77 thoughts on “WOULD YOU VOTE FOR BEN CARSON IN 2016?”

  1. From what I’ve seen from republicans so far, I planed on writing his name in even if he didn’t run.

    Holy crap, look at all the floor grinders being advertized here, I was just looking for one online and I find a shitload on TBP!

  2. When I listen to Obama …. all I hear is a worthless nigger.

    When I listen to Carson ….. I hear a man with integrity and common sense.

    If you think that’s rayciss, fuck you and blow me.

    There are things I don’t agree with. He’s a bit to religious for me. He’s really not a deep libertarian. But, compared to the two Shitpiles the Dems and Repubs will offer up in 2016 ……. hell YES I would vote for him. (That’s assuming Rand Paul won’t run …. wouldn’t a Rand / Carson ticket be nice?!!)

  3. Dont get sucked into the bullshit. My afirmative action meter is signaling possible Colin Powell clone. One neegrow president is enough for my lifetime.

  4. Ben Carson belongs to a church I used to attend. My cousin still goes to that church. From everything I hear about him, he is a good man. Btw, 7th day Adventists do not condone forcing their religion on anybody. Are they religious? Sure they are. Religion isn’t a bad thing unless it goes against people being able to make their own choices.

  5. He is not firm enough on the second amendment .I have heard him say he approves of some forms.of gun control.That is a red flag all the way to THE MOON.He also thinks affirmative action is ok for minorities which is the most racist policy against white men.The more I learn about him the more I dislike.

  6. Ben Carson….yes I’d vote for him .

    I voted for Allen Keys in the Repub primary in 2000….got a chance to listen to him speak and then met him afterwards. I liked him a great deal until he pandered to the wrong folks when he ran for the Illinois Senate .

  7. “Dont get sucked into the bullshit.”——- PrisonerofZelda

    That’s actually excellent advice. I like what I see/hear … so far. But, there is much unknown, for example, his foreign policy … specifically, as a Bible lover would his lips also be glued to Israel’s ass? Also, we have all been fooled many, many times before. Shame on us if we just blindly jump into Full Support Mode without much further analysis. All I can say is Carson’s bullshit smells pretty sweet ….. so far.
    “My affirmative action meter is signaling possible Colin Powell clone.”——- PrisonerofZelda

    Colin Powell is / was a Government Guy his whole life …. one of the worst kinds, a Military Whore follower. Carson has accomplished much, much more with his life.

    “One neegrow president is enough for my lifetime.”——- PrisonerofZelda

    Carson would be the FIRST. The current cocksucker is only half way there.

  8. There are two men here with black skin color.

    One is a nigger. One is not. Can you spot the difference?

    Listen to Carson talk about education, the debt, and healthcare. Watch Oreo nigger squirm. You’ll never hear me say this again …. but, if you watch this video, you will be blessed.

  9. It’s time for me to get dumped on by the regulars on this site. Here goes…

    Though I agree with much of what Libertarian’s want, I remain politically independent because the system itself is broken and can’t be fixed from within.

    Yes, I hear repeatedly that independent candidates have ZERO chance of ever getting elected but the middle class will only continue to weaken and our economy will collapse if drastic reforms aren’t made.

    Many (including many industries) are so financially dependent on the federal government (more accurately the federal reserve) that they will never vote to jeopardize their financial aid. So this keeps us on the path to collapse – sooner or later.

    Anyone who doesn’t support a complete overhaul of government starting by replacing democrats and republicans and breaking the influence of the very Wealthy and big special interests AUTOMATICALLY enables economic decline and collapse.

    Some guy I talked to months ago claimed he either heard or read that Warren Buffet made the suggestion that we need to elect Citizen-Legislators from our own communities (people we can trust) to start the process for real reforms. Regardless, most citizens simply won’t write-in any candidate because they fear rocking the boat and jeopardizing their monthly government subsidies. I have no doubt this scenario was realized even before our economic meltdown in 2008. The political status quo increasing its stranglehold on power.

