Real Americans Are Ready To Snap

Guest Post by Brandon Smith

Despite popular belief, every culture of every nation draws a line in the sand against government tyranny. The problem is, many draw this line so close to total defeat that it rarely matters. For the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto, for instance, it wasn’t until the Germans had already herded millions onto railroad cars destined for death camps and cornered the rest into dilapidated central housing that the ZOB resistance was formed, only to be wiped out a month later. Perhaps hindsight is 20/20, but clearly too many freedom movements throughout history waited too long to respond to the trespasses of oligarchs.

The Founding Fathers frequently struggled with the proper measure of resistance. Many colonials wanted vengeance on the British after the Boston Massacre in March of 1770, but patriots knew that the timing was not right. The battle to rally citizens to the cause and to educate the masses as much as possible on the facts took precedence over the desire to enter conflict. The Founders endured five more years of British government criminality until nearly 80 farmers and militiamen stood outnumbered on Lexington Green on April 19th, 1775 to confront an army of 700 British regulars on a mission to capture rebel leaders and destroy weapons caches. No one knew at the time that the war would be sparked that day, but everyone knew that a fight was inevitable and near.

I believe the same feeling hangs in the air of modern America for REAL Americans, and by “real”, I mean those who actually support and defend the constitutional values and principles that lay at the foundation of our society. We sense that something is coming; a great change, or an unstoppable reckoning.

The question of when to strike back is pivotal to any resistance movement. Turn to violence too soon or without proper cause in the eyes of the public, and the rebellion may lose the moral high ground and the support of the populace. Wait too long, and the totalitarian hordes may be too far entrenched, forcing the rebellion to fight from a position of strategic weakness.

There are those who might argue that America crossed the “red line” long ago and now our society is simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic while arguing over futile semantics. In certain respects, I can see their point. The U.S. political system is utterly lost. Anyone who still has faith in the Left/Right paradigm after two terms of George W. Bush and nearly two terms of Barack Obama is either insane, or mentally challenged. It should be obvious to Republicans and Democrats alike that our government does NOT represent the average man, and our election process is a sham. Democrats in particular should be equally furious and ashamed as the candidate they blindly worshiped to the point of cultism has now forsaken every value they thought he represented.

The legal apparatus of the U.S. is also beyond repair. Those in the mainstream who argue that grievances with government should be addressed by the courts instead of independent action obviously have not considered that the courts continuously uphold and defend legislation like that contained within the NDAA, which allows for rendition, torture, and even assassination of American citizens without trial or due process. And where are the prosecutions of Constitutional violations by the NSA? Why aren’t men like James Clapper in prison for lying directly to Congress. Why hasn’t Eric Holder been slapped in irons for his involvement with “Fast and Furious”? And what about the international financiers who back these politicians? How many of them have been prosecuted for their involvement in the toxic derivatives scandals that are destroying our economy to this day?

No, we lost the courts a long time ago. They will do nothing to save this country. But is the fight already over? I think not.

Nihilism is tempting for those people who are lazy and frightened and looking for a philosophical excuse to run away from making a stand. Claiming the fight is lost before it has truly begun is a longstanding tradition amongst millions upon millions of cowards through history. Every freedom fighter in every great revolution for liberty has heard the same arguments that we hear today – “It’s too late to change things. The enemy is too powerful and you will be crushed. The nail that sticks up will eventually be hammered down. Your movement is a minority on the fringe and no one will support you. None of you have the guts to really follow through…”

While there is certainly much to despair in the state of our nation, I find the notion that Americans will do nothing in response misplaced and ignorant. From what I have observed, it is not a question of “if” citizens snap, but when.

With objective eyes one could easily see it during the last attempts by the federal government to pass anti-gun legislation that would have led to confiscation. Pro-2nd Amendment protests erupted all over the country (though the MSM mostly ignored them) with participants far outnumbering the miniscule groups in support of gun control. The sentiment amongst millions of gun owners and millions of Liberty Movement proponents was that we were not going to allow government enforcement of new gun laws. Period. If that meant we had to start using those same guns to put an end to government, then that was exactly what we would do. The feds, of course, buckled.

Rather than take the more dangerous and unifying direct route of federal legislation, gun grabbers have shifted strategies, isolating and targeting specific states they believe will be more pliable and easier to conquer. Connecticut and parts of New York, however, have shown that even people in the most socialist of states have no intention of complying with gun registration or confiscation. In Connecticut, only 38,000 high capacity magazines were registered according to the new gun laws, while approximately 2.4 million purchased through retail remain unaccounted for. Only 50,000 “assault weapons” were registered, while at least 300,000 remain unaccounted for. A sizable number of police are also refusing to enforce registration measures (some out of constitutional loyalty, and some out of a desire for self preservation), causing the state of Connecticut to back off of its hard line rhetoric.

I can say with full confidence that the conditions within Connecticut alone would lead to an open shooting war if officials actually attempt to enforce registration and confiscation. If Safe Act-style legislation or executive orders are ever enforced at a national level, I have no doubt revolution would follow.

The latest hotbed I have witnessed is the Bureau of Land Management attack on a cattle farm in Clark County, Nevada owned by Cliven Bundy. The BLM has so far stolen over 500 cattle from Bundy on the grounds that the federal government owns the land his family has been using for grazing pasture for generations. The confiscation was implemented under the auspices of “protection for endangered species”. The species in this instance being a desert tortoise.

