There is a strategy in blackjack.  If you lose a hand, you keep doubling your bets until you win.  The Casinos love this strategy because it’s a losing one.   This however is the Empire’s approach to war.   Never give in, never admit error or defeat.  Keep moving forward until you are spent and bankrupt.  Spent, bankrupt, defeated empires end either by foreign invasion and occupation or revolution.   Nobody is going to invade the Americas. Viva la revolucion’  Viva la guillotine!

Heads Up – The US Is Losing in Ukraine

From our friends at

by , May 29, 2014

Monday’s ruthless attack by the Ukrainian government in Donetsk in which up to 100 people were killed was a clear indication of this. Although the government labeled the offensive as an “anti-terrorist” operation, the reality is that it was either a case of Ukraine killing its own people, or it was a military assault against a sovereign population, depending on one’s interpretation of the Donetsk People’s Republic referendum of May 11 in which the people overwhelmingly voted for independence from Ukraine.


Either way, given that the past two weeks have been filled with bad news for the US and its puppet government in Kiev, we should be on the lookout for more of these types of violent provocations. That’s what desperate, crumbling powers do when things don’t go their way.

The first bit of recent devastating news for the US were the aforementioned May 11 referendums in which almost 90 percent of voters in Donetsk Region and 96 percent of voters in Lugansk Region endorsed political independence from Kiev.

No matter what happens from this point forward, now that the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions have joined Crimea in voting for self-rule, there are 9.1 million fewer people, and approximately 30,000 fewer square miles the US can have in its “sphere of influence.” Knowing that the grand prize of owning control of Ukraine has just been reduced by 20 percent has got to hurt Washington’s empire builders.

And then there was the bombshell announcement on May 21, that after a decade of tough negotiations, Russia and China agreed to a $400 billion deal that will link Russia’s natural gas fields to China’s pipeline system. The deal “establishes possibly the most important gas benchmark in decades,” said Francisco Blanch, Bank of America’s global head of commodities research.

Though media in the US was obviously told to downplay the significance of the agreement, even countries like Australia – a willing participant in many recent US imperial ventures – are lamenting the deal. “We can’t afford to underestimate the significance of last week’s development for the Pacific gas market,” specialist gas industry consultant Graham Bethune of EnergyQuest said. “The negative impact for Australia’s [liquefied natural gas] competitiveness and future market share from this new market dynamic is serious.”

Didn’t anyone in Washington think this could happen, given its hostile behavior towards Russia? Did the global bully think it could just continue to punch without being hit back? “The US-British attempt to wound Russia’s economy and punish Putin for disobedience had just blown up in their red faces,” wrote Eric Margolis. “Russia has thus given its economy a big boost and made western sanctions look inconsequential. Chinese funds will allow cash-strapped Russia to modernize its oil and gas industry.”

The only bit of recent good news for the US in Ukraine was the election of the pro-EU Petro Poroshenko – known as the “Chocolate King” – who was voted in as Ukraine’s new president on Sunday.

But the election results will not change things on the ground. If anything, the legitimate protesters in Ukraine will become even more disillusioned now that another oligarch will be in charge – something that led them to hit the streets in 2004 and again this year. The people of Ukraine are politically astute, but even those who don’t pay attention to politics know exactly who Poroshenko is: He is Ukraine’s seventh richest man who owns one of the country’s largest television stations, and has made his main occupation as a politician since the failed Orange Revolution.

“Oligarchs are part of Ukraine’s problems; on that, pretty much everyone agrees. So why is [the new president, Poroshenko] being presented as Ukraine’s solution?” wrote Sarah A. Topol in Politico.

Immediately following his victory on Sunday, Poroshenko displayed some sensibility in saying that he wants to start talks with Russia once he’s in office.  Russia agreed to the talks, as long as the US and EU are not involved. But Poroshenko must have had his hand slapped because the next day he ruled out discussions with the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in the east, calling them “bandit states,” “murderers,” and “terrorists.”

Poroshenko went on to say that he supports a continuation of the military attacks in the east and south, but believes “it must be shorter and it must be more effective, military units must be better equipped.” Analyst Daniel Patrick Welch told RT that “what that means today is [more] shelling against civilians, bombs that fall near occupied apartment blocks, fighter jets, and helicopter launches against an urban population.”