    If citizens won’t reform government via independent candidates and forcing many other changes along with this then they only set themselves up for catastrophe.

    Einstein (I believe regarding the Atom bomb) – “Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. I’m not sure about the former”. People who allow themselves to be made desperate and financially dependent can be endlessly exploited as slaves.

  10. Nothing is going to change until a third/fourth/fifth party erupts to challenge the now dynastic position of president.

    Go Hillary! Go Jeb!

    It just doesn’t matter anymore – it’s all one big joke and we are the laughing stock of the globe.

  11. Jim

    Is that the Crack Of Vaginny I see there? Okay. SSS said ‘no nipples”, he never said anything about vaginal cracks.

  12. The whole Ben Carson story seems right out of central casting. I have been a surgeon almost as long as Carson and I can assure you that non affirmative action surgeons in his age group are about as common as virgins at the mustang ranch. I do not believe that he is libertarian or conservative but could be neo-con in drag.

  13. He has about the same chance of getting on the ticket as Ron Paul did, unfortunately. The banksters decide who runs. As long as that holds, dark horse campaigns of any persuasion are DOA.

  14. PrisonerofZelda

    Well, that’s the second time you said basically the same exact thing. Perhaps the first 6 thumbs down wasn’t enough? Or, perhaps you wanted to impress us with your being a surgeon? (Yeah, right!!).

    So, he’s another Colin Powell. Another neocon. OK, numnuts, how about backing it up with some data .. some proof? Or, are you too busy removing a gall bladder …. or your ass from your lips?

  15. i will likely take a hit from the “big dawgs” but I am with bb. at least regarding his first point. i have read and heard carson’s stance on the 2nd amendment and me no likey.
    i agree with various politicians to varying degrees but when someone so misunderstands the second amendment it is a deal breaker for me. that being said, would i prefer him of Shillary Cunt-on or Jabba the Christie? yeah
    i cannot confirm the parts about him being in favor of affirmative action because i have never read that, therefore I am highly skeptical until i see some proof (please provide if you can bb)

  16. harry p.

    Now that’s interesting data. (PrisonerofZelda should take notes from you.)

    An incorrect stance on the 2nd Amendment would be a potential show-stopper for me (and I don’t even own guns.)

    Perhaps there’s a more important question; — If Carson were actually elected, can he turn the tide of events, specifically, the march forward towards The Fourth Turning?

    Maybe he could put a dent in it, slow it down. Corporate America, the 1%, and bankers control this country. I’m not sure Carson, or anyone else, can stop it. Some houses are not fixable. They have to be burned down, and a totally new structure erected.

  17. I do not believe that he is libertarian or conservative but could be neo-con in drag.

    Well said, PoZ. I do not trust this man. His rhetoric is flimsy and bordering on pathetic. One of his final lines in his CPAC speech was:
    “You don’t want to tell me we’re an exceptional nation? You go jump in the lake!” He is, as you put it, straight out of central casting. They were looking for a black Beaver Cleaver and found a black neurosurgeon who dabbles in theater. He’s clearly not challenged by the script. What’s mind-numbing is how people lap up such pablum.

    From SS:
    Though I agree with much of what Libertarian’s want, I remain politically independent because the system itself is broken and can’t be fixed from within…

    I agree with you entirely. In the current paradigm, who gets elected is of zero consequence. Anyone who does not specifically address dismantling TBTF banks, corporate personhood, corporate tax loopholes and the NSA is absolutely, 100% all-in on sustaining the status quo.

    Ben Carson is certainly benefiting from the status quo. I don’t get what Libertarians see in him, let alone what they expect him to accomplish as president.

  18. The potential of martial law, Carson said, is one reason he supports the Second Amendment and individual gun rights.

    “I used to think they needed to be registered, but if you register them they just come and find you and take your guns,” he said. “If we were only concerned about external forces, then we would be okay. But there are some pretty sinister internal forces [in America].”