The methods used by the BLM resemble a militant raid, with hundreds of agents, helicopters, and even snipers at their disposal. Adding insult to injury and making the issue a national concern, the feds have also staged “First Amendment Zones” miles away from their activities to keep protestors out.

This may seem like a minor event, a tiff over cattle grazing or possibly property rights, but there is much more going on here.

Tyranny leaves lasting scars, and each tyrannical act results in an accumulation of wounds on the public psyche that do not heal. In the end, a single event can become a trigger to unleash a torrent of rage pent up in a population for years or decades. The fight for Cliven Bundy’s farm has the potential to become such a trigger.

So far, federal abuses have been primarily toward Bundy’s cattle, with confiscation ongoing and suspicions that a number of the cows are being killed. Here, protestors try to stop a truck from leaving the area which they believed might be carrying dead animals. Agents respond with dogs and tasers.

However, I believe that if this situation escalates into a Waco or Ruby Ridge brand of event, not only Liberty Movement residents of Nevada, but Liberty Movement champions across the nation will indeed finally throw down the gauntlet. What does that mean? It means they are going to start shooting. Opposing groups can debate whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but the reality is that one way or another, it is going to happen.

Discussions within the movement are far from apathetic. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of eyes are watching every move of the BLM right now, and they should be taking this fact very seriously.

The naysayers will claim that we don’t have the will to take action. They are welcome to think whatever they like. But mark my words, Constitutionally minded Americans are not going to stand by and watch another massacre, nor a loss of gun rights, nor will we be entertaining violations of our freedoms for much longer. This society is on the edge of something. It’s kinetic, or electric. It is not yet quite visible but it is there, reverberating in the atmosphere. My suggestion to our federal bureaucracy would be to do what they did during the gun debate, and quickly back away.

Of course, we all know they won’t.

Do the elites want to stir up insurgency in order to give pretense for a larger crackdown? They very well might. But it is transparent in the way they try to mitigate dissent and offer placation that they do not want a rebellion larger than they can manage. I think it is far too late for that. I think they’ve pissed off too many people, instead of just enough people. I think that though most pretend-Americans will do nothing but watch in horror or hide in their hovels, the size of resistance to the tides of despotism is growing far beyond common realizations. And, when this resistance erupts, it will shock even those who fully expect it.

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40 thoughts on “Real Americans Are Ready To Snap”

  1. Real Americans are already snapping. There seems to be a shooting every week now. They are misdirected and kill innocent people, but the underlying rage is the same as the rage directed at Obama and the fascists running this country. People are tired of working hard, only to have socialists steal their money at gunpoint and give it to 112 million lazy fucks who refuse to work.

    Every time you go to the store or gas station, the price of everything keeps going up. People understand the banksters and the criminals in Washington live by different laws than we do. Millions of people had perfectly good healthcare cancelled because of Obamacare, and now can’t afford new policies and have no healthcare. Meanwhile, another 16 million are getting free healthcare.

    The rage is building as people drag their tired asses to two or three jobs just to make ends meet, while the SNAP recipients are dining on crab legs and lobsters, and driving new cars. It’s going to end in revolution, or a civil war, or whatever you want to call it. The 47% getting money from the government versus the people that work and pay that money so the government can give it away. The rage is building, and it will explode one of these days. People have had enough.

  2. At 10AM this morning I drove Ms Freud to a courthouse about 10 minutes from here.

    She was counseling an individual with anger management issues — a court appointed case. The individual is a copfuk. He was accused of inappropriately brandishing a firearm. This was 18 months ago. He’s been on PAID administrative leave since. Today was a hearing to determine whether or not he should be reinstated.

    I tried my damn hardest to get Ms Freud to throw Mr. Copfuk under the bus … to say that he is still a dangerous motherfucker. She would not.

    I almost snapped.

  3. The “first amendment zones” are the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever seen. So, the fascists can cancel our Constitutional rights in designated zones, which they designate, and that’s okay as long as you can have free speech while eating at McShits? How do they think they can get away with that bullshit?

  4. Soon the white population will be in the minority and that’s when they will go for the guns.Many of these third world people will be voting for the democrats and you’ll see some of the states voting to ban guns with the promise of more free shit and security.This is one of the main reasons the elite on both sides want immigration .Use these new voters to vote against the 2 amendment.Our guns are the only thing saving us now from this government .Destroy our currency and take our weapons.Make all of us poor and without anyway to protect ourselves.Then they will be able to do anything they want including another FINAL SOLUTION .

  5. Snapping Americans are ripe for a leader who will focus their energies on peaceful but dramatic civil disobedience. Where is he or she?

  6. I remember thinking that Americans were ripe for resistance and an uprising following Bush I’s murders at Ruby Ridge and then again after Clinton’s Waco massacre. There was some grumbling and there were some militia meetings, but there was nothing. Then there was the OKC bombing and the immediate demonization of militias, gun owners, ‘anti-government extremists’, etc. There was a big anti-terrorism bill ready to be passed immediately after OKC (just like the Patriot Act after 9/11) .

