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  1. Captain Kirk shoots an innocent black. It’s his right to rob people at gunpoint, his ancestors were oppressed slaves. Kirk is arrested and charged with hate crimes. Al Sharpton, former community organizer, coke dealer and mob informant (now promoted to liberal progressive spokesman on MSNBC) calls for a boycott of Star Trek and TJ Hooker, trekkies, and whites in general.

    Obama says “if I had a son, he would murder Captain Kirk” on national T.V. Black yuffs across the country kick into action, and rape, sodomize, burn, stab, punch, and shoot any white person they can find. They also start fires, loot stores, steal cars, destroy as much property as they can.

    Eric Holder goes on national TV and warns of the threat of people like Captain Kirk, and whites in general, and union government drones create thousands of new anti-white hate crime laws that are enforced without any real evidence or proof, much like Obama’s signature edict, NDAA.

    Black community leaders call for increased funding, and Obama signs, with his pen, while using his phone, a $5 billion spending bill for community organizers to provide protection for black communities from dangerous whites. Eventually, the black yuff violence escalates, as thousands of whites and Asians die who live anywhere near black democrat community organizer neighborhoods.

    Obama declares martial law, and the immediate prosecution of any whites that have guns. Obama suspends elections, for the good of the nation, in this time of crisis. FEMA camps are activated and opened, and 400,000 DHS thugs round up suspected first and second amendment terrorists and put them on trains.

    Homes and property are confiscated by the Federal government, and redistributed to section 8 and welfare recipients. SNAP limits are tripled, and every non-white or Asian is issued a new SNAP card and Obamacare card and Obama EBT cash card. It’s a glorious day in the USSA. All thanks to Captain Kirk.

  2. In the meantime, Vlad the Impaler quietly but effectively “colonises” the rest of what used to be called Europe.

    Welcome to the New World Order. You are NOT part of it!

  3. AWD, your story is preposterous and unlikely to happen. Where in the world would a population that far outnumbers the government thugs allow its government to do this to any of its citizens? Unless they did this to a subgroup which they blamed for all the country’s ills.

    Hispanics will do if the government accuses them of being in the country illegally, they have made off with trillions of dollars of TARP and QE money. They work for practically nothing at Walmarts and thus enable American citizens to pork out on cheap Cheetos and cheese dip. They take good paying jobs picking lettuce, peeling shrimp and cleaning hotel rooms, jobs real Americans would take in a heartbeat if it weren’t that welfare pays multiple times what those jobs pay.

    The government is already imprisoning this group and deporting at a record pace. No doubt the economic prosperity you promise follows these action is just around the corner. If that doesn’t happen, the government could put these prisoners to work to pay off the federal debt at ten cents and hour and if they drop dead in prison, the government will save on deportation costs.

  4. You old fuckers just need to die and get off the planet. Or turn into dirt and become part of the planet so the younger generation can grow some vegetables or weed, sell it on the roadside and pay off the student loans that are killing us. Y’all are just a bunch of morans.

  5. Yah Stephanie, all the old asses like Stucky, llipoh, Z, SSS, the Administrator, AWD, and others I’m less acquainted with, ought to bite the bullet, walk the plank, and step off the palnet, as you say. And do what? Turn the planet over to you morans(sic) who can’t spell and can’t hold a job even at the Olive Garden? Some people impress me as illogical, braying, and churlish leeches. Any idea about the person I’m thinking of? One hint… don’t look in the mirror.

  6. “You old fuckers just need to die and get off the planet.” ———– Clam Dopple

    Clams didn’t post that (it was probably llpoh. heh heh). Although, Clammy, you have said similar such things in the past, as have others here. According to my readings, it seems more than a few young people seem to think that getting rid of old people will cure many of this world’s ills. To such, I address this post.

    We will die, soon enough. I imagine a good many of us senior citizens would like for it to happen sooner than later. We live in the same shitty world you do, Young Person, subject to the same evilness. But, you are not cursed with the memory of Better Days Long Ago …. back in my day, when America actually was a decent place to live.

