Last Thursday I was just minding my own business and posting my normal subversive material on The Burning Platform. I was again at war with Google, as they forced one of my new advertising partners to terminate me. I left the office at 4:30 to pick up my mother and take her out to Bertuccis for her birthday. After a few hours of hearing about neighbors, friends and relatives that have died, are dying, or want to die, I was mentally exhausted. I didn’t even try to logon to the site that evening. When I tried to logon Friday morning, I immediately got a timeout message.

I logged onto my DreamHost account where I can view the analytics of what is happening on the site. At exactly 4:20 pm on Thursday afternoon the load time for the site spiked from 1 second to 30 seconds and had stayed at that level permanently. I then entered Live Chat IT Help Desk Hell.

It was not immediately apparent to me the site was under attack because I’m a clueless dolt when it comes to the IT aspects of running a website. I had gone six whole months with no website issues, which was a record for TBP. I wasted the next three days on-line with multiple low level drones from DreamHost giving me horrible advice and offering no help in solving my problem. They at least confirmed that I was under attack. Now I was really pissed. My whole weekend was ruined and I was in a foul mood. You should have seen my reaction when some dude honked at me to move my car so he could get out of a Wawa parking lot when I was at a red light with cars in front and behind me. I was ready to go “Walter” on his ass.

I had previously contracted with Stop the Hacker to fix some weaknesses in the site and asked if they could help. They recommended CloudFlare to fend off denial of service attacks. I signed up for their service and followed all their recommendations to stop the attack. It continued unabated. Now I was really frustrated. I had dropped $200 and had nothing to show for it. The IT guys at CloudFlare were much more helpful than the guys at DreamHost. They told me what DreamHost needed to do to make the CloudFlare protection work. My site’s IP address could not be made public. DreamHost refused to do what we asked.

I was ready to try anything. But my methods were highly unlikely to fix the problem.

By Sunday night I was ready to pull the plug on the site and give up. I had been receiving emails from many of the regulars and people I had never had contact with before offering their good wishes and help. When I was at my low point on Sunday I received an email from a fellow liberty minded, truth telling, oligarch hating blogger. He offered to put me in touch with his webmaster and a beautiful friendship was born.

I felt like the townsfolk in one of Clint Eastwood’s Spaghetti westerns who are being beaten, abused and mistreated by the bad guys. And then The Man With No Name arrives in town and takes on the evil doers with his six shooter.

I finally had someone who knew what they were talking about. His advice to DreamHost was spot on, but they were too stupid to understand what he was talking about. Sometime on Monday I realized my only hope was to convince The Man With No Name to take me on as a client. I asked him to save me from the banditos attacking my tiny site. As a retired gunfighter he was reluctant to enter this battle, but he slept on it and decided to do the right thing and help someone he had never met. He did it because he believes in the things I write about. On Tuesday he went to battle against an enemy that was pounding the site with 48.4 million hits over a 24 hour period.

I gave him access to my CloudFlare account and he immediately went to work assessing the situation with the top notch CloudFlare specialists. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and willingness to try new stuff to fight off the attack. I was copied on the email stream, but was completely clueless reading the various query and code banter that was taking place. The Man With No Name did tell me that this was an extremely sophisticated attack undertaken by really smart people. I guess that rules out the NSA and every other government agency.

The CloudFlare guys had to write a special program to fend off the attack. By Wednesday evening the Man With No Name had vanquished the bad guys. In his spare time he had already set up a server, transferred my databases from DreamHost, and upgraded my WordPress, while getting in some tennis, tending his garden, and drinking some beer.

The emails with offers to help continued to pour in. I’ve received a number of generous donations from TBP fans. The support has been very uplifting. Both David Stockman and Jim Kunstler offered help to get the site back up. I owe a special debt of gratitude to Mike Krieger. I’d also like to thank Thinker and RE for keeping people up to date on my plight. A few websites even ran my Under Attack page. Special thanks to Howe Street, Before It’s News, and Steve Quayle. By the end of the day on Wednesday I was optimistic we could be live today. When Clint said it was ready for prime time, I was psyched. I told him to pull the trigger and let’s resume this gunfight with the evil establishment.

So what did I learn from this experience?

