10 thoughts on “EVERYTHANG’S CORRUPT”

  1. Everythang’s corrupt
    Everythang’s fucked up
    Everythang’s ’bout to buck me shit out of luck

    Go to school
    The teacher want to fuck the students
    Go to church
    My preacher turn to prostitution
    The prosecution never read my files
    That evil ass judge fell asleep at my trial
    This shit is wild
    Chickens getting sick as the cows
    Birds falling out the sky, fish dying in piles
    It’s fishy
    Politicians smell like my balls
    Talking that shit will he cripple my styles
    I got many
    Now I’m pinching pennies, no doubt
    I squeeze Lincoln so hard
    A fucking booger came out
    It’s a shame
    I used to be on top on my game
    They took the shirt off my back, and replaced it with chains
    I met Mr. Lee Harvey, from the “Tea Party”
    He used to hate Obama ’till he felt Hurricane Charlie
    Looking for his FEMA Check
    It’s gone with the wind
    When them dicks is in
    You know the fix is in

    For my birthday, buy me a politician
    It’s a shame that you got to dish your children
    Everythang’s corrupt
    Everythang’s fucked up
    Everythang’s bout’ to buck me shit out of luck

    Everythang’s a scam
    Beat the next man, that’s capitalism
    They’ll just, built a new prison
    For your slick ass niggas
    That’s trying to beat the system
    Put you on the front line
    If you ain’t re-enlist in this
    It’s hot, in hells kitchen
    Get ready, for the lynching brainwash media
    And puppet politician
    Keep out of position
    Out of commission
    Buy, medicine or food
    That’s not a decision
    The 99 percent
    Is mad and trying to vent
    Police grab my fucking arm, then they got bent
    Now it’s in a splint
    I can’t pay my rent
    The interest on my credit card
    I ain’t made a dent
    The U.S. Mint
    I heard they about to print
    But it’s fucked up, cause I won’t see a cent
    I’m sick of getting ignored
    This wall I can’t afford
    I’m going to the pent
    Free room, free ward, bitch

    It’s a wall of confusion
    My niggas stay losin’
    I know what ya’ doin’
    They drug abusin’
    My bitches be choosin’
    My music be uzin’
    Them thugs be cruisin’
    They love what you doin’
    A wall of confusion
    My niggas they losin’
    I know what ya’ doin’
    The drug abusin’
    My bitches be choosin’
    My music be uzin’
    Them thugs be cruisin’

  2. He had me at — “Politicians smell like my balls” hahahaha

    As an Austrian raised on Classical Music, and as a dad who spent thousands of dollars on both my son’s Classical violin lessons ….. well, I find the words “rap” and “music” to be Massively Contradictory.

    That introductory comment aside, I thought this video was quite good Still not liking the “music” part …. I’m talking about the words. He does a good job addressing the shit we talk about here often.

    That being said …… it ain’t my fucking problem you can’t pay the rent and that you racked up your credit card debt. Ice Cube be hangin’ around Clammy too long, fershnizzle.

  3. Admin,

    This is very telling with our fourth turning. Ice Cube hasn’t released anything new in a decade. The readers here give me shit about listening to rap, however, they don’t realized how hyper aware rap was politically prior to Obama getting elected. There was a lot of rap leading up to the 2008 elections that were very anti-government. Then Obama got elected, and it drastically silenced black rappers and entertaining.

    This is an Outcast song from the mid 2000s, mixed with Rage against the machine, Bombs over Baghdad.


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