If the U.S. corporate propaganda media machine isn’t reporting it, then it isn’t happening. Right?

The slaughter of civilians is being done by the “good guys”, so it is OK in Obama and McCain’s eyes. One Party.


  1. Thousands have died or been wounded.

    SITREP from the front lines by “Juan”

    This is the latest “SITREP from the front lines” sent by “Juan” to whom I am immensely grateful for sharing this information with us.

    The Saker

    A lot has happened since I wrote the last items for the Saker. The situation in the south and east of Ukraine is quite fluid and changes by the hour.

    Early on 24 May 2014 strong movements of Nats units began, converging on the city of Slavyansk and it’s outlying towns and villages.

    One armor battalion of the Nats Army moved at speed to the east from their lager some distance away from Slavyansk. This was an ‘all arms’ movement, the tank companies consisting of upgraded main battle tanks and including at least one Oplot upgraded T80 known as T84,the usual variants of BMP tracked light armored vehicles and BTR troop carriers, many soft skin vehicles (trucks, fuel bowsers, support vehicles amongst others) and the usual large numbers of troop filled trucks. Accompanying this unit was a battery of Msta self propelled howitzers of 15.2 cm main gun size, the howitzer being in a rotating and lightly armored turret built on an older main battle tank chassis. Also in the train was at least one battery of Grad missile launchers.

    This unit stopped on the outskirts of Slavyansk on 24 May and stood down for most of 25 May.

    Numerous other Nats units, some armored and some not, also moved on 24 May to positions close to Slavyansk and the outlying areas. Most of these units appear to be national guard/right sector units.


    For the Nats national guard/right sector units, morale appears to be the same, most quite motivated, a few not. However, they have yet to prove they can stand and fight. This mode, ‘stand and fight’, is the essence of combat and always has been. If the Nats right sector units will not stand and fight then they are useless in any campaign and will only pursue their penchant for terror aimed at unarmed civilians with the resultant anger on the part of the civilians.

    Many of the right sector units are composed mainly of young men, many veterans of the brawling in Kiev during the maidan debacle but few with military experience. It is quite one thing to stand against highly trained but unarmed police and Berkut units (unarmed meaning no weapons beyond short truncheons and shields) and rather a different experience to fight armed units who have every intention of killing you.

    The consist of a combat unit is of the utmost importance when going in to combat. As I explained earlier the Nats army does not have a professional NCO corp nor does it have the tradition of such a corp and as such there are few if any combat experienced sarjanti to train and guide these totally inexperienced and poorly trained young men as they enter in to the world of War. Mentioning this failure on the part of the Nats Army and right sector units does not violate my policy of not giving them ideas to improve their units and tactics. It takes years to form, train and deploy such a cadre and in this instance they do not have the time nor the will to do so.

    I have seen extant videos of these young men joyfully riding around on various vehicles, laughing and smiling. I have also seen these same young men in videos as they rolled in to a set piece ambush, I’ve seen the look of surprise turn to horror to realization they are going to die in seconds. And die they did, shot down by the people who intended to kill them in the beaten zone.

    It remains to be seen how these losses, and there has been more than a few of these incidents, will affect the overall morale of right sector units. The losses to right sector have been quite large. The losses are kept secret as much as possible, however the total losses in KIA are approaching 900, possibly more, in the last 3 weeks alone. Wounded are reported to be half of that. Many of the wounded and dead are reported to be evacuated to Kharkov in a clandestine manner and treated at close facilities. We’ll leave it at that, although anyone willing to dig a little can find what and where this event happens and how. I will say this about losses, though. It is an established fact that for most units in a combat situation, either actually fighting or in lagers preparing to fight, that 10% or so of your losses are self inflicted one way or another. Accidents do happen, especially when you have a bunch of young men running around with all kinds of dangerous little items that go ‘bump’ in the night so to speak. Relatively inexperienced drivers piloting large and cumbersome vehicles do hit things, misjudge curves and embankments and roll the vehicle, weapons not treated with the utmost respect do have a nasty habit of discharging at an inopportune moment. Thus ‘non combat’ casualties are generated with surprising regularity and the dead are just as dead as if they were killed in combat. As an aside, I have always beaten in to my men, either those I was training or those I was serving with, rank didn’t matter, that there is no such thing as an ‘unloaded weapon’. Period.

