I was watching some new sitcom last night that takes place in a NYC bar. A bunch of NYFD dudes came into the bar and women swarmed around these heroes. One of the skeptical characters in the show walked up to them and pointed out the number of fires in this country were 85% lower than 50 years ago. He told them he had likely put out as many fires as they had in the last year. They got bent out of shape by him using facts to pop their hero balloon. Later in the show he told them rain could do their job.

The episode made me curious and lo and behold checkout this chart. Thirty five years ago we needed 225,000 career fire fighters to handle 2.4 million fires. Today, with much better equipment and technology, we somehow need 340,000 career fire fighters to handle 1.37 million fires. That’s 50% more firefighters for 40% less fires. I smell something and it’s not smoke. It’s the stench of another government union scam.

The government and the firefighters’ unions know these drones sit around the firehouse 99.8% of the time collecting high pay, gold plated benefits and retirement with full pay at 50 years old. They get more false alarms than actual fire calls. There was only one way to pretend they are useful and needed. Whenever an ambulance call comes in they send a fire truck just for shits and giggles. You’ve all seen fire trucks at the scenes of minor car accidents or other medical emergencies. Whenever you see six firefighters standing around at a fender bender accident scene remember that it costs you the taxpayer approximately $3,500 every time a fire engine leaves the station.

Who could possibly question the gold plated pension of a firefighter who has never fought an actual fire? This entire country is a scam.


  1. 3/4 of the firefighters in this country are volunteers. I’ve done both, as a paid and volunteer fireman. As good as building codes get, the structures most likely to go up are – you guessed it – private dwellings. And we’ll be there to haul your unconscious, smoke-ridden ass out of Dodge, and try to save what we can of your belongings and life.

    You want to trim the fat? How bout the football coaches earning $1m or the prison psychiatrists earning $600k? Anyone who makes it 25 years in the fire service has well earned his pension… if it’s still there for him.

  2. Come to Orland Park Illinois $125,000 to sweep up after an auto accident Wait! They no longer sweep up They use the fire trucks to go grocery shopping 8 SUVs and 2 special maint trucks and they use fire trucks to pick up ice cream

  3. I notice good old Jacob didn’t address the facts.

    Are there 50% more firefighters today than there were 35 years ago, fighting 40% less fires?

    I don’t give a fuck whether they are volunteer or paid. It costs taxpayers for the equipment, the firehouses and the cost of the beer consumed on Friday nights.

    What would we do without the 2nd responders?

  4. Americans Say 75 Percent of Politicians Are Corrupted, 70 Percent Use Political Power to Hurt Enemies
    Emily Ekins|Apr. 3, 2014 9:16 am

    Americans don’t paint a pretty picture of their public servants in the new national Reason-Rupe poll. Americans tell Reason-Rupe that 75 percent of all politicians are “corrupted” by campaign donations and lobbyists. And they say 70 percent of politicians use their political power to help their friends and hurt their enemies.

    No wonder just 17 percent approve of the job Congress is doing. Or that President Obama’s approval rating is just 43 percent, with 51 percent disapproving.

    And while the Supreme Court just struck down limits on campaign contributions to federal candidates, the new Reason-Rupe poll finds Americans are actually more concerned about how elected officials misuse their power and taxpayer money once they’re in office than they are worried about campaign contributions.

    Asked, which is a “more serious” problem — “special interest groups spending private money on campaigns to elect the politicians they favor” or “elected officials enacting policies and spending taxpayer money that benefit the special interests they favor” — 63 percent of Americans said officials enacting policies and spending taxpayer money for special interests was a more serious problem.

    Similarly, Americans say they are “more bothered” by politicians abusing political power than they are by some of the personal issues most often associated with political downfalls. Seventy percent of Americans say they would be “most bothered” by a politician who used his or her political power to bully someone, while 14 percent would be most bothered by a politician using drugs, and 11 percent would be most bothered by a politician who cheated on his/her spouse.

    The Reason-Rupe national poll conducted live interviews with 1,003 Americans on mobile (503) and landline (500) phones from March 26-30, 2014. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.6 percent. Princeton Survey Research Associates International executed the nationwide Reason-Rupe survey.