  19. admin,
    i like the cut of the jib of that quote better than the others i have heard, particularly the one from Beck’s show.
    He was asked whether peopel should be allowed to own semi-automatic weapons and his answer started with “it depends…”. He talks about inalienable rights and then thinks it is acceptable to put limits those rights. like i have said i like most of what he has said but when i see stuff like what i saw in the video below and op-eds he has written i am turned off. i don’t want to find something to dislike about all of them but i typically do.
    if i see more like the quote you provided on a consistent basis and him admitting to being wrong in the past then i would reconsider.

    2nd amendment stuff is the first 90 secs or so

  20. and another thing….Carson being nominated by the Republican party would be a damn sure fire reason not to vote for him.RES.

  21. An exercise in self-awareness.

    Think of one Republican you’ve voted for in the past and then ponder based on present knowledge of past candidate whether you would vote for that candidate in a future election or not….now take a stroll to the bathroom, look in the mirror and take note of the dumbass who helped create the farce masquerading as representative government.

  22. After reading this, my conclusion is that it’s pretty much hopeless. The kind of man many of the readers in this blog would want to come out of the woodwork to “reform” this system would have to be someone like Jesus or Gandhi and the chances of that are pretty slim. Event then someone would manage to find “something wrong”. That kind of person is RARE in politics, has always been. The best I could hope for is someone who is maybe not an example of righteousness, but at least someone who cares enough about people and understands what is necessary to help them help themselves. I guess when he/she? comes out we will know it. After all, isn’t it said that you’ll know them by what they do, not by what they say?

  23. By the way, Ron Paul is the closest I’ve seen to a politician that made sense but the fact that he was ignored and not elected, tells us all we need to know about the system.

  24. Where’s Carson on Amnesty…..eh? same pile of shit..different color.

    These Carson bedwetters are the same crowd of magic Negroe worshipers who incessantly pined for that idiot ideologue Herman Cain.Apparently the moderate turd polishers at GOP headquaters (cock swill central) have decided that every national election needs a colored to draw the fringe…why not just make it a homo colored candidate and get the other 1% of racialyl aware transgendered diaper wearing freaktards?

  25. Herman Cain was so delusional that he actually thought he deserved all his accomplishments based on his intelligence. Cain , Powell and possibly Carson poster children for affirmative action. Waiting for Carson to be accused of slipping it to one of his interns. Maybe he could team up with Condee Rice and take the Repub party by storm.The women voters would reach climax just thinking about it.

  26. Ben Carson

    —- raised in poverty, could have become a “gangsta”, a true rags-to-riches story

    — a brilliant surgeon, saved many lives

    — a PIONEER in the separation of conjoined twins

    — career focus is on traumatic brain injury and brain and spinal cord tumors (he is a cancer survivor)

    — written over 100 publications about neurosurgery — widely noted for several surgical innovations

    — founded the Carson Scholars Fund in 1994, an organization devoted to helping solve America’s education crisis

    — faithful husband and father of three sons

    So, you people — especially Flash — who want to shit all over this man and his accomplishments, let me ask you a question. What the fuck is wrong with you????? What the fuck have you done with your life that compares to this man? crickets, crickets, crickets

    I have no idea if Ben Carson would be a great, mediocre, or horrible President. The jury is still out — not that it matters because the Two Parties will NEVER EVER allow an “outsider” entrance to their elite club. But why do some of you DIPSHITS find pleasure in crucifying what is by all available evidence a very fine man? To feel better about yourselves, you cockroaches?

  27. “Rand Paul? He’s got the name but that’s it Stucky. His position on the Ukraine is more neocon and less libertarian and 180 degrees from that of his father.” —— grgy

    RP “got” more than just a name. You really don’t know jack-shit about him except what you can quickly google. Right?

    I don’t like his position on Ukraine. So what.

