There was an accident on the Schuylkill Expressway this morning, so I had the pleasure of driving the 30 Blocks of Squalor for the first time in a couple months. You’ll be happy to know the snow has melted and the garbage, debris, used drug paraphernalia  and trash on the streets and sidewalks are visible again. Spring in the Squalor has arrived. The rats are squeaking instead of birds chirping. Dodging the gaping potholes along Chestnut Street kept me alert on the drive in. Who needs coffee? I only noticed five or six houses that looked like they would collapse in a stiff wind. The murals of black people doing great things still tower above the Squalor. I’m sure the bankrupt City of Philadelphia is allocating more funds to paint additional murals than allocated to filling the 10,000 potholes swallowing cars throughout the city.

As I passed the new West Philly High School, with no windows below 2nd floor level (I wonder why?), my mind was jolted by the absolutely disgusting news report I saw last night about John Bartram High School, which is located in Southwest Philly not far from the 30 Blocks of Squalor. As I watched this news report I was appalled and disgusted. I thought to myself, what kind of animal would do such a thing to another human being. Luckily, in this age of cell phone videos and youtube, we are all able to witness the utter disregard for human life exhibited by the feral animals inhabiting our inner city ghetto schools. It seems every desperately poor teenager in Philadelphia can somehow afford an iPhone and the $50 per month fee.

After watching this news report I had a number of observations and questions.


I went to high school. I have two kids in high school. What kind of hell hole requires a climate manager/conflict resolution specialist who is used to dealing with confrontations and fights between students in the halls of the school? The position sounds like a zoo keeper whose job is to keep the animals from attacking each other. This time the zookeeper was attacked by one of the wild animals.

They interviewed two teachers. The science teacher just happened to be the union rep. She matter of factly mentioned that two teachers were injured last week breaking up fights. Rather than put the blame where it belongs – the ignorant animals roaming the hallways and the parents/community that raised these derelicts – she immediately blamed the violence on underfunding. That’s a load of bullshit.

This school receives $12,000 per year to educate these students. The student to faculty ratio is 13 to 1, with 1,100 students and 85 full time union teachers. The other teacher interviewed says he feels safe in his classroom with the doors locked, but doesn’t go into the hallway. My high school had a student to faculty ratio of 25 to 1. Even today it is 17 to 1. And it was safe to walk in the hallways. It is still safe to walk in the hallways. Here is a picture of John Bartram High School, home to future prison occupants. Very inviting, don’t you think?

With a little research you can find everything you need to know about this pitiful excuse for a learning institution and the fine upstanding community surrounding this tribute to union teaching excellence.

The demographics of Bartram High School are as you would expect:

  • There are 1,100 students
  • 92% of the students are black
  • 2% of the students are white – and scared
  • 100% are in the free lunch program
  • A full 56% actually graduate

Their academic performance is astounding. Astoundingly bad. On a national basis, a 1,550 score on the SAT predicts a 65% chance that you can achieve a B minus average in college. The national average in 2013 was 1,498. The average in Pennsylvania was 1,480. Drum roll please. Only the best of the best at Bartram even take the SAT exam. Their average was 1,007. The taxpayers of PA spend $13.2 million per year on this “school” to get this result:

  • It ranks 630 out of 639 schools in PA.
  • 74% of the students scored below proficient in reading
  • 79% of the students scored below proficient in math
  • 17% of the students don’t show up on a daily basis
  • 60% of the students in the state are proficient at math versus 12% at Bartram
  • 67% of the students in the state are proficient at reading versus 17% at Bartram
  • 40% of the students in the state are proficient at science versus 1% at Bartram
  • 81% of the students in the state are proficient at writing versus 48% at Bartram

So it is beyond question that Bartram is graduating dullards onto the streets of Southwest Philly. Now for the funniest fact. With an average SAT score 35% below the minimum needed to predict a chance at success in college, 44% of the Bartram graduates enroll in college. Do you think the government student loans doled out to these fine students will get repaid? The Bartram School website actually has this as their mission:


John Bartram High School is a neighborhood school located in Southwest Philadelphia. In the 2010-11 school year, we were removed from the state list of persistently dangerous schools, a testament to the hard work of staff, parents, and students towards building a positive learning environment. We take pride in the achievements of our students and the opportunities available to them.