    Paying NCAA Basketball Players

    With the Final Four approaching, just 42 percent of Americans say college athletes should be paid. However, when they learn the NCAA makes over $700 million a year from the television broadcast rights to the NCAA basketball tournament, 50 percent of Americans tell Reason-Rupe that college basketball players should receive a share of the television revenue. And 64 percent of Americans say college athletes should receive some of the revenue when their jerseys are sold or likenesses are used in video games or on merchandise.

    Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories

    With Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 still missing, there are no shortages of theories about what happened. Reason-Rupe finds 35 percent of Americans think a mechanical problem caused the plane to crash, 22 percent believe the pilots crashed the plane intentionally, 12 percent feel it was destroyed by terrorists, 9 percent say the plane landed safely and is in hiding, 5 percent believe the disappearance is related to supernatural or alien activity, and 3 percent think it was shot down by a foreign government.

    Trusting the IRS, NSA and Facebook

    The NSA topped Facebook when Americans were asked who is most likely to violate their privacy. Thirty-six percent of Americans said the NSA was most likely to violate their trust, 26 percent said Facebook, 18 percent said the IRS and 12 percent said Google.

    But when it comes to whom the public would trust the most with their personal information, 35 percent said the Internal Revenue Service, 18 percent said the NSA, 10 percent said Google and just 5 percent said they trust Facebook the most with their privacy.

    Tax Returns and Government Waste

    Americans may trust the IRS more than Facebook, but with the April 15 deadline for filing federal income tax returns approaching, they’re reminded of how much money they send to the government. Asked open-ended how much of every tax dollar is wasted, the median answer was half, 50 cents.

    This time of year also reminds Americans of the overly complicated tax code. Sixty-two percent of Americans say they’d favor switching to a flat tax. When asked open-ended what they’d set the flat tax to, Americans said 15 percent (median).

    Affordable Care Act

    Fifty-three percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of the Affordable Care Act, while 36 percent have a favorable view of the law in this Reason-Rupe poll.

    Forty-three percent of Americans say they will blame the federal health care law if their health care premiums increase or their health care plan changes in the next year. Twenty-six percent say they’ll blame health insurance companies, 17 percent would blame the economy and 5 percent would blame their employers.

    Minimum Wage

    Reason-Rupe finds 67 percent of Americans favor increasing the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.

    Fifty-one percent would still support raising the minimum wage, even if they had to pay higher prices as a result. However, just 39 percent of Americans would still favor raising the minimum wage if it caused companies to lay off or hire fewer workers.

    When it comes to paying for a higher minimum wage, 38 percent say companies would raise their prices, 32 percent say companies would lay off workers, 18 percent say they’d reduce executive salaries, and 6 percent say firms would accept smaller profits.

    Forty percent of Americans say raising the minimum wage would have no impact on the number of jobs available, 38 percent say it would decrease the number of jobs, and 20 percent believe it would increase the number of jobs.

    2014 Elections

    If the 2014 elections were held today, 40 percent of Americans said they’d vote for the Democrat in the congressional district and 36 percent would vote for the Republican. When it comes to controlling Congress, 29 percent of Americans would like Democrats to take control, 24 would like Republicans to control Congress and 43 percent wish neither major party would be in control of Congress.

    Republican Party Presidential Primary

    Mike Huckabee 15%

    Paul Ryan 12%

    Rand Paul 11%

    Jeb Bush 11%

    Chris Christie 10%

    Ted Cruz 6%

    Marco Rubio 6%

    Democratic Party 2016 Presidential Primary

    Hillary Clinton 64%

    Joe Biden 11%

    Elizabeth Warren 6%

    Energy Subsidies and Keystone Pipeline

    Americans favor building the Keystone Pipeline by a 61-32 margin, Reason-Rupe finds. Fifty-eight percent of Americans support giving subsidies to wind, solar and hydrogen energy companies. Just 31 percent of Americans favor giving subsidies to oil, gas and coal companies.