    Nats Regular Army units are still to an extent an unknown entity as far as morale goes. The entire army knew of the right sector attack on the Ukraine Army unit of 22 May. Since that time there have been more reports, some confirmed, of Ukraine Army units going over to the Federalist side. There have also been two reports, one patently confirmed, of Ukraine Army units that planned to either stand down or switch sides and were promptly slaughtered by right sector, the confirmed one involving 28 soldiers killed.

    The tank battalion looked good and looked motivated when they were in transit. However, they have not seen combat yet. The Feds have no tanks and no air assets so any combat with tanks on the Fed side will mean someone has to do something unkind to the tanks on the ground, up close and personal. This takes experience and courage. Can the Feds do it? Yes. Will the Nats get their act together on how to use armor? That is unknown and only time will tell and I’m certainly not going to give them the slightest idea how.

    Before I go in to the Federalist side morale, I first want to put to rest a phrase often heard in both media reports and civilian conversations. Late me state this once and only once. There is no such thing as a ‘bullet proof vest’. Period. The phrases used by the military are ‘ballistic armor’, ‘body armor’ and an older phrase of ‘flak vest’. This vest and accompanying accouterments do offer some protection against rounds and shrapnel but are in no way ‘bullet proof’, they are ‘bullet resistant’. The material works by dissipating the kenetic energy of an impacting object by spreading the force of the impact through the fabric around the impact sight. Some vests are far better than others depending on the development level of the manufacturer and the standards of the manufacturing contract. I know of none that will stop a modern high energy round fired from a modern rifle at less than 75 meters. Anyone who has information on the latest and greatest of these vests, feel free to correct me. These vests will normally not stop a pointed weapon, read bayonet, when used directly at the vest. However, many years ago when I was in advanced training my grizzled old Sarjant, who had fought on both the East and West Fronts during The War, made it very clear to me what would happen if he ever saw me use the bayonet when I had rounds left in my automat. I have never forgotten his graphic description, told in clinical detail, the gentlest part involving how many teeth one needs to chew a piece of bread (two are needed, according to him the rest are redundant).

    75 meters you say with raised eyebrows? Yes. Look around you. Go out in the woods and look, see how far you have visuals. Go in to a town or city and look. How far can you see when huddled against a building or an alley or in a doorway? Most modern combat is at ranges of less than 50 meters unless you are on the wide open steppes or plains or desert. In built up areas this goes down to even less in house to house fighting, read up close and personal. Now, how to get around this problem will not be revealed in this writing and you know why.


    Morale is generally quite high. They have been reinforced of late with some experienced volunteers, most notably yesterday in Donetsk City seen publicly when the Vostok Battalion arrived to the cheers and tears of the populace. I have also heard various accents in Russian, most notably the soft, almost Southern Drawl of the Chechnyans.

    The Feds will fight and seem to be quite well trained, witness the losses they have inflicted on the right sector units and the very few Nats units that have attacked them at close range.

    The problem for the Feds is the Nats have stand off arty up to and including the aforementioned Msta 152 cm howitzers and they have tanks, real tanks, on the edge of the combat areas now. As an aside, a ‘tank’ is not every vehicle with either tracks or wheels that has a turret and a weapon in said turret. A ‘tank’ refers to a ‘Main Battle Tank’, a heavily armored and armed vehicle with tracks and a rotating turret with a good sized piece of artillery in said turret. The Feds have no tanks to my knowledge but, reality being reality, I would not tell you if they did and I knew. They do have a very few BTR and BMP units, lightly armored and armed either fighting vehicles or troop transports.