First of all, this was a crime. What was done to my site over the last week was against the law. Do you think the authorities give a shit about me and my website? Do you think the police would undertake an investigation into this crime? Not a chance. They are too busy prosecuting farmers for selling fresh milk, ranchers for letting their cattle graze on grass, and tazering little old ladies on the side of the road. The government was either behind the cyber-attack or cheering it on from the sidelines. The rule of law no longer exists in this country. If you are not part of the establishment, you are the enemy.

I learned that TBP is having an impact. This was not an attack carried out by some pimply teenager in the Ukraine. It was an all-out assault on the truth. It was a blatant attempt at censorship. The attacker was attempting to put my website out of commission for good. They do not like what I have to say. They are worried that too many people will start paying attention to what is really happening in this country.

They know I’m a one man operation with limited financial resources and no technical resources to fight such a major attack. They came close to making me throw in the towel. But what they didn’t realize is that words matter. I’ve written hundreds of articles over the last five years. And people with certain skills I do not have, agree with my point of view. They felt compelled to help me fight this battle. This episode proves to me that the little people can stand up to the oligarchs and win.

The TBP community has lost lots of battles against Google, the MSM, and the government, but we will win the war. This country is headed down the wrong path. The accumulation of debt, suicidal monetary policies, and unsustainable fiscal policies, combined with a totally corrupt political system, and a financial system designed by evil men to benefit evil men, will lead to the destruction of our society. I see it as my duty to my children and the other rational thinking people in this country to tear down the existing establishment at every opportunity. The existing social order must be swept away before progress has a chance.

The oligarchs will not go down without a fight. This past week was the opening volley in this battle for liberty. I fear it will get much worse than a cyber-attack on my website. The mass surveillance of all Americans, military training exercises in American cities, and the trashing of the 4th Amendment are all warning signals not being heeded by the general population.

The coming years will require fortitude, courage to stand up to the establishment, sacrifice, and a will to create a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren. I will keep fighting until some government thugs kick in my front door and haul me off to some FEMA camp. In the meantime, I’m proud to be associated with all the TBP contributors, commenters, and readers. We have a choice between tyranny and liberty. I choose liberty.


  1. I don’t suppose my suggestion to Rand Paul to introduce a “Death to Israel” bill will go anywhere, but my sword is yours and I’ll do what little things I can to fuck with the enemy.

  2. Keep up the fight, Jim. Most of those we fight for will never know enough to even say Thanks, but that’s no reason to give up on principles or liberty.

  3. Jim,

    Would like to help with a small financial donation. Can you facilitate? Your site and your work must stay the course.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Great story. It’s gratifying to know that there are people out there willing to use their skills to help in the fight against tyranny and fascism. That’s what the fascists don’t seem to understand, this is OUR country, not theirs, and we will fight to the death for this country and what we believe in. We will help each other defeat this evil, using our individual skills, and we will prevail, and evil will be destroyed.

    I’m glad you didn’t give up and pull the plug. It’s obvious to me this isn’t going to end peacefully, and the cowards that attacked TBP will never show their faces, because they are fascist scum sucking maggots. When the chips are down, you find out who your friends are. I commend you for your spirit and your courage in the face of evil; because that’s what it is, same as the guy firing the drone missile that vaporizes innocent children, and the fascist POS president that gives the orders. Thanks for sticking with it and not giving up. We will win, and they will lose, one fight at a time.

  5. Admin says: I was ready to go “Walter” on his ass.

    Admin well done !! I am glad you did not cave to the bastards.

    A Big Thank You to the really smart IT guy AKA Clint ” I will kick your ass ” Eastwood.

  6. As I recall, this attack commenced a couple of hours after you posted the llnk I sent with the Goog Adsense story. Sorry this may have triggered the attack, but WTF, I’ll bet you would have done nothing different. I’ll be sending some $ to help in the fight! G

  7. What I learned from this experience.

    1) Without TBP, I feel I have no voice.

    2) Our Administrator is a very, very fine man. A man of courage and persistence. A leader I will gladly follow into the battle.

    Good Night.

  8. I’m glad you did battle with the dark ones and beat them. Now my websearches aren’t all fruitless and, sorry, ZH, but I like TBP over ZH. Their selection of articles has started to trend down in recent months.

