Don’t you love bipartisanship when it comes to spending money we don’t fucking have? How can the American people be so lazy and willfully ignorant about what their corrupt politician leaders do on a daily basis. This Ukrainian episode again proves we are ruled by one PARTY. The Ukraine is a bankrupt, insolvent nation. Not our problem. If a country can’t pay its debts, tough shit. They were bankrupt and insolvent before their little CIA instigated revolution. They owe the Russians $20 billion for gas they have already used.

So Obama and the snakes in Congress on both sides of the aisle are singing kumbaya and acting like old pals as they fuck you again. Where the fuck are they getting $1 billion to give to Ukraine? And don’t be fooled by the bullshit about this being a loan. They are fucking insolvent and will never ever repay the loan. This is $1 billion pissed down the toilet.

In case you haven’t fucking noticed, this country adds $2.8 billion PER DAY to the National Debt. If we have to borrow $2.8 billion per day more than the previous day, how the fuck can Congress pretend we have ONE BILLION fucking dollars to give to these Nazis? In case you hadn’t noticed, the National debt now stands at $17.5 TRILLION. The “cooperation” between Obama and Congress has resulted in the debt rising by $200 Billion in the last month alone.

Obama and the Congressional scum are going to borrow $1 billion from future unborn generations and give it to Nazis in the Ukraine so they can pay Putin for his gas. Does that make sense to you? Is this how an empire in decline operates during its death rattle? Make no mistake about it, deficit spending is a tax on future generations, either through direct taxation or through indirect inflation. And the iGadget distracted masses don’t give a shit.

Anyone who thinks voting for some new corrupt scumbag will fix this, just observe the actions of Republicans and Democrats. Obama, Boehner, Kerry, McCain, Schumer, Feinstein, King and the rest of the traitors in Congress all agree to spend money they don’t have to prove we are still an Empire. There is no hope to change this shit at the ballot box.

I can’t wait until this fetid pustule of a nation has to eat at a banquet of consequences.


U.S. lawmakers say to vote on Ukraine aid package soon

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – In a rare show of support for President Barack Obama, Republican leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives said on Wednesday they would work with the White House to address the crisis in Ukraine and vote on legislation offering financial aid soon.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said the Republican-led House will consider a $1 billion loan guarantee package for Ukraine and look at measures to “put significant pressure on Russia to stop the flagrant aggression to its neighbor in Ukraine.”

“The world community should stand united against this invasion, America should be leading and we’ll vote soon on legislation to aid the Ukrainian people,” Cantor told reporters.

House Speaker John Boehner also said that the House will work in a bipartisan way with Obama, a Democrat.

A bill to assist Ukraine, backed by both Republicans and Democrats, is also making its way through the U.S. Senate.

That legislation could be introduced as soon as this week, with a vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as early as March 11, said an aide to Senator Bob Corker, the top Republican on the committee.

Senators have been discussing ways to aid Ukraine’s new government and isolate Russia. Among other things, the Senate legislation would also authorize funds to provide at least $1 billion in loan guarantees to support Ukraine’s economy.

But the Republican leadership also had some harsh criticism of Obama’s foreign policy.

“With regard to Ukraine, the steps that have not been taken over the last three or four years, (by Obama) frankly, allowed Putin to believe that he could do what he’s doing without any reaction from us. But given where we are, we’re here, in a bipartisan way, trying to work with the president, to strengthen his hand,” Boehner said.

He said this includes the loan guarantee bill as well as consideration of a “toolbox” of sanctions authority that is similar to those used against Iran in recent years to persuade it to rein in its nuclear ambitions.

Boehner also criticized Obama for failing to approve liquefied natural gas exports, which could help lessen the dependence of European allies on Russian gas.

But since 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy has approved six proposals to export liquid natural gas, most recently on February 11. Supporters of U.S. energy exports have pounced on the crisis in Ukraine to pressure the Obama approval to speed approvals of LNG.

Cantor said it was important that the costs of the Ukraine loan guarantee be offset with other savings, but the House will proceed to a vote on the measure without a cost estimate from the Congressional Budget Office to move it quickly.

Any dispute in Congress over how to pay for the measure could slow its progress.



      House approves Ukraine loan-guarantee bill

      WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – The House of Representatives on Thursday easily approved legislation that would extend financial aid to Ukraine. The bill allows Ukraine up to $1 billion in loan guarantees, which the bill’s sponsors say cover the risk of losses if Ukraine defaults. The vote was 385-23. Both chambers of Congress would need to approve the loan guarantees and the Senate is still working on its bill.

