Funny how you don’t hear the bimbos and shysters on CNBC talking about this or fat ass, triple chin, no neck Barry Ritholtz.



3 thoughts on “LOOK WHO’S WINNING”

  1. Administrator,

    The impression I get is that the line for GOLD would be much more sharply upward were not the FED selling naked shorts in an effort to keep the gold price down.

    How does one buy gold coins, bars, etc without getting cheated by shysters who’d substitute gold plated tungsten for the real thing? I have no way of testing gold coins, bars etc and hesitate to rely on the opinions of experts.

    The problems of buying, storing, and selling a tangible asset like gold make me fearful of investing in the metal.

    Sometimes, instead of writing about what a great investment gold is, I wish you’d help us TBP readers with the practical questions like those I’ve mentioned and others.

  2. jackson, buying gold needn’t be a mysterious process. stick to the basics:

    avoid numismatic coins.

    avoid e-bay.

    buy bullion coins that come from national mints (e.g. american eagles, canadian maples, austrian philharmonics).

    buy 1 troy oz. coins or a fraction of 1 troy ounce coins.

    buy online from a reputable dealer like APMEX (there are others).

    buy from your local coin shop (if you have reason to believe that they are trustworthy–check reviews online).

    buy a small amount to see what the process is all about. then go from there.

    if you are really worried about fake coins, buy yourself a FISCH kit. get a digital scale. go full nerd with it.

    if you are worried about theft, gold confiscation (low likelihood in my view), etc. check out goldmoney.com. apparently, you can store your stash in a private gold vault in a fully segregated, unencumbered account in a country of your choice. they charge a storage fee.

    good luck and make haste.


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