1. Short answer: Yes.

    Proof? — It seems we ALWAYS support the WRONG side — (at least in the last 20 or so years)


    posted elsewhere ….

    Maybe you want to read this story by Mike Whitney, whose stories have been posted here before —- “Obama’s Dumbest Plan Yet”. He says the United States is supporting Ukraine’s neo-Nazis. Wow.


    Maybe you want to read the words from Natalia Vitrenko, an actual Ukrainian leader — wildly popular (at least in some areas of the country) I believe she is on the Pro-Russia side —- “USA and EU Are Erecting a Nazi Regime on Ukrainian Territory”


  2. Vegas

    Was that sarcasm? (Hard to tell.)

    If not ……. Blow Me.

    RT gives more truth in one day than CuNNt, Fux, and the lesbo & Neegro station combined do all year.

  3. Poor fuckin’ Brits! Haha. Thirty plus fucking years of socialism, repression, and political correctness. Hope those cute home made armor trucks do the trick.


  4. RT is funded by Putin, so now they spew naked war propaganda like this:

    “Contrary to expectations, security in Crimea has actually become more stable. As the far right calls for violence in social networks continue, Crimean locals give out sandwiches and tea, sing songs and pose for photos with self-defense forces.”

    Never mind the tanks, all is good, locals greet liberators like in Sudetenland.

  5. Who is far right really?

    On March 11, Austrian Nazis seized power in Vienna, and the following day, Josef Goebbels read this statement from Adolf Hitler on German and Austrian radio: “The German Reich will not tolerate persecution of Germans in this region because they belong to our country or because they hold certain opinions. There must be peace and order. I have therefore decided to help the millions of Germans in Austria with the resources of the Reich. Since this morning, soldiers of the German Wehrmacht have marched over the German-Austrian borders. The new National Socialist government in Vienna has itself summoned panzer troops, infantry divisions, and SS legions on the ground and the German Luftwaffe in the blue sky. Our soldiers guarantee that the Austrian people will shortly be given the opportunity to determine their future themselves and thereby their fate with a plebiscite.”

    Just replace ” German” here with “Russian” and the propaganda is identical.

  6. Vegas, the only reason any american should give a fuck about what is happening in ukraine is because the criminal gangs that run this country are asserting themselves into the internal affairs of a country that should be none of their concern or business.

    From what I know of the events there, the russian government has acted prudently and justifiably to protect their assets and people.

    Oh yeah and RT rocks. Only a complete moron (or someone who doesn’t watch it), can’t see that it is a beacon of truth shining out over an ocean of lies.

  7. Isn’t obama supporting terrorists in syria? didn’t he support terrorists in lybia? Isn’t obama following the playbook set up by Bush jr.?

    America isn’t picking the wrong side in anything, it picks the side that serves the interests of the bankers…and usually, the interest of the bankers is in supporting both sides…

    I mean really…looking at the size of the ukraine economy, its location, and its people’s historical ties to russia, why the fuck should any of us on this side of the world consider this OUR business…

    Unless of course the US has some excess ordinance that it would like to liquidize in a way to export inflation…

    It’ll all be in my upcomming book: Bullet the Blue Sky – How the creative destruction of military equipment keeps inflation in check.

    Dumb canuck here…


  8. In re-reading my above post, I’d like to expound….How would americans feel, if russia was found to be behind, and supporting texas’ bid to secede from the US?

    Even better, how would americans feel if russia, china, and iran provided support for the texas secessionists with weapons or even boots on the ground?

    The double standard is uncomfortably obvious…

    Kinda like people who believe in right to life in the womb, yet support a death penalty….obvious stupidity…

    I digress…

  9. To believe that RT is actually Russian controlled is laughable! never accept labels,
    especially now… if it feels good, QUESTION IT! “feel good shit” is a weapon to
    steer the masses.

    We KNOW that Rothschild money controls all major media…. and if not, they simply
    buy enough shares to make it so.

    We’ve arrived at a time when the shadow media can no longer report lies with any significant
    shelf life, they have to report a certain amount of truth, and so they do.

    I don’t always trust RT,
    , they’ve been caught distorting the truth to many times ! even Max Keiser has
    commented on the validity of global warming and the real threat of Osama Binladin
    (after his death ) !
    I do like the RT bimbos though.

  10. Chief rabbi of Ukraine urges Jews to flee Kiev after attack on students

    February 28, 2014 | Year 38, No. 10

    (Algemeiner )-One of Ukraine’s chief rabbis, Moshe Reuven Asman, urged Jews to leave the capital city Kiev following a reported anti-Semitic attack on two Chabad yeshiva students in the city last month, Israeli daily Ma’ariv reported.

    “I told my community to get out of the city and if possible out of the state… there are many warnings about planned attacks against Jewish institutions,” Asman said, adding, “We have been told by the Israeli Embassy to not go outside.”

    Many members of Kiev’s Jewish community live within walking distance of the main square in the city that has recently become the focus of anti-government riots, according to Ma’ariv.

    In recent days, chaos has gripped the area following the escalation of violence between government security forces and members of the opposition, with institutions around the city closing and subways no longer operating.

    While Chief Rabbi Asman has been forced to close down the city’s Jewish schools, he continues to conduct three prayer services daily in his synagogue, Ma’ariv said.

    “The situation here is dire,” said Yossi Asman, a Chabad yeshiva student and son of the chief rabbi. “We have been gathering up families and shuttling them out to safer neighborhoods.”

    Edward Dolinsky, head of the umbrella organization responsible for Ukraine’s Jews, said the city’s dwindling food supply has provoked a state of panic among Kiev’s inhabitants.

    “We have appealed to [Israeli] Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to please help us protect our community,” Dolinsky added


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