    Reason and justice tell me that we are overdue, but experience tells me nothing’s going to happen just yet.

  7. Gayle, not sure if that post was tongue in cheek or serious. If serious, I just don’t see any part of that happening.

  8. “…SNAP recipients are dining on crab legs and lobsters, and driving new cars.”

    Uh, that is media sensationalism similar to Reagan saying welfare recipients were driving Cadillacs.
    A distraction & lies to get focus off the real criminals.
    They know the clock is ticking & it gives them time to arm up the DHS, FBI, etc.

  9. If you look at Orlov’s 5 stages of collapse, I think we’re working on #4, social collapse:

    Some part of the US has clearly experienced stages 1-3, while some other significant part has so far not suffered them much. I wonder if some triggering event may suddenly slam the whole US through all 5 stages in a matter of weeks.

    Anyone watching what’s happening with the USD as reserve currency? 🙂

  10. On a different note, I can’t help feeling that the US today is already in some form of the “Hunger Games” world, and is rapidly moving to an extreme, practically perfect copy of that rotten world.

  11. Gayle: with all due respect, Americans are ripe for a leader that will stomp a fucking mud hole in FedGovs ass! Obama, Holder, the Clintons, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the worthless fuckers in DC belong in chains. This event in Nevada could turn real ugly real fast. Patriots and militia from the West, Florida, Texas and other states are on the way to Nevada. Start the Second American Revolution over a turtle? I don’t think so! This is about the elites showing us who is boss, it’s about pure, unadulterated power.

  12. “…SNAP recipients are dining on crab legs and lobsters, and driving new cars.”

    “Uh, that is media sensationalism similar to Reagan saying welfare recipients were driving Cadillacs.”

    It’s the facts, Jack. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. They get about $10,000 cash on the “earned income tax credit”. I know some FSA thought bought cars and took their kids to Disney world with the money. And FSA at Sam’s club buying bags of crab legs and other gourmet items, and whipping out the SNAP card for $400. Fuck the sons of bitches.

  13. @ragman: how could someone possibly get elected within the current corrupt system, and then turn around and do any significant and positive dismantling of it?

    Best chances we’ve had were probably Ron Paul and Ross Perot, and neither one went farther than a match in a hurricane.

    Change will come, someday, but from outside the system.

  14. Even the faggotfuk teleprompter reading “reporter” on Fux Newz said this was “Orwellian”.

    I just love the way our corrupt bastard politicians slip TOTALLY UNRELATED shit into a bill.


    Nightmare: Feds seizing money from children for old debts of their parents
    Thomas Lifson

    In a case that is a perfect storm illustration of an arbitrary and incompetent federal government running roughshod over its citizens, “a single sentence tucked into the farm bill” had led to outrageous behavior. Marc Fisher of the Washington Post:

    A few weeks ago, with no notice, the U.S. government intercepted Mary Grice’s tax refunds from both the IRS and the state of Maryland. Grice had no idea that Uncle Sam had seized her money until some days later, when she got a letter saying that her refund had gone to satisfy an old debt to the government — a very old debt.

    When Grice was 4, back in 1960, her father died, leaving her mother with five children to raise. Until the kids turned 18, Sadie Grice got survivor benefits from Social Security to help feed and clothe them.

    Now, Social Security claims it overpaid someone in the Grice family — it’s not sure who — in 1977. After 37 years of silence, four years after Sadie Grice died, the government is coming after her daughter. Why the feds chose to take Mary’s money, rather than her surviving siblings’, is a mystery.

    Mary Grice is just unlucky, I guess. The feds want some money, and her name popped up, not those of her siblings. Tough luck when you get on the wrong side of the government. Her plight is not unique:

    Across the nation, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who are expecting refunds this month are instead getting letters like the one Grice got, informing them that because of a debt they never knew about — often a debt incurred by their parents — the government has confiscated their check.

    The Treasury Department has intercepted $1.9 billion in tax refunds already this year — $75 million of that on debts delinquent for more than 10 years….

    The feds are making up their own rules, and justice or personal responsibility are less important than the convenience of the bureaucrats:

    Social Security officials told Grice that six people — Grice, her four siblings and her father’s first wife, whom she never knew — had received benefits under her father’s account. The government doesn’t look into exactly who got the overpayment; the policy is to seek compensation from the oldest sibling and work down through the family until the debt is paid.

    The Federal Trade Commission, on its Web site, advises Americans that “family members typically are not obligated to pay the debts of a deceased relative from their own assets.” But Social Security officials say that if children indirectly received assistance from public dollars paid to a parent, the children’s money can be taken, no matter how long ago any overpayment occurred.

    It doesn’t even matter if the parents took the money and went on a bender, the kids are stuck with the bill, on the theory that they should have received the benefit and it would be too complicated for the bureaucrats if they had to actually, you know, prove that they had benefitted even as an infant. The most important thing, after all, is that the government get the money it wants.

    Will anyone in the GOP wake up and start a crusade against this obvious government run amok travesty? Of course, how many of them voted for the “farm bill”?

  15. From the article:
    “What does that mean? It means they are going to start shooting.”

    I like how Brandon puts this into plain English. I think this is the crux of the whole matter. At some point, someone is going to start shooting. Who will begin? Who will be the first to draw blood?

