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  1. David Bryne is one of the most unlikeliest rock stars of all time. I hadn’t seen that live version of the song before.

    “We got computers, we’re tapping phone lines,
    I know that that ain’t allowed”

  2. Life during wartime is Hell on Earth. Hunger rules, death stalks, if it’s atomic, kiss your ass goodbye because if you aren’t killed outright, you are dead from slowly spreading radiation that eats your bone, destroys you foodstuffs and leaves way too many graves to be dug.

    If such a war starts, say the peak of the 4th Turning, I will exit stage left because I am simply too old and incapable of contributing very much to the aftermath.

    It was bad enough in 1865 when 50,000 – 125,00 US soldiers and US civilians died in a four year civil war. The next one will kill millions world wide and I seriously doubt the human race can recover from it to any point near our current left. Most likely bands of hunter gathers, stumbling into radioactive areas they can’t detect, slowly vanishing from the face of the earth like so many other species before us..

    Have a nice evening..


  3. Muck – sorry but feel I should add a correction. Around 620,000 – 850,000 soldiers died in the Civil War, plus 50,000 civilians (estimated).

    It was by far the deadliest war Americans have ever fought.

    Thanks for your contributions. I truly hope the next war is not a true end of life as we know it event. But as you say, it may well be.

  4. MA, one of the most poignant places I have seen was a “civil war” monument located in a remote corner of the historic pioneer cemetery in Salem, Oregon. I was there when we buried my grandmother at the family plot in the 80’s, and wandered around afterward and stumbled upon it. It consists of an equestrian statue, surrounded by concentric rings of graves. A few hundred at least. Most are Union but some are Confederate. All were volunteers. Oregon had just achieved statehood in 1861 and the pioneers came from a variety of places so there were no doubt divided loyalties and opinions, especially out west where independence reigned. I just sat down and cried.

  5. Watch the British movie called “Threads”.

    If that movie doesn’t make you less bellicose I question your sanity. It is the most insanely depressing movie ever made about a conventional war turning into a nuclear exchange. We are starting to flirt with the possibility again.

    Another decent one is “The Day After”, an American made-for-television movie that isn’t nearly as graphic due to censorship. The movie is interesting as it shows what might happen to people living outside of Kansas City near missile silos. Even the country folk won’t do well.

  6. This video is on my favorites. Talking Heads are one of a kind.

    In the past couple years I have read so many books about WWII that I truly hope I am not around for the next one.

  7. @Llpoh: One toddy too many! Thanks for the correction. I was trying to write 500,000; came out 50k instead… Never drink and try to pee on a Burning Platform at the same time!



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