As you can see, I’m clearly winning my epic struggle against the evil NSA pawn Google Goliath. It seems my articles about Google struck a nerve and their retribution has been swift. Some people dismissed my contention that Google cut off my ads as a form of censorship because the articles I was writing pissed off the government and corporations that Google works for.

Prior to my run in with Google, the site was averaging approximately 15,000 visitors per day. After my three part expose on Google’s evil, my daily visitor count dropped to 12,000 per day and has stayed in that range. The site did not change. The same websites picked up and republished my main articles. The same volume of posts continue to be made.

I thought that maybe the never ending doom was depressing people and they were drifting away from the site. But a 20% drop seemed a bit much. I figured it out this week.

The Burning Platform does not come up in any Google search unless you enter Burning Platform into the search criteria. The most viewed article I’ve ever written – The Retail Death Rattle – had 30,000 views on my site. It had 77,000 views on Zero Hedge. It went viral and was re-posted on hundreds of sites. It originated on my site. These other sites linked to my site.

If you type the name of the article into the Google search box you receive pages and pages of websites that republished or linked to my article. What you will not find is a search result leading to The Burning Platform where the article was written. Google has completely cut off my site from being accessed through their search engine. Well played you pricks.

So, if someone does a generic search about something I’ve written about, they will never be led to The Burning Platform. This also goes for the other search engines like Startpage, as they clearly are dependent upon Google for their search results.

Anyone who thinks I was just dealing with some computer algorithm that shut down my ads is badly mistaken. There are human beings within Google HQ making decisions to punish those who do not conform.

I don’t give up easily. When I write an article I manually send the link to literally hundreds of people and websites to broaden its viewership. This is where you can help defeat the Evil Google Empire.

  • Send links of articles and posts to all your friends and family through email.
  • Post links to TBP on facebook pages.
  • Post links to TBP within the comment sections of MSM outlets like Marketwatch and the NYT, along with TBP like minded sites.
  • Submit TBP articles to forums like Reddit and the Daily Paul.
  • Think up creative ways to drive traffic to TBP. I can’t do it all.

I consider TBP to be a joint effort. We’re a dysfunctional family of misfits, skeptics, and realists. We can’t let Google and their government co-conspirators silence the truth. Do whatever you can to defeat those evil fucks. And remember our motto:


  1. Sleazy. What we always suspected, but now there’s proof. Another conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact?

    Anyway, your site is the third result for “the retail death rattle” on Ixquick search engine. It doesn’t appear on the first page when using Duck Duck Go. I guess I’ll be using Ixquick 99% of the time going forward. I had already transitioned to using Google only for soft, fluffy, politically correct queries, and something else for non-PC stuff, since I know Google is tracking me the closest.

    1. Bing has TBP as the 4th search result on page 1 for Retail Death Rattle.

      All Hail Microsoft!!!

      Oops!! They’re evil too. This is a really hard battle to fight when you hate everyone.

  2. Of course you’re on the Google hit list. Google is evil incarnate, a finger of the NSA hand of doom. Their day will come, to be judged and punished. They do not support a free country, or even a free internet. Like the elites, they want to control it all. Fuck Google.

  3. Don’t mess with an Irishman. We don’t get made, we get even.

    Will send links to your posts in our weekly email blasts to 1300 people on our list.

    We could also start an online petition – Tell Google to stop suppressing The Burning Platform in its search results. Stand up for free speech

    Google is evil – just like all the other cronies in the fascist clique.

    1. Dutchman

      There is a legitimate reason. Google is out to get me.

      I might be paranoid but that doesn’t mean everyone isn’t out to get me.

      1. It probably didn’t help my cause when my final response to the Google reviewer was a link to my Google articles and a message that they could Blow Me.