    Brandon doesn’t tip-toe around this one, that sentence is the lynch pin of the whole thing burning down.

  16. I posted this early this morning in the “$106,000” thread …. but that post is so far down I don’t think anyone is reading it.

    One thing I didn’t write was that when that case was over Ms. Freud — who rarely swears — “Turn that shit off I can’t take it anymore. I work my ass off so these fucking low-life bastards can have the easy life??!!”

    Yeah, she was genuinely HOT under the collar. Most niggers resent whites … see, ‘Knockout Game”. More and more whites are resenting niggers …. people you would NEVER even suspect. The population is quietly seething with anger and frustration to a degree I have never seen in my lifetime. I don’t know when it will blow …. but blow, it will.

    It’s because of individual stories like the one below ……. lowlife fucks who live for free, literally, and even that isn’t enough, and who not only have zero remorse but revel that they “got over” on Whitey ….. and that these stories occur over and over times a million. This won’t end well, but it will end.


    I was watching People’s Court the other day. Yeah, I like that show. It’s the real UNSCRIPTED reality show. Real people, real cases …. a slice of life, if you will …. tragic at times while at other times really quite funny. Besides, Judge Millian is a hottie for her age.

    So, here in a nutshell was one of the cases;

    PLAINTIFF: A 20-something neegrow, (hitherto, YN) fairly attractive. Has no job. Her witness was her sister – a nasty looking woman with that negroid gorilla look, (hitherto, GN). YN is a renter.

    DEFENDANT: A middle-aged divorced white woman. Breast cancer survivor. Has four active jobs. Four! Needed to pay for her medical bills, support her family, and pay the mortgage on two homes. One home is where she lives. The other home she bought to rent, not as an investment, but to help poorer people. She is very religious. She is the landlord.

    THE LAWSUT: YN is suing Defendant for about $4,000 for Loss Of Property that was stolen from the house. Claims that defendant was negligent in providing a secure place to live.


    1)- YN receives Section 8 assistance. The rent is $750. Judge Millian asks YN “How much do YOU pay out of pocket?”. Wanna guess? Go ahead …. I’m waiting …… you got your figure in mind? ……… well, do ya punk? …….. ok, here it is ……….. $2. Nope, that’s not a typo. That’s two mother fucking dollars.

    2)- The utility companies shut off the water and electricity because of several months of non-payment. YN blames the landlord.

    3)- Landlord eventually — after very long delays and numerous attempts to work something out with YN – is forced to start the eviction process.

    4)- This pisses off YN … who proceeds to slash all the screens and breaks windows. This is how robbers broke into the house. YN still blames the landlord.

    5)- Landlord goes to the rental property to survey the damage. While there, GN (Gorilla Negro) verbally abuses the landlord …. and then chases her with TWO hammers!! (There is a separate criminal case.) GN then proceeds to smash landlord’s car with the hammers. (Pictures as proof were provided.)

    6)- OK, regarding the stolen property. YN made a big deal about her 50 inch plasma flat screen TV. Other items included a laptop, iphone, and rather expensive clothing. I guess that’s possible if you don’t pay your $2 rent, or your utilities.

    7)- Defendant countersued for about $3,000 — rent, utilities, and property damages. Da Judge dismisses the Plaintiff’s case, and rules in favor of the Defendant in the countersuit …….. but not before reading the Riot Act to YN and GN.

    8) Immediately after the verdict the camera zooms in on YN & GN and this is what they say – “Ain’t no big deal. Dey ain’t getting dat money either”.

    It’s hard not to be racist in this country.

  17. OK, the situation in Nevada is interesting and has potential on many levels.

    The general feeling seems to be that the accumulation of informal Militias (Oathkeepers, etc.) will be seen as an effective show of strength, and will in effect serve to “awaken” the general population to their present predicament, with maybe beneficial effects.

    Now – consider this. By “encouraging” this show of force, TPTB are in effect concentrating known “potential troublemakers” into a nice confined zone, which just so conveniently turns out to be desert.

    A Desert area with roads, and an area which can be overflown with ease.

    “Oops – there’s been a “catastrophic” head-on road tanker / dangerous air cargo / Military “training” accident resulting in mass casualties (maybe total annihilation) of this “illegal gathering”. Isn’t it fortunate that this happened in the desert rather than a populated area!”

    Case quickly closed, MSM nil or minimal coverage (what coverage there is will put an adverse spin on the members of the “gathering” – safety issues, unsafe ammo storage, whatever), many potential (and armed) troublemakers “conveniently eliminated”, not-so-subtle message to others – “Our Way or the Unmarked Grave way”.

    Significantly less restriction on “progress as planned”, with many dissenting voices conveniently and permanently silenced.

    Would “They” do this? Before thinking “no, not ever” it might be an idea to review the strategies and tactics of such benevolent dictators as Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, and Idi Amin.

  18. Some information that I gleaned from the chat board concerning the Bundy Ranch ‘incident’ in Nevada, written by a local rancher who knows what’s going on. Good information here for your perusal.

    April 11 2014

    BLOCKBUSTER: Straight from a rancher’s mouth

    Immediate family friend of the Bundy’s tells it all in a mail sent to
    This is the jackpot of details you have never seen anywhere else, and if you did, they originated here, spread it around, ARCHIVE AND POST! (please link back to here when posting elsewhere).