    I have seen quite modern anti tank weapons in possession of the Fed troops plus the usual RPG systems of various models. They also have surface to air hand held missiles to discourage the Mi24 attacks, which they have, and these weapons are also useful against the Sukhoi ground attack aircraft Kiev is known to possess and which have been used once on Saturday.

    However, the Fed morale again seems to by very high. They will fight as they have often already. How will they stand against an all out attack by the Nats forces? That is a question I can not answer. Is Kiev willing to destroy towns and cities to achieve their ends with the resultant very high civilian casualties? I think so. Today and tomorrow may well tell the tale. What are the Fed armed forces numbers? Even if I had that number, which I don’t, I would certainly not devulge it. Better to keep your enemy guessing, in other words Operational Security. Always try to keep your enemy as ill informed about you as possible. Let him wonder and worry and be afraid of the dark.

    All this being said, I have no doubts the Feds will fight to the last man. They really have no choice if it comes to an all out assault by the Nats. They either fight and defeat the Nats or fight and die standing rather than kneeling in subservance to a government that is both illegal and detested.

    Will Russia intervene in the event of a blood bath? That is an unknown but I personally do not think they will.

    Fighting going on at Donetsk airport since shortly after 03 today. This morning, reports are a full Rota (company, ergo 200 men if at full strength) of Kiev ‘Army’ are in the terminal. 4 choppers and 2 aircraft are in the area and there has been bombing. The main terminal is on fire hard in one wing.

    A fly on the wall says there is a ‘high value target’ with the Rota of Nats troops there, to wit, an American in command. That would possibly explain their ‘stand and fight’ deal. Either that or there was a landing scheduled of Nats troops at airport to attack Donetsk from within. Airport is on the north west edge of Donetsk City with major roads to it and around it.

    Two attempts have been made to ‘get someone out’, once by chopper that landed and immediately took off under fire with two others in support, no one got to the bird. An hour later 4 ambulances went at high speed to the main terminal but evactuated no one and did not leave. Possibly the ambulances contained reinforcements for one side or the other or their task was to get the target out and were not successful.

  2. The United Shits Of Amerika will try to use The Patriot Act to bring down Russia. Un-fucking-real.


    The stupid rush to a war of some sort against Russia never stops with the latest bit of exceptional arrogance directed at taking down Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin being the most dangerous one yet.

    In a horrifying recent article written by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard at The Telegraph a new kind of weapon of mass destruction, one designed to bring down the Russian financial system not only exists but is being given serious consideration by our idiotic and short-sighted US cadre of political and bureaucratic lunatics running the big red, white and blue asylum.

    The article describes a secret financial aspect to that most anti-American of laws that is the USAPATRIOT Act that has been polished by an “elite cell” at the US Treasury Department in what is tabbed as the “Manhattan Project of the 21st Century” in which “scarlet letters” can be applied to foreign banks deemed by the standard loose definitions to have been involved in money laundering to support terrorist activities.

    In terms of sheer hypocrisy alone when considering the to this day unpunished crime spree of domestic economic terrorism directed at millions of Americans by the big Wall Street banks/casinos with their own money laundering schemes – cleaned up and called derivatives – this has to be the proverbial mother of all bad ideas.

    I excerpt from the Telegraph article, entitled “US financial showdown with Russia is more dangerous than it looks, for both sides” from which I excerpt:

    The United States has constructed a financial neutron bomb. For the past 12 years an elite cell at the US Treasury has been sharpening the tools of economic warfare, designing ways to bring almost any country to its knees without firing a shot.

    The strategy relies on hegemonic control over the global banking system, buttressed by a network of allies and the reluctant acquiescence of neutral states. Let us call this the Manhattan Project of the early 21st century.

    “It is a new kind of war, like a creeping financial insurgency, intended to constrict our enemies’ financial lifeblood, unprecedented in its reach and effectiveness,” says Juan Zarate, the Treasury and White House official who helped spearhead policy after 9/11.