      1. House Passes $1 Billion Ukraine Loan Guarantee, Gazprom Sends Thanks

        Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/06/2014 15:10 -0500

        The oligarchs have taken over the asylum:


        We are sure the auditors will be aggressively checking that this money does not flow directly from the US to Ukraine to Gazprom. But notably, we suspect, Jordan and Tunisia might be pissed as they just lst their funding. Not so much for Detroit or Puerto Rico also…

        1. Government can give away $1 billion in a matter of hours to some country 95% of Americans can’t locate on a map, but they can’t fill a fucking pothole for weeks.

  1. Admin, how come you always write ‘you’re getting screwed’ or ‘you’re paying for this…’ and never “we’re”….is there something I should know about?

    And the answer to the big question is Janet just used that old faithful macro ‘Ctrl-P’, its never not worked.
    Quiz, what would skittles be worth if you had a unicorn that would shit skittles and on command?

  2. ” How can the American people be so lazy and willfully ignorant about what their corrupt politician leaders do on a daily basis”

    It’s not that people out here are “lazy and willfully ignorant” so much as they are exhausted and overwhelmed with making a living and holding onto their jobs, houses, and whatever money they’ve managed to scrape together after taxes and inflation have decimated the shit out of their shrinking paychecks.

    And we’re battle-weary. There are just too many battles to fight at the local, state, and national level. I’ll be damned happy if I and my fellow fighters can manage to turn the local ship SS Chicago even one degree back toward sanity and solvency. Just defeating one TIF would take all the time, effort, and energy that cadres of committed citizens would have to dedicate to the effort.

    Consider the experiment that was conducted a few years ago, to see how a mammal responds to random, incessant stress. A dog was placed in a random cage to which shocks were applied, first on one side, then to the other side, and at last all over the cage randomly and repeatedly. When the shocks were applied to one side of the cage, the dog moved to the other side. Then back to the first side when the shocks were applied to THAT side. But when the shocks were applied randomly, frequently, and repeatedly all over the cage, the poor dog just lay down and became totally apathetic.

    That’s what has happened to people out here. Most Americans have been so bumped around, chased, and beset with government-induced shocks, that we’re just lying down to die. I myself am growing increasingly apathetic, and frankly, I address myself less and less to political and civic issues, and more and more just to save myself and the people I care about. Yes, I made the calls to my reps and senators to beg them to please cease and desist on getting involved with the Ukranian insanity. But I doubt they listened anymore than Hizzoner our former mayor and the 50 grasping asswipes on our city council listened when people tried to point out how corrupt and financially destructive was the parking meter contract Chicago signed itself into.

  3. This bribe won’t move Ukraine to align with U.S. interests. When your house is on fire, the last thing on your mind is the check sitting in the mailbox.

    The funniest parts of the article are near the end: “He said this includes the loan guarantee bill as well as consideration of a “toolbox” of sanctions…” “Toolbox” is one of those words the corporate-academic clowns use when they have no solution. Practically translated it means “a bunch of random half-measures meant to give the appearance of a solution, because frankly, we’re stumped.”

    And then there’s this little crown-jewel: “Cantor said it was important that the costs of the Ukraine loan guarantee be offset with other savings, but the House will proceed to a vote on the measure without a cost estimate from the Congressional Budget Office to move it quickly.”

    The U.S. is a broke, unemployed, house-foreclosed, car-repossessed, student loan-indebted man strolling through Wal-Mart and coming to the conclusion that he can’t afford NOT to buy a new flatscreen, because he’s pretty sure he’ll offset the cost by saving on movie tickets. No time to do the math on this one, I’m sure it all works out.

  4. That’s hilarious, hubris beyond comprehension. Obama and the criminals in Washington aren’t spending $1 billion of their own money, so who cares? They’re all millionaires, and the stock market is up today, so why not?

    Maybe they can get Bernanke out of retirement, in his helicopter, and fly over the Ukraine, showering them with our monopoly money. Bernanke just got paid more for one speech than a whole year’s salary at the Fed.

    Obama can hand out a billion, but can’t pay his Medicaid bills. He owes the hospital here more than a million, and the clinic more than $2 million. We’ll be lucky to see a dime of it.

  5. I agree that this is a load of crap put together to piss off the Russians and really restart the Cold War.

    We must realize that we are nothing more than Jews living in NAZI Germany. The state has nothing but contempt for us and could care less about our wants or needs. We must accept that this is true and act accordingly. For some, that may mean immigration. Perhaps others are waiting for their Warsaw Uprising moment.

    Everyone here should prepare for the instability that such a corrupt fascist state will bring down upon our collective heads. Putting away a few cans of beans and a shotgun isn’t enough and if you are not exercising an hour or more a day then you shouldn’t even bother. Just sit on the couch and wait for it to happen.