    A Rancher TELLS ALL:

    B Hunt wrote:

    I live in SW Utah. I grew up on a ranch less than 100 miles from the Bundy’s ranch. My father knows Cliven Bundy. I know Cliven’s son Ryan. This is not a hoax, it is an action of force by the BLM.

    The BLM was going to sell the cattle at one of the smallest cattle markets in Utah. No cattle markets in Nevada would take the cattle without a properly signed brand inspection (which the BLM cannot obtain without Cliven Bundy’s signature). The BLM paid the owner of the Utah cattle market $300,000 to do the sale (‘R’ Livestock Connection in Monroe, Utah, owned by one Scott G. Robbins, according to the Utah Business Entity Search). Utah Governor Herbert stepped in and forbid them from bringing the cattle into Utah without the legally required health and brand inspections (which again, require Bundy’s signature) and that no feral cattle are allowed to be imported at all (per Utah statute). Because Bundy claims ownership over maybe 350-500 head of branded cattle, the other 500-700 estimated head of cattle would all be considered feral. BLM officially backed off, but we suspect they are still secretly shipping them through Utah without any permission to do so, to “private” buyers in Colorado. The contract cowboys that the BLM hired to do the roundup are from Sampson Livestock in Meadow, Utah (traitors one and all).

    From what I understand, Cliven Bundy owns both the Water Rights and Grazing Rights to all of the land where his cattle run. If Bundy failed to use them, the Grazing Rights would revert to the BLM and would be retired, while the Water Rights would revert to the State of Nevada, likely to be sold to the highest bidder (which would probably be a bidding war between mineral companies that are behind this action with the BLM and the City of Las Vegas which is thirsty for water and has had multiple attempts to buy water–through eminent domain from Utah farmers and ranchers–from Utah, which were all blocked by the Utah Legislature and Utah Governor Herbert). Chances are, the BLM has already filed a claim on the water rights so that they can sell to the highest bidder (instead of the state) and are trying to get the cattle off to show that Bundy cannot use the water beneficially (much like what the US Forest Service and BLM both tried to do to Wayne Hage).

    Now, for Cliven Bundy, he’s not fighting this for his cattle or his own livelihood. He recognizes that he will probably die before this fight is over. He has said multiple times that he is fighting this to wake people up about the tyranny of the Federal Government and also to help wake up the western states about getting the rights to their own land back from the federal government, which has repeatedly shut down ranchers and closed off land. (MO = 1st, get all the ranchers, farmers, Native Americans, and foresters that use the land for positive, sustainable production off of the land; 2nd, grab up all the resources; 3rd, close off the lands to public access including camping, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, boating, shooting, etc; 4th, sell off the resources to the highest bidder regardless of what that will do to the land, the local environment, or the economy; 5th, collect royalties on the resources in perpetuity; 6th, reduce and eliminate all SLS and PILT payments to the states, impoverishing them beyond belief.)

    Anyway, thanks for posting about this. It is important for us to be able to raise the appropriate resistance.

    My Response:
    Thank you for sending your valuable insight. This contained the details we were all missing.

    From this we can now firmly conclude:

    1. The BLM’s actions are not only flatly illegal, they are unlawful, and not only unlawful, they are so unlawful that it took bribing someone with a $300,000 payoff to get them to accept stolen cattle from a Government agency. I do not think that could be topped ANYWHERE else in the world, other than with something like a Mexican drug cartel.

    So we have a clear cut case of unlawful and prosecutable actions by the BLM in this case.

    2. The real goal is to shut down public access to these lands. Obviously Cliven Bundy was not a jerk, and he let people go back there to explore. I myself have done a LOT of back country exploring, and noticed in the early 2000′s that they closed down all the back roads about a half mile before the destination they used to go to to discourage people from exploring the wilderness. Rather than drive the whole way, you had to get out and walk a considerable distance to scenes such as Swazy’s leap, Paul Bunyans Wood Pile, and practically anywhere else you would want to go while out 4 Wheeling. And in the desert sun, that long of a walk was usually tough to do. This resulted in these types of locations no longer being visited, which effectively equaled a shut down.

    3. The motives are for profit. Rather than manage the lands responsibly, the BLM is stealing it from it’s rightful holders via corrupt actions and legal loop holes, and selling it off to corporate interests. This is cold hard proof that America is not a democracy, or more importantly a Republic, it is in fact a facist dictatorship where corruption rules and rights, freedom and honor are irrelevant.

    The BLM killed hundreds of desert tortoises on purpose
    They say they had to kill them because they did not have the funds to care for them. Here are two really good solutions to that “problem.” 1. Just take them out in the desert and turn them loose. -OR- 2. They could have taken the three million dollars they said the Bundy raid will cost them, CALLED OFF THE RAID, and SAVED THE TURTLES with that three million. If they had three million to destroy Bundy, they had it for the turtles as well but did not use it for that because tyranny comes first.

    Steeped in arrogance and incompetence, once again a Federal agency fails to see the obvious. Or perhaps they do see it but they could care less about nature and instead operate as the enforcement arm of a band of high ranking thugs.