Do you really think more money doled out to union teachers and armed cops roaming the hallways will improve the results of this disgrace? The future inmates in this school were produced by someone and raised in the community surrounding this high school. Some the data for this neighborhood sheds more light:

  • 75% of the population is black
  • 33% of households are on SNAP
  • Median household income of $30,000 is 40% lower than the PA median
  • 35% of households are below poverty levels.
  • Only 32% of households are occupied by married couples
  • Only 50% of working age people are employed
  • Crime is rampant

Here is a list of the thriving industry in this neighborhood:

Name Count Name Count
7-Eleven 2 Foot Locker 1
AutoZone 1 H&R Block 1
Baskin-Robbins 1 Nike 3
CVS 1 Payless 1
Cricket Wireless 1 Rite Aid 1
Dunkin Donuts 2 U-Haul 1
FedEx 1


It seems those in abject poverty are able to afford Air Jordans, donuts, and cell phones. They need drugstores to get their free Obamacare drugs and a tax prep outlet to get their earned income tax credit refunds. Bartram High School and the black community in Southwest Philly responsible for raising the children have failed. They can’t blame anyone but themselves. This is not due to insufficient funding. This is due to insufficient parenting, personal responsibility and accountability. Black men impregnating black women and not taking responsibility for raising their children is the single biggest factor in feral animals roaming the hallways of Bartram high school assaulting teachers and other students. White liberal guilt will not fix this. Money won’t fix it. The black community has to take responsibility for raising their children like human beings. Is that racist?


  1. +1,000.

    My down-and-dirty analysis of any neighborhood (or country, for that matter) is to look at whether there’s little trash all over. My alternator went out last week in part of Minneapolis’ squalor. Thankfully it was at 10 AM. I called a buddy to give me a lift and waited outside of what must be the filthiest Super America in all of super America. Chicken bones and garbage everywhere. And it’s no better in front of houses in the ‘hood. If people don’t have enough self-respect to not throw garbage in front of their own house they cannot be helped. It isn’t like whitey drives in from the good neighborhood just to throw garbage around. It’s like someone shitting their pants on purpose and then walking around that way. Literal animals.

  2. Admin,

    Repeat after me: it’s someone else’s fault. It always is.

    Look at our Dear Overlord. Nothing is his fault. It’s Bush’s fault. It’s the Republicans. It’s the weather. And those greedy capitalists are thwarting his every move!

    Now, if President Teleprompter is immune from blame, how can we possibly point the finger at SNAP whores and their neglected offspring?

    It’s nothing another tax hike or some money-printing can’t solve. Would our leaders steer us wrong?

  3. Thanks Admin.

    What on earth are we doing? Why are we attempting to educate the ineducable? What a waste of resources. What a waste of time.

    Those thugs are the next wave of poverty prince and princesses.

    We are doomed.

  4. I just made a comment on the Philly dance about black culture.The blacks I remember in my hometown in the 60s took care of their homes ,most of the men worked and attended church .As s white kid I was never afraid to go into the black part town and I never remember seeing pregnant black girls.It was in the 70s that I started to see some of the problems affecting the black community.Now it’s like a depraved , vile ,drug infested ,crime ridden voodoo culture has become the predominant culture. The black community I knew as a kid is gone and with 75% of black children born out of wedlock it’s only going to.get worse.

  5. This is going to sound terrible but abortion has kept the black population at the same levels.I read recently where black women make up over a third of all abortions going back to 1973 and this is according to P P hood.

  6. Dang, sometimes bb makes me wonder if we really are the same person. I am sure he was describing my neighborhood. Blacks went ape shit after MLK got shot. Things crumbled after that. But before then, we were the poor, they were middle-class homeowners.

  7. I hate to say it but things are not going to change until stupid people are allowed to starve to death on our streets. Seriously, no one is going to bother to lift a finger to help themselves unless we cut off all aid to these people. It will also force the government to try something other than robbing from the productive class so as to redistribute wealth to those that produce nothing.

  8. bb, in the book Freakonomics, the decline in violent crime rates in the 80’s and 90’s was linked to the legalization of abortion in the 60’s since the majority of abortions occurred with single black females.

