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Let’s play find the racist jackass.

Conservatives would like us to believe that hatred of government and racism are totally separate phenomena. That one has nothing to do with the other. They’re wrong.

Conservative commentator Crystal Wright labeled Bundy’s comments “racial missteps.” Texas Governor Rick Perry called them a “side story” to the real story — an abusive federal land grab.

Today, the Republican Party is the anti-government party. Therefore, it has inherited the same support from racists that Democrats used to have.

Oh really?

So exactly who are the racists? The cited author of that piece on Reuters, and a bunch of others, would have you believe that Bundy is a nasty, evil racist bastard. They will cite an alleged interview he gave.

What they won’t do is give you the unedited footage. And yes, folks, it was edited.

Here’s the unedited raw footage.

Now for the questions:

  • Is it racist to point out that black people appear to be unhappy and not free because they have been tricked into dependence, but that even so we would not want to return black people to slavery? Exactly how is it “racist” to point out that economic slavery is just as bad as physical slavery and it is the actions of so-called “liberals” and big government that have created this environment?
  • Is it racist to point out that Hispanics have, in Bundy’s experience, better family values than whites? Exactly what’s racist about lauding those who work hard and have better family structures — those very same hispanics?

That’s the unedited clip that, once doctored and tampered with, led everyone from Hannity on down the line to demonize this man as a horrifying racist bastard. Listen to it. Do you hear racism when you hear the entire clip and not the version edited for the purpose of deliberately misrepresenting what Bundy said?

Anyone remember the “video footage” of Zimmerman in the copshop? They intentionally framed the clip they ran on the news so that the back of Zimmerman’s head, which had a clearly-visible injury, was covered by the station logo — and of course this footage was cited to “prove” he had no visible injuries.

I’ve dealt with the media for much of my professional life. It’s difficult to do and not have this sort of thing done to you as soon as someone decides they don’t like you. There is little or no recourse you have when it happens too. What I was taught when I first started being solicited for interviews two decades ago was to never speak in a sentence of more than four or five words and never use compound thoughts that were incomplete within a single sentence. If you violated either of these rules you were very likely to have this sort of hack job done on you.

The majority of people cannot have a camera stuck in their face and think on their feet quickly enough to evade these sorts of traps. This sort of crap is as old as journalism and it is fundamentally dishonest, but this is how the game is played — and always has been.

But in today’s world of the Internet where everyone has a cellphone with a video recorder built in it’s harder to get away with it, and this time, fortunately, someone else had a camera running and was able to capture and make available the unedited footage.

So let me ask again: Who is the racist, given that it’s clearly NOT Bundy?


9 thoughts on “WHO IS THE RACIST?”

  1. Just proves the old saying,

    believe little of what you hear, and less than half of what you SEE.

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Shame Mr. Bundy hasn’t completely figured out that HE is the evil, rich, white guy the gubment is always warning the FSA about.

    And keep his mouth shut.

    I always figured I’d just pepper my language with so much cursing that they wouldn’t be able to cut my words apart and place them back together without it being perfectly obvious.

    But what do we expect nowadays? Seems like everyone – except me – wants their 15 minutes of fame, with news media and flashbulbs and tv crews.

    Personally, I’ve never understood it. Why do families stand in front of cameras and provide hours of footage while their loved ones are in danger or involved in tragedy? And I’m not talking about a missing person where the family can truly gain from tv time (unless, of course, the sobbing mother is the murderer), I’m talking about your 5 year old has been killed at the amusement park and mom & dad are on tv talking about the next morning.

    Here would be my quote, “what the fuck is wrong you people? If you want to benefit from my tragedy, then you can do it without my help, now get the fuck off my porch!”

    Instead, time and time and time again, the stupid sorry bastard tells his story, sheds his tears and appears on every nightly news channel. To what end?