  19. ” Steeped in arrogance and incompetence, once again a Federal agency fails to see the obvious. Or perhaps they do see it but they could care less about nature and instead operate as the enforcement arm of a band of high ranking thugs. ”

    Just think along the lines that the Fed. Agency personnel are doing what they are TOLD to do. Also remember that the lower-level “gophers” are in effect programmed to believe “Their Might equals Their Right”, especially against “Civilians”.

    As for incompetence – be VERY careful when making this assumption (and it IS an assumption). Mis-information and deliberate perception distortion are very powerful tools, and all modern Militaries know this. Nothing quite like the deliberate instillation of a sense of superiority (moral, religious or capability) to severely degrade the capability of an opposing force to act or react effectively when the true capabilities of an assailant are suddenly demonstrated!

    Whilst hopefully all this will be settled without any conflict, there is always some probability that TPTB are pulling the strings behind the scenes, and have carefully orchestrated this incident for their gain, and no-one else’s.

  20. Anyone who watched the video has to be ticked off. My wife is Greek, and she is pint sized but has a temper. When she watched the video of the stand-off between the protestors and the BLM thugs she got so worked up and started cussing and swearing at POTUS that I needed to leave the room.
    If something does happen in the stand-off, it will create a rallying cry for those that believe the govt. has gotten out of control and tyrannical. Time will tell.

  21. Because of safety issues, BLM ends cattle roundup

    BUNKERVILLE (KSNV — The gathering of rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle in northeast Clark County has been stopped by the director of the Bureau of Land Management.

    Bundy is meeting this morning with Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie to discuss a possible solution to his dispute with the BLM.

    Metro Officer Jesse Roybal confirmed that Gillespie was in the Bunkerville area this morning to meet with Bundy.

    The BLM had been using contract cowboys to round up Bundy’s 900 head of cattle that have been grazing over 600,000 square acres in northeast Clark County for more than 20 years without his payment of grazing fees.

    Neil Kornze, director of the BLM, made the following statement this morning:

    “As we have said from the beginning of the gather to remove illegal cattle from federal land consistent with court orders, a safe and peaceful operation is our number one priority. After one week, we have made progress in enforcing two recent court orders to remove the trespass cattle from public lands that belong to all Americans.

    “Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.

    “We ask that all parties in the area remain peaceful and law-abiding as the Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service work to end the operation in an orderly manner.

    Ranching has always been an important part of our nation’s heritage and continues throughout the West on public lands that belong to all Americans. This is a matter of fairness and equity, and we remain disappointed that Cliven Bundy continues to not comply with the same laws that 16,000 public lands ranchers do every year. After 20 years and multiple court orders to remove the trespass cattle, Mr. Bundy owes the American taxpayers in excess of $1 million. The BLM will continue to work to resolve the matter administratively and judicially.”

  22. “Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.” ———- article

    You lying cock sucking motherfucking piece of shit.

    “Safety” was THE REASON they started this shit in the first place …. ‘safety’ is why they constructed the First-Amendment-Zone. The two biggest goddamn fucking lies from the government;
    ———— were doing this for your safety
    ———— it’s for the children

    I’m sad this ended with that sheriff still breathing my air. Double Tap.

  23. “Ranching has always been an important part of our nation’s heritage and continues throughout the West on public lands that belong to all Americans.” ————– article

    You lying cock sucking motherfucking piece of shit.

    Although it appears to be over …. for now …….. this is still a pertinent article. A brief synopsis of that Mafia Organization know as the BLM.

    ================================================================= =

    The Cliven Bundy Standoff: Wounded Knee Revisited?

    By William Norman Grigg

    Pro Libertate Blog

    April 12, 2014

    We took away their country and their means of support, broke up their mode of living, their habits of life, introduced disease and decay among them, and it was for this and against this they made war. Could anyone expect less? – General Philip Sheridan, who presided over the expropriation of the Plains Indians, in the 1878 Annual Report of the General of the U.S. Army

    Following the War Between the States, as the formerly independent South was being re-assimilated into the Soyuz, the US military took up the task of driving the Plains Indians off of land that had been promised to them through solemn treaty obligations – but was now coveted by the corporatist railroad combine.

    In 1867, William Sherman wrote a letter to General Grant insisting that “we are not going to let thieving, ragged Indians check and stop the progress” of the railroad. About a year earlier, Sherman had urged Grant to “act with vindictive earnestness against the Sioux, even to their extermination, men, women, and children.” Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo points out that Sherman set out to make the Sioux “feel the superior power of the Government,” even if “the final solution to the Indian problem” required that they be physically annihilated.

    Writing in Smithsonian magazine, historian Gilbert King observes that the post-war US military wasn’t adequate to carry out that ambitious campaign. General Philip Sheridan, who succeeded Sherman as Commander of the Military Division of the Mississippi, complained that he had only 14,000 troops with which to carry out “the reduction of these wild tribes and occupation of their country.”

    Note that Sheridan didn’t equivocate in describing his army’s role as the occupier of a “country” that belonged, by right, to other people. He had no moral scruples against being an occupier; his objections were limited to practical concerns.

    The Plains Indians were canny, elusive, and motivated. However, their dependence on the buffalo provided the aggressors with an exploitable vulnerability. Hunting the Indians was difficult and risky; slaughtering buffalo was neither.