So there it is. We can expect more of the same when it comes to the US trying to win hearts and minds in Ukraine. They’ll continue to try and paint the pro-federalist opposition in Ukraine as “pro-Russian” rebels or as “little green men” from Russia. They’ll come up with a follow-up ruse to the “anti-Semitic flyers being distributed by pro-Russian separatists.” And they’ll try things like having Victoria Nuland tell everyone that protesters in eastern Ukraine wear “baklavas” on their face.

But when those efforts are met with laughter and are exposed as a hoax, the US will fall back on the one thing it knows it can always count on – unleashing violence in the name of fighting “terrorists.” This is especially convenient because it has the Ukrainian government and its militia of neo-Nazis to do the dirty work for them.

In the meantime, everyday people in Ukraine will begin to feel the impact of suffocating IMF loans and austerity measures, and will be burdened by the increased cost of everyday items that Russia previously gave them at a discount, namely natural gas.

It won’t take long for them to be back on the streets, and it won’t take long for others in the region to seek independence or alignment with Russia, as could soon be the case in Transnistria.

The US knows these things are just around the corner, and given its insatiable appetite for global primacy, they are not just going to sit back and watch as they lose their grasp on Ukraine and the rest of Eurasia.

Chris Ernesto is cofounder of St. Pete for Peace, an antiwar organization in St. Petersburg, FL that has been active since 2003. Mr. Ernesto also created and manages and


  1. This story is so disgusting it’s unbelievable. The USSA (Obama, Kerry) fomenting a war in Ukraine, sending mercs and the CIA to help neo-nazis kill Russians. Poking the nuclear Russian bear with a stick, trying to get him to fight. The West has nothing to offer Ukraine, nothing, zero; just debt serfdom, tyranny, fascism, and more debt. The USSA and Western model of dominance, were we loan countries money, turn them into debt slaves (just like student loan debt slaves), and then overthrow and/or control their governments, is just plain evil. How many more wars can Obama and Kerry and Hillary start before it blows up their face? Why do people keep allowing this to happen? The sooner the USSA is put out of it’s misery, the better for the entire world.

  2. I love the guillotine.

    It is about as painless and humane a form of execution as has ever been devised. However for the justly condemned, it is a thing of beauty. Imagine the villian of your choice laying before it (I imagine George W. Bush, for starters). The sheer terror of being held by the neck, never knowing when the blade will fall. Beautiful. Were it to me I’d let him lie there for an hour. Then when the blade falls, there is the gush of blood, the severed head falling into a basket. The satisfaction of watching a just end to an evil man.

    After witnessing such an experience, one could believe that there is hope for the world.

  3. Not only did Russia/China sign a Mega Energy deal ….


    Pause. Stop. Think about that. This is a majorly huge shift in world politics.

    Another very recent development. Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have signed the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) …. Armenia and Kyrgyzstan will also join soon. There is talk of including Pakistan.

    See what’s happening? Putin is putting together what might very well be THE most powerful coalition of nations for this century.

    Putin waits, stalks, then pounces. Obama plays with his dick.

    Putin should send Oreo a Hallmark Card — “Thank you, Barack. You are the gift that keeps on giving.” For, truly, it is not Putin alone who made this happen but, but Oreo’s arrogant hubris in poking the bear, and thinking he could get away with it.

  4. As usual, The Saker is the best at covering the Ukraine situation.

    Regarding Russia’s options, doing nothing is the best strategy. Why would they want to annex Ukraine? The country is an economic basket case. Absorbing them would be like absorbing a gigantic Detroit. Short of USA troops entering Ukraine (highly unlikely) and/or somehow Ukraine becoming part of NATO (highly unlikely), Russia wins by merely letting events play out.


    Latest developments in the Ukraine

    The Ukrainian offensive has seen yet another dramatic escalation with, for the first time, the use of “Grad” multiple rocket launchers on the city of Slaviansk. At least one Ukrainian helicopter, reportedly carrying a general and 12 other people, has been shot down by the Novorossia Defense Forces (NDF). Sporadic artillery fire, at times intensive, has been heard through the night and casualties continue to be brought into the local hospitals. Several Ukrainian units have put down their weapons and basically surrendered to the NDF. In Sebastopol special headquarters have been set up to deal with the flow of incoming refugees. In Kiev the Parliament is considering declaring martial law which would basically give unlimited power to the junta and suspend most civil rights.

