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“The decline of Rome was the natural and inevitable effect of immoderate greatness. Prosperity ripened the principle of decay; the causes of destruction multiplied with the extent of conquest; and as soon as time or accident had removed the artificial supports, the stupendous fabric yielded to the pressure of its own weight.”

Edward Gibbon

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    1. Obama’s Latest Tactic: “Isolate Russia”

      Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/03/2014 – 14:46

      After once again clearly delineating that Russian “costs” are set to surge, and hopefully he means more than just the drop in the Micex and its artificial, paper wealth effect which Putin couldn’t care less about as long as crude is soaring…


      … the US president has laid out his latest tactic:


      And the punchline:


      Maybe time to send Obamacare to Kiev: so many young, strapping participants just waiting to sign up? Or maybe it just time to raise minimum wages in the Ukraine while giving the local population the safety of mind that comes with investing in the “no risk, guaranteed return” MyRA.

  1. I heard Putin is running around mumbling something like ‘fuck…..we’re screwed, I knew it – Damn!…..Obama’s mad at me, how can I fix this?’ Heh..heh..heh. Couldn’t help it, just slipped out. Pictures are worth a thousand words – anybody read this yet?


    Really good stuff I think – anyway, if those pictures are worth anything it would seem that the vice isn’t holding the world ‘in place’ as some may wish.

  2. “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.”

    A movie about slavery wins the affirmative action Oscar for “best picture”
    The Oscars are lead by a lesbian, who takes selfies in the audience multiple times
    Less than 20% of the population has ever heard of the best picture nominees

    Nobody watched or cares about the Oscars, or pretty much anything else that is going on. Nobody cares about the content of movies anymore, it’s meaningless. Nobody cares what Obama says about anything. People have become numb and massively tolerant of anything Obama and the liberal progressive Nazis do anymore. Nobody cares about the debt, the corruption, the banksters robbing and looting this country. Not a peep out of anybody.

  3. Slightly related: The mongol empire ultimately was a victim of its own success, much like the USA.

    The hardened warriors and herders that road down out of the steppes en masse did the conquering, but by the end of Ghengis’s lifetime they had already began to soften as those left home got to enjoy the spoils of war in the form of free/cheap labor and exotic goods, as well as endless entertainment subsided by military conquests.

    It took awhile for The Golden Horde to split apart, but they eventually did and gave rise to several nations that existed for hundreds of years after the official fall of the Mongolian Empire.

    The US is shaping up the same way, with endless foreign wars and a people fat from the fruits of military exploits (we leave the slaves overseas and let corporations do the nasty part these days).

    There are radically different ideas in how a country is to be run, and increasingly we are finding that there is no middle ground: some want things to stay how they are, others want a nanny, and still others want to be left the fuck alone.

  4. Obviously the bump is the alien implant. Kerry has one too only it’s on his (face) shoulders.

    There, fixed it for ya.

  5. Shitstain McCain was on CuNNt for about a 5-10 minute interview. I’m almost — I said, almost — thankful we gots a dumbass Neegrow. Shitstain & Lipstick would probably be bombing Youk Rain by now. Death can’t come too soon for that dirtbag (but the people of Arizona will still vote for him.)

  6. Stuck, give this country 5,000 years and it will be like Iran where people will one moment tell you how much they love their country and in the next breath tell you how badly they would like to leave it.

  7. Stucky, you’re welcome to leave any time.

    Z, your identification with a mid eastern religion explains your views, but what I don’t get is your identification with the religion. What are the roots of your identification with it? I suspect you’re a white kid from a suburban neighborhood in Seattle who’s done a few too many drugs, and thought that Z’ism would be cool while on a mind altered drug induced high. If you come by your “ism” honestly, I would like to hear it.

  8. Nonanon, You are partially correct. I’m a white dude from the Pacific Northwest; I’m not Persian.

    My interest in that country and it’s history/religion/civilization occurred gradually, motivated by three events:

    1) I was in college during the Iranian revolution at a time when US universities were full of Iranians who were encouraged to study here by scholarships from the government of the Shah. You may recall that the Shah wanted to westernize the country, (as did his dad). Many were friends and while the initial response to the revolution was encouraging, it took a nasty turn and many of them faced difficult personal decisions. Persian history wasn’t taught in school and being a curious guy, I took it upon myself to learn something about the place.