    Are you waiting for the PERFECT candidate …. one with whom you agree 100%? Good luck with that. Some of you people amaze me. Disagree on one issue = “out with the bum!!”. Do some of you even ever think before you start typing? I don’t think so.

  28. As Stucky says (damn, sure am glad we buried the hatchet/smoked the peace pipe, as Stuck is generally a smart mofo), Ben Carson, by all evidence, has been a man of accomplishment and integrity. I imagine he has some skeletons in his closet, but what he has accomplished given his background has been most incredible.

    Fact is, coming from Detroit, from a broken home, there would have been ample opportunity for him to have gotten off track. He would have needed to develop himself steadily to accomplish what he has. That is worthy of respect. He may well have had some good role models, but I do not know.

    I do not know if he is qualified for high office.

    I do know that Dems would wet their pants if he went up against Cliton. He would syphon off the black vote, and without that, the Dems are screwed.

    I would love to see that.

  29. As for candidates…

    RAND PAUL has to change his image and maybe his name, even if it’s only to Paul Rand, if he wants to be a viable Republican presidential candidate in 2016. The Romney-McCain-Graham NeoCons who control the War Party will never nominate a Paul.

    BEN CARSON is a compelling guy but he’s a one trick pony – health care. Stucky’s right, Carson is another Colin Powell, an initially attractive candidate for a desperate party. Read Stucky’s second comment as it offers some warnings. Consider too that Carson has no constituency and no intra-party support. spinolator has it figured out, these days a presidential candidate has to be a man of the system.

  30. The country does not need someone who is good at everything. It needs a competent leader who knows how to get things done, who is honest and forthright, who is humble enough to know what he does not know, who is consistent and brave enough to do what is right.

    Management is all about the application of resources. It really is that simple.

    I do not need a miracle worker, or someone who knows everything. I do not need a politician.

    I want a person to lead. To be principled. To be brave in the face of opposition. To be committed to the rule of law. To stand up and tell the truth. To surround him or herself with persons of quality and integrity (damned if I know where they will be found given the dearth of leaders at the moment).

    Wouldn’t that be refreshing.

  31. Ben Carson is a good man, brilliant and accomplished. If recruited into politics by the GoP, none of that matters. The GoP will insist that he toe the NeoCon, big government line and give lip service to the constitution.

    There is NO MAN who can reform the irredeemable evil that is the republican party. Just give up that ridiculous notion.

  32. stuck,
    sorry, there are not many deal breaker issues for me but the 2nd amendment be “the one.” other than the quote admin found i don’t like his stance at all. questioning the natural right to self-defense carries a lot of weight, it’s more important to me than others. carson seems like a very good person. i love my pops and he is a good man too, but knowing his views on many things i wouldn’t support him for prez either. if carson was prez i am sure it would be an improvement over what is there now, but a bucket of shit would also be an improvement. carson isn’t power hungry so i wont’ write him off 100%.

    rand paul has disappointed me with his stance on ukraine but not necessarily because of the stance itself. i remember him supporting romney and i get the feeling he is playing the game. this is something his pops never did, but it also ensures being deemed “unelectable”. Being willing to play the game doesn’t win points with me either, it means you are compromising your morals to win and will likely owe favors to unsavory people.

    basically, ron paul ruined it for me (and likely others), like the “one” girl that got away that will likely never appear again. that being said, if judge napolitano were running i would be supporting him in half a heartbeat.

    then there is ted cruz who says some things i really like but his wife is a goldman sachs vp, it is hard for me to trust anyone with those connections.

    how things are today, being elected prez is essentially becoming king and i don’t think
    you should be surprised that the crowd here finds something wrong with everyone who is vying to rule over us because we are so liberty minded we feel the only ruler worthy rule us is ourselves (whom we coincidently agree with 100%).

    my most basic criteria is this: would the person in question increase or decrease the role of govt and the power of the presidency during their term. Ron Paul would and I haven’t written off his boy yet because I think he still might work to decrease govt. Ben Carson I am less sure of, my feeling is he would decrease some (obamacare) but possibly increase others for a net zero change.
    my general feeling is that if we were huddled around our computers arguing about what President Carson had recently done, things would have made a turn for the better, but shit is pretty fucked up and bullshit right now.

