It seems that Ukrainian politicians use the same negotiating skills as the NYPD and NYFD use. They’re all doing it for the children. How much do you want to bet the NYPD and NYFD were getting paid overtime during their fight/hockey game?

A fist-fight erupted at Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada in Kiev Tuesday between members from the Communist party and the Svoboda All-Ukrainian Union. The fist-fight broke out after First Secretary of the Communist Party Petro Symonenko accused Ukrainian nationalists of being the cause of the current unrest in Ukraine.

During an annual charity hockey match between New York City police and firefighters in Uniondale, when both teams were tied 3-3, a large brawl broke out prompting players to clear the bench and throw punches at each other.


  1. You can bet that they were on the clock for this spectacle.

    And if any of them were injured, they’ll be collecting for that as well.

    One of my bf’s best friends ‘works’ for the FDNY. That is if you consider playing softball on the FDNY team actual working as a fireman. When he was injured in a softball game a few years ago, he was able to collect his full pay for TWO YEARS, both of which counted towards his retirement, while he recovered.


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