1. Dear Russia, you can nuke DC, but that’s it. Use Neutrons. It would be a shame to lose the Smithsonian.

  2. The country in its current configuration is beyond saving. That is clear. Today I left a parking lot in the rather upscale place where I live and saw a silly old white woman with an Obama sticker on her car. I practice meditation and try to ignore such things but I was suddenly seized with a rage I could barely control. The thought of this flabby hag in her expensive car helping to put Obama in office was too much. I could read her face as plain as day. A stupid, upper middle class woman from up North who had voted for liberal Democrats her whole life. She and filth like her are responsible for the shattered wreck of a nation we will leave our children. I at least have the satisfaction of knowing that within a relatively short time our chaotic finances will lead to a situation of civil war or wide spread terrorist insurgency in the United States. When that day comes there will be, I believe, a settling of scores with the likes of this woman. The first step in national rebuilding will be cleansing our own ranks without mercy. I chuckle at the folks who write to various columns and pooh-pooh the idea of an effective revolt against the corrupt system. “Oh, you will run like rabbits the minute the SWAT teams or the Army turns up!” Well, duh. Of course you will, if you have any sense. And you will smile and pat the “brave boys” on the back for going after those “crazy racists and right-wingers, etc.” Then, when they leave, the neighborhood rat who provided the information for their raid will be found with a bullet in the back of his head and his tongue cut out, his family watching their house burn down. That, my friends, is the reality that approaches, like it or not. No glory, no pitched battles, but a supremely effective popular resistance campaign that will develop on the local level and then spread.

  3. Nice rant Sage

    Since Obama’s been elected, my tolerance has run out, replaced by anger and rage. The liberals will be hung from lampposts. The patriots are ready for the SWAT teams, I know guys with 50 cal sniper rifles, and can’t wait to use them. This is our land, our country, and they will never win. Their cause of socialism and fascism are evil. But there’s so few people that know what’s going on. Most fat slobs went to the buffet today, and are watching basketball, or the MSM “news” or honey boo boo, while staring at their phones, utterly oblivious. They believe in the government. They’re fucking zombies, in a daze as they shop at Wal Mart to make sure they use up their SNAP money before the end of the month, even though they’re so fat they can hardly walk. Time to buy some more food, ammo, just in case. Liberals and all the other brain dead fucks that have destroyed this country will get pay-back, will realize the consequences of their behavior. Karma’s a bitch.


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