    “The new geo-economic game may be more efficient and subtle than past geopolitical competitions, but it is no less ruthless and destructive,” he writes in his book Treasury’s War: the Unleashing of a New Era of Financial Warfare.

    Bear this in mind as Washington tightens the noose on Vladimir Putin’s Russia, slowly shutting off market access for Russian banks, companies and state bodies with $714bn of dollar debt (Sberbank data).

    The stealth weapon is a “scarlet letter”, devised under Section 311 of the US Patriot Act. Once a bank is tainted in this way – accused of money-laundering or underwriting terrorist activities, a suitably loose offence – it becomes radioactive, caught in the “boa constrictor’s lethal embrace”, as Mr Zarate puts it.

    This can be a death sentence even if the lender has no operations in the US. European banks do not dare to defy US regulators. They sever all dealings with the victim.

    That the US government, particularly the US Treasury which is nothing but a revolving door that spins like wind turbine for the likes of the corrupt elite of the New York based high finance jackals such as former Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson who engineered the disastrous financial bailout and former NY FED boss Timothy Geithner whose phony stress tests allowed the Wall Street casinos to become bigger and more immune from accountability is even contemplating such a serious provocation, a virtual declaration of war against a nuclear power is indicative of the rot and how deep it goes. The best thing that any emerging power, particularly Russia, China or India can do is to get out of the US based financial and banking system entirely.

    Back to the Telegraph article:

    The US Treasury faces a more formidable prey with Russia, the world’s biggest producer of energy with a $2 trillion economy, superb scientists and a first-strike nuclear arsenal. It is also tightly linked to the German and east European economies. The US risks endangering its own alliance system if it runs roughshod over friends. It is in much the same situation as Britain in the mid-19th century when it enforced naval supremacy, boarding alleged slave ships anywhere in the world, under any flag, ruffling everybody’s feathers.

    President Putin knows exactly what the US can do with its financial weapons. Russia was brought into the loop when the two countries were for a while “allies” in the fight against Jihadi terrorism. Mr Putin appointed loyalist Viktor Zubkov – later prime minister – to handle dealings with the US Treasury.

    Mr Zarate said the Obama White House has waited too long to strike in earnest, clinging to the hope that Putin would stop short of tearing up the global rule book. “They should take the gloves off. The longer the wait, the more maximalist they may have to be,” he said.

    This would be a calibrated escalation, issuing the scarlet letter to Russian banks that help Syria’s regime.

    He thinks it may already too late to stop Eastern Ukraine spinning out of control, but not too late to inflict a high cost. “If the US Treasury says three Russian banks are “primary money-laundering concerns”, do you think that UBS, or Standard Chartered will have anything to do with them?”

    The Ukraine disaster has now taken a turn for the worst with the installation of the new US puppet over the weekend in what amounts to a rigged election. Petro Poroshenko aka “The Chocolate King” is another sleazy corrupt oligarch who like a depraved dog is already licking Uncle Scam’s balls with an escalation of the “anti-terrorist” actions – in layman’s terms – slaughter of anti-fascist, anti-austerity Ukranians in the east, particularly in Donetsk where Zarate’s “high cost” is being inflicted on civilians who reject the Kiev coup government and it’s neo-Nazis. With the new false legitimacy of the “Chocolate King” trumpeted by the corrupt US state-corporate media the real bloodshed is about to begin.

    The threat by Zarate to use the USAPATRIOT Act provisions against Russian banks for being “primary money-laundering concerns” over the laughable charge of backing terrorists in Syria would represent an escalation of extreme danger in that it could implode the entire global economy given the degree of interconnection that currently exists. This would amount to a self-inflicted wound of the gravest nature simply for the childish reason of sticking it to Putin. Granted Zarate has a new book to hustle but considering events over the last year from our political class – including President Barack Obama and John Kerry’s State Department bringing down the entire economic house of cards is entirely probable. Zarate also wrote a column at the neocon propaganda beacon that is the Washington Post back in March in which he called for the US Treasury to attack the Russian banking system.