  6. Bolton: ‘Our Biggest National-Security Problem Is Barack Obama’

    By Eliana Johnson March 6, 2014

    With the Obama administration grappling with a crisis in Ukraine, former United Nations ambassador John Bolton took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday and declared that the country’s “biggest national-security problem is Barack Obama.”

    Bolton honed in on the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, which he described as paradigm of President Obama’s foreign-policy failures because the president “has done nothing to avenge Chris Stevens’s death.”

    “That is a terrible lesson for our adversaries,” Bolton said. “Under Barack Obama you can murder his personal representative and get away scot-free.”

    He also warned that the matter will come back to haunt Hillary Clinton if, as most suspect, she launches a presidential bid in 2016. “We will be happy to tell Hillary Clinton in unmistakable terms, ‘We know what difference it makes, even if you don’t,’” he said.

    Bolton, who has established a political-action committee to support hawkish House and Senate candidates, bristled at the reluctance of Republican politicians in recent years to back foreign interventions and characterized the shift as a “resurgence of isolationism.”

    “Ignoring our national security is the Obama doctrine,” he told the crowd.

  7. So if i will not pay my taxes, i will go to jail, but i do not want to pay nazis any thing, wtf i need to do?

  8. “I can’t wait until this fetid pustule of a nation has to eat at a banquet of consequences.”—Admin.

    I, on the other hand can wait. When the time comes, that “banquet of consequences” is gonna be a shit sandwich that will be served to one and all. I’m in no hurry to take a bite out of that.

  9. Admin,
    You would have loved seeing the 50 to 60 police cruisers rolling down route 128 this morning at 7:50 am, the height of rush hour. I am sure some “important” person who attended the President’s fund raisers (yes plural) yesterday had to make a morning flight out of Hanscom AFB. Stunning display of hubris and waste, “Hey look at me closing down a major highway during rush hour so I can get my ever so important ass somewhere to fuck up their traffic.” Harvard Square was loaded with hundreds of overtime grabbing/pension padding cops standing around doing absolutely nothing. Did I mention these “people” cannot suffer enough to make up for all the bullshit that we have to put up from them.

    BTW, Glorious rant at the top of the article.

  10. It’s obvious we are heading for economic collapse. Fed QE, creating money out of thin air, bond-buying, and keeping interest rate near zero can’t prevent this since the real economy (main street and the middle class) is going down the drain. Radio Shack store closures (1,100 announced recently) is just more proof of this. Many small businesses (the backbone of our country) are especially hard pressed to stay afloat.

    Chicago999444 makes a good point. However, a co-worker once said to me a long time ago that “the rich will always control the poor by getting them so overworked they have little energy or motivation to fight back”. This has always bothered me to this day. The more I thought about this, the angrier I became until I finally became informed enough to realize the whole system was corrupt and needs to be overhauled.

    But demanding “reforms” accomplishes nothing if somehow real fear can’t be put into most citizens to get them to understand the real potential for economic catastrophe – no more social security, no more medicare, no more welfare, pensions, etc. Finally no more country.

    Many fear reform because this may mean less monthly government financial support – or none at all. And some very wealthy individuals and big special interests obviously don’t want reforms either for obvious reasons. So we end up with political gridlock, more debt, lack of growth of millions of desperately needed good paying jobs, and eventual economic collapse. Those who oppose reforms automatically enable this.

    Federal Reserve actions can’t stop our country’s decline and failure despite stock market gains which don’t benefit most citizens. Our labor participation rate is falling. What happens if it goes down to 50% – or lower? As more retailers and businesses fail and our economy gets worse, the Fed, big banks, and big investment speculators will push the stock market up for awhile but this can’t save us. We will reach a point where job losses, unemployment, debt, and probably inflation plus other factors will collapse our economy. This may be sooner than later.

    Polls show most citizens (75%) don’t trust the federal government. Most citizens also have a very low approval rating (6%) of Congress. But unless they can somehow be made to fear that we are headed for collapse and the enormous devastation this would cause them, they will never act to even TRY to overhaul our political system either by replacing both democrats and republicans with independent candidates (citizen-legislators as Write-Ins not connected to big money) to break the influence of big special interests or by far more drastic action such as mass civil unrest nationwide if this were to become necessary.

    It’s obviously useless for citizens to finally realize the need for drastic reforms only after economic collapse happens.

  11. Barack Obama and John Kerry and congress critters can flap their jaws and waste money all they want, but it won’t do any good. Putin’s Russia still holds the upper hand in Ukraine, as in ….