  9. Admin.

    This is how much people think of you. This is just one story of many about the net and the governments idea that they will be able to control the net in the case of an ” emergency”.

    I have made comments about the net and how there are a very dedicated group behind the scenes who fight the good fight. These folks put up careers and even safety to get information about the net into the hands of those who can use the information in the event of a major event that would result in government control of the net. On Tuesday the governments job got a whole lot harder.

    After nit being able to get my doomer fix on Monday I finnaly found the bunker note when I searched using dogpile. Funny if you googled theburningplatform down you got shit. On Tuesday I was at my desk at the shop when a customer came in for service. After scheduling the repairs I went back to my desk and once again looked for tbp. I then had to work with a vendor on some returns and left my browser open on the search page. When I got done the customer asked me about tbp and then just kind of blurted out that he was a fan. He then asked about me and weather I posted to the site. I told him I was a commenter but not a poster and I asked him to think about where he was and what I did and he took less than 5 seconds to spout my handke. I kindred soul. But one who could change a lot.

    Turns out this guy was involved in fiber cable for North America. He works for a company that is laying net2.0 fiber fucking EVeRY Where. After talking about JQ and the net and the government for an hour him and I went to lunch. Nice Mexiczn spot down the street with a great carnitas platter. Afterword when we got back he spent some time on his laptop and then just before he left he gave me a USB flashdrive.

    This guy gave me 90% of the arcitecture to 2.0 with locations and physical routs.

    He said he knows what this means. He told me to get it out. I have done so.

    The fact that I have done so means nothing to me. They will not be able to trace it past me. It is out there now. They could not stop it if they tried. To many people know the physical points for the government to take out the information system at this point.

    I had always thought that other people get to do things that matter. Turns out that posting on some blog put me into a position where I could mKe a difference.

    Come get me fuckers. Bring friends. I do not post much anymore due to some health issues. Turns out my persistant cough is bad and I dont really need to worry about long term preppin anymore.

    Did what I could.

  10. BTW-I have no better place to post this comment, so what the hell, here goes.

    For those who care, tomorrow is May 9th, Victory Day in Russia.
    Regardless of how you feel about dirty Russkies, they’re still not dirty Nazis, and you have to respect Ivan, the world’s hardest, toughest, most shit-on infantry grunt ever. He must have been, to be advancing against German guns while Russian ones were also pointed at him.
    Regardless of what’s happening now, they deserve props for what they did.

    So, as they used to put it, Pobeda! Za Rodinu! URRRAAH!


  11. Admin, I would gather the info you need from your new IT people and file a criminal police report. Making it official might just come in handy some day. If the oligarchs end up swinging from lamp posts you won’t need it. If they instead end up in court it will be more ammo against them.

    Welcome back fine sir!

  12. Admin – I saw that Google article, and I when I couldn’t get on your site, the first thing I thought of was that article. Bastards!

    Thank you to “The Man With No Name”!!!!! What an absolutely great man you are for doing what you’ve done, giving your precious time to help a wonderfully funny storyteller, a gifted writer, a man who screams at injustice and who obviously is upsetting some very important people. It is people like you who make this world a better place. Thank you again.

    Admin, I’m so glad you didn’t give up. You did it, you beat them! You really do make one hell of a difference. Thank you for all you do.

    JIMSKI – great story. Take care of yourself.

  13. By Monday, I was really wondering what was up. After some fruitless searching I decided to post on GLP and ask if anyone knew what was going on. I posted simply,

    Topic – The Burning Platform,
    Message – Has been down since Friday, anyone know what is going on?

    Within one minute the post was deleted. Then I knew something nefarious was going on.

    It was then that I remembered RE’s site and got the update I was looking for.

  14. Jim, as I said, I had full faith in you. Thought about sending an email, but was reasonably certain you had enough problems to deal with.

    Is there any way of finding out who it was? Enquiring minds indeed want to know. If it is a matter of money, then we should pass the plate.

    Congrats. Good has triumphed over evil.

  15. It could have been anyone… The Admin has motherfucked so many. Google, China, the NSA, the French.

    It probably wasn’t the French.

  16. “Punk in Drublic says: It probably wasn’t the French.”