    Once again returning to the Telegraph article Russia would surely retaliate for such an unprecedented and arrogantly conceived act of aggression:

    Yet as the old proverb goes: “Russia is never as strong as she looks; Russia is never as weak as she looks.”

    Princeton professor Harold James sees echoes of events before the First World War when Britain and France imagined they could use financial warfare to check German power.

    He says the world’s interlocking nexus means this cannot be contained. Sanctions risk setting off a chain-reaction to match the 2008 shock. “Lehman was a small institution compared with the Austrian, French and German banks that have become highly exposed to Russia’s financial system. A Russian asset freeze could be catastrophic for European – indeed, global – financial markets,” he wrote on Project Syndicate.

    Chancellor George Osborne must have been let into the secret of US plans by now. Perhaps that is why he issued last week’s alert in Washington, warning City bankers to prepare for a sanctions fall-out. The City is precious, he said, “but that doesn’t mean its interests will come above the national security interests of our country”.

    The greatest risk is surely an “asymmetric” riposte by the Kremlin. Russia’s cyber-warfare experts are among the best, and they had their own trial run on Estonia in 2007. A cyber shutdown of an Illinois water system was tracked to Russian sources in 2011. We don’t know whether US Homeland Security can counter a full-blown “denial-of-service” attack on electricity grids, water systems, air traffic control, or indeed the New York Stock Exchange, and nor does Washington.

    “If we were in a cyberwar today, the US would lose. We’re simply the most dependent and most vulnerable,” said US spy chief Mike McConnell in 2010.

    That the US would “lose” a cyberwar is a given in considering the pathology of the personality types tasked with the defense against such. Look at the NSA Stasi that is so intent on building a surveillance machine to turn against any potential US political dissent, commit acts of industrial espionage and blackmail that too little time is likely invested by the hotshots at Ft. Meade to actually consider protecting The Homeland in the event of such an attack. Russia would be entirely justified to launch one too if the US Treasury “elite cell” succeeds in getting Obama to issue the order against Putin’s banks.

    An economic collapse would be the best scenario in that case, if the crazies in Washington actually are able to use such tactics to topple Putin and if hard liners end up in charge of Russia’s nukes then it could be hasta la vista baby.


  3. Wrinkle-faced saggy-titted Merkel does not represent the average German …. just as Oreo does not represent millions and millions of Americans. She simply enjoys sucking black dick.


    “Alexander Solzhenitsyn liked to say that “one teaspoon of sea water gives you the taste of the ocean”. Today I would like to post here the text of a letter to the Russian embassy in Germany by a private person which is exactly that: the letter of (only) one person. However, the feelings which it conveys are, I believe, shared by a lot of people in the “West”. It would well be that this letter is like Solzhenitsyn’s teaspoon and that it gives us the taste of an ocean of people which the imperial propaganda machine is trying to hide from us.” ————- The Saker

    Here is the letter.

    Dear Sirs and Madams,

    In consideration of the ever increasing tensions between Germany and Russia, I would like to apologize for the behavior of our government.

    Right from the start I was assailed by a very bad feeling due to occurrences in the Ukraine. I am a German and also a US citizen and feel great shame for the foreign policies of both Nations.

    To me, just like to many Russian people, it is unfathomable that Germany and the United States would openly support Fascists in the Ukraine and that our political leaders can not be dissuaded from doing so. There are more and more attempts at making Russia seem like the guilty party on the world’s stage, which is another thing troubling me.

    One is forced to conclude that certain influential circles in „the West“ intend to provoke an armed conflict with Russia, a cause for great concern. It is my hope that things will not go that far, since Germany would certainly be at the center of events.

    Hopefully people in Russia are aware that the majority of Germans do not want a war with Russia and that many people here are increasingly disillusioned with the policies of our Government, NATO and of the United States. The outrage is growing. The words and deeds of our Chancellor drive home the fact of the US’s predominance also in Germany.

