Does America Need An Anti-Capitalist Political Party?

Ahhh … Millennials, Millennials, what the fuck are you thinking?

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Carl Gibson, co-founder of U.S. Uncut, is joining with other Occupy Wall Street organizers to launch a new populist political party. While more details (including the name of the party and the identities of other key organizers) will be available when the group launches on March 20, the party will be explicitly anti-capitalist.

Says Gibson: “A new party that actively opposes capitalism and unites people around the basic ideas of meeting human needs would be widely respected and immediately acknowledged. This new party could stand apart from the two corporate-owned parties by refusing to take campaign donations from corporations, banks and developers, standing up for the rights of immigrants and indigenous people, calling for sustainable energy and development, making education for all a top priority, and believing in universal access to healthcare as a human right. While it would take time, focusing on building power first at the local and county level is the surest way to make lasting change.”

In this interview with Resistance Report host Dennis Trainor, Jr., Gibson acknowledged that the Green Party is already working along a parallel path, but feels his (soon to be launched) party will do a better job of engaging young people and focusing on local politics as a way to build power.

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18 thoughts on “Does America Need An Anti-Capitalist Political Party?”

  1. A new party that actively opposes capitalism and unites people around the basic ideas of meeting human needs would be widely respected and immediately acknowledged.

    Oh yea? How are you going to pay for all of these wonderful deeds? With Pixie Dust? Good luck!

    Capitalism, until it was corrupted by greed, has been the most successful system yet that has provided a way for ALL people to benefit individually and collectively from their work. Without it there will be no growth, no jobs, not enough disposable income that allows individuals to save money to start a business, buy a new car or home or spend money on misc. things that help drive the economy.

  2. The Greenies, The Demotards, The Commietards, and now these fucking guys…..

    The other groups not working fast enough to destroy the Republic for ya, so you have to resort to fast-tracking our doom?

    They’re not doing anything different… we read the playbook, assholes.

    Wrap your communist bullshit in rhetoric like “common sense” and “meeting human needs” so that anyone opposing your bullshit agenda will come off as having NO ‘common sense’ or who doesn’t want to ‘meet human needs’…

    Maybe you can call yourself The Ultra-Mega-Tards to differentiate between yourselves and the regular old Commietards?

  3. Looks like socialism and redistribution are going mainstream. These dipshits would love to get their hands on other people’s money, like all commies, the temptation is just too great. And it’s better than having to get a job. These idiots think everything, including healthcare, is a right? But they don’t believe getting a job and earning a living is a requirement, only stealing money from others. Once they’ve looted all the money and taken over the capitalist businesses, then what? Let these incompetent imbeciles that love Obama run them into the ground? Are they really too stupid to realize they’re commies? Or they just don’t care? Communist countries have nothing to buy, and no money to buy it with. All a person with a brain has to do is look at Venezuela to see how this story ends. Communist dictators, and mass poverty for the masses. Waiting in lines for two hours to get toilet paper. Fuck these idiot millennials with a nailed 2×4.

  4. Capitalism is a word invented by Karl Marx to slander the free market.We need the free market.We need free enterprise .We need more competition in the market place.We need less regulations ,less taxes and less government .Period.

    We will probably end up with a hard form of fascism or worse.

  5. I think we must differentiate between Capitalist and Free Market ideology. Many people think that it is the same but there is a difference. I am very much in favor of a market that is free from government intervention to include competing currencies. Capitalism, on the other hand, is currently out of control as there is no one but the artificial entity to hold responsible when, say, something like the Gulf of Mexico is destroyed.

    That people demand health care as a universal right kinda makes sense given that government intervention has made health care 100% unaffordable. What these fools fail to realize is that more government intervention is not going to fix the problem of government intervention. Those of you that are interested should explore Anarcho-Capitalism which is an idalogy I currently hold. Basically, we are Free Market Anarchists so we abhor the state and look towards a free market to meet our needs. We also believe that such a system only works with unusually strong property rights. Property is the foundation of any society.

  6. Maybe you’ve read “Animal Farm”, it’s a great book. The youngsters are taken away and educated by the rulers. They come back as party members, brainwashed. The same thing has happened to Millennials. They’ve been brainwashed by liberal progressives in schools for the last two decades. Now, they are acting on their programming, and will bring communism to fruition. They voted Obama into office twice, and will continue to vote liberal progressives into officer forever more. We’re doomed.


  7. Of course, some douchebag infiltrator will go around and vote everyone one thumbs down… and then NOT rebut anything that has been said.

    Like the big fucking coward they are.

    Come on, tough guy! Whoever you are, voting these posts thumbs down… you gotta have something mighty important to say. Let’s hear it. Show your coward fucking face so we can chew it off….

  8. My first thought when seeing this post on the ticker… Why? We already have two.

    All this shit that the millies want isn’t going to happen. Period. As my dad has told me all my life, “Want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.”

    The only reason these ideas are gaining traction is because government financing hasn’t blown up yet. When, not if, it does happen the Utopian dreams will dissipate like farts in the wind. Just not gonna happen. The young have never seen a government with a spending limit, its never been part of the conversation. Since all we do is argue about where to spend money its perfectly reasonable to expect these ideas to be embraced by the youths, they are based on the moral debates their boomer leaders have integrated into the system.

    The reality is that trading military spending for social welfare, which is where the money comes from if you ask, would put that utopia at risk from nearly every other government on the planet. But even that is giving the idea too much serious thought. Applying moral arguments to these ideas like calling the advocates commies and libtards or whatever is not going to have any effect on changing the minds of anyone. Its continuing the same conversation that we have had for decades. Boomers never learn.

  9. Billy is right, this thumbs downer is merciless. Just hits the button and cruises on by with nothing to say.

  10. The new party couldl be called the “Pixie Dust Party”. I like it, and on my new orchard I will grow Pixie Dust trees for no profit..


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