  33. @ Zara, flash, et al

    There seems to be an ingrained notion that the Republicans are irredeemable neocon, big government types, just like the Democrats. But the reality is, in my view, that the McLames and Graham Crackers are rapidly, and I mean rapidly, fading into the background. And that’s a good thing.

    While the warlike neocons (think Libya, Syria, and Crimea) and big government liberals in the Democrat party control EVERYTHING. There is NO internal struggle among Democrats. None.

    But there sure as hell is among Republicans. Think Rand Paul and Ted de la Cruz and dozens more like them in the House and Senate. And think Ben Carson. How far would that guy get with Democrats? About as far as “Uncle Tom.”

  34. Good point harry p about your most basic criteria in supporting a presidential candidate: would the person decrease the govt and the power of the presidency.

    My voting criteria for years has been whether a candidate or ballot measure will give more power and/or money to the people or the government. I vote for people power every time. Unfortunately I’m almost always outvoted by the people whose criteria for choice is whether a candidate is an R or a D and whether a ballot measure offers more for them.

  35. My 9-9-9 comment wasn’t meant to run down Carson, who seems impressive. It’s just to point out that the presidency isn’t normally an entry-level political job. Unless, of course, you won the Revolutionary War or WWII, the American electorate expects you to have at least shown up in the Illinois legislature and voted “present” on infanticide a few dozen times.

  36. “The country does not need someone who is good at everything. It needs a competent leader who knows how to get things done, who is honest and forthright, who is humble enough to know what he does not know, who is consistent and brave enough to do what is right.” ———- llpoh

    +1,000,000,000 !!!

    That is EXACTLY correct.

    I swear to God, some people here wouldn’t vote for a resurrected George Washington. “What? He chopped down a cherry tree?? Environmental pig!!” lol

  37. harry p.

    Very nice post.

    While I don’t expect any candidate to be perfect, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have single issue Hot Buttons myself.

    In fact, like you, an incorrect stance on the 2nd amendment is also a show-stopper for me. An armed people may be the only thing preventing a Full Blown Fascistfuk government.

    Regarding Rand Paul and his stance on Ukraine. I tend to give him some slack because I think RP is a very smart guy. I think he knows that if he takes to much of an “extreme” stance … like his dad … that that would sink any chance for a Presidential run. In other words, he’s being very politician-like. I also have faith that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree …. meaning, of course, that in his heart he probably believes we have no fuckin’ business being involved. Just my guess.

  38. Stucky says: RP “got” more than just a name. You really don’t know jack-shit about him except what you can quickly google. Right?

    Wrong. But you can have your opinion, I’ll keep mine, OK?

  39. Yes I would vote for Carson, without a doubt, likewise I will support Rand as well. Those two would make a good team, and I wouldn’t care who was on the top of the ticket.


  40. grgy

    OK. Fine by me.

    But Drive-By opinions sometimes annoy the hell out of me. Why say something and then not back it up with … you know … data.

  41. Damn, there are some assholes around here.

    Stuck – who have you pissed off lately? Some bastards are hitting you for no reason – which means they are holding a grudge. Even I am not that petty, except for, well, you know, the Bearded Clammy.

    Bastards need to out themselves for the ass – beating they deserve. This is kinda what I have in mind:


  42. Stucky,

    All the things you listed make him a good doctor and surgeon.

    However, in NO WAY does any of that qualify him for the highest office in the country, the head of the most powerful nation on Earth. He might be a good doctor, but he’d be fucking OWNED by Putin and the Chinese. Way, way out of his depth.