    WTF? there’s currently 3 French people following the site, and I’m one of them. do you really think the F.gov gives a fuck about TBP? slow down on crack at breakfast.

    there’s an important lesson to be learned after this few days. we – all of us – are too dependant on the internet to get the informations and the warnings we need. what is currently a strengh will become a weakness when the kill switch will be used. and it will be used
    If TBP members from a geographical area knew each others, the impact of an internet disruption would be widely soften. furthermore, different geographical area could communicate off the grid with BLU radios.
    In clear, it’s not only growing potatoes in the garden that is important. organising communications for the day after is equally important. there’s lot of people that would not have ended in trains if they had been warned early enough during WW2…

  17. why not organising a giant physical TBP meeting somewhere? anyway ID of people that connect to the site is already known by the fuckers.

    kind of Vendetta. lol

  18. “…IP address could not be made public.”

    So, if the IP address had been put in the address bar instead of ‘theburningplatform.com’ would the site have come up?

    I remember copying IP addresses made available by a few sites I frequented just in case the internet was fucked with.

    Does the IP address for this site begin with 162.159…?

  19. Glad you are back up Jimmy Boy, and glad you found your own Gunfighter too.

    The Diner underwent similar problems about a year ago, which is when I hooked up with another IT Pro and his friends, who I refer to as the Database Cavalry from California


    To keep these sites up, we absolutely need folks like this, they provide the back end defense against all the attacks you get running website that does not toe the line to MSM Propaganda.

    I encourage all IT and Database Professionals to hook together to develop Open Source protection for our websites. All for One, and One for All.



  20. I’m with Stucky. Tastes like chicken. God bless you, Jim Quinn. I don’t know what the fuck a wawa is, but I’m still with you.

  21. I think you’ve got more support than you realize!!!

    Keep up the fight and the good work, if we can only awaken a few % of the sheeple, we might be getting somewhere.

    1. Just to let you know, the attack continues. There have been 32 million hit ATTEMPTS on the site in the last 24 hours. CloudFlare is fending them off.

      We’ve narrowed the suspects down to these guys.

  22. admin, for us shit throwing monkeys sake,I’m overjoyed you came though battle unscathed and the stronger for it….made some worthy friends and gained a humpity doo of publicity…the unintended consequences of the cowardly action of curs launching DDOS.
    It’s often been said that which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.And thus it is so.
    Glad to have you back at the helm of my #1 first thing in the morning go to news source.

    The vermin who play at denial of free speech eat shit.

  23. Glad to see you back, sorry for the inconvenience you’ve had to deal with on behalf of your readers. A lesser man would have thrown in the towel.

    If you want to organize Burning Platform Fest I will offer my farm for the event and roast a fattened calf- and a suckling pig for good measure. All proceeds to your continued operation.

  24. Good to have you back Jim, can’t agree more with those who say it would have been so easy to just give up.

    I’ll have to admit that I feared the worst, you do know you live in a pretty risky place.

    Would love it if the “Fest” actually happened. I’m in for a bunch of wine, cellar is overstocked anyway.


    1. I can’t believe you guys missed the last TBP picnic. It was a blast. We held it at Sensetti’s house.

  25. You were missed. You matter to me more than I thought you did.

    Thanks for fighting back. Really, thank you for not giving up.

    This has been a rather frightening lesson as to the extensive manipulation TPTB will exert to censor the voices in the wilderness.

    They’re scared of you Jim.

  26. What was most concerning to me was not really the loss of TBP which would be bad enough, but the realization that those fighting against sites like this were winning, that was the hardest assessment.

    And when you came roaring back with spit and fire?

    Damn man, that is a great feeling!

  27. So glad that the website is backup online. Had a massive withdrawal last few days.

    The rss feed is not working. It was working prior to the attack. Please fix this…the latest 8 or so articles do not appear in the feed…the last article i see in the feed is


    Thanks a lot. Long Live TBP……

  28. @Jimbo: No, you are not paranoid, they ARE out to get you. Your articles are clearly reaching a lot of people and that is scaring the crap out of TPTB. People ARE waking up and they are PISSED, and heavily armed as well.

    That is what the Clive Bundy thing was all about, really. The whole issue of grazing rights and taxes was bull shit – it was all about an overreaching, out of control, and corrupt fed.gov and its minions in the unelected, unaccountable alphabet agencies trampling all over people’s Constitutionally guaranteed rights. That hundreds of heavily armed people were willing to stand up to the fed.gov goons caused a few tight sphincters in Mordor on the Potomac.