  9. I came from a rural white area, one of the poorest counties in Kansas actually, a state not known for its academic prowess.

    Our school was drastically underfunded, and we had a student to teacher ratio of 15:1.

    Despite all that, teachers broke up maybe two fights a year, and those fights ended when the teachers got there, they were off limits. Students did not attack teachers.

    Oh, its not that we couldn’t, we are a farming community. If we wanted to hurt a teacher we could.

    But the community wouldn’t stand for it. The teachers wouldn’t, the students wouldn’t and the town itself sure as hell wouldn’t. The last time a student raised a hand at a teacher one of the students in the crowd threw him down some stairs.

    As the Admin has pointed out so many times – its a cultural difference. We were raised in a completely different environment than these kids.

    Respect your elders. Be polite. Be responsible. Work hard. Play harder.

    The list is far longer, but you get the idea.

    PS: Perhaps I’m being unfair, but our fights were more like two bulls in rut, fighting to let out aggression. Their fighting is predatory.

    1. You probably think my comment about rats was a joke.

      I was in a budget meeting yesterday with our Executive Education folks. They run a 150,000 sq foot conference center on campus with hotel rooms, dining and classrooms. The university is going to undertake three construction projects adjacent to our building over the summer. The conference center manager needs to increase her pest control budget because she knows from past experience that construction projects irritate the rats and they will be swarming towards our building to get away from the construction. I love working in this filthy disgusting rat infested city, run by liberal tax and spend union loving Democrats.

  10. Admin, I’am sure the University of Arkansas would hire a smart guy like you, shoot them your CV.
    You’d make a fine Arkansan, sorry, but the Insight would have to go. One of these would be required—->

  11. I continue to be baffled and dismayed by “conservatives” who decry the rate at which the more challenged segments of the population are multiplying, but don’t want their taxes paying for contraception, sterilization, or abortion.

    May I ask just what the hell you are thinking?

    What would you rather pay for, $200 a month for contraception, $600 for a first trimester termination, $2500 for a tubal ligation that takes care of the issue forever…… or untold billions to maintain millions of morons on welfare and pay for their litters of 5, 6, or more mutts, and then pay at least $40,000 a year to incarcerate said mutts while paying for MORE dumb babies who will grow up to be cretins… and on and on.

    Sterilization is the best solution and you don’t even have to use force. Reward them for using birth control and sterilization, and make using contraception a condition of collecting welfare. Starting at age 11, every female collecting welfare and/or SNAP, Section 8, or Medicaid, should be required to get an implant, or prove that she has been sterilized. And women who go for sterilization should not only get the procedure done pro bono, but should get a reward like an i-phone or 30″ flat screen, or new winter coat and boots. The upfront cost of doing this last would be about $3000 per woman, to save at least $1,000,000 per unborn child, not including the potential costs to future crime victims who would be able to walk the streets a little more safely.

  12. Univ. of Arkansas has the most annoying fans in teh south. Even worse than Sakerlina. What both have in common is that they harbor passionately the delusion that anyone outside of Arkansas or Sakerlina gives a fuck about them.

  13. Z, I don’t watch sports so I have no idea what you’re talking about. I could careless who’s née-grow can run faster or jump higher.

  14. chicago999444 says: I continue to be baffled and dismayed by “conservatives” who decry the rate at which the more challenged segments of the population are multiplying, but don’t want their taxes paying for contraception, sterilization, or abortion.

    You are sooooooooooo right, mandatory sterilization should be common practice.

  15. sensetti, you don’t even have to make the sterilization mandatory.

    Just make it available, for free. Right now, you cannot get a purely “elective” ligation while on welfare, only one justified by your medical condition, and if you have already had kids. Hell, Texas has a law that says a woman can’t be sterilized unless she has had at least 3 kids (or is it 5?) How fucking DARE the state tell me I can’t be sterilized if I want to be? Does the state feel like paying for my kids? Do the “conservatives”?

    Again, make them get the implants when they are 12 and older, on the offhand chance that they may “graduate” from welfare and become productive citizens. I know of two fine black women who did manage to do this- they were born to welfare families and one had a child while young, but had no more. They’re both smart and willing to learn, and they learned better. Now they’re married with nice kids and decent jobs.