    I’m with harry on this as well – his stance on the IIA is a deal breaker.

    And I’ve had it with magical negroes for president. If it’s too good to be true, then it is.

  43. Harry ,I saw him on a talk show and he said he was in favor of A A but it should be
    Based on.income rather then race.Which that opens a whole other can of worms.I haven’t written him off but I would like to know some more of his views especially on 2 amendment.

  44. Compromise , for the greater good…LMAO..every inch lost is one closer to the abyss.Why not just jump already?

  45. SSS, the constituent beating, back-stabbing party of Lincoln deserves no more chances.Reform is impossible…not even on local levels. I’ll never vote of another and I dream of the day the Party of unlimited stupid fades away.

  46. -,just yesterday- had a conversation with a group of neo-tards who claimed that Ron Paul stole the election from Mitt Romney and therefore -they concluded – he must have been a DNC plant all along. …you just can’t fix stupid…but nevertheless…rock that vote.

    “In contrast, the selection of government rulers by means of popular elections makes it nearly impossible that a good or harmless person could ever rise to the top. Prime ministers and presidents are selected for their proven efficiency as morally uninhibited demagogues. Thus, democracy virtually assures that only bad and dangerous men will ever rise to the top of government.” Hans-Hermann Hoppe


  47. “Stuck – who have you pissed off lately? Some bastards are hitting you for no reason” —-llpoh

    Yup. I’m getting thumbs down when merely posting a link, a picture, or even just saying “Nice post”.

    Yup. I really pissed off about 2 or 3 people. Grudge holders. Assholes. Suckers of dick.

    And you know what? I absolutely LOVE it …. that I have the power to be INSIDE THEIR HEADS. hahahaha!!

    I am positive one of the buffoons is Nonanonymous. I suspect bb and flash to be the others.

  48. Stuck, FWIW,I have on occasion given some of your nonsensical drivel a thumbs down, but I do not make it a habit..unlike the one who thumbs down every comment I make, regardless the content.

  49. “Stucky, All the things you listed make him a good doctor and surgeon. However, in NO WAY does any of that qualify him for the highest office in the country.” ——– Billy

    You may very well be 100% correct.

    I’ve read several of Carson’s writings. Watched more than a few videos. Saw the movie about his life. But, the man as a viable possible political candidate is still a mystery to me. I mentioned foreign policy … not sure where he stands there hardly at all. I’ve read some generalities on what his economic platform might be … again, lots of questions remain. What I DO like a lot about him is what llpoh mentioned ….. his character. And even here I wonder “Are there skeletons?”

    As of now I answered Admin’s question by saying “Yes, I’d vote for him.” Nevertheless, I fully reserve the right to change my opinion as new information becomes available. I’ve been fooled my entire fucking life by the words of what I thought were good, honest men. Fuck that shit …. my eyes are wide open at this point.

    Regarding “qualifications” …. what planet have you been living on for the past 6 years? lol Qualification do not matter!! HNIC Oreo isn’t qualified to be night shift manager at a convenience store. I’m dead serious. Did that matter to millions of ‘Muricans? Nooooo.

  50. OK, flash. Thanks.

    Yes, I’ve noticed you get uncalled for thumbs downs. So does El Burrito. So does nonanoymous … and it’s NOT from me. One possibility is that there are ex-TBPers with nothing better to do with their lives than lurk-and-votedown. Not that it really matters.

    I don’t EVER recall posting ANY “nonsensical drivel”. I give great thought over everything I post, and before I actually hit “submit” I offer up a prayer to Jeebus for approval. Only once has he told me to not hit “submit”, so I’m confident my Jeebus-approved posts are a blessing to everybody …. except the Satan-filled down voters.

  51. stucky,
    everyone who has posted or commented here regularly for any period of time rubs shoulders with their doppleganger who just thumbs down every comment they make, probably without even reading it (like the douchenozzle trollfuck that does that to all of mine).
    no point in losing sleep over it.