    TBP posted multiple articles in support of Clive Bundy, as I recall. DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THE ATTACK ON YOUR SITE WAS JUST A SPONTANEOUS EVENT?

    This is going to bake your noodle as well: It was great that you had so much support from the Liberty community, very heartening and it warms the cockles of my shriveled black-nailed cynical wee little heart, it really does. Gots a tear in me eye, I does.

    But, again, what a wonderful way for the fed.gov to come right behind such a show of support and take some names, hmmm, how many of your supporters now are in a file at NSA called “Domestic Terrorists”, as Dirty Harry so aptly put it???? I would be my doomstead that all those folks at the Bundy Ranch are in the same file.

    Does this mean we give up? That we “go underground”? That we retreat into silence and obedience and fear?

    HELL NO! It means we continue to spread the word, recruit others, ORGANIZE, find alternative ways of communication, get your site to an off shore server, etc. etc.

    We need to become a Multi-Headed Hydra of Civil Disobedience, yeah, the MORE there are of us, the harder it is for the fed.gov Leviathan to pivot to find us.

    (Just one bummer here for me. Since Kunstler gave you some support, I will have to rein in my snarking at his articles, sigh.)

  29. “There are two kinds of men, those with loaded guns and those who dig.”

    Jim keep your powder dry and you weapons loaded, we know who the enemy is, even if he won’t show his face. I guess I will just have to dig.


  30. Jim glad to see you’re back. I get so much from your site one of the best on the web. Walter on their ass was great lmao. Could not have a more fitting quote then Jefferson at the end.

  31. Yes, the scumbags that caused this attack know its a crime, but they also know they will never get caught 🙁 Very bad, immoral people…I bet if their mothers knew about their criminal behavior they would be disgusted. Anyway, welcome back, Jim

  32. Admin, way to hang in there and get the right folks to help you get TBP back online.

    I’m curious which entity, be it guv or google or independent hackers, was primarily responsible for this. Given your rank by Alexa of #40,891 (U.S.) and #117,255 (global, down 32k in the last 3 months according to their website), it’s hard to imagine the guv doing this. I would not put it past Google, however, just as a spite on their part (maybe even with some NSA goons’ help on the side) for your well-deserved tirades towards them.


    Your traffic graph indicates an upswing, however:


    As someone suggested, you should file a criminal complaint if possible. Is there any way to identify the culprits at this time, or is forensic data that can be obtained (server logs, router logs, intrusion detection device logs, etc.)?

    Your post to Doomstead Diner the other day said your normal traffic is 10-12k hits per day, which at face value seems tiny, but as you said, someone must be getting offended to assault your site in this manner. I don’t know of any better website to receive the blistering tomes you manage to crank out, and the comments are entertaining as well as (sometimes) educational!

  33. Admiln.,

    What amazes me, that you resolved the issues so quickly. The people who got your back were really good.

  34. Thank the sweet baby Jesus – TBP is back online. I still like to lurk to read articles, and the comments from the usual riffraff. Without TBP, the entire internet is full of the coal-burning escapades of Kardashian sluts and crippled animals making inter-species friends. There is nothing that prevents internet-induced depression for me like some scathing doom coverage. Welcome back everyone, thank you Jim, shout out to RE for keeping us informed on the doomstead diner as to what was going on here at TBP. Oh yeah, and fuck you Google.

  35. @Admin:

    Why can’t we vote? My ego misses all the thumbs up I usually get, heh heh, and the thumbs down I get, while rare, helps keep my megalomania in line.

    Seriously, I wonder if these website attacks are a sneaky way to flush out a troublesome’s website or person’s supporters.

    I mean, if I was an Evil Genius Behind the NSA Curtain, that’s what I would do.

    OPSEC, my friends.

  36. To whoever helped Jim, thank you for doing the right thing – and to Jim for persevering. So glad you’re back up and running, I’m was shocked at how much I missed TBP – guess I’m not ready to push away from the dock.

  37. Ken says: The rss feed is not working.

    It is working now, delete the feed and resubscribe. It worked for me.