    Surely you can imagine that it is painful for me to say such things, since I was born in the United States and therefore have ties to the country and the people. Peace and understanding between peoples have greater personal meaning than blind patriotism and nationalism though. And it is clear to see that Germany needs strong and positive ties with Russia.

    Whether the US leaders will realize that is doubtful. I can only question the rationality of some American officials. In the past days I have voiced my opinion on some social networks, including the page of the German Secretary of State. Unfortunately I was blocked there, as many others who voiced their criticism.

    Apparently political leaders here in Germany, have abandoned the public’s opinions, the same can be said of the media here. It has turned out to be the worst propaganda in a long time and is reminiscent of the days before World War II. Hopefully the tensions will decrease, instead of rising further. And I hope that President Putin will continue to act in a level-headed manner.

    I can not help but call Merkel’s and Obama’s behavior insane.

    I would appreciate if you could forward this mail to the correct recipients. Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,

  4. Ukraine Crisis: 300 German Intellectuals Support Putin, Criticize US-NATO Influence in Europe and Mainstream Media Propaganda

    Open Letter to Vladimir Putin:

    Dear Mr. President !

    In your speech to the State Duma you asked for understanding from the Germans.

    We are German citizens who have experienced the post-war majority in the western half of Germany. When the Cold War ended in 1990 and our country was re-united, a sigh of relief went through the world, because the ever- looming danger of a nuclear military conflict which would have engulfed the entire globe seemed to have been avoided. Germany would have been wiped out.

    The Soviet Union made unparalleled sacrifices in its decisive contribution to the liberation of Europe from Nazism. Nevertheless, in 1990 it was ready to support German reunification in 1991, to dissolve the Warsaw Pact and accept NATO membership of the reunified Germany. This was not honored by the West. The then US Ambassador in Moscow (1987 to 1991), Jack Matlock, confirmed a few days ago in the Washington Post that President Bush had agreed not to take advantage of the generosity of President Gorbachev. The expansion of NATO into former Soviet republics, the establishment of military bases in former Warsaw Pact states and the establishment of a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe with a unilateral termination of the ABM Treaty by the United States are not only blatant breaches of good faith. These measures are understood by us as a Western claim to power directed against the Russian state and the economic consolidation of your country after you took office in 2000. Moreover, Keir A Lieber and Daryl G Press in their 2006 Foreign Affairs article “The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy” convincingly showed that the purpose of the missile defense shield is to facilitate a first strike nuclear neutralization of Russia.

    This history, in concise form, reflects the background against which we judge the events in Ukraine since November 2013. It is now well documented that the U.S. has exploited the legitimate protests of the Ukrainian people for their own purposes. The pattern is evident form other countries: Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine in 2004, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Venezuela ……

    Within twelve hours of the negotiated agreement with the European Union and OSCE, announced by the foreign ministers of the Weimar Triangle and involving a peaceful transition of power, it was summararily abrogated with the help of fascist forces. Those behind the current coup government in Kiev are shown on the website of the Open Ukraine Foundation of the incumbent Prime Minister.

    The intra – and international – legal issues surrounding secession of the Crimea are a separate issue. We do not address the legal, but purely political events here. Against the background of developments in Europe since 1990, the deployment of some 1,000 U.S. military bases around the world, the control of the Straits by the U.S. and the re-focussing of the perpetrators of the Maidan threat to the Russian Black Sea fleet, we see the secession of the Crimea as a defensive measure with a simultaneous message: this far and no further! The crucial difference with Kosovo’s independence declaration is that the latter was only made possible by illegal NATO bombing, unfortunately with the participation of Germany, which created the conditions for independence.

