2 thoughts on “WILL HISTORY RHYME?”

  1. Do the Feds control the price of Gold? The answer to that is yes. If you have the ability to create Money out of thin air you possess the power to manipulate ANY market. Markets will Not move unrestrained until Fed’s ability to intervene is halted. Looking at a historical chart of Gold and hypothesizing a future move is equal to admitting you have inside information to the Feds most top level meetings. Short of having that inside information speculating on Golds future price is an exercise in futility.

    When the Fed loses control this house of cards will fall to the ground. Total chaos will follow, millions of Americans without the ability to feed themselves will be roaming the streets desperately searching for food. The price of a human life will equal a single slice of white bread. When this show starts the price of gold will matter little, the preps and plans you’ve made to disappear for a year will be all that matters.

    Now if someone wants to speculate on the price of gold one year after the crash, I’am all ears. But are you going to get through that first year?


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