1. What a glorious day for the Motherland, admin just published interview with a Stalinist Bolshevik. This escalated quickly.

    1. Vegas

      Your perception of reality needs some fine tuning. I posted this hours ago. Maybe you should get the truth from The Jewish Daily News or the Ukraine Nazi Post.

  2. They say ‘what plays in Vegas, stays in Vegas’.

    Too bad this newbie ass-wipe Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas … and away from TBP. Worthless fucking troll who hasn’t said one coherent worthwhile thing in about 50 tries. I’m pretty sure he, she, it is one of those paid fuckers, probably a government spookfuk piece of shit.

  3. Putin’s propaganda debunked nicely. Even current prime minister of Ukraine is a Jew.

    Myth 1: The Interim Ukrainian Government Is Shaky, Illegitimate And Run By Neo Nazis

    Ukraine recently ousted its corrupt dictator, so many assume that the interim government is inexperienced and without democratic legitimacy. However, that narrative simply doesn’t fit the facts.

    The truth is that Yanukovych’s own party turned against him. The Parliament today is made up of the same members as it was a before the revolution (besides a handful that are now on the run). Interim President Turchynov and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk are both former cabinet ministers and capable, experienced politicians and diplomats.
    Three former democratically elected Ukrainian Presidents have issued a joint statement denouncing Russian actions and supporting an EU mission to the country. This represents the entire leadership of Ukraine as an independent country except for Yanukovych, who was impeached by his own parliament. A new presidential election is scheduled for May.

    There has also been completely unfounded accusations that Ukraine’s interim government is “Neo-Nazi” and “Ultranationalist.” Timothy Snyder has done a wonderful job debunking these claims. The truth is that much of Ukraine’s present leadership, including Yatsenyuk are Jewish. Jewish community leaders in Ukraine have also refuted Russian accusations.

    Only the most twisted mind could conceive of a Jewish led Nazi conspiracy. Are there Neo-Nazis in Ukraine? Sure, just as there are in Chicago and every other major American city. Are some politically active? Yes, as is David Duke in our own country. Do they have any power to shape policy or events? Categorically no.


  4. About Greg Satell, “I’ve served in senior Strategy and Innovation roles at the Publicis Groupe, one of the world’s largest marketing services organizations and was previously Co-CEO of KP Media, where I ran brands such as Bigmir, Ukraine’s leading web site and Korrespondent, a news organization which played a pivotal role in the Orange Revolution as well as a variety of women’s and lifestyle brands.”

    So he worked for a US NGO in Ukraine; obviously a reliable source.

  5. Zarathustra , Publicis Groupe is French company, KP Media is Ukrainian company.

    Which one you claim is “US NGO”?

  6. Hey, Vegas, calm down. Don’t arouse the disaffected.
    Remember who controls the government, the courts, Wall Street, business, the MSM, and the American Deep State. Let’s keep it that way.
    Don’t stir up the dumbed down. A few of their hot words and accusations are ok. If the flames aren’t fanned the sputtering embers will die out.
    In the US Liberty depends on keeping control.

  7. Vegas, this guy is an American who worked in various former Warsaw Pact countries and Ukraine. I have no doubt he has US Govt connections, possilbly CIA. He admits to participating in at least one NGO sponsored “color” revolution.

    What are you going to put up next to make your point, videos of Dr. Strangelove? (chuckie krauthammer) pontificating on fox?

  8. Anonymous,

    Re your, “Jews are the nazis of the 21st century.”

    Someone else put it this way, ‘The Israelis are the Nazis of the Near East.”

    I have several ( six or seven) Jewish neighbors. They’re all nice people, good friends, and poor golfers. None is a NeoCon even though one is quite close to Mr. WTC. I always differentiate between Jews and NeoCons even though Jews are the core of the NeoCon movement. I think others should respect this difference too… being Jewish does not equate to being a NeoCon and doesn’t mean puting Israel before the United States.

  9. An Anonymous,

    This is a good point. It is the reason I always say Neocon or Zionist and not Jew in my anti-Israel rants. That of course does not prevent me from being called an anti-semite. In fact all Neocon and Zionist organizations ALWAYS call anyone who does not tow the line an anti-semite, especially the likud fascists who run Israel. So who are the victims of this fraud? Why non-zionist Jews, of course, since it encourages people to lump all Jews into the same category.

    In other words, when the inevitable backlash (or blowback) comes, zionists and jews will be jointly blamed and punished.


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