    Police Conduct

    Reason-Rupe finds 78 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the police. However, with protests over police shootings in places like Albuquerque, 50 percent of Americans say police officers are not generally held accountable for misconduct, while 46 percent say police are held accountable. Sixty-six percent of blacks and 64 percent of Hispanics say the police are not held accountable for misconduct.

    Nearly nine in 10 Americans, 88 percent, believe citizens should be allowed to videotape uniformed police officers while they are making arrests or performing other parts of their jobs.

    Full Poll

    Poll results and additional Reason-Rupe poll resources are available here. This is the latest in a series of Reason-Rupe public opinion surveys dedicated to exploring what Americans really think about government and major issues. This Reason Foundation project is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation.

  5. “Reason-Rupe finds 78 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the police.” — article above

    I told you. This is a nation of dumbfuk sheep.

  6. @Admin,

    You sure have a knack for pissing me off with this stuff you post. As if I wasn’t pissed off enough already!

    How many layers are there on this shit sandwich anyway?!?!

  7. @Yep,

    Yep! Recently, a volunteer firefighter drove one of their trucks to a 3-year old’s birthday party. It was the “theme” of the party you see.

    That was surely an isolated incident don’t ya think?

    Fun and games, kids. It’s all good!

  8. Admin nails another union scam. The fireman’s union pays off the criminal politicians, that hire more firemen, increase their pensions, and let them retire at 50 just like the union drones working government jobs. Many firefighters don’t actually fight fires, as that is too dangerous and not allowed by the union. They go to fires and watch it burn, and when it’s safe enough, they actually do something. Like the cops, don’t expect them to save you when you dial 911.

  9. I’m so tired hearing about the ‘first responders’ I could puke. The entire spiel reeks of socialism.

    It’s a job fellas – that’s it.

  10. I know some first responders and some volunteer firemen – all good people who do it because they really care. Now, the union fucks who get paid for sleeping in a bed at the fire station….whose greatest bitch in life is that they shouldn’t have to all chip in to pay for the food they eat, while ‘on duty’ to rescue cats and stuck horses/cattle…..don’t even start. These assholes turn around in their private lives like all hypocritical government fucks and walk and talk a different story and pretend to life in a results oriented world. Savor the flavor you union fucks ’cause one day the check won’t clear, and nobody will care. Until then, yup – I’m jealous I guess. But I’d rather know what I know, when I know it than to one day be a grown man just waking up and crying like a little girl ’cause the parties over.

  11. I can’t imagine a worse job than having to go into a burning building to rescue someone. When that is done, it is a brave act.

    But, here’s the thing; it isn’t done that often. (see chart below). So, how come fishermen and loggers aren’t considered “heroes”??

    In Westfield, NJ fireman Roger Sawicki makes $113,026/yr. (I got it off the internet.) The goddamn city ordinance calls for; — “(a) A fire chief (b) No more than two deputy chiefs (c) No more than four captains (d) No more than nine lieutenants (e) No more than twenty-four firefighters. There are 14 fire vehicles. All this for a small town of just 30,000.

    As far as I can tell, there hasn’t been a fireman killed in the line of duty in the past 20 years. However, several have almost died due to extreme boredom, playing cards 20+ hours a week. The other 20 hours they are collecting fees for a dozen different permits required by business, or writing thousands of dollars of tickets for various “violations”. They’re like a Little Mafia.

    And they get a Gold Plated pension after 20 years. Nice gig!!

    I’m not yet at the “fuck firemen” stage. But, I sure as hell don’t consider them “heroes” either.


  12. admin,
    great job laying out the facts. here’s some more from Eric Peters in a post form last month title Hose Heroes:

    Hose Heroes?

    by eric • March 17, 2014 • 159 Comments

    Cops (enforcers of the law) are far from “heroic” . . . but what about firemen?

    Are they “heroes”?

    People are taught – pressured – to regard them as such. It has become an almost religious fetish – very much like cop worship. But the image and the reality are two very different things – in both cases.

    Like cops, firemen rely on force. And when someone can legally use force to get their way, they tend to become arrogant, entitled and increasingly contemptuous of those whom they “serve.”