    Dear Mr. President, you have called for an economic community from Lisbon to Vladivostok for almost four years. It would be the economic basis for the“common European home”. Ukraine could make a perfect bridge for future cooperation between your intended Eurasian Union and the European Union, not least in cultural terms. We are persuaded the the purpose of the massive influence of the USA is to prevent the Ukraine from becoming such a bridge. The forces which have prevailed in the European Commission are supporting the policy of the United States against Russia. The speech of the Executive Secretary General of the European External Action Service, Pierre Vimont, on 14 March this year is so far unique (EurActiv, “EU shunned from US-Russia meeting on Ukraine”).

    Dear Mr. President, we trust that your historic speech in 2001 will continue to form the basis for your actions against the EU and Germany in the German Bundestag. The latest polls show that the majority of Germans do not want any confrontation with the Russian Federation and understand Russia’s reaction to the events in Ukraine. We do not underestimate the difficulties faced by the Federal Republic of Germany as a member of the EU and NATO concerning Russia, these are also known to you. However, at least we expect the Federal Government to operate the old Roman legal principle audiatur et altera pars (“hear the other side too”). This was however omitted in connection with the neighborhood policy of the EU in the case of Ukraine.

    Even during the Cold War Russia has not made use of the argument that 27 millions of its citizens died during WWII for political gain against Germany. This figure alone gives a special quality in the relations between our countries. The people of Germany have a keen sense of to this: when “The Group of Soviet forces in Germany” in 1994 takes leave of Germany with a performance of its music corps on the square before the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, there were moving scenes between the numerous spectators and musicians.

    In this context, when we see the present news reporting and commentaries in the German media we can only say that we find them disgusting.

    Dear Mr. President, with our modest means as simple citizens, we will help to ensure that the intended division of Europe does not succeed, but the ideas of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz be brought back to life. We are convinced that if the states and peoples of the Eurasian continent regulate their affairs peacefully with each other, respectfully, cooperatively, on the basis of law and without outside interference, this will also radiate to the rest of the world. We see you in this sense as an ally.

    For your present, and hopefully next term, we wish you strength, stamina, intelligence and skill.

    With utmost respect,

    Signed by 300+ people (for full list see here)


  5. Good comments Stuck

    Germany and Europe don’t want conflict with Russia. They aren’t stupid. But, Obama, Kerry, and the rest of their minions are pushing war, having overthrown the sovereign Ukraine government. The USSA is running NATO, and the hapless Europeans are going along for the ride. Not surprisingly, the voters made themselves heard over the weekend, kicking the nationalists and globalists out of power. They’re smart enough to want to stay out of a war with Russia, but not the evil, corrupt fascists running our country.

  6. AWD

    The German Minister of Finance STRONGLY opposes Merkel’s dick-licking. There are literally thousands of German companies doing business in Russia. Upwards of a million German jobs — directly and indirectly — are dependent on free and open trade with Russia.

    Our Beloved Nigger trying to force other countries to honor his bullshit sanctions is not sitting well with the average citizen in the street. The “coalition of the willing” resides entirely and only in Oreo’s empty cranium.

  7. 1649863649_obama_first_traitor_answer_1_xlarge.jpeg

    Obama scandal of the day:

    Americans have witnessed actions by our government officials that have been so far beyond stupid, incompetent and negligent that one has to wonder if those actions were intentional:

    When Vice-President Joe Biden outed the SEAL team that supposedly killed Osama Bin Laden, it was a very serious breach; a breach that some may say contributed to the deaths of those team members. It is hard to believe that anyone would be that incompetent or negligent, but, anything is possible. However, with what is currently residing in the White House, the possibility that Biden’s gaffe could have been intentional is very real.

    During Obama’s surprise visit to the American troops in Afghanistan on Saturday, the White House gave a list of names of US officials who would be participating in the visit. The list included the name of the CIA’s top spy operative in Kabul, Afghanistan – listed inadvertently according to White House press officials.

    According to Newsmax:

    The list was emailed on Saturday night to reporters accompanying the president on the trip, and was then included in a pool report written by Washington Post White House bureau chief Scott Wilson. That report was released to more than 6,000 news organizations before Wilson noticed what he believed to be an error. [The pool report was released to members of foreign media organizations and other news organizations who could not make the trip with the President.]