    The railroads, acting as a military force multiplier, began ferrying tourists to the West for the specific purpose of “sport-hunting” buffalo.

    Unlike the Indians, who never threatened to hunt the buffalo to extinction, or Bill Cody, who was restrained in his efforts to harvest them to feed construction crews for the Kansas Pacific Railroad, the Eastern tourists had no property interest in the continued existence of the species, and didn’t have to pay any price for the profligate destruction they wrought.

    “Massive hunting parties began to arrive in the West by train, with thousands of men packing .50 caliber rifles, and leaving a trail of buffalo carnage in their wake,” recalls King. “Hunters began killing buffalo by the hundreds of thousands,” leaving their ravaged bodies to bloat and fester.

    When legislatures in some states attempted to enact measures to conserve the buffalo, their objections were overruled by the Feds. The higher “national purpose” required a “total war” strategy that included the destruction of the buffalo in order to break the resistance of the Plains Indians.

    “These men have done more in the last two years, and will do more in the next year, to settle the vexed Indian question, than the entire regular army has done in the last forty years,” wrote General Sheridan with satisfaction. “They are destroying the Indians’ commissary. And it is a well-known fact that an army losing its base of supplies is placed at a great disadvantage. Send them [the private buffalo hunters] powder and lead, if you will; but for a lasting peace, let them kill, skin and sell until the buffaloes are exterminated. Then your prairies can be covered with speckled cattle.”

    Cattle became the successor to buffalo in the late 1860s and early 1870s. That was the era when the ancestors of Cliven Bundy settled in what was to become the State of Nevada, and began to graze cattle in what would later be called the Bunkerville Grazing Allotment. The Bundy family made peaceful and productive use of that allotment for more than 120 years, mixing their labor with the land to create original wealth.

    Unfortunately, the Bundy family — like the American Indians – had been living on a reservation: They were never allowed to exercise ownership of their grazing “allotment,” in much the same way that Indians were not permitted to have clear title to their lands. The land on which the Bundy family raised cattle was “owned” by the government, and the Bundys were required to pay rent – in the form of grazing fees – for the “privilege” of making productive use of it. The public-land grazing system has been described as “the nation’s most conspicuous and extensive flirtation with socialism” – except, perhaps, for the Indian Reservation System.

    Indians whose lands were supposedly protected through treaties invariably discovered that the phrase “in perpetuity” means “pending the discovery of something valuable on the land that is desired by a politically favored constituency.” The desired commodity could be gold – as the Nez Perce learned after their homeland in the luxuriant Wallowa Valley, having been reduced to a tiny, barren tract, was seized from them by General O.O. Howard. It could be fertile farm lands on the banks of the Niobrara River, as the Poncas discovered when they were forcibly relocated to Oklahoma.

    Similar “adjustments” were made to practically every Indian band or tribe that signed a treaty in good faith with Washington – only to find themselves reduced to destitution when Washington withheld promised annuities and rations, and then evicted from their lands when it suited Leviathan’s interests. The high and holy purpose of Manifest Destiny nullified the property rights of Indians and any treaty obligations that would inhibit Washington’s drive for continental expansion.

    In 1993, the same federal Leviathan State that unilaterally “modified” binding treaty agreements with Indian tribes and bands decided to “modify” the terms of the Bundy family’s grazing permit. This was done in the service of a doctrine even more insidious than Manifest Destiny: A new religion in which all human property rights – including, some adherents insist, the right to live itself – are to be sacrificed on the altar of “biocentrism.” The central tenet of that religion is that “Human beings are not inherently superior to other living things.”

    However, there are certain superior specimens within the ranks of humanity who possess a gift of seership that permits them to discern the true needs of nature. On occasion, these infinitely wise and limitlessly benevolent beings – most of whom have found a niche in some foundation-funded eco-radical lobby – will identify “endangered” or “threatened” species whose supposed claim to a “habitat” outweighs property rights and all human needs.

    Since none of those non-human creatures can speak on their own behalf, we should consider ourselves extravagantly blessed by the presence of eco-seers capable of discerning their needs, bureaucrats willing to harken to their inspired counsel, and judges who dutifully ratify bureaucratic decisions without being unduly burdened by respect for property rights.

    In 1993, acting on an infallible ecocentric pronouncement, the Bureau of Land Management decreed that the land on which Cliven Bundy and his neighbors had long grazed their cattle was actually the “habitat” of the desert tortoise.

    Although the BLM – like other agencies involved in administering Washington’s illegal colonial occupation of western lands – has been influenced by biocentrism, it’s not likely that its upper echelons are filled with True Believers in anything other than the Bureaucratic Prime Directive: “Maintain what we have, and expand where we can.”

    The BLM’s revisions were imposed during the reign of Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, who in a letter two years earlier (written while he was head of the League of Conservation Voters) declared: “We must identify our enemies and drive them into oblivion.” Babbitt and his comrades have acted with what Sherman described as “vindictive earnestness” in pursuing that objective: In the past twenty years they have all but eradicated cattle ranching in the southwestern United States.