    I don’t know how we got to this putrefaction of our society. I suspect it’s like being on a rowboat without an anchor. You’re sitting there reading a book within sight of your picnic blanket. The next time you look up you’re several hundred feet away. The drift, ever constant, yet imperceptible. Trust me, when I was your age, this is not how I envisioned the “golden years” to be.

    The six-story place where my mother did her physical rehab was also a “rest home” … what a stupid euphemism! As are the silly names these places have; Shady Acres, Golden Meadows, and Heavenly Valley. Better that than to call it what it really is, holding pens where the aged wait for death. How helpless these human beings must feel — not just my mother’s age, but more than a few my age, or younger — locked in a sterile cage that smells of decontaminates that barely counters the odor of human body fluids, and death. No wonder so many of them look like Living Zombies.

    Maybe that’s why so many slip away into Alzheimer’s Disease. Maybe it’s just a Mental Exodus out of this putrid world by those who just can’t take it anymore. Maybe they are taking refuge in a place they create for themselves … a safe place, a nice place of better days gone by …. somewhere in their minds, wherever that might be. A place not even the evils of this world can conquer, for no one really knows even WHERE the mind is.

    It wasn’t that long, actually, when the elderly of a society were valued. Their life experience was a treasure trove of all that had gone before. Sure, they made mistakes. But, they learned from them. And they passed the “secret” of how to the younger generation … back when the younger generation was willing to listen.

    But, that’s no longer the case now. Instead, more and more of the younger folk, people like the Clam-Doppler, simply wishes the old folk go away and die already. (We will, with or without your wishes.)

    You see, doppler? I didn’t call you names or say bad things about your petulance. You think you and your generation are unique in blaming their elders. But, there is evidence that this ‘blame game’ has been played since the time of Aristotle and Plato. It will continue until the year 2525, if man is still alive. You lack the insight to understand that the children of your generation won’t blame Boomers, they will blame ….. you! Before you know it, time truly flies by quickly, it will be you who are old. Maybe you’ll be like me … reading a post a youngster writes about wishing you would just die …. and you are left just shaking your head in bewilderment, and sadness. That’s why I’m not angry with you …. whoever you are. I just pity you.

  7. Stucky- If there is anything I truly despise about Boomers, as a group, it is their condescending remarks about the youth. We inherited a bum deal, everybody knows it, but older people tend to mock us. Currently the student debt is 1.2 Trillion dollars, out of 80 million (with the first wave entering their 30s) only 26% are married, the Millennial birth rate is lower than during the great depression. Very few are debt free or have signed the mortgage of their first home. I say all these statistics, because quite frankly I am not afraid of adversity, but because of the real poverty we live in. Imagine you are entering your 30s perpetually kept in an extended adolescence. You have no means to own a home, get married, or start a family. To achieve any of these milestones you need stable, full time unemployment, at a livable wage. I resent being in my late 20s and defined as a “youth”. It is hard to climb the mountain if you can’t get any traction to get started.

  8. Making excuses, blaming other things and people as to why your life is not going the way you would like it is a big waste of time and energy. Instead put that time and energy into coming up with a plan how you can better your situation. Only going from experience. It’s something you realize as you get older.

    Also I have found that to be successful in any endeavor in life you must first come up with a plan before you even start. Just jumping in and winging it as you go can be very costly if not fatal to your dream.

    I was called a kid well into my 30’s. But then I was probably acting like one.

  9. “Imagine you are entering your 30s perpetually kept in an extended adolescence.” —— Stephanie

    I can’t. And I feel for you … one reason being that I have two sons your age.

    Ms Freud and I were just discussing the situation this morning. One of my summer college jobs was working in a manufacturing facility at Wilkinson Sword razors …. I worked at the end of the line putting the razors in the shipping boxes. I can’t recall exactly but my pay was around $10/hr. … pretty damn good money for unskilled work back in 1979. Anyway, after two weeks my hands were raw from the shipping tape glue, so I quit right after I got my check Friday morning. I took a walk down the street, knocked on a few doors, and got another good paying job before noon. Those days are gone.