  38. The Man With No Name is trying to find a voting plug-in that will work with the updated version of WordPress we are now on.

    I keep wanting to give thumbs up to everyone’s comments but get foiled every time.

  39. Well, if the man with no name hasn’t already – I think his avatar should be “Clint” with a special super-cool avatar/logo thingy.

  40. Welcome back and well done. I am sure you are sick to death of tech stuff, but since you never know when the next attack will occur, I should like to make a recommendation. http://meowbit.com/what-is-dot-bit/ — you can set up a mirror on the .bit domain for less than a dollar. .bit is not controlled by any country in particular and the project is run by an independent liberty guy. you would then have to post simple instructions for people to access the site before another attack occurs. if you want to get your story out as well i suggest freetalklive.com. they will take your call and have a large liberty base that is also tech-inclined.

  41. Admin
    As one of the minority around the country who tell the truth about our charade of a economy and all the corruption, I’m very glad you’ve got your site back up so we can all continue “the good fight” as others have mentioned – plus keep encouraging others to visit,comment, and bring ever more people to this site so they too can understand the truth – and make every effort to replace the corrupt establishment to rescue themselves and their future.

  42. Way to go JQ! Pretending to be busy at work was not nearly as fulfilling for the last couple days. Good to have you back brother.

  43. Absolutely nothing like a bunch of Rednceks drinking beer, eatin BBQ, and participating in mud festivities. It takes very little production to start a party here in the Ozarks. You know you had a kick ass time when wake in the yard.

  44. HZK said:
    “But, again, what a wonderful way for the fed.gov to come right behind such a show of support and take some names, hmmm, how many of your supporters now are in a file at NSA called “Domestic Terrorists”, as Dirty Harry so aptly put it????”

    Fuck ’em! They can gather all the names they want. At this point the only people they do not consider to be terrorists are the scum sucking lap hounds known as Congress and the Supreme Court.

    They are genuinely fearful of the free flow of information and that is a good thing. I’ve said for years that “they” pulled the trigger on this collapse a bit too soon and that single mistake will bite them in the ass one day.

  45. You can bet Admin will get the thumbs buttons working ASAP.

    Without the ability to game the thumb votes, he knows he will never again be able to claim victory in a flamefest against me – he always loses, of course, but attempts to claim victory based on the votes, which we all know he rigs.

    Someone is spending some moola sending out those denial of service attacks, or they have bots at work. Sounds like someone or thing with deep pockets.

  46. I shall get thumbs working. We have a few options. I’ll put it to a shit throwing monkey vote tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll reach a 100% consensus, like always. 🙂

  47. I checked the site every night hoping it would again work… So happy you are back.

  48. The Eastwood film came from a Japanese film named Yojimbo made in 1961, you can find it on the intertube. But I am sure that is not the man with no name name.

  49. Quite frankly, I think TBP deserves a hearty kick in the ass for the stupidity of endorsing and promoting racist commentary and sentiment.

    A genuine libertarian perspective does not accommodate ANY ‘ism’ – doing so plays into the hands of the state and TPTB. Why would a so-called libertarian site promote an ideology which helps the state divide and conquer?

  50. Karalan the fucking moron shows up. How nice.

    TBP promotes no such thing, asshole. However, it does not dodge the issue of rampant crime, total disintegration of the family structure, enormous cost of social welfare systems, illiteracy, drug addiction, etc. among the black population of the US.

    The black society in the US is a fucking disgrace. And it is not all the fault of whitey.

    But lets all bury our head in the sand and pretend all those problems do not exist.

    What a maroon Karalan is.

  51. Lots of old names popping up. You have many supporters, Admin. When you find the entity responsible… If you do…. You have your own army.


  52. Lipoh, you are surely correct about the destruction among black families, and all the social ills that come with that.

    But is the color of their skin the real culprit? Have you noticed the same thing is happening among whites? Those millions of non-working EBT-loving Americans ain’t all black, not by a long shot.

    For some insight, check out this link. http://www.avoiceformen.com/sexual-politics/m-g-t-o-w/black-men-first-then-the-rest/

    (This is a black dude who is just as opposed to the destruction of families as you or anyone else – most of what he says is spot on; most honest people will find themselves nodding in agreement).