    In his book War on the West, William Pendley of the Mountain States Legal Foundation observes that “the enormous might of the federal government has always meant that the life of the West was in the hands of strangers living thousands of miles away. Like the weather that can sweep down upon Westerners and change their lives in an instant, the federal government has always loomed as a distant threat.” During Babbitt’s tenure at the Department of the Interior, the federal eco-jihad specifically targeted “the most enduring symbol of the American West – the cowboy – seeking to price and regulate the rancher off federal grazing lands and out of business, destroying the economy of rural areas.” One of the first initiatives undertaken by Secretary Babbitt in pursuit of his vision of a “New West” was to seek a 230 percent increase in grazing fees charged to ranchers on federally administered lands. Although the proposed fee increase was thwarted by a Senate filibuster, the effort to destroy the ranching industry continued. After the fee increase was proposed, an Interior Department memo surfaced which revealed that Babbitt wanted “to use price increases as a straw man to draw attention from management issues.” While ranchers fought the grazing fee increase, Babbitt and company created “Range Reform ’94,” a cluster of proposed federal land use and environmental regulations which Pendley describes as “A Thousand and One Ways to Get Ranchers off Federal Land.”During the late 1990s – a period in which Babbitt, appropriately, was mired in a scandal involving decades of federal fraud, embezzlement, and graft in the Indian Trust Fund System – ranchers rallied to hold off the federal assault. But like the Plains Indians, the ranchers were facing an implacable enemy unburdened with respect for the law and blessed with access to limitless resources. Of the 52 ranchers in his section of Nevada, Cliven Bundy is the only one who has refused to go back to the reservation. So the heirs to Sherman and Sheridan have mobilized an army to protect hired thieves who have come to steal the Bundy family’s cattle with the ultimate purpose of driving him from the land.

    Their objective is not to protect the desert tortoise, but to punish a defiant property owner and entrepreneur. This potentially murderous aggression is being celebrated by Progressives as a worthy effort to make dangerous radicals “feel the superior power of the Government.”

    For more than two decades, Bundy has defied the federal land management bureaucracy, and his continued resistance could catalyze a general revolt against their designs for the western United States.

    Their intent, as described by Pendley, is to transform the West into “a land nearly devoid of people and economic activity, a land devoted almost entirely to the preservation of scenery and wildlife habitat. In their vision, everything from the 100th meridian to the Cascade Range becomes a vast park through which they might drive, drinking their Perrier and munching their organic chips, staying occasionally in the bed-and-breakfast operations into which the homes of Westerners have been turned, with those Westerners who remain fluffing duvets and pouring cappuccino.”

    The high priests of biocentrism and their bureaucratic allies aren’t going to let a handful of ragged but resolute ranchers “check and stop the progress” of Manifest Destiny.

    In 1875, amid an entirely contrived Indian Scare in Corrine, Utah, Indian Agent William H. Danilson sent a telegram to Washington complaining about the dangerous “extremism” that had seized the restive Shoshones. “They are taught to hate the government, and look with distrust upon their Agents,” complained the bureaucrat. The Indians impudently maintained that “Bear River Valley belonged to them” and were preparing to resist efforts to evict them from their property.

    “Their whole teachings [are] fraught with evil,” concluded Danilson, scandalized that Indians would believe in the sanctity of property, and thus expected the federal government to keep its promises.

    Historian Brigham D. Madsen records that an Army investigation of that 1875 Indian Scare found that the Shoshones – who were, as usual, starving because of the government’s failure to deliver promised rations – posed no threat. Nonetheless, the military “issued an ultimatum that all reservation Indians were to return to their reservations at once or [the local commander] would use military force to compel them to do so.”

    It didn’t matter that the Indians had done nothing wrong, and that the government had acted illegally: The cause of “law and order” meant that the government simply had to prevail. That was the central theme in Washington’s dealings with the Indians – and in its conduct toward western landowners as well.

    Fifteen years after the Corinne Indian Scare, the final flickers of Indian resistance were extinguished by Leviathan in the bloody snows of Wounded Knee. Our rulers clearly intend to use the standoff in Clark County to suffocate remaining resistance to the western states land grab. The only matter left unresolved is the question of how much violence they are willing to employ to accomplish that end.


  24. In the past year the people have mustered enough fervor to stave off destruction of the second amendment, stop an insane war in Syria, and repel the BLM ‘s heavy-handed tactics. Score 3 for the people. I’m certain Harry Reid decreed that this whole issue is to disappear as quickly as possible. I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Eric Holder to start an investigation.

  25. Out of Deep Concern for Ammon Bundy’s safety, the peace-loving BLM officers (Motto: “We’re here to serve and protect”) decided that a a little tazering and some puppies would do the trick.


    An ever grateful Ammon Bundy afterwards.


  26. The feds learned a lesson today. Don’t put yourselves in the position of creating a martyr that might stir the passions of Americans. The way to ensure absolutely the unrivaled authority of the state and the oligarchy is to deal with Americans one by one and the way to do that is to undo the 2nd amendment. Hunting is bad for the environment, ban rifles. Assault weapons serve no social purpose whatsoever. Ban them. The second amendment gives Americans a right of self-protection from criminals. Let them have handguns…at least in the cities and states it permits such. But do not, under any circumstances, do this in such a way that can provide an excuse for the militias to gather. Go after them as individuals. They are obviously subversive to the interests of the state; I’m certain some criminal activities can be arranged. Tax cheating is a good start.

    The prophet Zarathustra has spoken.


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