    The name listed the person as “Chief of Station” in Kabul. The term is used by the CIA for the highest ranking spy in the country, the Post reported.

    The Washington Post reported, “the disclosure marked a rare instance in which a CIA officer working overseas had his cover – the secrecy meant to protect his actual identity – pierced by his own government.”

    A case of “inadvertent exposure” came under the Bush administration when former CIA operative Valerie Plame was exposed because the administration allegedly wanted to discredit Plame’s husband, “a former ambassador and fierce critic of the decision to invade Iraq.”

    The Post has withheld the name of the CIA operative at the Obama administration’s officials’ request. The officials warned the operative and his family could be in jeopardy if the name became published.

    Wilson contacted the press office who initially raised no objection; however, when senior White House officials realized the mistake, they immediately scrambled to produce an updated list that excluded the CIA operative’s name. Evidently, this fix came too late as Twitter was abuzz regarding the mistake but no mention of the operative’s name was included in any tweet.

    In more recent years, the names of three CIA station chiefs in Pakistan were exposed, which resulted in one chief receiving death threats afterward that forced him to leave the country. It is unclear whether this disclosure will result in the CIA station chief of Afghanistan being pulled out of the country.

    Since Non-Common Core math education works, US government officials have exposed five CIA station chiefs and an entire SEAL team, inadvertently of course. This is hardly coincidence and appears to be a mistake that repeats itself. These actions of exposure go beyond the normal “oops” exclamations after a mistake and certainly can be classified as beyond stupid, incompetent and negligent. An exposure happening once could be construed to be a mistake, which should have produced a learning opportunity to be more careful. More than once could be considered incompetent, negligent and stupid. However, the problem with government officials “blowing the cover” of their own CIA station chiefs has now occurred five times. This is not a mistake or coincidence. And, it surpasses incompetence, negligence and stupidity.


    As we have seen, Obama has to be the first American president in history to be ill-informed. By his own admission, he receives all his information through the news programs hearing these reports at the same time as the public. Americans, who are awake, know this to be false as the president receives briefings on major issues daily, is updated on issues throughout the day and is kept abreast of breaking news. Either Obama never attends briefings, reads briefs or listens to all those who “advise” him or this administration is filled with incompetent people who should not be responsible for changing a light bulb. A wild guess would conclude it’s neither of these things, but an intentional ruse being played before the American people to exact a premeditated agenda.

    If total oblivious knowledge and incompetence is removed from the equation, the only other conclusion to be drawn is this was intentional – regardless of who is sitting in the Oval Office. An individual functioning in an official capacity who is that irresponsible, incompetent and negligent to expose the identity of a CIA station chief should be relieved of their duty, fired and prevented from ever serving in a government position again. Who has been held accountable in any of these situations by being relieved of duty or fired? Wasn’t it Democrats who railed against the exposure of Plame, calling for heads to roll? Where is that same outrage now?

    You won’t see any outrage from Democrats as there is not a Republican president involved. Republicans will remain silent, coerced into avoidance for fear of being termed “racist.” And, Obama is feigning the epitome of Sgt. Schultz in the TV show “Hogan’s Heroes” so he’ll be off to the golf course in no time. There will be no outrage or this situation viewed as a problem as this was intentional. If the administration claims otherwise or pleads ignorance, it’s a lie as lies have become this administration’s modus operandi.


  8. The wind is slowly turning my friends.
    I still didn’t see any topic about the result of the European elections last Sunday. I strongly recommend you to pic some informations on it, because the pink socialist slimos took a blow of unprecedented magnitude in many countries.
    FYI, Nigel Farage’s party is now leading UK’s majority in euro parliament…30%, no less.
    people are pissed, and social nazis are starting to feel the bullet’s wind. they don’t buy the Ukraine bullshit storyline.
    seriously, start a topic on it. It’s like if Ron Paul had won 20% of congress seats….


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