  52. “Regarding “qualifications” …. what planet have you been living on for the past 6 years? lol Qualification do not matter!! HNIC Oreo isn’t qualified to be night shift manager at a convenience store. I’m dead serious. Did that matter to millions of ‘Muricans? Nooooo.” — Stucky

    Yeah, I guess I’m one of those old-fashioned holdout throwbacks that actually believes the person who should be captain of our little ship of state actually be qualified for the job…

    I railed against the HNIC before he/she was elected, and got called “RAYCISS!” for it. (That it was actually true in no way discounts anything that I said. Everything I said was absolutely 100% true, but apparently because my opinion didn’t square with their opinion of certain people, what I said didn’t matter…)

    Meh… If I wasn’t such a stubborn SOB, I’d sell the farm, everything we got, and move us to Costa Rica. Just check out.

  53. When every mouth breather able to fog a mirror and 18 or over is allowed a vote….Democrappy is created..


    As I’ve said before, the only way back is back…back to a limited vote.

  54. Stucky says: “OK. Fine by me. But Drive-By opinions sometimes annoy the hell out of me. Why say something and then not back it up with … you know … data.”

    Data? I thought I posted a link that supported my thoughts but on rechecking, I attached the wrong link. My apologies. I guess that happens when I have too many links open at the same time. The correct one is below although the one I attached was a good read as well, but not relevant to my point.

    The problem I’m having with Rand, and I know there are a lot of his supporters on this site, is he seems to play both sides of the fence, you know, the political gamesmanship that is still required to have half a chance of winning the presidency, like changing the message to suit the audience. That is something his father would never do and that is why I have so much respect for Ron Paul. With him, you know exactly what you’ve got.

    I’m rambling but just for the record, I don’t recall ever down voting any of your posts. Some have me rolling on the floor. This is one of my favorite sites. Full of both entertainment and enlightenment.


  55. Stucky

    You are ETERNALLY funny! Most of you guys make sense and make me laugh at the same time. I am Independent this time out but find I am being swayed by potentials like Ben Carson. I voted for Romney last round and the one before Obummer, because of a speech he gave in Ohio about that hope and change crap. Since then I have lost my job, apartment, and fell off the Unemployment books just like the others before me and now am sick and stuck on the system. I am more hopeful if Ben Carson were part of any ticket because I feel I would still at least have a chance of getting back off of the system by improving my health. I also have a special needs child (autistic) who may always need help but I feel that the current people in charge caused much undue hardship. That and Benghazi make me say HELL NO to KILLERY or Nancy KILL-ALL-SEE or any Democrat this time. I am even afraid that if I post this somehow I will be punished but it needs to be said!

  56. i don’t vote for niggers, muslims, fags, atheists, jews, baptists, communists. since i’m white christian, only for white christians.

  57. i would eat shit and die before i vote for another nigger again.ben carson sucks like omoron, total worthless nigger and it’s time for donald trump to go to white house

  58. hey fucky stucky, kiss my white ass and you can go and live with those stupid niggers so fuck off and don’t tell us your stupid opninions! it’s donald trump hands down and don’t reply back to me for i will delete it without reading it you fucking nigger loving moron!

  59. No…. I’m a minority and we’ve has seen Obama screw the country and most of all where there are minorities running cities and towns they are just low-income violent places to live. Carson and Obama should have spent time fixing places like Baltimore, South Chicago and Detroit just to name a few. If you can fix it for your own people how in the heck can you effectively run the country? People don’t fall for it again!

  60. to all, last night liberal communist debate in sin city was the funniest since saturday night live and hearing killary lie so much i almost peed in my pants

  61. Flash Without a doubt they are all CIA recruits-losers.Eric Holder had all charges dropped after armed takeover,was their also hostages?How does loser go on to be Att Gen?What happens to useful idiots when they are no longer useful?KGB agent on youtube explains Russian m o


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