    what’s probably best for the average ukrainian is for them to kill off each other entirely.

  4. The Ukraine has always (and I mean always) been mashed between Asia and Europe and has always been the fighting ground that is repeatedly leveled in any fights between Europe and Asia.

    They have a strong Nationalistic bent for one reason: They want to be left alone to make their own choices. Geographically, they are doomed to continue to be the fighting ground between different regions of the area.

    Me? I’d have upshipped and bugged out a long time ago.


  5. Neither side is morally right, or wrong. This is a perfect example of the failure of democracy, at both the theoretical and practical level. Roughly half the country is ethnic Ukrainian, speaks Ukrainian, and wants to go with the west. The other half is ethnic Russian, speaks Russian, and wants to align with Russia. I don’t think either one is morally wrong. The problem is that democracy always oppresses the minority, and when the minority is 50/50 and things are tense, you get civil war. Split the country along ethnolinguistic lines and be done with it.

  6. The US is exceptional, therefore the rules do not apply to it. US exceptionalism is based upon Mao’s dictum, which states that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. The US haz the biggest gun. The bright side if you might find yourself on the wrong side of it is that the US is for sale. It is a lot cheaper to purchase the US than it is to try to build a bigger gun.

  7. @Persnickety: There’s a whole lot of the world that needs to be split up on ethnic or religious grounds. Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill did not do the world a favor by splitting it up arbitrarily by drawing lines on a map.

    The history of the Middle East, the Baltic and Ukraine itself after WWII is proof of that.



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