    2) As an engineer I had an opportunity to work in Iran for half a year, back when the “liberal” Mohammad Khatami was Presidesnt, so I got to know the country (at least the cities I visited), up close and personal, both the good and the bad. I learned from that experience that just about everything you read about Iran in the US media is nothing but lies. I think the greatest impression I received was that once you got out of the city, the long and tortuous history of that country hits you over the head. Everywhere you go there are relics of the past. Ruins of ancient temples, villages and cities spanning millenia.

    3) The Iran protests from 2009, which I followed very closely and via the internet, rekindled some old relationships and made new friends. That’s about the time I stumbled onto TBP and I chose the nick “Zara” because that had been my nick on the Persian blogs and I was encouraging them to come here. Too bad none of them did. Their loss. I hope Cyrus, Sasan and the rest are doing okay.

    As for Zoroastrianism, alone among the great religions of the world it spans the void between faith, morality and scientific truth. It is both humane and rational. It is the kind of religion that the creator of the universe would reveal.

    So that’s it. Now you know.

  9. Zara exhibits latent homosexual tendencies as he enjoys fishing for compliments from large hairy men. This is a fact.

  10. You get a thumbs up from me for honesty and sincerity.

    I’ve heard Iran is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Some of the pictures are breath taking, and I understand your captivation by it and the culture.

    You’re obviously reasonably intelligent, as well, educated and well traveled. There’s still something missing from my psychological profile of you, and it’s still regarding Zoro.

    I’ll have to admit to being ignorant of it, so I start paged it. I will say this, religion is man made, so you get what you pay for.

    On the other hand, being a Zoraster doesn’t explain your anti-semitism. Could it be you’ve been hanging out with other anti-semites, and you all just agree you hate joos?

    That would be my question to you, why the anti-semitism? It’s easy to blame someone else for one’s own problems. Is that it?

    BTW, how are the drugs in Iran? I hear they’ve got some killer hashish.

  11. Nonanon,

    1) the term “anti-semite” is meaningless bullshit. “semitic” refers to a middle eastern language group, not to a religion or ethnicity. The palestinians are semitic as well as the jews. So are the Syrians and Lebanese. I don’t hate hebrew, aramaic or another other indigenous language from that region.

    2) I don’t hate Jews. I hate evil, lying, greedy, manipulative, cruel motherfuckers, many of which happen to be Jewish (or claim to be) but many aren’t. Assholes abound.

  12. Nonanonymous

    You are truly TBP’s biggest fucking asshole.

    You “compliment” Zara … and then get all snarky with your “man made religion: and “drugs” and “Zoro” comment. I hope Zara ignores your insincere bullshit. But, I won’t.

    Zara has stated a million times he is anti-Zionist, not anti-joo. Learn the difference you moron.

    I guess the Bible wasn’t written by goat herders, prophets (latter day free shitters), farmers, and various other desert dwelling MEN who lived thousands of years ago. Nooooo, it was written by Gawd hisself … probably with a Bic pen! Right, dipshit?

  13. Oh, one moar thing, Anon. Iran is officially dry. But the Iranian government isnt entirely stupid and permits their equivalent of speakeasys as long as they keep a very low profile. Behind closed doors you can get anything you want. In private homes I drank beer and wine. I didn’t smoke any weed, nor was I ever offered any.

    Parts of Iran are very beautiful, especially the northern parts, but I never got up there. The central part is hot, dusty, dry and mountainous. I think the closest place in the US that compares would be Utah or Wyoming.

    The most amazing place I got to visit was the ancient capital Persepolis. It is absolutely enormous and it boggles the mind to think of what it must have looked like before it was burned. Some parts of it are still in very good condition, even after 2300 years. That’s also the place you encounter a lot of western tourists, mostly european. For Persians, its sort of like their Mecca…its the place they go remind themselves that they are the inheritors of a great civilization. Pride runs deep in those people.

  14. Death can’t come too soon for that dirtbag (meaning John McCain) (but the people of Arizona will still vote for him.)

    Don’t know about that. Even McCain’s biggest supporters here are getting sick and tired of his belligerent, neo-con views. There are a lot of Republicans and Independents in Arizona who would gladly back a more rational conservative, and McCain knows it. He hasn’t announced whether he will run again. I for one have never voted for him, as a senate or presidential candidate, and never will.


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