Obama and his minions have touted the huge success story of saving this murdering union controlled abortion of a company. They used your tax dollars, ignored bankruptcy law, and kept this piece of shit alive in order to keep their union constituents happy. Even though auto sales are supposedly booming, this company manages to lose money. They jam millions of vehicles onto overflowing dealer lots and call it sales. They have their government financing arm ALLY FINANCIAL dole out 0% seven year loans to deadbeats in the inner cities so the free shit army can drive Escalades.The bad debt loses will fall on the taxpayer.

In the meantime, the management of this fucked up company do presentations to employees about what not to put into emails. Every week we get a new revelation of defects, cover-ups and deaths of innocent people. Where is Obama now? Where is MSNBC and the union loving press? After reading the documents below, how can top executives of this company not be in jail?

Via Doug Ross


2008 GM document warned engineers to avoid “widow-maker”, “deathtrap”, “decapitate”, “Hindenburg” and other inflammatory words

You may recall that GM has suffered from a series of embarrassing product defects and recalls including one that the company “didn’t fix until 13 people had died.”

Patrick George at Jalopnik discovered a GM Powerpoint that illustrates how the automobile manufacturer went so far off the rails related to a whole host of catastrophic product defects.

George calls the presentation a “smoking gun” intended to dissuade employees from candidly discussing safety issues. In fact, one panel goes so far as to request that engineers avoid the use of the words “defect” or “safety” and instead focus on “issue, condition or matter.”

One panel offers a laundry list of words to avoid including “disemboweling”, “impaling”, “maiming”, and “mangling” even if, presumably, victims were in fact disemboweled, impaled, maimed and mangled by said vehicles.

So Toyota committed no such crimes and was forced to pay billions in fines (after laughably being accused by Eric Holder of a “cover up”) while GM really does cover up a “death trap” and will pay $35 million?

Sounds fair.

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  1. The fascists are in control of the justice department and the presstitutes of the media. We are WOROL. It does not matter what kind of law Congress writes. The Executive will use its discretion to protect its friends and punish its enemies.( IRS scandal)

    The fascists will continue to do this until they are held accountable.

  2. This is an Onion article, right? Because when the engineers and designers have to be told not to refer to their company’s products as:
    Powder Keg
    “words or phrases with Bibilical connotations”
    Rolling Sarcophagus
    there seems to be a bit of an issue with the company’s products.

    I can’t help thinking only a moron would be GM at this point. Actually, after the govt took them over, I figured it wasn’t a healthy proposition, but this strains the limits of credulity.

    Seriously, where have you ever worked where safety was ignored to the point the designers and engineers used the hilarious adjectives above? Words can’t describe to you just how hard I am laughing as I look back at that list. Cobain!? Hindenburg!? Kevorkianesque?!?!?!!!!
    I’m laughing my ass off.
    Goobermint Moturds is sooooo doomed.

  3. That would almost be funny if it weren’t true.

    GM is a statist, centrally planned company, thanks to Obama the socialist. The reason statist, centrally planned socialist economies and governments collapse is because they make a catastrophic mess of production and distribution of goods. Sure enough, Obama and his socialist minions have destroyed GM. You can run a government with imbeciles, the bottom 50% tile dipshits, the 30 million union government drones. But not a company.

    Obama, the king Midas of shit; everything he touches turns to shit. Everything.

  4. Had a 1982 Corvette once. Fabulous car for Mama to drive to the grocery store in.

    I wouldn’t pay the registration on another GM car if thay gave me the car for “free”!


  5. I went into work Friday bitching about GM being fined a lousy $35 million. My libtard coworker “informed me” that $35 mil was “the maximum fine” because the NY Times had told him so. I called bullshit. Even if there is some $35 million limitation in law on the particular fine assessed, it doesn’t mean the government couldn’t have come at GM in 49 other ways. Obama whacked BP $20 billion in a heartbeat. Hell they should be criminally prosecuting GM’s management for being part of a criminal conspiracy. A $35 million fine is a joke, but they don’t want to taint Obama’s GM “success”.

  6. Well, all you overweight white trasher anti-union types: I have some bad news for you. First, the vast majority of this scandal took place BEFORE GM became government motors. Since (unlike VW!) there are no union members on GM’s board of directors, shouldn’t you be blaming the blue suit wearing Presbyterian guys who (supposedly) manage the company and make these decisions? Finally, I have some bad news for “car morons” like you who know NOTHING about automobiles: the Chevy SONIC, diesel and eco CRUZE, IMPALA, and CORVETTE are class leaders in their respective categories. All you old white men driving Chrysler K-cars have only one requirement in a car: that it is constructed by poorly paid, religiously superstitious, overweight workers from third world countries like ALABAMA..

    1. Looks like Fulton J. Waterloo is an Obama loving apologist for the worst run company in America. I love when a liberal douchebag takes a shit on the site so we can see how someone with an IQ of 75 responds to facts. The usual liberal talking points spewed with hatred and vitriol. Thanks for dropping by. Now back to watching Sharpton and Matthews work themselves into a foaming at the mouth frenzy about evil libertarians.

  7. That is some CRAZY stuff Econman posted on that link. Technology will eventually force the system to change. Technology has made it possible to produce more cheaply and at a much faster rate than we can consume. At the same time, more labor is replaced by robotic tech, so there is less money available for consumption. This is totally imcompatible with the infinite growth/profit model we are in now. Massive deflation in prices would be a solution, but that would destroy other parts of the system that are now too “fixed” to allow that. Besides the fact that we don’t have a source of infinite energy yet, and there is none in sight that does not have potentially worse or equal environmental consequences. Quite a conundrum indeed…

  8. They banned the words “Safety-related”, “Safety”, “Failure”, and “Defect”? It’d be one thing if they were against hyperbole (I’ll have to look up “Kevorkianesque”), but how the hell are you suppose to have solve a problem if you are so strangled in idiocy that the word “bad” is banned?

    The car is anti-good; it may be lethal at any point when the engine is not-off and produce results that look like God sucker-punched the riders everywhere.


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