Doug Casey: “There’s going to be a bubble in gold stocks”

Doug Casey: “There’s going to be a bubble in gold stocks”

By Doug Casey

The following video is an excerpt from “Upturn Millionaires—How to Play the Turning Tides in the Precious Metals Market.” In it, natural-resource legends Doug Casey and Rick Rule discuss the deeply undervalued junior mining sector and the rare opportunity for spectacular returns it offers investors right now.

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Discover for yourself how to make life-changing gains in the new bull run in junior mining stocks. They still trade at deep discounts, but not for much longer. To learn more, watch the full “Upturn Millionaires” video here.

2 thoughts on “Doug Casey: “There’s going to be a bubble in gold stocks””

  1. Just common sense, really. Fiat currencies blow up bubbles. Bubbles eventually pop.

    Figure out what is undervalued and buy it. The mining stocks are on sale while the herd plows what remains of their savings into Tesla and Facebook. They’re going to get slaughtered. Again.


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