    I was able to graduate college with zero debt …. with just some GI money and those summer jobs. Also, I had over a dozen interviews, and several firm job offers BEFORE I even graduated my senior year. I had a computer science major but, even today, such a degree guarantees nothing.

    So, I told Ms Freud I have NO IDEA how I would handle such a situation. I still don’t believe I would blame everybody else. but not having been through it, I can’t say for sure. I’ve been through a lot of bad shit as a yoot and I learned early on that complaining solves nothing. Better to have a plan and GET EVEN! heh heh

    The main thing that pisses me off about Millennials is that most of them voted for Obama. Twice.

    Good luck to you. You and your generation have been dealt a difficult hand.

  10. Stucky- My grandfather was in the air force in the early 1960s (was out a year before Vietnam started). In the early 1970s he got an associates degree in computer science from Lansing Community College. He worked for the Lansing Police Department on those huge data computers for 27 years. He retired early and was making over $ 200 dollars an hour within his salary. Before retiring they hired 4 Gen Xers with Bachelors degrees and paid them each a quarter of my grandfather’s salary. My grandpa retired with a hefty pension, social security, a 401k, and 150 thousand in stocks. He died 15 years after retirement with nothing but debt to his name. He squandered everything, borrowed against our 90 year old heritage, spent every penny of his pension and SS a month, lost all his stocks in the dotcom bust, and gambled away the rest in currency exchanges.

    Now my generation is required a Bachelors as a minimum, 3-5 years experiences for entry level positions, are paid no wages for internships, and even then not hired. Many jobs are now requiring Masters degrees because of the devaluation of Bachelors and requiring specialized certifications. It is ridiculous. Now stocks are too high, housing prices are too high, auto prices are too high. It requires at least 20 to get a degree. Rents are ridiculously high (mine is in the 700 dollar range for a one bedroom and that is common in my area, and I am in Alabama) Food inflation is soaring. Today ground beef is going for 4.39 a pound and ground steak was 3.99 a few weeks ago now 4.99. Cigarettes are nearly cheaper than meat. Gas is 3.49, eggs 2.29 a dozen, bread is over 1.50 a loaf, Cheese is 2.50 (BOGOF, or 4.49 without a second bag) for a 2 cup bag. Meat and dairy are becoming luxury items for me. Over the past two weeks I have not been able to afford cheese or milk and have gone without. I now drink my coffee black or buy almond milk (2.99 a gallon- doesn’t expire before two weeks) because it is cheaper than milk.

    With this, there is no way my generation will be able to buy off their debts get married, and start families. Nature has a way of favoring the young because they of the societal need of reproduction. The imbalance will be corrected somehow.

  11. Hell Steph. You’ve been posting these embarrassingly inadequate articles, one after the other, and then begging the Administrator to delete them when it finally begins to dawn on you that they are in fact total shit. Can’t wait to see the revised version of ‘It Matters Who Controls the Quantity’. Your next article should be ‘It Matters if There Is Air’.

    Look, I love railing against the boomers. But Stucky here has presented a poetic perspective of the angst many boomers must feel, and you just keep harping on and on – basically summarized as ‘I hate being a single waitress’.I really was rooting for you, but your tone and general lack of empathy are the reason people love to hate you.

    Go plant a garden. Writing ain’t yer thang. Der de der der der money is script and tally stick stick….

  12. Stephanie, your constant blather about student loans is really boring and tiresome. Suck it up, you petty princess. Did someone hold a gun to your head to sign for those loans? And you have the gall to blame the mistakes made by the boomer generation when you did the same type of stupid things yourself?

  13. “out of 80 million (with the first wave entering their 30s) only 26% are married, the Millennial birth rate is lower than during the great depression.”

    It’s okay, Steph, the liberals are making sure this country is being repopulated. Tens of millions of mixed race welfare babies, and millions of illegal Mexicans. When boomers were young, this country wasn’t in any discernible debt, we had a trade surplus, produced things people wanted, and people actually had to work for a living; and now we’re in debt $58 trillion and we’re a socialist welfare state.