    Does this sound, er . . . familiar?

    You are probably forced to pay for fire “services” in your community. Just as you are forced to “help” pay for law enforcement, even if you yourself feel no need for either service and would rather opt-out, if that choice were available to you. But of course, you have no such choice. And because you (and others) are forced to pay, there is no check on what is spent. The formerly small-scale local all-volunteer FD becomes professional – with salaried full-time firefighters who have contracts guaranteeing them large salaries and, of course, benefits. Multiple ladder trucks and other such vehicles appear – the costs shuffled onto the backs of the taxpayers in the area – who no longer have much, if any, say as regards the need for all this elaborate (and often, over-the-top) equipment. Since appearances must be maintained, all this elaborate, over-the-top equipment is often sent out en masse to cat-in-a-tree calls, with much show of emergency lights, special costumes, cones being set up and traffic stopped in its tracks.

    The FD becomes another services-at-gunpoint bureaucracy – and the primary mission of any bureaucracy is to preserve and perpetuate itself, expanding itself if possible. The fighting of fires becomes of secondary or even tertiary importance.

    Firemen do more than merely fight fires, too.

    They also write and enforce fire codes – bureaucratic edicts dictating to a private business owner how many customers he may serve in “his” (in quotes to emphasis the irony) establishment. If the owner balks, the fire hero will summon other heroes – heroes with guns – to enforce compliance. Whether a building is a “fire hazard” – as defined by a fire hero – is not the issue. The issue is whether the building is private property – and whether the fire hero – or any other hero – has any right to impose his standards on the putative owner of the private property. If it is in fact his property, isn’t it up to him to gauge risk – and assume responsibility for same? Whence – how? – did it become the prerogative of Fire Fuhrers to overlord private property?

    Firemen have also been known to prevent actual heroics. For instance, there was a case recently where a man was forcibly restrained by firemen and prevented from attempting to save his child, who was trapped inside a burning house. Ryan Miller was Tazered for “disobeying the orders of fire officials” who decided on his behalf that the life of his three-year-old stepson was not worth attempting to save. When Ryan ignored them, ” the fire chief then made the call to have Ryan handcuffed and taken to the police station” . . (see news story here).

    Whether the man’s actions put him at risk of being hurt or even killed is beside the point. No, it is precisely the point. The man’s life was his to risk for the sake of his child, if he wished to accept that risk. The firemen at the scene – whose own children were safe in their beds – understandably did not wish to risk being burned alive to save someone else’s child (which would have been heroic). But how dare they prevent – forcibly prevent – a free man (sic) from attempting to save his own child?

    Or his cat, for that matter.

    The same arrogance that characterizes cop also suffuses the mindset of Hose Heroes. They know best – and it is our duty to step out of the way, defer to them, and do as ordered.

    Or – and this is key – else.

    If these fire fuhrers restricted themselves to offering help there would be no problem. But they do not confine themselves to merely offering.

    They now insist.

    Who does that remind you of?

    And what does it tell you about the nature of their “services”?

    When you are no longer free to say, “no thanks” to any service, then it is not a service but a racket. Whether it does some good is beside the point. The essential cretinhood of mobsters like Lucky Luciano – and more recently, Pablo Escobar – is not transformed into something benevolent because they occasionally helped out a deserving neighborhood kid. Just as occasionally catching an actual criminal (someone who has harmed another human being) in no way washes away the sin of abusing people over manufacturered “crimes” such as possessing an arbitrarily illegalized substance or verboten tool (such as a “high capacity” rifle magazine). Just as occasionally putting out a fire doesn’t make amends for shuttering a business on the basis of a “code violation” and violently assaulting a man for attempting to rescue his child from a blaze.

    It all comes down to you’ve gotta have it – and do as we tell you . . . or else.

    There is no legitimate reason for community fire services to exist on other than a voluntary/free-exchange basis. Just like dairy farms or restaurants or any another other provider of an ostensibly valuable service.

    If a service is objectively valuable to people, they shouldn’t have to be forced to support it. They’ll do so freely – because it’s worth it to them. Starbucks does not need guns or threats to get people to buy Tall Bold coffees – even at $2 a pop.