    There are two ways to look at these events. You could say that a lot happened, there is an escalation taking place, people on both sides die, helicopters got shot down, units are refusing to obey criminal order, etc. But you could also say that from a purely military point of view absolutely nothing happened at all. Think of it this way:

    What have we seen since the junta began its terror operation in Novorossiia? Slaviansk and Kramatorsk have been besieged and shelled. The junta forces have seized the airports near Slaviansk/Kramatorsk and Donetsk. That’s it.

    Now let me immediately dispel the notion that these airports are somehow strategically important. They are not. Normally, in most military conflicts, airports are very important objects, especially their runways and radars. But in this case the seizure of the Slaviansk/Kramatorsk and Donetsk airports has not been followed by any use of them by the junta, if only because there is way too much combat still taking place around them to make their use safe. What about denying the use of this airport to either the NDF or the Russians should they decide to intervene? Well, the NDF has no air assets at all, as for the Russians they sure don’t need an airport to land an Airborne Regiment, Brigade or even Division. So why did the junta decide to commit its best forces to seize these airports? Simple – because they are not cities. Or, put differently, because they are located outsides cities.

    Petr Poroshenko has announced that what the junta calls the “anti-terrorist operation” should not last for weeks, but only hours. So this begs the question: if the entire mix of junta forces (military + death-squads) have not succeeded in taking either Slaviansk (hab: 130’000)or Kramatorsk (hab: 165’000), what are their chances to take Donetsk (hab: 1’000’000)? Zero, of course. And even less than zero if that is to be done in a matter of a few days and hours.

    So what is the point of all this?

    Is it that the political leaders and the junta are simply stupid or completely miss-informed?

    No, it’s not that simple. For one thing, to speak of a “junta’s strategy” or “Poroshenko’s strategy” is plain wrong as this accepts they myth that that is an independent government in the Ukraine. There is none. Truly, all the decisions are taken by Uncle Sam and his representatives in Kiev and the so-called authorities are just the USA’s collaborators who simply take orders form their boss. And for all their sins, the folks in DC are neither stupid not poorly informed. So what is their strategy in this frankly weird civil war?

    Ideally, the first objective of the AngloZionists would be to trigger a Russian military intervention in protection of Novorossiia. That would re-create the kind of Cold War tensions these folks are so nostalgic for. It would give a justification for the existence of NATO and, if played well, it could even result in NATO and Russian forces looking at each other across the Dniepr river. Not only would such a situation be a dream come true for the US military-industrial complex, it would make it possible for the USA to achieve one of its most important strategic objective: to keep Europe colonized and to prevent any chance of its integration with the East. Far from being stupid, this strategy is nothing short of brilliant as it gives Putin only two choices: if Russia does not intervene Putin will look weak, indecisive, or even like a traitor to the Russian people, but if Russia does intervene, then Putin will be called the “New Hitler” or “New Stalin”, a crazed Russian nationalist hell-bent on re-building the Soviet Union and crushing the freedom-loving Europeans under his tanks. Are these cliches? Yes, of course, but they will be used. So for Putin its damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

    Second option: to wear down the NDF to the point where they will eventually surrender. Not very likely, but in theory possible. Should that happen, this could be presented as a double victory for Poroshenko: he crushed the “terrorists” and he “deterred the Russian Bear”. Again, this is a lot of whishful thinking, but in theory the US might see that as a unlikely but possible outcome.

    Option three: the old US strategy of “what I cannot have, I burn down”. Basically, the strategy here is to destroy and damage as much of Novorossiia as possible, making a recovery as long and costly as possible. This is also a lesson to all those who dare defy the Empire: you disobey and we will make you pay.

    Russian options:

    As I mentioned above, Russia really has very few options to chose from. Any direct Russian intervention in the Ukraine – which in military terms would be a no-brainer – would have huge political consequences for the future of Europe’s stability. In essence, by not intervening Russia is denying the USA the Cold War v2 it wants so badly. Should Russia intervene, and that is very possible, it would mean that the Kremlin accepts that the real price of its intervention is a long term re-submission of all of Europe to US interests.

    Russia does, of course, have the option of covertly assisting the NDF and there is no doubt in my mind that it is already doing it, but this can only be done in a very careful and remote manner in order to avoid giving the US any proof of covert support. Still, advanced anti-air and anti-tank weapons are clearly shown on some videos which shows that somebody is helping the resistance.

