22 thoughts on “WEST PHILLY 3RD GRADE DANCE”

  1. WTF happened to it? Blacks used to be so family oriented fifty years ago. They had strong churches and the generated great artists that were pathbreaking in all genres.

    I blame rap. That shit has been around for 40 years now and it sucks today just as much as it did then. The only rap I ever enjoyed was Two Live Jews and they weren’t even black.

  2. Maybe the ‘culture’ you despise is really ghetto culture which is no culture at all. I got a little alarmed to find the numbers of black people now making their home up in the valley. What can we do? This being Southern California, no neighborhood remains white or black or hispanic for long.

  3. When black culture was inspiring:


    Besides, I can think of two female singers that everybody loved regardless of whether you liked their music and one of them was Marilyn McCoo (the other was Carole King).

  4. Disco = white people’s rap. Thank Ahura Mazda it didn’t last a decade. Imagine our current state of affairs + disco…Admin putting up videos of which disco band did it better. I’d probably have offed myself years ago.

  5. What happened to black culture?As a kid in the 60s the blacks in our town had solid families and from what I remember most of the men worked and were involved in the local church.I think it all started down hill with the WAR ON POVERTY and welfare.Then in the 70s I began to see young black girls pregnant at our school and dropping out .Then add drugs ,crime and white liberal guilt.Now add 50 years of all this together and you have got a depraved ghetto culture that is now the predominant black culture.
    I said on another post that I went back to my hometown recently.The neighborhoods that the blacks lived in are still there but most of the houses are now owned by Mexicans.

  6. “What happened to black culture?…… I think it all started down hill with the WAR ON POVERTY and welfare.”

    Bingo. +10. And you people jump on bb’s ass all the time. Yeah, I know. “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

  7. Just a few years before Hitler rose to power, Berlin was the depraved sex capital of the world, offering a range of commercial sex never, and I mean never, exceeded before or since. This was a major factor, among many, in making the Germans morally revolted at what their country had become and subsequently endorsing a scary group of loud, thuggish and often stupid people who promised to bring back morality. Watch today’s basest appeals to southern conservatives and tell me you don’t see an echo.

  8. Now they run the streets in mobs doing as they please. And no one is even trying to stop it. Wait until the dollar falls. Get out of the cities while you can.

  9. Looks like the fucking monkey cage at the zoo… every one of them, humping something or jerking off… all that’s missing is a tire swing and a couple of them screeching and flinging handfuls of shit..

    Just saw a commercial for some black competition or other… black female ‘cheerleaders’ or some shit.. these females looked to be somewhere between 8 and 13 years old… maybe 14. The only thing missing was a pole for them to gyrate around… fucking disgusting. And while they’re gyrating or whatever, the “parents” are cheering their fat asses off…

    Tha fuck is WRONG with these people?? And I use the term “people” lightly.

  10. Pensn…..As I recall from reading just a little of Germany history it was mainly Jews that did that and it was one of the reasons Hitler hated them.Who controls the sex and entertainment industry in this country? People get tied of all the vile behavior and if it happens here , they will have no one to blame but themselves .

  11. Talk to any grade school teach in mixed -race school and they will tell you how sexually aggressive the very young black males are.And there’s a reason for that.The lower the intellect the more mentally preoccupied with sex .

  12. @bb: I expect the Jews were involved in the Berlin sex trade, but it encompassed most of society (only a small fraction of which was Jewish) and was driven mostly by poverty… which was driven by WWI reparations and banking practices… and we all know who was heavily involved in banking both then and now.

  13. @flash: I think about sex all the time and standardized testing claims that I am smart… but what distinguishes me is not doing anything in public like what’s shown on the video. A lot of people have impulses. More capable and civilized people control those impulses when they are inappropriate to act upon.

  14. Well, they don’t have to work for a living, or get educated, or contribute to society; they start pumping out babies out of wedlock asap and get on welfare, the equivalent of $56,000 a year pretax. The black males impregnate obese white trash that white men won’t touch, because they’re obese pigs. But that doesn’t bother black males, they’ll fuck anything on two legs. There are more mulattoes being born than whites, and they are societally black (see Obama). They don’t have to earn their food, they got food stamps. Even the jungle bunnies in the Congo have to hunt their own food.

    These aren’t people, they’re animals. They belong in the zoo, and many end up there (prison). You can take these savages out of the jungle, but you can’t the the jungle out of the savages. Good thing they’ll outnumber whites within another generation, that way they can finish off the whites, just like they are doing in South Africa. Then, the US will be a diverse country, free of productive white people, and return to it’s jungle status. The Native Americans are 100x more civilized than these animals. Maybe they’ll kill of these savages like the white man did the buffalo.

  15. Persnickety , there are exceptions to every rule. But, maybe you’re on to something.It may not be the low intellect that’s a mark of sex obsession , but the inability to control the impulse to act .

  16. Over the centuries/millenia, in cold climates women picked the men who were smart enough to build a winter-worthy home, break enough firewood, dry enough fish, tend enough reindeer and store enough parsnips so they could survive until spring. In the tropics, there’s always bananas to eat, so they could pick the man based upon his johnson, especially since it was swinging in the sunshine.


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