    You’re generation is screwed, but so are the boomers, they just don’t realize it. They’re counting on Medicare and Social Security, even though there are only 2-3 people working to be taxed for their benefits. They destroyed their health, unleashed obesity on the masses, but not before they became the most obese generation in history. They’re sucking hundreds of billions now, but once the spicket is turned off, it’s over. Boomers don’t seem to realize Medicare is being wiped out by Obamacare. Obama’s thrown seniors under the bus. Just wait a few years, they’ll find out.

    Your generation will have to rebuild this country. It can’t keep going the way it has been. But millennials love big government, they love their own oppressors. Seems pretty hopeless to me.

  14. Clam – the bachelor degree is indeed devalued. Because they give it to anyone without making them earn it. No offense, but you are exhibit number one. The average college kid today studies around 10 hours per week. When I was at college, it was around 25 hours per week, and at more elite places it was more like 40+.

    Whose fault is it? Well, from what I have read, much of it is the students fault – they see themselves as consumers of education, and feel that given they are paying for it, they will determine the quality of it, and the quantity of it. And they have pushed the universities by weight of numbers to dramatically reduce the education being required. Schools have largely not resisted.

    So to require a masters is not ridiculous. It is insurance that the person actually has an education. One of my kids is in a masters program – and the workload has trebled or quadrupled from that of a bachelor degree.

    Yes, costs are going up, and will continue to do so. Wages will also go down simultaneously.

    The fact is, the middle class is dying. The middle class cannot compete in a global market. Half the people in the US have IQs below 10. Those folks are competing against 100s of millions of workers in China and India that are smarter (IQs 110+), more hard-working, better educated, and who are willing to work for less. The bottom half of the US population is entirely SCREWED.

    Of the top half, many are damaging themselves by being poorly educated, lazy, and in the wrong fields.

    So only perhaps 20% of the US population is positioned to be able to properly compete globally. The rest are SCREWED.

    That is the way it is.

    Clam – you are working in a service industry. That means low wages, and job insecurity. That is what you will face so long as you keep doing the kind of work you do.

    If you want better, you will need to be a better commodity. You will need to dramatically improve your education, your skills, and your attitude. That will not guarantee anything i today’s world, but it will give you a chance. Highly unlikely you will do those things, but up to you.

    Your generation has many challenges. Some of them were handed down from us boomerfucks. Some were self-created. But the death of the middle class was/is inevitable given the global realities. Poor government has made the crash much harder than it needed to be, but the crash was coming. The world masses made that inevitable.

    5% of the world’s population simply CANNOT continue to consume 25% of the world’s resources. It really is that simple. The world will not allow it indefinitely. That is the way it is. Adapt or perish.

  15. I have often aid the mis have been dealt a bad hand. That is not entirely accurate. They have been dealt a hand that is more like the hands dealt to the rest of the world’s population. It may in fact be a better than average hand. It just does not look so good when compared to that hand previous generations of Americans were dealt. But those hands were Royal Flushes. They are very rare, and are unlikely to repeat.

    Mils need to accept they have to play run of the mill cards, and they need to become far better players if they are going to turn a profit with those sort of hands.

  16. AWD – the country will never be rebuilt to what it was, with respect to being the preeminent economic power. Never. No matter who is in charge, and no matter what decisions are made, that is never going to happen. There is too much competition. The US took advantage of its resources, its position, and the fact that it was relatively unscathed after WW2 to create an economic juggernaut. Those special circumstances will not be repeated.

  17. Steph and the millennials will get the last laugh when the ponzi scheme known as Social Security and Medicare become insolvent. From the looks of things, it won’t be long now.


    But the status quo is unsustainable. Some 10,000 Baby Boomers will be going on Social Security and Medicare every single day between now and 2030. By the time everyone in this big pig-in-the-python generation is drawing benefits, we’ll have just two workers per beneficiary – down from three-to-one now, five-to-one in 1960 and more than forty-to-one in 1945, shortly after Social Security first started supporting beneficiaries.