    Oh yeah, just like for Mr. Bundy, we all believe the media is our friends and that somebody should give a shit about what we say.

    jeesh, get a lawyer and a spokesperson before talking to either cops, or the MSM.

    Else you may find yourself changing from media darling, to social outcast, within the space of 15 seconds of edited airtime.


    The latest distraction from the horrendous job performance from Obama has manifested itself in the form of a liberal Democrat, Jewish, billionaire NBA basketball franchise owner named Donald Sterling. He has committed the greatest sin that can be committed in America….he spoke something that was not glowingly positive about the one group of people who must be discussed only in glowing terms. I’m speaking, of course, about black people. My question is why should I care how Donald Sterling feels about blacks? Or anyone else, for that matter? Answer? I don’t.

    This is, however, a tremendous opportunity for the ever-offended legions of black people to pile on Sterling. Magic Johnson is so offended he will never attend another game as long as Sterling is the owner! Well, that does it for me! And Sterling’s players are considering not playing the next game in protest. All because Sterling’s mistress released a recording of him asking her to not put photos of herself with blacks on Instagram.

    Fans that are offended because Sterling apparently doesn’t like black people can protest by not attending LA Clipper games. I would rather eat glass than watch the NBA so Sterling’s words about blacks ring as hollow as Charles Barkley’s saying he “hates white people.” But as long as Sterling’s players are being paid to play, play they must. If they sit out a game, they should be fired immediately. It’s not like they’re in chains or anything. Whether Sterling loves or hates them matters not one little bit. All that matters is if their oversized check clears.

    Professional race baiters like Sharpton and Obama have, of course, jumped into the professionally offended black person mode. They smell either dollars or political coverage out of this latest media invention. Do not expect this to go away until the NBA forces Sterling to give up his team. And that is exactly what will happen.

    Obama has time to make statements on Trayvon Martin and Donald Sterling but can’t utter a word about the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc.

    Question. Why should anyone be forced to like anyone or group of people? We know from sad experience (and thousands of black troll comments on this page) that most black people despise white people. So what? Who cares? So why should anyone care how Sterling or anyone else feels about black people, the French, or Martians? Sterling is a liberal Democrat who has worked very closely with the NAACP for years. Get this, Stering (a white man) has worked with an organization whose sole purpose is for the benefit of black people for generations and apparently doesn’t like blacks. Forgive me if I’m enjoying this moment of schadenfreude.

    Of course, the lapdog “conservative” media has also piled on Sterling for his comments. They’re so afraid of being labeled a (gasp!) racist by their ideological enemies that all common sense long ago flew out of their politically correct brains. Are the offended conservative pundits up in arms when Oprah, Jay Z, Sharpton, Kanye West, Snoop Doggy Doo, Samuel Jackson, Charles Barkley, etc say derogatory things about white people? Hell no! They don’t want to be accused of being racists!

    When did political correctness become so prevalent where a small minority of people mandate what the majority are allowed to say, think, write, or do? Why do we give our ideological enemies such power over us? Do I care one little bit that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Eric Holder and the vast majority of black people in America hate me because I’m white? No, I do not! Do I care if my observations on blacks that is based on fact and data offends black people? Again, no I do not!

    Unfortunately, for the politically correct, I try to utilize the color blind philosophy of MLK in my personal life. I try to judge people on their actions and character and not make a knee-jerk judgment based on pigment. Therefore, I know black people whom I admire and white people I do not. And vice versa. However, when I see a group of black teens heading my way in their gang costumes and pants hanging off their asses, my Spidey-sense starts tingling based on the tremendous amount of violence caused by black teens. It’s not racism that makes me more aware that I might be in danger, it’s experience and reality.

    I suffer zero white guilt and have worked my entire life for what I have. I have not enjoyed the mystical “white privilege” that causes whites to be more successful on average than blacks. We all know that quality life decisions result in better life outcomes no matter the skin color. But that reality doesn’t make dollars for Sharpton or provide political coverage for the massively failed President Obama.

