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  1. And Americans commit about 100 million more crimes then terrorist .A lot of.violent crimes that the police have to stop and the only way to stop them is kill them .

    Go to SHTF blog and look at yesterday’s post about nature and people.It’s an eye opener.

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  4. Terrorists won’t:

    – set up check points and treat everyone they meet like criminals.

    – pull you over for going 5mph over an arbitrary speed limit or for not wearing a seat belt.

    – form a union, bribe politicians, get cushy pension plans, and retire at 50.

    – bust your door down, shoot your dog, and throw you in a government cage for smoking a plant.

    – lecture you about how they’re there to “serve and protect.”

    – commit perjury to prosecute the innocent or o hide their own crimes.

    Terrorists may be lunatics, but they are committed to their cause. They are willing to die for that cause. Police, on the other hand, are committed to their own safety. Police safety trumps all.

  5. Steve ,I know but the police do have a dangerous job especially in the big cities .I have never had any bad encounters with police and I.am 52 yeas old .I just treat them with respect and things go well.That may change in the future but right now I still have an overall favorable opinion of cops.

  6. Great comments by S Hogan.
    Americans are starting to have more in common with Middle Eastern people that hate the US government than they ever thought possible.

  7. I think those numbers are extremely low. 8x more likely to be killed by cops? It’s more like 1000x more likely. Unless you’re in the military or live/work abroad, you’re changes of dying at the hand of a terrorist is almost non-existent. I’d say you’re 100,000x more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist.

  8. According to Wikipedia in 2013 3 people died by what was (supposedly) a terrorist plot (the boston marathon bombing). The same source says that 309 people were killed by police. To me that is a 103X more likely, not 8X more likely.

    I’m with AWD. If we dig a little deeper I think the truth is worse than they are going to say.

  9. Yes, but compare the number to criminals and the numbers are reversed.

    How many murders are committed each year, compare that number to what, 309? You’ve got to be kidding me!

    Law enforcement is necessary, otherwise, we would be nothing more than vigilantes.

    Frankly, I’m a little surprised. It really is a silly statistic.

  10. Just as feral Blacks have felt “empowered” under Obama to run amok in mob violence with no fears of retribution, the police under our cementing police state are out-of-control and heady with their newly collectivized powers:


    Local taxpayers are left to absorb the massive costs of lawsuits engendered by such rampant abuse.

  11. Woman arrested on 24th street after crossing intersection (Millenials need to wake the hell up)

    According to Wikipedia in 2013 3 people died by what was (supposedly) a terrorist plot (the boston marathon bombing)…. – Sonic

    Watch the following exemplary expose on just one comical character central to that orchestrated event and “Carlos Arrendondo’s” history (the entire agenda I’m convinced was to win over the hearts-and-minds of the American people for sanctioning yet another devastating amnesty Part 2 by creating a Latino “hero” ). The lengthy video is a must see and would be hilarious were it not for how utterly alarming the times in which we live are with false operatives routinely planned and implemented by the psychotic Bolsheviks-within and the Master-Propagandist Jews’ News for the willfully-ignorant, dumbed-down dumbasses who investigate NOTHING (OUR media: expertly picking apart their LIES)


    Ditto “Sandy Hook”


  12. I’ll bet the Vietnam vet whom accidentally set off his life-alert, only to be assaulted by jackboots demanding to come into his home to do a safety check, while he was writhing in agony, dying from being tazed, was once just like BB.

    I’ll bet the 80 some year old, invalid, grandmother, tazed by cops IN HER OWN BED, was exactly the same.

    Wonder how they feel now?

    Continuing to demand respect of any organization that is actively pursuing the incarceration and subjugation of our citizens is despicable.

    Until we stop the blind hero worship and start advertising the incidents AND actively working to stop them, innocent fellow citizens will continue to be assaulted, violated and die at their hands.

    You, bb and nonanonymous, are tools of the same establishment that has killed our country.

    All because you cower in fear of the “criminals,” while whistling besides the hangman while you help him build his tower.

    There is hardly anything bad enough to make me go to the cops and ask for their help. All too often their help includes investigating the victim more than the crime, and/or killing them.

    Enjoy that you two, enjoy it.


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