    Russia has also begun leaking information about the Ukrainian units involved in terror operations against the people of the Donbass. For example, Russian TV has announced yesterday that the following units have been involved in the bombing of the Donetsk airport: the 299 Tactical Aviation Brigade from Nikolaev (Su-25) and the 40th Aviation Brigade from Vasilkovo (MiG-29) who use the Ivan Kozhedub Air Force University of Kharkov (Mi-24; Mi-8) as a combat operations basis. Russian bloggers have also leaked the photos and names of the pilots involved.

    Russian jurists have created special legal companies who take the testimony of the Ukrainians whose civil or human right have been violated by the junta to file lawsuits in Ukrainian courts. Of course, the Ukrainian courts are fully expected to reject the complaint at which point the Russian can then file their lawsuits at the European Court of Human Rights.

    The good news for Russia is that there is no way that the Junta can take Donetsk or Lugansk. And even if junta forces did enter these cities they would not be able to control them. The Russian military strategists understand that very well. After all, the Russians have more urban combat experience than any army in the world: during WWII the Soviet forces liberated 1200 cities form the German Army and that experience has been studied over and over again in the Russian military academies. Furthermore, while currently only a minority of the man of combat age in the Donbass have joined the NDF, the constant shelling and terror of the junta’s assault is motivating more and more of them to join the resistance.

    Time is on the side of Novorossiia and of Russia.

    My own feeling is that Poroshenko will soon fold and announce some kind of “peace initiative” which would probably not involve a complete withdrawal of junta forces from Novorossiia has the local authorities have demanded, but it will include a “suspension” of combat operations. Poroshenko – who is most definitely not a dumb man – knows that he absolutely must sit down and begin negotiating with the Russian and he also knows that the Russians simply cannot negotiate with him as long as active combat operations continue. I cannot prove that, but I believe that Poroshenko himself already understands all this and that what is happening now is that he is trying to convince the US of the need to accept the facts on the ground. Right now, Poroshenko can hide behind the minute figleaf excuse that he has not been formally inaugurated, but that pretext will vanish pretty soon (on June 7th) and I suspect that as soon following his inauguration he will announce some kind of peace initiative.

    Until then, the Russians will have to wait and grind their teeth at the news of every atrocity committed by the junta’s neo-Nazi death-squads. Payback time will come, but the first priority will have to be to deny the AngloZionists the Cold War they are so desperately trying to trigger..

    The Saker

  5. Ukrainian nationalism: an image is worth a thousand words

    Normally, when somebody is presented a sword or another weapon, it is the person accepting the gift which is supposed to stand on his knees to receive it, not the person giving it. But in Banderastan, things are always the opposite of what they should be.

    Check out the photo below. It shows a Ukie general standing on his knees to offer a sword to John F. Tefft, US Ambassador to the Ukraine (now retired):

    Amazing, no?

    Even more telling is that this picture was taken in November of 2013, right before the current crisis began. As for Ukie sources, they say that this photo shows the moment when Tefft, whose name is often mentioned as the next US Ambassador in Russia, is being received into the Ukrainian Cossacks as a “kind Baptist and US Ambassador”.

    What can I say? “Glory to the Ukraine, to the heroes glory!”?

    The Saker


  6. Oligarchs have messed up. They have a queer Arab sunni muslim in charge of the best military in the world. He loves to play checkers. Their friends in EU don`t want to play and Hussein doesn`t know that there is a difference between checkers and chess, which is what Putin is playing.

    The coming economic reset could be on a scale similar to the fall of Rome.

  7. Too bad that wasn’t a pic of Obongo, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Holder, &tc stacked up like cordwood. That would have been an occasion for hats n horns!

  8. Obama doesn’t even know how to play checkers. He can’t understand why the black ones taste the same as the red ones.

  9. It’s about the petrodollar. The United States is aggressively looking for an entry point into a conflict with Russia, pushing back their assault on the Dollar.

    From the petrodollar thread
    “You can bet the Russians won’t take payment in US dollars for their gas. This is the beginning of the end for the petrodollar.

    The Chinese and Russians are working together against the Americans, and there are many countries that would be happy to join them in dethroning the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. This historic gas deal between Russia and China is very bad news for the petrodollar.”

    Does anyone on this this platform understand the petrodollar and what its demise will bring?


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