    1) look at a fucking map or, to put it more politely, geography

    2) Russian natural gas

    3) Russian oil

    4) the Russian Navy’s Black Sea fleet based in the Crimean Peninsula

    None of that is going away. Game, set, match.

  12. AWD

    That’s good news about McCain’s unpopularity. Maybe he’ll get the hint and not run for re-election in 2016, and we can start singing “Another Neo-Con Bites the Dust.”

    And try to refrain from taking too many potshots at Arizona and its elected officials. Illinois isn’t exactly a state to emulate. Arizona has had one governor impeached and thrown out of office. Illinois governors? Well, they just get thrown in jail. One right after another. Same applies to Illinois congressman. Nice track record. Not.

  13. You are not exaggerating when you say the US House of Reps wants to pass $1B to the Ukrainian fascists. It is obscene.

  14. Chicago-Awesome post! You are so right on that one! They don’t stop battering us with insane ideas and trial balloons. Even if you have time to fight for your sacred cows, just when you thought you were winning, they toss out Gay+anything or abortion or bullying or some other non-issue for people to go nuts over. “This week, the govt is considering banning smoking on the moon. Republicans are asking their constituents to rally to support a Non-Partisan Moon Freedom Bill. Next week, Democrats in the House will be considering HR2334, the plan to fund Chinese Pornographic Freedom and Gay-Straight-Bisexual-Transgender-Bestiality-NAMBLA art shows with $200,000,000 to be taken from the Social Security fund.”
    While we’re all having a collective orgasm over anything mentioning gays, abortion, or single teen mothers, they’re free to do whatever they want.

    1. If you think my lead in to this story was blunt, you should have seen my presentation to the business administrators at my school today. I laid out the FY15 budget parameter in no uncertain terms. NO NEW SPENDING. I then proceeded to hammer them with 8 power point slides of reality smacking them in the face over and over with facts. It was as if no one had ever told them the truth before. They sat in stunned silence as I hammered them with a dose of reality. I’m surprised there was no sobbing. I concluded by telling them we weren’t the US government and couldn’t print money to pay our bills.

      This usually boisterous group of about 70 people had no questions, no response, and no hope left by the time I was done. I have no boss, so I felt free to tell them the truth for the first time. I’m sure they will be going back to their department heads and asking why no one ever told them that spending more than you bring in doesn’t work in the real world.

      I expect some of these academic types will have their noses bent out of joint and will complain to the Dean about my bluntness and honesty. So it goes. I accomplished my task. These people will think twice before spending money frivolously or asking for money for some new half assed initiative.

  15. “Yeah, he’s a racist and a sexist and a bigot and a hater and he told us we can’t fund our project to build a giant iron dildo on the front lawn…”

    I attended a lefty Quaker school in NC. There, I volunteered with the student government. I was astonished and disgusted to see where the massive student activities fee I paid went. We paid thousands for a student union, then thousands more for a shadow black student union that duplicated us in every detail, aside from the small number of black students it served. The idiots in the English Dept wanted to pay students’ legal fines after they were arrested for protesting racism at Kmart (actually it was part of a union attempt at getting a raise). Oddly, it was the Marxists in the Econ Dept who fought against them. Good Lord, College is silly.

  16. We collectively wring our hands and lament the debt situation, but this is all a grand plan, and the plan is working to perfection. The simple fact that nothing is done to stem the tide of QE and endless money printing indicates this is by design, with both political parties guilty. The bigger question is, what is their plan, post-collapse? The commander-in-thief is doing his part:

    Political commentator Dinesh D’Souza made some startling predictions about the second term of Barack Obama – and now he has released a fresh, eight-minute addition to the film revealing how the president plans to “take America down a notch.”

    “My theory about Obama is that he wants global redistribution. Debt is a weapon of global redistribution”.

  17. Which of these is not like the other

    Vice President
    None of the above

  18. This is what happens when people elect a community organizer to run the country.

    Admin, I can only imagine the faces in that room. I’ve given some presentations on consumer spending projections to a few clients lately and have seen similar results.

  19. “If you think my lead in to this story was blunt, you should have seen my presentation to the business administrators at my school today. I laid out the FY15 budget parameter in no uncertain terms. NO NEW SPENDING. …… They sat in stunned silence as I hammered them with a dose of reality. ….. These people will think twice before spending money frivolously or asking for money for some new half assed initiative.” (This comment of yours is worth of a future article, regardless of how your advice turns out.)

    Are you sure? Or will your truthfulness end up like this?


  20. But but but admin, they think your job is to find them funding for their ill-considered ideas and projects. I hope you weather the storm.