    The math of the 20th century simply won’t work in the 21st. Today’s young are paying taxes to support a level of benefits for today’s old that they have no realistic chance of receiving when they become old. And they know it – just 6% of Millennials say they expect to receive full benefits from Social Security when they retire. Fully half believe they’ll get nothing.

  18. Here is a link to a very interesting video. It illustrates how many people are in the world who will be competing for resources. Its major point is that the US should stop ALL immigration – because it is 1) hurting the US, and 2) because it is hurting the nations where the immigrants are coming from.


  19. Llpoh

    I never said “rebuild as it was”, I just said rebuild. The collapse is coming, it may be mild, but no matter how you figure it, the size of the government is going to have to shrink, the military and military spending are going to have to shrink, and the FSA, SNAP, SS, Medicare, Medicaid and all the government money to 47% of the population is going to have to shrink or stop completely.

    We’re living on borrowed time and borrowed money now, only because of the dollar as reserve currency and the petrodollar. Our idiot criminal politicians are destroying those almost as fast as the Chinese and Russians. What the hell does the USSA have to offer the world anymore? Piss us off, and we’ll invade your country, murder millions of your people, destroy your country, and leave. We sell arms to other countries so they can do the murdering themselves, and we export fast food and crappy movies. And don’t forget Boeing, and their planes that fall apart. We’ll be lucky to be like England, a fallen empire dying by taxes, immigration, and welfare.

  20. AWD – yep. I expect tax takes to collapse as the middle classes keep disappearing, too. The government will get more and more desperate for revenues. Uh-oh.

  21. While the transition will be rough, I have absolute confidence that the people of North America (fuck the US) will be much better off in every way once the empire is gone. It’s always been that way…by the time an empire crumbles, it has long ceased to provide any benefit for it’s citizens/subjects.

  22. Llpoh

    The middle class is already finished, what’s left of it. It’s the upper middle class and upper classes that are in for a rude awakening, and the next to go. The tax donkey’s like you and me. I’m nowhere near as rich as you, or pay the taxes you do, but you get the idea. The IRS and government won’t hesitate to take what you/we have. It’s the socialism/communism play-book. Demonize the upper classes until they’re looted, broke and/or dead, redistribute their wealth. Then everyone is equally poor, producers quit or are nationalized, and “poof” we’re Venezuela, waiting in lines for toilet paper and food.

  23. AWD, since the country started out more like Mexico than anything else, I suppose that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

    No more American lives to defend the “American” way of life.

  24. Steph

    I been to Alabama. Very hot and stinky. and such. Literacy not a high important thing there- explain things.

    Now I know, will speak words a way you understand from now. Huzzah!

  25. llpoh is right. What has been will never be again. All the riches, expansion and even the middle class was an anomaly based on infinitely printed fiat currency by a corrupt and evil, foreign owned central bank. To be honest, the advantage that America and Americans have had all these years with the dollar as the reserve currency was and is extremely unfair to the rest of the world. At the end of the day it will prove to be unfair to all Americans as well as the middle class and millenials are finding out the hard way.

    I don’t see why AWD thinks the minnies will get the last laugh with respect to SS. Minnies are paying into it and will continue to do so without ever receiving the promise. Not much to laugh at there IMO. Everyone is going to pay for that insolvency in more than one way.

    The USA will be brought down to a level that will end up just a tiny bit above level as compared to the rest of the world. Although I’m not happy at that prospect, I can still see enormous potential in it for a go getter and if I were a minnie I believe I’d do alright.

  26. I said:
    “llpoh is right. What has been will never be again. All the riches, expansion and even the middle class was an anomaly based on infinitely printed fiat currency by a corrupt and evil, foreign owned central bank.”

    I should add that it was also based on seemingly the limitless frontier that America was (both north and south) and the abundant resources they contained. It was new frontiers and seemingly unlimited resources that lifted Europe and most of the world out of the Dark Ages. The last time I checked the Earth was out of frontiers and limitless resources and so we are headed for another Dark Age with no much in sight to deliver us from it.


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