    Make them use the contraception as long as they’re on the dole, then offer them sterilization as soon as they’re of age. And change the laws to permit any woman who wants a sterilization to be able to get it. If she doesn’t want kids, I don’t want her having them.

  16. chicago999444 says: Great ideas, very well stated.

    I would even go as far as paying Welfare Moms to get their tubes tied. Pay for the procedure and then write them a one time check for 2K.

  17. They need to close these worthless, expensive schools down, and fire all the worthless union drone teachers. They have failed utterly, both the school and the teachers. If the animals don’t want to learn, don’t make them; what a pointless exercise. All the black yuffs care about is smoking dope, slinging dope, drinking 40’s and hangin out on the street corner (and slaughtering whites). Why piss away money, fuck ’em. How long is our society going to put with these animals? We’ll find out I suppose, as whites will soon be in the minority, and these animals will have free run of the country. They are breeding exponentially, like rats, and many blacks are impregnating white women, creating mulattoes, which are really blacks. The white race will be wiped out in a minority tsunami that’s supported and paid for by the government, vis-a-vis welfare, SNAP and Medicaid. History will wonder why we allowed this insanity.

  18. Chicago999444 makes an excellent point. And for those who don’t know, “Planned Parenthood” was originally started as a sort of eugenics organization. I believe the focus was on “negros and imbeciles” or something comparable PC today. Makes it HUGELY ironic which party with what voting base supports Planned Parenthood and its overt goals today.

  19. @Balzytch: I agree with your characterization of the present, but not of the future. Picture a giant coiled spring pulled further and further until something lets loose…

  20. overthecliff, you are wrong about Planned Parenthood.

    That organization helped me find a cheap sterilization back in the day, and helps many women today to get cheap and pro bono sterilizations, while it also provides cheap birth control.

    In my view, that organization has done nothing but good, and for NO profit.

  21. Public school employees get exactly what they deserve.You cultivate undisciplined ( albeit diverse) shit and shit you get. I hope to see more and more of these mewling idiots knocked out in the future.
    Maybe if enough concussions are distributed amongst the liberal fools they might wake up and start questioning why their is no discipline (i.e. corporal punishment or permanent expulsion) allowed in the public school system.
    The kids who want to learn suffer to to the PC tolerance demanded by a thug culture.

    You can’t educate silly liberal bitches , either.And silliness itself wouldn’t be such a bane to a polite and civilized , if it weren’t allowed a vote….maybe a talk show on which to bloviate and emote, but never a vote.

    White Teachers Thought They Were the Solution
    March 25, 2014 by Colin Flaherty 125 Comments

    Print This Post Print This Post

    George Mason UniversityNobody works harder or spends more money to elect liberals than teachers and their labor unions.

    But these same elected officials are now asking the one question that teachers never thought they would hear: “Why are you so racist?”

    The question was posed last week following a Department of Education study about the educational and disciplinary differences between white and black students. “This critical report shows that racial disparities in school discipline policies are not only well-documented among older students, but actually begin during preschool,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “This Administration is moving aggressively to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline in order to ensure that all of our young people have equal educational opportunities.”

    The Department of Education has held since 2009 that any disparity in discipline or education achievement between white and black students is the result of racial discrimination. The President often refers to this racial disparity.

    But here’s the catch: Most teachers are white, female, liberal and supporters of President Obama. They thought they were the solution. Turns out they were the problem.

    Glenn Singleton is one of the people in charge of solving the problem of racial disparity. In hundreds of school districts around the country, his company has been hired to show this cohort of young, white, liberal and female teachers how they are racist; how their racism is responsible for the achievement gap; and how they have to admit their own racism in a series of “Courageous Conversations” if they ever want to be successful educating black students.

    Or if they want to keep their jobs.

    It’s funny how the Teachers Unions can get together and strike over pay and benefits , but as a group haven’t a damn thing to say about how the lack of discipline among the “vibrant youts” has not only detrimentally affected their job performance and the learning opportunities of those student who came to school to learn. One solution of keeping the thugs out of school would be for the government to stop requiring by law they attend. This would go a long way in culling a large group not willing to learn.