    When people are forced to buy in, it’s a clue that the service is not really valuable – much less “essential” (as fire and cop shops are often characterized).

    And when people are threatened with violence without having done violence to anyone else first, then what we’re dealing with is tyrannical.

    Throw it in the Woods?

  13. Dammit …. Deaths per 100,000

    Fisherman ————– 121
    Loggers ——————102
    Pilots ——————— 57
    Farmers ——————25
    Police ———————18
    Construction ———— 15
    National Average —— 3.5
    Firefighter —————-2.5
    Cashiers ——————1.6
    Office Admin ————-0.6
    Bus and Finance staff — 0.5 (looks like our own Admin will never die on the job!)

  14. “And we’ll be there to haul your unconscious, smoke-ridden ass out of Dodge, and try to save what we can of your belongings and life.” ——- Jacob

    Nice spin. But, most firemen never save a life, just like most police never fire a gun at someone. But, we do love our myths, don’t we?

    You also don’t save belongings. What the fire and smoke don’t destroy … the WATER does! Thanks for playing.

  15. Quinn, you may be missing a subtle point in the stats. Note the use of “career” in the fireman description. I know 50 years ago the vast majority of the firefighters were all volunteer, but the unions have fought to eliminate volunteer positions and houses, because after all it hurts the union to have people willing to do their job for free. So I suspect it’s not that there’s 50% more firefighters out there, but rather 50% more getting paid to do it (and paid very well.)

  16. Obamacare Extinguishes Our Volunteer Firemen and EMS

    By Elizabeth Nelson

    Here’s one more group Obamacare can add to its list of unintended casualties: volunteer fire departments.

    Through the wonderful forethought of our brilliant Empiric leader combining Obamacare and the IRS, volunteer firefighters may now be considered “employees,” and if so, their volunteer fire departments may be forced to provide healthcare coverage, under the Obamacare law, or pay penalties that would force them to shut down.

    A local congressman wants answers on whether volunteer firefighting companies could be unintentionally swept into the national health care reform law championed by President Barack Obama.

    The International Association of Fire Chiefs has asked the Internal Revenue Service, which has partial oversight of the law, to clarify if current IRS treatment of volunteer firefighters as employees means their hose companies or towns must offer health insurance coverage or pay a penalty if they don’t.

    The organization representing the fire chiefs has been working on the issue with the IRS and White House for months.

    “It could be a huge deal,” said U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, R-11, Hazleton, who is seeking clarification from the IRS. “In Pennsylvania, 97 percent of fire departments are fully or mostly volunteer firefighters. It’s the fourth highest amount in the country.”

  17. TC Nails it.

    There were 900,000 volunteer and 225,000 career firemen in 1985 totaling 1,125,000 firemen.

    By 2010 there were 775,000 volunteer and 340,000 career firemen totaling 1,115,000 firemen.

    So there were 1% less total firefighters to fight 40% less fires, but 50% more of them getting paid to do so.

    Facts are so inconvenient to storylines.


  18. Stuck

    I got a a nasty paper cut today and thought I was going to bleed out.

    Does driving on the Schuylkill Expressway count as on the job?

  19. Everytime I see a cop screeming down the road with the sirens and light show I can’t help but wonder if he’s gotta poop. I don’t know why thats funny to me every.single.time.

  20. You’re right, it is a scam. So much of the US economy is fake. It’s a potemkin economy.

    I’m sure the unions play a big part. Ann Barnhardt wrote about the massive shadow welfare in defense [sic] spending:

    “Defense is not the only area in the economy where these massive shadow welfare paradigms exist. As Warren Pollock pointed out in one of our YouTube conversations, almost all of the so-called “compliance” positions in the financial services and banking sectors are completely unnecessary and counter-productive. It could also be argued, and argued very, very well that around 97% of the accounting industry is also a .gov shadow welfare project revolving around nothing but the payment of federal income taxes, which shouldn’t even exist in the first place. And finally, we should all understand that most of the health insurance industry is nothing but a .gov shadow welfare matrix. Health insurance should be catastrophic coverage only, and thus have an extremely small and streamlined back office labor requirement.

