The following chart shows the total food stamp participants divided by the total manufacturing employees, construction employees, agriculture employees, and information services employees. Essentially it is measuring citizens working in product producing industries versus “eaters” over time.

In 1969 there were 10 productive middle class tax paying workers for every eater.

During the deep 1981 recession there were 10 productive middle class tax paying workers for every 8 eaters.

During the early 1990s recession there were 10 productive middle class tax paying workers for every 10 eaters.

During the 2001 recession there were 10 productive middle class tax paying workers for every 6 eaters.

At the depths of the 2009 financial crisis recession there were 10 productive middle class tax paying workers for every 15 eaters.

After the five year Obama “economic recovery” there are 10 productive middle class tax paying workers for every 21 eaters.

How long can an economy be sustained when there are two non-producing, non-tax paying eaters for every productive worker paying taxes?

It looks like we’re going to find out.

Hat tip Illusion of Prosperity



  1. Some of the “eaters” are low income workers, so what the chart also depicts is the gradual impoverishment of the average american.

    At some point, the military industrial complex is going to start taxing in some form or another, friendly nations for the security benefits they derive from it (hello Japan and Taiwan) because the US economy will not alone be large enough to support it. This is my prediction for today. Save it so that I may gloat when it becomes reality.

  2. It’s called the inverted pyramid.

    They probably don’t count all the students that get free breakfast, lunch, and now dinner at school.

  3. The Chicago PMI missed by a country mile this morning, but that is so real economy that it hardly mattered.

    Last night on one of America’s most watched evening news programs, 60 Minutes, they said ‘the stock market is rigged,’ with enough examples and details that even an average American might understand it. But that hardly mattered because everyone knows, and doesn’t care.

    The VIX fell back to more comfortable level, as the latest adventure in foreign nation building does not seem to have triggered a major regional conflict. Meanwhile the infrastructure at home continues to crumble and rust.

    Old Yellen came out today and said that the labor market is struggling, and that more stimulus will be required, despite all the meretricious talk about the great American recovery. But that hardly mattered because things are important, but people aren’t.

    The know-nothings continued their crusade against the weak, the different, the elderly, and the victims in a society gone mad, who they liken to vermin and parasites.

    And the plutocracy continued to rob the public blind, while they are admired for their stature, strength, and daring, and held up as role models by a fawning corporate media. And the intellectuals and thought leaders are silent.

    And so the quarter ended, with an air of pride in the exceptionalism of the Pax Americana.


  4. The White house response

    Umm, yeah, well you know eaters could use fuel driving to work, which ah, could cause your premiums for heath care to increase, ah more than, ah the snap program, and well ahh, and climate change should bring more in jobs, ah yeah, period, and ah $2500.00 savings for people without ah jobs?, yeah, umm will bring down the deficit, yeah, you know, and on giving Europe fuel if they sanction Russia, well, that could cause a nuke in Manhattan ahh, um, could cause Climate change or a Warming, which ah, um giving Europe fuel would do to, because they would burn it, ah you know CO2 , yeah. I birdied 14 yesterday.

  5. How soon before personal wealth is confiscated at the barrel of a gun?
    I suppose the way the law is written, or perhaps by a new executive order, you could be considered a terrorist if you were to refuse to turn over any and all personal wealth in a time of national emergency, like a economic failure caused by too many eaters and not enough bakers.


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