    As for Donald Sterling. I’m quite sure he is a major-league a**hole. After all, he’s a big-time liberal. I hope he is strung up on the tree of political correctness his political ideology has for generations worked to make the unwritten law of the land. Maybe when he is stripped of his NBA ownership he will realize the fallacy of political correctness. Still, I couldn’t care less what happens to him.

    I just heard Greta Von Susteren call for an open honest national dialogue on race on her show. I will be happy to discuss race when Greta and Fox News discusses the 3% of the US population (black males between 18-49) that commits over half of the violent crimes and murders in America. Or the 8 dead and 44 wounded in Chicago aka Barackistan at the hands of black criminals just last weekend. Or that 40% of the welfare rolls are filled with 13% of the US population. Or the Knockout Game and Flash Mob street violence perpetuated on America’s inner cities by blacks. Or is that too honest a discussion for you, Greta?

    The PC Thought Police are rapidly taking over our freedom to speak our minds. We must fight this. Not because we’re racists but because America’s race problem will never, ever be solved when the violent and destructive actions of black people can never be discussed while private conversations between a liberal, white billionaire and his mistress become national news and receive condemnation from the President of the United States! When will Obama criticize the body count piling up in his home town at the hand of black thugs? I believe he is scheduled to make a statement on the 12th. Of Never!

    As for me, I will like whom I will like and I will dislike whom I choose. My decisions are based on life experiences and observations. And I will apologize to no one. They might take away my life but they cannot take away my ability to think and reason. America will have a true national discussion on race when more people think like me!

    Read more at http://angrywhitedude.com/2014/04/billionaire-liberal-nba-owner-doesnt-like-blacks/#mGTcUtvrMR0HsZvx.99

  3. When the SHTF happens will you still judge blacks by their character?Hell NO ,you will judge them by skin .I might fire one warning shot depending on the situation but the same applies to whites.I have been reading a lot about the SHTF situations that happened in Argentina .You had better be well armed and mentally prepared to fight others including the police.Has a good battle rifle ,a good shotgun and a couple of dependable pistols with at least 2000 rounds for each.These guys also recommend a light bullet proof vest .You can buy a nice vest for under 500 hundred dollars on the internet sites.

  4. I heard the most amazing thing today on Fux Newz by Bernie Goldberg regarding the LA Clippers shitfest.

    He said that since whites are against it, and blacks, and Latinos, and even Asians that ………. wait for it ……… it’s a doozy ……… here it comes …………… RACISM IS CLEARLY DISAPPEARING IN AMERICA. Clearly.

    He needs to meet Billy. And, me. And, a few of you rayciss muthafuckers. Clearly.

  5. Stucky,

    If Bernie sat down with me, you and a couple others and had an honest round-robin over some good bourbon, his head would probably explode.

    Of course, none of it would ever see the light of day in today’s “post-racial” Amerika… flies in the face of the official narrative…

  6. Cliven Bundy speaks the truth from years of experience.

    Some black soldiers defended him because what he said is true. Bundy sounds like a true patriot & the rare man that judges based on character & actions.

  7. The Republican Party and it’s mewling mouthpieces on Faux news are the worst enemy a disunited front of freedom loving Americans could have.At least we know where we stand with the Dems, but not so with the Repugs who will not hesitate to put a knife in anyone backs that makes a stand against the stautus quo of Northern establishment collectivism.


    Rich Lowry Slips His Knife Into Cliven Bundy’s Back

    As we have seen, Cliven Bundy’s #1 champion Sean Hannity turned on him with alarming alacrity after the New York Slimes quoted Bundy out of context to inaccurately portray him as a racist. Given National Review editor Rich Lowry’s repeatedly demonstrated eagerness to fire anyone accused of extracurricular thought crimes, you might imagine his response to the smear job on Bundy would be similar. You would be right — even though Lowry has published notions similar to Bundy’s in his own magazine. Via VDARE.com:


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