    Why? Why did .gov do this? Because almost all of the true manufacturing jobs in the United States have been sent overseas. We MAKE very, very little actual, physical stuff here relative to population and consumption. This economy is now almost entirely a SERVICE economy. Sixty years ago all of the people who are today working in “management” in these defense companies and the other government-created shadow welfare paradigms were working in manufacturing, some in management, and some in actual fabrication.

    The government created this shadow-welfare economy in order to replace all of the REAL manufacturing jobs that it consciously and willfully exported to China.”

    (Which is also illustrated in “Our New Economy.”)

    Don’t even get me started on the five or six bureaucrats that have been on our projects daily, watching every move our employees make, slowing production, and acting like assholes on top of it.

  21. “43 percent wish neither major party would be in control of Congress.”

    And if those dumbasses would just VOTE the way they say they feel, neither major party WOULD be.

  22. A buddy of mine is a firefighter. He happened to stop by on a day where my 4 y/o son had been caught lighting matches which prompted my buddy to give him “The Fireman Talk ” about fire safety. After the talk I commented what a great job it must be to be a fireman. He smirked and muttered something negative. When I asked “What’s up?” he explained how a regular part of his job was to perform fire inspections on local businesses which were nothing more than a shakedown using fire code violations. He described that there was an ‘informal’ quota assigned to these tours and that they weren’t about fire safety at all, but only about revenue generation. He related stories about how on several occasions, he was tearfully greeted by business owners whose business was barely clinging to life; tearfully greeted him because they knew what he was there for. He ended by telling me “I wanted to be a fireman ever since I was a kid because I wanted to help people, not shake down people for money. Sometimes I hate my job.”

  23. Capt ——– said that the major part of their job is not fighting fires; go ahead and make the call to 911 if you are feeling any chest pain, that seems to be our biggest job now.

    We’ve always known that firebug was a cushy job, why do you remember they rescue kittens out of trees? Cops are stereotypically oversexed and smoke-eaters are chick magnets. Life isn’t fair, get over it.

    Gangs of New York did not paint a very flattering picture of firemen, lucky for them, 9/11 turned them into national heroes. As the saying goes: get a good reputation and kick back. (crea fama y echate a dormir)

  24. Some FF do Ems transport as well. You will find the ratio of EMS to fire runs about 6 to 1. That still means there is a little down time during the 24 or 48 hour shift. Do you have downtime in your job? Is the hero status over blown. Yes. Are the unions corrupting the FD. Yes. Much more to the equation than just fires. Yes waste on money is rampent but it is government. It is like anything else in a jacked up society. Jacked up. There are good people doing what they can. But like most Americans. They care about pleasure more than anything. Just like the FSA. They are a refelection of the rest of us.

  25. @Drowning, he shoulda known better.

    I used to live south of the Detoilet, and worked north. I could cut about 30 minutes off my commute if I went side streets and through a couple Detoilet neighborhoods.

    Which worked great in the middle of winter, by the time the sun was warming the earth I woke up to what I was doing.

    On my last time through the neighborhood, a group of youts was standing on the curb yelling at passing motorists (5 lane road, 45 speed limit), one jumped out in front of a car. Thankfully, the car didn’t hit him.

    A couple things dawned on me as I watched the mob form. 1. The youts have NO expectation that a car is legally in the road and they are not. They will, and do, jump out in front of you. and 2. Even if you are 100% not at fault, you will still be 99% dead by the time the cops show, IF they even show.

    My commute got longer, but at least I didn’t end up being the lead on the 6 o’clock news.

  26. Careful, TheresaE. We might one day be writing such unsympathetic sentiments about Admin and his willful, joyous jaunts through “30 Block of Squalor.” Seriously though, this is precisely why he should be extremely concerned about “Driving While White” through that area and reconsider that route. One mishap and it could end in tragedy. That’s the reality of “NO GO zones.” We have enough of his brilliant observations of the grimy reality of the pathologies of Blacks married to the Welfare State though I understand the temptation to cut one’s driving time on tortuously-long commutes.