    [from a teacher] who recently decided to call it quits:

    I am a white teacher working in an almost exclusively black middle school. In May of 2012, I left my classroom in an ambulance after two fighting students ran around the room at full speed and plowed into me, knocking me to the ground.

    I sustained permanent back injuries and had a knee operation. This year, instead of remedial reading classes (I am a reading teacher), I was assigned full classes. From mid-September, I have been subjected to almost daily race baiting, racial and sexual taunts, threats, and attacks.

    Students chase me and each other around the room with table legs, threaten to kill my “three ugly little niggers,” follow me to my car in groups shouting racial epithets and “get in a white school, bitch.” Requests to sit in a seat are met with, “Oh, it’s cause I’m black” or “Why you hate black people?” I often hear, “Imma gonna slap this white bitch”, etc.

    On Oct 30, a 7th grade girl with a history of incidents against me had just returned from suspension (she had sprayed me in the face with perfume after telling me that I “smell like old white pussy”) and got angry when I changed her seat.

    She said, “Oh, this damn bitch is all up in my face startin’ her shit. Imma gonna kick her fuckin’ white ass”. She then got up and gave a long racially charged diatribe about how she “can do whatever I want to the white bitch and the school can’t do nothin’. It’s just a damn school and I’m about to kick this bitch’s white ass ‘cuz I am DONE with the damn bitch”.

    She ended her rant by shoving past me and shoving me to the floor.

    Incidents such as these are written off as “poor instruction” or “poor planning”. When I discussed this situation with my (Black) principal, she said, “I doubt they even know you are white”. She also said, “I have to wonder of you are able to really ENGAGE the young people – to they LIKE the work you give?” (sic)

  22. Arm the teachers and declare “open season” on the fucking niglets. If one of the little black bastards so much as touches a teacher, “choot ’em”. Might as well choot em now because we’ll just have to later when they’re bigger and really dangerous.

  23. A few years back, under our Canadian-Teacher-Michigan-Governess, she enacted a law forcing ALL five year olds to attend kindergarten (even if they are reading at a high school level, they HAVE to go to kindergarten) AND no drop-outs until age 18.

    We now have entire school BUILDINGS full of nothing but the dregs of the teachers’ unions and kids that do not want to be there.

    We jail the parents if they can’t make their 17 year old go forth and sit with little animals being “watched” by a paid-for-life union drone.

    HOW does this “help” society? We are keeping the smart down and forcing those that don’t want it to be there.

    It did help the state employees as hundreds of new monitors and courts have to be installed to enforce this law.

    Spending trillions to fail. What a great system.

    Quick, name ONE gubment program/mandate that is actually good for the citizens, our future, or our children.

  24. Famous Bartram High graduates:

    Wilson Goode—Former Mayor of Philadelphia
    DJ Jazzy Jeff—Musician
    Earl Monroe—Basketball player
    Erik Williams—Football player
    Danny & the Juniors–Musical group
    Irvin “Bo” Roberson, Football player, Track
    Joe Bryant– Basketball player 76’ers

  25. these retarded guerillas are the same pawns we are going to use in the front line for the next Revolutionary War. who do u think is going to revolt first and start the uprising when the welfare check doesn’t come through?

    That’s right. The blacks.

    Truth is, we need them.

  26. @TE – “We are keeping the smart down and forcing those that don’t want it to be there.”

    I used to beg my mother and principal to sign off on graduating me early. Straight up beg. Those last two years of high school crushed my will to learn at all. By the time I was finally allowed to enter college, I was a burn out.

    I struggled throughout college as a result, hating every second of it, and only continued on out of sunk cost fallacy.

    Public school is where curiosity goes to die.

  27. “Public school is where curiosity goes to die.” ——— TPC

    VERY nice. And it usually happens earlier than high school for most.

  28. chicago999444 says:

    “Reward them for using birth control and sterilization, and make using contraception a condition of collecting welfare. Starting at age 11, every female collecting welfare and/or SNAP, Section 8, or Medicaid, should be required to get an implant, or prove that she has been sterilized. And women who go for sterilization should not only get the procedure done pro bono, but should get a reward like an i-phone or 30″ flat screen, or new winter coat and boots.”