    And really folks, do stories and comments raging against ‘niggers’ help or hinder the libertarian cause? Do they generate real solutions, or lead to greater division and conflict?

  53. Lipoh, a classic tactic of divide and rule politics is to give people a binary choice (you’re either with us or against us, it’s whitey’s fault or the fault of blacks, if you don’t support homeland security then you’re a terrorist, etc.).

    The predictable result is that people are led into a false explanation which in fact serves no one but the state in its never-ending war on the people.

    The link in my post immediately above offers a third perspective – the perspective of a black man who shares a lot of values with many of the people on this site.

  54. Karalan – there are many issues, and there are many low life whites. It is the percentages that are different. That 75 percent of black children are born out of wedlock is truly shocking. That ten percent of the population sucks up 40 percent of all welfare money is disgusting. That blacks commit murder at what, ten times more frequency than whites is abhorrent. That almost no white on black crime is committed, but black on white crime is in plague proportion is an abomination.

    Why do folks rage agains “niggers” (not a term I use)? It is because black society is a disgrace. And people are sick of it. And to even discuss the disgrace gets a person labelled a racist.

    A few folks here use the term nigger, but not many. And of those, I suspect that they take each black individual as they come, and treat them fairly and with respect. But fact is, the criminal, drug-addled, anti-social, anti-white, anti-education sub-set of all all blacks is so huge and destructive that it creates a great deal of animosity within a group of hard-working, honest folks that hang out on TBP.

    Is it what is being said here that is the problem, or s it the lefty media that screams racism at every turn while ignoring the truth of the message.

    If this shit does not get straightened out, there will eventually be blood on the streets, when honest folk can take no more.

  55. karalan, thank da’ lawd for affirmative action…it’s is the only way peoples of color can achieve da’ gratnuss dey’ deserves..

    The Wrong Stuff — The Ed Dwight Story: John F. Kennedy’s Crusade to Find and Promote a “Negro Astronaut”…

    The Kennedy Administration found their magic flying negro: the only problem was Dwight couldn’t pass the requirements to be an astronaut. From Phelps book, we learn Colonel Chuck Yeager was the one man who dared judge Ed Dwight by the content of his character instead of giving him an immediate, Kennedy Administration approved pass because of the advantageous color of his skin:

    Meanwhile, Colonel Yeager’s dim view of Dwight’s abilities grew. Yeager later maintained that Dwight’s abilities were so lacking “we set up a special tutoring program to get him through the academics, as I recall, he lacked the engineering [background] that the other students had.”

    Yeager further observes that Dwight worked hard, as did his tutors, but adds that “Dwight just couldn’t hack it… didn’t keep up in flying.” Yeager claims to have worked with Dwight on his flying, but he noted that “our students were flying at levels really beyond his experience. The only prejudice against Dwight,” Yeager recalls, wagging a literary finger,” was the conviction that he was not qualified to be in the school” in the first place. (p. 20)

    For his trouble in not placing Dwight high enough in the training program, Yeager was called before multiple Civil Rights inquiries, who hounded him with a tenacity not seen until Eric “My People” Holder’s Department of Justice got a hold of George Zimmerman.

    This isn’t a joke.

    This happened.

    Yes, NASA at its earliest stages had already been infiltrated by the Black-Run America (BRA) virus. Had Kennedy not been assassinated, who knows how many more blacks would have been pushed into NASA? [Where We Were: A portrait of America on November 22, 1963 during the last innocent hours before John F. Kennedy was murdered, People Magazine, 9-28-1988]:

    The Old Negro Space Program

  56. Karalan The problem with your argument is that your aim is to shut down and limit debate, much like a child holding their breath until they get their way.

  57. It’s good to see your back up and running. When I could not get on the other day I knew you were under attack for too much truth telling.

    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

    ― George Orwell

  58. Jim – I have made a small contribution, wish I could do more, more often.
    Thank you sincerely for all you do in this fight.

  59. The RSS feed is now working. I didn’t have to delete and then add back….It started working sometime between yesterday and today.

    However, the count is incorrect. It shows one more than the actual number of unread articles. Also, the articles from May 8/9 don’t show up in the feed.

    Also, can you please include the entire article in the feed? You can have ads there…would make things much more easier to read…

    Thanks alot


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