This was the Savior pontificating yesterday in Europe about American values, blah, blah, blah. Wait for the applause and accolades. SILENCE. Do you think the rest of the world realizes he is a fraud now? Do you think anyone in the world still believes this bloviating teleprompter reading windbag? The United States is an empire in decline and he is our Caligula.

Remember his speech at the Brandenburg Gate? The Germans were enthralled by our Nobel Peace Prize winning drone president. Now not so much. And we are stuck with him for almost three more years.



  1. The core values of privacy, rule of law and individual rights. WTF is he talking about. Does he really believe the US has any of those things?

  2. and the shit-stain in chief stated russia was a “regional power” and not a threat to us because the US is a global power (thanks to stucky for yesterday’s post about this)


  3. I’m pretty sure that the last “sentence” with which he ended his talk was nothing but a meandering dependent clause. I’d listen again, but then I might commit suicide, and I don’t want to do that. The Smartest Man In The Room. Who needs a verb when you have a Nobel Peace Prize?

  4. Obama is in waaaaaaaaaaay over his head.


    Where are the dumb bastards that voted for this pile of shit? Come out of hiding and defend his ass.

  5. Dull becomes hilarious… he is trying so hard and obviously to get applause, and falling so flat on his face he could be a crepe…

  6. “Whatever the origins of the events in Ukraine, the United States is now engaged in a confrontation with Russia. The Russians believe that the United States was the prime mover behind regime change in Ukraine. At the very least, the Russians intend to reverse events in Ukraine. At most, the Russians have reached the conclusion that the United States intends to undermine Russia’s power. They will resist. The United States has the option of declining confrontation, engaging in meaningless sanctions against individuals and allowing events to take their course. Alternatively, the United States can choose to engage and confront the Russians.

    A failure to engage at this point would cause countries around Russia’s periphery, from Estonia to Azerbaijan, to conclude that with the United States withdrawn and Europe fragmented, they must reach an accommodation with Russia. This will expand Russian power and open the door to Russian influence spreading on the European Peninsula itself. The United States has fought three wars (World War I, World War II and the Cold War) to prevent hegemonic domination of the region. Failure to engage would be a reversal of a century-old strategy.”

    George Friedman

  7. . “Failure to engage would be a reversal of a century-old strategy.”

    Good. Maybe we can have the America that existed prior to WW1 back. Fuck US hegemony in Europe and fuck Europe.

  8. What Happens If A US President Stops Speaking, And Nobody Claps

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/26/2014 14:27 -0400

    … does it mean that everyone saw right through the endless bluster, hollow rhetoric and empty promises of the man tasked with reading from a teleprompter, and currently in charge of one of the world’s most totalitarian states? Because either someone is getting fired for forgetting to turn on the “applause” sign, or Europeans no longer care for the lies uttered by Obama on all topics NSA-related (and all other topics too). One wonders: how long until the US president finally gets the same treatment in his own country?

  9. In true democratic party fashion they’ll throw obummur under the bus and trot out the next air head with buckets of propaganda designed to continue enriching politicians and the .01%

  10. Head Nigger In Charge spoke again today. Listen to the first and last thirty seconds …. wild applause and cheering.

    What changed? Well, for one thing today’s audience of around 2,000 consisted mostly of young people and students. I guess Amerika isn’t the only country with dumbfuk Millennials.


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