    Chi-town’s cash for zygotes plan sounds a bit like Carter’s cash giveaway. I can hear the white folks complaining already: rewards for being black or brown. Were it not for the falling birth rate, it would not be a bad idea to remove the cash incentive and start criminalizing bastardy.

    Admin suggested prison, what a softie. Of course, my idea is equally modest: hang the fuckers, mom and dad just to make sure. The kid is going to end up in the social welfare system in any case and it isn’t his fault he was conceived so why make him pay the price? What is so fair about killing a kid but letting the procreators live?

  29. Cash for gonads, collect both sets, girl and her boo. Or make them carry liability insurance in case of a seminal spill.

  30. Stucky says:

    “A Nigger sings about Niggers”

    Bitch IS a got damn lie, that Barbie figure is not black, unless that is a dude.

  31. Amazing how folks take a simple problem and create massive, hard to implement solutions.

    Just start injecting chickens and watermelon with dissolved contraceptive pills.

    Problem solved.

  32. I’d love for our tax money to be given away as a 1 time payment of $3,000 to any man who wants a free vasectomy, $5,000 to any woman who wants a free tubal ligation. Abortion is just distasteful, and as they say – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Many of the deadbeat sperm donors will impregnate an entire herd of sows. 1 kid each by 5 or 6 different baby mamas, maybe 2 kids each by a couple more of their “favorite” baby mamas. The mamas can’t collect child support, because even if the deadbeat is “responsible” and works some minimum wage job, he is on the hook for maybe $25/month per kid. All the kids get Medicaid, free school breakfast and lunch, SNAP, HUD vouchers, etc. The mamas figure they will make a career of it and have 4-5 kids by 3-4 different deadbeat baby daddies. It’s a big breeding racket. Used to be in the horrid days of slavery that white folk bred litters of black folk for the free manual labor and profit. Seems now white liberals breed litters of black folk for in-utero culling, or a lifetime financial loss through the welfare and prison systems. Also, 2 generations into liberal public school sex education and giving away free condoms and birth control pills to children in the schools, and these breeders still dont know how to use a condom or take a pill, or even read and write for that matter. I don’t get it. Will the progressive fascists ever admit failure? It’s fucked up bullshit.

  33. As long as we are passing the joint around: it may be too late to collect mountain oysters but how about in the delivery room? Just the way they do at the pound right before you take delivery of your new pet. Here’s your new bundle of joy, Dawg.

  34. The color of crime is black.

    3/26/14, 17:27

    LITTLE ROCK, AR – For the fourth time this week, police have been called to a bank robbery in the capital city.

    The latest holdup happened around 5 p.m. today at the Simmons Bank (formerly known as the Metropolitan Bank) on Kavanaugh Boulevard.

    Police describe the suspect as a black man in his 40’s who was dressed in all blue clothing.

    They say he walked into the bank with a note demanding money and left with an undisclosed amount of cash.

    Police describe the suspect as black man 45-50 years old, 6’2″ and 180 pounds.

    Police also say he is wearing a black and blue North Face Jacket, grey cargo pants and blue and yellow running shoes, and also wearing a tan hat.

  35. “Black men impregnating black women and not taking responsibility for raising their children ”

    The sheer stupidity of this statement is mind-boggling. Check some numbers, dude.

    It is the WOMEN who are making the choice to turn sperm into children, it is the WOMEN who are destroying their families (if they ever had one) and it is the feminazi STATE which is providing the means and incentive for them to do so through the family ‘justice’ system.

    The feminists are clearly winning when men blame other men for the choices WOMEN make. So keep right on blaming the men, even as you are oblivious to the same destruction being visited on the rest of the population.

    Women can choose birth control, morning-after pill, abortion, adoption and even child abandonment if they don’t want to be a parent. ABSTINENCE isn’t even on the list, but it’s the only choice men get.

    1. The sheer stupidity of the idiots I allow to post on this site is truly mind boggling. Visit West Philly you fucking moron.

  36. ahhhh…’ newz on vibrant youts’ just out fer’ a good time….showin’ some love.

    WDRB – It was around 8 p.m. Saturday when Viola Loeffler says she and her family were attacked at the intersection at First and Liberty.

    “Right before we got to the stoplight, we noticed about 50 to 100 teens coming to the middle of the street. It was a one-way street so we couldn’t go any further. All of a sudden, one of them throws a garbage can on our car,” said Loeffler.

