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  1. When you think about the GM’s, wall street bankers, insurance companies, members of congress, all making millions every year while we let the men and women who fought in every stupid war come home maimed, only to die waiting to be treated with just a bit of care, respect and dignity.

    Maybe the fourth turning will be led by pissed off vets.

  2. Card, go back and read the comments to the post “A Letter”, TBPers are firmly in the Obama camp on this matter.

  3. Death panels at the VA, Death panels at Obamacare and panels at Anthem Blue Cross.


    Reported KPIX-TV.:

    Jeffrey Rusch, of Sonoma County, said an MRI revealed more than 20 tumors in his brain, and a CT scan two days later revealed a large tumor in his lungs and others in his liver and bones.

    “My husband was having a lot of difficulty breathing already, and he was getting a lot worse, so we went to the hospital and they admitted him immediately,” said his wife, Zoe Keating.

    Doctors removed a half-liter of fluid from Rusch’s lungs, prescribed steroids to reduce brain swelling, and administered emergency chemotherapy.

    But the family’s health insurance carrier, Anthem Blue Cross, sent them a letter that arrived Tuesday denying coverage for the hospital stay, saying the treatments did not meet the criteria for medical necessity.

    “I would call saving my husband’s life medically necessary,” Keating said.

    The couple, who have a 4-year-old son, said they have paid about $100,000 in premiums since joining Anthem in 2008.

  4. You have to get a lawyer in order to collect on an insurance claim. Here’s something else that has gone by the wayside in America, honoring contracts or handshake deals.

  5. They will find a way to drop that guy – rescission I think they call it. But then he would have to pay 50k to a lawyer, or more, to get what his premiums paid for.

    Death panels everywhere. Maybe Mars did attack.

  6. El Coyote , I saw some of those comments on A Letter post.It really me mad then kinda sad.I didn’t say anything. I just let it go.

  7. Fuck that, BB, that is not the TBP way. Did LLPOH ever stand down because he was outnumbered?
    You had family in the military, I was sympathizing with the burrito eaters who were maimed or lost their lives in the service of this country since WW2.

  8. Sinking Ships and Rats

    Monty Pelerin

    May 29, 2014

    Rats leaving sinking ships is an age-old phenomenon. The observation of rats’ ability to sense danger dates back at least to the 1st Century. A proverb dealing with rats and sinking ships is well known. Here is the explanation explaining the phenomenon:

    It is not unusual for rats to leave a ship in great columns or masses if it is sinking. Therefore the sight of hordes of rats scurrying to upper decks of a ship might suggest to fellow passengers that the ship is on its way down. This has nothing to do with the rat’s extrasensory perception or powers of prognostication but with its awareness of what is happening at that very moment.

    Being burrow dwellers by nature, rats live in the deepest recesses of the ship, in the bilge. This area is so low as to be almost inaccessible to the sailors. Thus the rats become aware of water entering the ship some time before the crew is alerted. As their nesting places are flooded, the rodents are impelled to flee the ship.

    An important meme of this blog has been that President Barack Obama’s ineptness would eventually cause fellow Democrats to “abandon ship,” in the same fashion and for the same reason that rats do. That reaction has not yet occurred, somewhat surprising this writer.

    Lest anyone not understand, abandonment will not come because Democrats suddenly gain ethics or integrity. Nor will it come for concern for country. Rebellion or abandonment will occur when that becomes a safer strategy than staying the course. It will be a simple act of survival and self-interest. Neither you nor the country matters, only staying in the trough does! Once the calculus shifts to the point where it is judged that supporting Obama represents a greater risk than abandoning Obama, the rats will go over the side.

    The media who supported Obama are in this same boat. They will lead or follow (probably follow) the Democrats. They will bail if they judge it to be in their self-interest.

    These comments should in no way be interpreted as implying some higher moral ground for Republicans. They are no different in the ethics department than the two aforementioned groups. The difference is in their perception of the event(s). Should Obama waver or fall, they would benefit politically.

    Polls are looking terrible for Dems in the 2014 mid-terms. Irecently posted a couple of articles pertaining to the possibility of impeachment entering public discussion. It is not yet likely, but it is now possible to see a path that leads there. The self-interest of Democrats and the media are key. So, too is the list of alleged scandals that continue to plague this Administration. No prediction should be made regarding impeachment. It is still a long shot, but pieces are beginning to fall into position that could lead there.

    This article from the Daily Caller is indicative of the discomfort that some Democrats face:

    Five Democratic Senators and two Democratic Senate candidates want a resignation note from the Veterans Affairs secretary, stat.

    Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, N.C. Sen. Kay Hagan, Montana Sen. John Walsh, and Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, and New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, have called for his resignation.

    They’ve been joined by the Democratic Senate hopefuls from Kentucky and Georgia — Allison Grimes and Michelle Nunn.

    Several more Democratic Senators from GOP-leaning states — Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oregon, and Virginia — may join the resignation caucus on Thursday and Friday.

    The VA doings are disgraceful to both Democrats and Republicans because they are so shocking and repugnant. Everyone is angry over this mistreatment of veterans. The reflection of this government-run health care system is not lost on many who are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the bigger government-run system, ObamaCare.

    Interestingly, of all the “scandals” (about 25), this one is the least likely to directly involve Obama, at least in a cover-up or other illegal activity. In that sense, it is unlikely to produce anything approaching an impeachable offense. However, what it does do is re-focus the public (and the Democrats) on the list of alleged scandals that do matter. It reminds all of the ineptness of this Administration and its lack of transparency. It also reflects on the big government which Democrats favor. A possible takeover of the Senate by Republicans raises the stakes substantially. It presumably makes it more difficult for President Obama and members of his Administration to stonewall investigations.

    Oh, about General Shinseki the head of the Veterans Administration, he is merely a pawn in this game. Whether he should or should not be terminated is irrelevant at this point. Obama will dump him regardless of his culpability. It will be done for politics, likely within two weeks.

    Whatever problems in the VA exist (and there are many and they are likely criminal), the problem is not Shinseki. It is the nature of government. There are things that government cannot do and should not try. The VA bureaucracy is merely one example of hundreds if not thousands. Replace Shinseki with the equivalent of a Jack Welch and the system still would not be efficient or managed properly. Government does not work well or efficiently.

    Oh, yes. The interesting part about rats leaving ships is that their survival is not necessarily enhanced. If they do so before the ship sails, then they get to terra firma. If they do after the ship has sailed, their act ends with drowning. For most, this ship sailed a long time ago.

  9. Our insurance plan is offering a $100/month discount if you let them draw your blood, hand over all your personal information, then follow their orders.

  10. WASHINGTON — President Obama said Friday that Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki leave his post in the wake of systemic problems with the health care for veterans.

    Obama spoke after what he called a “serious conversation” with Shinseki amid calls for Shinseki’s resignation in the wake of problems at VA hospitals across the country.

  11. Figures. Just as I am getting old, and will start to need medical care, they fuck it up.

    God damned socialist meddlers.

    “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”
    ― Groucho Marx



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