  21. REMEMBER….THIS congress eliminated the debt limit cap…BEFORE the out break of conflict in the Ukraine…NOW they are going to spend /give 1 BILLION dollars we do not have to Ukraine both parties and the sheeple just say ok…You will only understand that you have been lied to and misled when your money will not buy enough to feed you and your family….and at the rate we as a country are going it will be very soon……these politicians in office NOW do not give a rats ass about you ,your family, or this country..Open your eyes and you will see…you are behind the eight ball and these greedy lying MF’s are squeezing your balls every day….they will not enjoy there ill gotten gains….even though they think they will be above the fray…THEY will not….imho

  22. If the Republicans had any balls they would refuse to appropriate $1B to the Ukraine and instead would make an example of this to rip Obama in his lack of support for the Keystone pipeline. Why?
    Because Putin knows that the EU is a totally dependent on oil/gas from Russia/Ukraine and EU will never support tough sanctions on Putin to back Obama and Kerry. The Repubs could make the case that the more domestic oil exploration and distribution we engage in, the less we need to borrow to keep the US solvent. No, but Obama and his fearless leaders in the House/Senate will freeze social security increases for 2 years as he did in 2011 for budget reasons and keep the senior citizens of the US hurting but no problem on bailing out Ukraine or any other country

  23. Russia Threatens Retaliation To Sanctions, Announces Support For Crimean Referendum

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/07/2014 07:59 -0500

    It appears Obama’s latest “one hour” conversation with Putin has just made things downshift from bad to worse.

    Moments ago Russia accused the European Union of taking an “extremely unconstructive position” by freezing talks on easing visa barriers that complicate travel between Russia and the EU over Ukraine.

    “Russia will not accept the language of sanctions and threats” and will retaliate if sanctions are imposed, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement about agreements reached at an emergency EU summit on Thursday.

    And assuring that the imminent Crimean referendum due in just over a week will rapidly deteriorate the current detente was overnight news that Russia’s upper house of parliament will support Crimea in its bid to join the Russian Federation, the speaker of the upper house of parliament said Friday. “If the people of Crimea decide to join Russia in the referendum, we, as the upper house, will certainly support this decision,” Valentina Matvienko said at a meeting with Vladimir Konstantinov, his counterpart in the Crimean parliament.

    WSJ reports that a delegation from the Crimean peninsula were in Moscow to meet parliamentarians who warmly welcomed the guests and signaled their willingness to support the neighboring region.

    Shortly thereafter, the western inspectors learned they are not exactly welcome in the Crimea later on Friday when a group of military and civilian personnel from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe will be making another attempt to enter the Crimean peninsula, after being stopped at two border checkpoints the day before, a spokesman for the organization said.

    “The group is on their way from Kherson, where they spent the night, and is heading to a checkpoint in the area of a village called Chungar,” Shiv Sharma said, adding that the group of about 40 people is scheduled to arrive around 1330 local time (1130 GMT).

    But while the OSCE inspectors will hardly receive a warm welcome anywhere in the pro-Russian parts of the Ukraine, one thing is certain: while for the next week the world is stuck listening to more hollow rhetoric, once the Crimea formally splits from the Ukraine and joins Russia as per the will of the parliament and the people, that’s when things get rough, as that will be the formal expansion of Russia into a region of the Ukraine which everyone in the west has called an unconstitutional process, while Russia itself calls the coup that overthrew Yanukovich just as unconstitutional.

    So enjoy the downtime: in mid-March things get hot again. Or, if you live in the Ukraine, quite cold:



  24. You’re not the only ones,the assclowns in power here in Canada are giving away a free 220 million of our tax dollars as well to those bastards.When will this country wake the fuck up and shut this nazi,tax grabbing government down with a no-confidence vote,man o fucking man,what the hell is wrong with people!

  25. Where are these “I VOTED” for obamamonkey people?? I just want to slap one of them and I will be ok.

  26. yeah and these fkn stupids imecile snakes politicians prez congress etc etc etc. say they don’t hav$$ ,now they hav a billion togiv fkn othr asshole countries. and giv a shit or fkn shit about ext unemployment 4 its own people. fkn ass undrworkd ova pd fkn jlyfish ass holes in in govt..here in cali.we closed down alott of dmv s saying we don’t hav enuf $$ to keep dmvs open ,now very suddenly we hav a lott of $$ to open more dmv s in California for these stupi kn illegals and the rest of thm.fkrs. thanx obamanation and all the othr tards in congress etc etc etc.,basterds. go da hel

  27. liars liars liars obamanation congress all liars beggars charlitans shape shifting reptiles.theyll twist u around like clay and mold ya too, fkn Zionists also the biggest downfall this country,.


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