    Loeffler says after that, the situation quickly escalated.

    Her boyfriend, Ron Carter, was in the driver’s seat and stopped the car to see what was going on.

    They say when he got out, the teens moved in on him.

    “All of a sudden, I’m getting attacked,” Carter told WDRB.

    Meanwhile, Loeffler and her five children were still inside the car.

    “At that point , I jump in the driver’s seat. I hear them throwing rocks at my car. The rocks were hitting the kids inside of the car,” said Loeffler.

    “Survival mode, and I tried to analyze the situation as quick as possible and figure out the safest way to get everyone safe,” said Carter.

    Loeffler says she couldn’t speed away because they were surrounded by the group of teens and she didn’t want to run them over.

    That’s when she says one of them attacked her.

    “The boy comes out of nowhere, punches me in my eye, knocks me out. I had blood coming from everywhere. I was just freaking out. It did hurt, really bad. It scared me,” Loeffler said.

    She says the next moments were a blur but somehow, Loeffler, Carter and all five kids made their way to Bader’s Food Mart and were able to get to safety until police got there.

    “All I kept thinking about was the kids,” she said.

    Loeffler says her children, all under the age of 12, witnessed everything.

    “One of my kids, she needs counseling. She’s been having nightmares these past few days, waking up shaking and crying. There needs to be better guidance for these kids around here. I’m very glad that we’re alive,” Loeffler told WDRB.tumblr_n321phICYW1r7p8tto1_400.png

  37. You can educate feral animals, just not black yuffs

    You can teach dogs to do tricks, but not black yuffs
    You can Apes to communicate, but not black yuffs
    You can teach birds to talk, but not black yuffs

    They learn everything they need to know (impregnate bitches, get on welfare and SNAP, sling dope)
    on the street. They can’t be taught anything else.

  38. Karalan, dear, men have another choice besides abstinence. Condoms of various types have been used/available for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Only whiny little whores refuse to protect themselves and have unprotected sex with anyone you aren’t totally devoted to, and thoroughly tested. Get real. Herpes, and children, are forever but aids – and others – still kill. You are a keeper.

    @TPC, pot explaining to the kettle, sweetie! Thanks to pregnancy (and because I chose to not protect myself, as did my partner, keep in mind we were young and this was pre-Aids), severe nausea, a lax school administration, I never returned after 9th grade. Irony was that in sixth grade I was tested multiple times and the firms strongly suggested that I be placed 2-3 grades ahead, immediately. Instead the decidedly C-average thinker union principal and my “we defer to anyone that is a declared expert” parents shortsightedly refused to listen. Had I been placed ahead, I would have been challenged enough to keep me out of trouble – well that and trying to impress my older classmates. Instead I impressed the same aged people – and older – with my wit and partying skills. Oops. My whole experience after dropping out is a lesson in government ineptness and futility.

    Curiosity does go to public school (and others) to die. Totally love that.

  39. TE
    Condoms were invented by ancient mooslims by using the lower intestine of sheep.
    Hundreds of years later the British greatly improved on the idea by removing the intestine first.

  40. Smokey would have had a field day with this post. Billy is the modern-day Smokey, and pretty hilarious most of the time.

  41. “we need more funding” – “We are understaffed”

    My god, the stupidity of it all. This kind of problem cannot be solved with more money and / or more man power. This story is just another example of societal rot / decay.

  42. Stucky says:

    “I think a lot of us are trying to out-Billy Billy.”

    The guy who wrote Rambo was a mild looking dude. Regardless of the race, sometimes you get to thinking enough is enough, we never went on an impregnating spree. This stuff is going on in all groups, thanks to the mind-numbing effect of TV and rap music.

  43. Oh, you can educate feral blacks. Bring back slavery, the Klan, nooses, and whips. These things’ll put them back in their place. Since blacks wanna cry and blame racism and slavery for all of their problems then bring back a form of slavery. It’ll probably make them realize that they are responsible for their own actions and behavior.

  44. Do you really wanna know who’s been black people’s slave masters? It’s the black pimps, drug (especially crack) dealers, corrupt black preachers, and cops. They blame whites and racism to cover up their own dirt within the black race.


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