    There were other posters on “Dailycaller” who expressed similar sentiments who were from the Detroit area. And as one poster astutely put it “the moral lesson in this is that if you hit a black child, put the pedal to the metal.” Had he sensibly driven to a safe spot to call “911,” he’d be demonized as a heartless monster and have the book thrown at him.

    Naturally… no “hate crime” charges forthcoming (finally… some pics of the victim the American Jews’ News couldn’t find)


    This is NOT an isolated incident either; just Black mobs behaving as savages whenever the opportunity arises. I’ve never forgotten a story posted on “American Renaissance” years ago when a Hispanic male living in Austin was beaten to death when he came to the aid of the driver of the vehicle who’d hit an young Hispanic boy and was attacked by opportunistic Blacks returning en masse to their vehicles following a “Juneteenth celebration” which are typically accompanied by Blacks Behaving Badly. The child was not even seriously injured. To the throngs of Blacks, it was just an excuse to engage in violent behavior.

    Mob kills man after car strikes child at Texas fest

    And then of course the memorable Yankel Rosenbaum case in New York who was stabbed to death following an accidental hitting of a Black child on a bike;

    Murder Trial Begins in Crown Heights Stabbing

    The black teen-ager charged with the death of Yankel Rosenbaum killed the Hasidic scholar “in the frenzy of the moment” after getting swept up in a mob that was screaming “Kill the Jew” and seeking revenge for the death of a black Crown Heights child last summer, prosecutors said yesterday in their opening arguments.

    For those skeptics who don’t believe how extreme is the disregard for the rule-of-law (or as I like to call it “Africa in our Midst”) and the debasement of culture when Blacks rule (as in Detroit) needs to read the following skin-crawling stories picked up (Surprise! Surprise!) by the British media, confined to the local media or picked up by the alternative media concerned with the genocide of Whites:

    Hate crime double murder victims Jacob Kudla and Jourdan Bobbish

    “It’s an open and shut case. We’ve got the perpetrators, we’ve got the evidence. I just really believe they just don’t want to spend the money because Detroit is at the brink of bankruptcy” – Vergie Kudla, mother of one of the victims.

  27. @Drowning, scary stuff.

    Moving here, and working with the Detroit born and raised – albeit the slightly different ones whom actually decided to work for a living – was eye-opening.

    I was always shocked to find out that a person I thought was moral and upstanding had no problem becoming a criminal if the opportunity presented itself and they felt they wouldn’t get caught.

    No reservations whatsoever, no guilt of taking the hard work of others, nothing.

    That, more than all the other stuff I found out, killed me. 20 years later I now notice the same behavior in even the bible-toting white population.

    This entire nation, probably the entire Western World, is going to go full out war zone when the food, toys and entertainment stops.

    People, as a whole, and contrary to all our self-reported surveys, and all our demands for “justice” and harsher punishments for crimes, are no longer righteous and moral in the majority.

    Those days seem to be long gone, the occupants long dead.

    And it doesn’t matter what color the person is, where they came from, where they live, where they face to pray, or not, the entire population (with fewer exceptions by the day) will turn criminal the second they think they can get away with it. Human life is nearly worthless to most, except for their own and that is only until it is them against them.

    Right now it’s petty shit, but instead of being perpetrated by listless teens, it is their underemployed parents. Lawn mowers and other tools from open garages; electronics from cars, purses from backs of chairs and off old lady’s in parking lots. What I believe is that people that don’t hesitate to steal your tools out of your unlocked garage at some point wouldn’t hesitate to kill you to take your things if their kids are starving.

    We are just so different from the last 4th turning. So very different. We are so FUBAR.

    Those around the big shitties just more so. Good luck all

  28. Sorry… botched the 1st link

    Naturally… no “hate crime” charges forthcoming (finally… some pics of the victim the American Jews’ News couldn’t find)

    Thanks for your thoughtful feedback, TheresaE; always enjoy your erudite commentaries and always happy to see enlightened fellow-female activists on board here.




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