  4. I told my co-workers a couple of years ago that Google was burying any sites that showed Obama’s birth certificates (both of them, but especially the long form one) to be forgeries. Any search directed you to “Fight the Smears” or “” (which are totally co-opted). They said I was paranoid. As Max (Tom Sizemore) said in Strange Days, “it’s not whether you’re paranoid – it’s whether you’re paranoid enough”.

    I finally convinced one of our computer geeks (a lib, actually) to look at the identical pixelization picked up by “Miss Tickly” and even he acknowledged that the long-form birth certificate was crafted in a computer.

    No one cares, though, so it doesn’t matter.

  5. Here’s another thing. When copying and pasting articles ALWAYS include the source link. Maybe then the author of the article will include TBP in their “Recommended Links” column.

    I believe I was the first to post articles from Then one day I’m on that site and suddenly I see TheBurningPlatform listed under “Recommended Links”.

    Of course, Admin could have contacted that author, in which case this is a moot point.

  6. Just because you’re paranoid, Admin, doesn’t mean Google is not out to get you.

    I know a little bit about SEO – and the Google Adword/Ad Sense algorithms.

    There are many companies that subcontract for larger corporations like Verizon, ATT and others to allegedly buy the adwords for their clients campaigns. The little guy works on volume, and has to live under Google rules – or they are kicked to the curb. So, all these little guys are probably weeding out the site – just so they will not lose access to Google’s platform.

    One of the best ways to get noticed on search results is to complete all those SEO applications for directories like, Manta, etc. You could list as a media company – and describe your business as promoting free speech. We can also help you complete all those forms for Intellius, PeopleSearch. Once you are listed in those directories, the Burningplatform will automatically populate more page one results.

    I know it’s a pain – but it’s a good way to get under Google’s skin and get more traffic to the site – until they figure it out and block it later.

    Think of this as SEO guerrilla warfare…

    If you need help, lemme know…

    1. Mary

      That information is very helpful. I’ll complete some of those applications and see what happens.

    1. Wyoming Mike

      That has something to do with your computer’s cache. If you go to Norton Safe this is the rating on TBP:

      Norton Rating

      Norton Safe Web has analyzed for safety and security problems.

      Norton Safe Web found no issues with this site.

      •Computer Threats: 0
      •Identity Threats: 0
      •Annoyance factors: 0
      Total threats on this site: 0

  7. Admin,

    I noticed before the the google take down my articles published on TBP under my name would come up in the search engine if I googled my name. Now any of my articles with my name tagged are deeply buried into the search engine. I can find articles from other websites tagged with my name, but none from this site.

  8. That is a low blow.I have been spending time pissing off my own generation. Did you know they are stupid? And geez, you people tore apart my grammar, but these kids can’t write shit.

  9. Also Admin, since Google owns YouTube all YouTube videos posted are counted and help get you on page one in the organic results.

    So, everytime someone posts a video in comments or posts on TBP, they should upload the link back to the post on TheBurningPlatform YouTube Channel. This way, you get double credit for the same post/link.

    Make sense?

  10. Stephanie

    Post something!

    Criticizing your spelling or grammar is getting old. You have me as an ally. Anyone who does so will meet my wrath.

    Except for your Boomer Bashing proclivities, you are provocative and fun and your posts often generate many responses. You haven’t been around for a few weeks, and I am dead serious when I said I missed ya.

  11. Stephanie, They can write – as long as you consider “bcuz” and “b4” to be words. Also, the words “their”, “there” and “they’re” are completely interchangeable.

  12. Sure the “big G” is evil. If the law still mattered in the U.S. they would have been busted up as a monopoly long ago. IMHO they’re the commercial side of the NSA.

  13. Retail Death Rattle does not register on Yahoo. Free shit army does, however.

    Free shit army pops up #4 on Gaggle.

    llpoh pops on gaggle #2, #1 on Yahoo.

  14. Great ideas for posting links to TBD. Think I’ll start with that aspiece of a rag business coloninsider. Changed my search engine too.

    And no, google can’t blow me cuz i don’t want their herpes lips anywhere the family jewels.


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