The US Government Explained In One Chart

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The oligarchic pilfering and capital misallocating and squandering network of insiders known as “government” truly deserves a picture rather than 1000 words.



Still, here are a few words via Bill Bonner from Acting Man blog, who explains that…

Government’s primary concern is not to protect its citizens or their economy. Instead, it aims to transfer more power, status, and wealth to the elite who control it (the oligarchs).

And to do that, it must keep the masses (the poligarchs) sedated. As Charles Hugh Smith, chief writer at OfTwoMinds.com, explains:

The State has two core mandates: enforce quasi-monopolies and cartels for private capital, and satisfy enough of the citizenry’s demands for more benefits to maintain social stability. If the State fails to maintain monopolistic cartels, profit margins plummet and capital is unable to maintain its spending on investment and labor. Simply put, the economy tanks as profits, investment and growth all stagnate. If the State fails to satisfy enough of the citizenry’s demands, it risks social instability.”

The feds will be the borrowers of last resort. But the money won’t be invested in a brighter future. It will be pilfered and squandered.

And then what?

4 thoughts on “POWER, STATUS & WEALTH”

  1. That chart pretty well spells it out. The only thing missing, that will bring down the entire house of cards, is debt. The Fed and the oligarchs got to be fabulously wealthy and powerful by creating more debt than the world has ever seen. And the Fed and the criminals in Washington keep creating more debt, and further devaluing the dollar. The dollar is the last twig to break, and it’s getting very flimsy. Debt and the collapse of the dollar will bring the entire house of cards tumbling down on our heads. Enjoy yourself while you still can.

    “Pan told his audience, as well as any foreign investor that cares to listen, that China would continue to promote “a new and more efficient system”, i.e. specifically one which is not dominated by the United States and the US dollar.

    The entire world is screaming for this to happen.

    Think about it– most of the world’s population, its productive capacity, its savings, and much of its natural resources, are in developing markets, especially in Asia.

    The West has just a small percentage of global population… and nearly all of its DEBT.

    How much longer can the West expect to continue to finance its debt-based standard of living on the backs of laborers earning $10/day in developing countries?

    There will be a rebalancing. To believe otherwise is absolutely foolish.

    And as China is set to overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy this year, they’re the obvious candidates to lead the charge.

    Like a boxer telegraphing his punches, China is practically banging its shoe on the podium telling the rest of the world what’s going to happen… and soon.”

  2. Regardless of the pain many of us have suffered, and are suffering, from the actions of the current regime, I think it’s time we all faced one important fact. To wit, this whole affair is “lather, rinse, repeat”. I think the Oligarchs want a collapse, since they’ve positioned themselves to profit from it, and it’s just another mechanism for shaking down their “downline”.
    In short, this will never be “over”. Dark days are ahead I fear.

  3. I blame two entities in America for the concentration of power: the Federal Reserve and the car.

    I probably don’t have to explain the Fed part, but if you think about it without cars Americans would spend their money primarily at businesses run by and selling products made by their neighbors simply because it would be so hard to move around. There would be big businesses, but nothing like today.

    The country would be entirely different if Americans gave up their strong preference for buying from the largest of corporations. My mantra has become to try to buy from the smallest businesses, preferencing even the 1-2 person business over the 2-3 person business.

  4. Westcoaster makes a very important point. The horribly evil people we all want rid of – are probably well positioned to maintain or increase their power after the supposed reset. You need to be aware of this, identify who those people are, and work to prevent it.


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