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The CIA Plotted to Assassinate Richard Nixon

Former President Richard Nixon was marked for death by the CIA.That’s just one of the bombshell revelations dropped by former Nixon aide Roger Stone in his explosive book – Nixon’s Secrets: The Truth About Watergate and the Pardon– set for a Sept. 2 release.Stone says the spy agency felt threatened by the former President who died at age 81 on April 22, 1994, because he continually pushed it for the dirt on President John F. Kennedy and the failed attempt to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in 1961.

“Nixon was at war with the CIA because they wouldn’t give him the dope on Kennedy,” Stone says.

But the CIA had its own shocking secrets to protect – mainly the agency’s involvement in Kennedy’s Nov. 22, 1963, assassination, Stone says.

Stone charges that vice President Lyndon B. Johnson engineered JFK’s shooting and was aided by the CIA. Johnson even used his own hitman in the plot, Stone says.

According to Stone’s book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy, CIA bigshots felt JFK had stabbed them in the back by refusing adequate support for the Bay of Pigs invasion, which the agency had masterminded.

And Johnson was also furious with Kennedy, who was planning to drop him from the ticket when he ran for re-election in 1964.

Replacing the slain Kennedy as President, Johnson spearheaded a cover-up that put the blame on Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone shooter.

In his new book, Stone writes that CIA operative Gerald Patrick Hemming said the spy agency considered Nixon a threat because of what he knew and plotted to kill him, too.

“Hemming said Frank Sturgis, a Watergate burglar and mercenary, and contract-assassin Edwin Kaiser, were given the hit,” Stone says. But when they learned the target was Nixon, Kaiser backed out.


Stone says CIA plotters considered plans to rub out Nixon “at a VFW convention in Miami Beach or at the Republican National Convention.

But Nixon survived and even managed to avoid prosecution for Watergate by blackmailing the CIA and his presidential successor, Gerald Ford, says Stone.

Nixon threatened to expose the CIA’s involvement in JFK’s assassination.

He also said he’d reveal Ford, a member of the Warren Commission that investigated JFK’s murder, changed the autopsy records to make it appear that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, says Stone.

“Nixon knew the CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination, says the author.

“And he knew the autopsy records had been altered. In 1996, declassified documents revealed indeed Jerry Ford changed the autopsy with a pencil.”

“Nixon said, ‘OK, fine – I’ll take everybody down – Jerry Ford, the agency.’”

“That’s why Ford gave Tricky Dick a “full, free and unconditional pardon,” says Stone.

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  1. There is, of course always the Zionist angle (I’m sure you are shocked!), I can compromise. It was the CIA, assisted by Zionist Jews, (hello, Jack Ruby come to mind?…and SSS’s old company.

    SSS, your turn.


    Who killed Kennedy? The Truly Unspeakable…

    Posted on May 31, 2014 by Lila,

    A brilliant summation of the Kennedy assassination accounts, which shows that both sides of alternative research on the subject – those who finger the CIA, on one hand, and those who finger Johnson, on the other – overlook the crucial evidence showing that Johnson was beholden to the Zionists:

    “Johnson’s sympathy for the Jews, whatever its origin, does not constitute evidence of his collusion with Israeli elements in Kennedy’s assassination.

    Yet it is an established fact that Johnson had been the Zionists’ choice of Democratic candidate in the primaries. And that was not new. His campaign for a Senate seat in 1948 was masterminded by Abraham Feinberg, the financial godfather of Israel’s atomic bomb.[7]

    It is also on record, thanks to Arthur Schlesinger (A Thousand Days, 1965), that it was in fact Philip Graham, publisher of the Washington Post, and his most influential columnist Joseph Alsop, both friends and supporters of Johnson, who convinced Kennedy to take Johnson as his running mate, as soon as it became clear that Kennedy would beat Johnson at the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles.

    Schlesinger doesn’t reveal the arguments that convinced Kennedy during his private conversation with Graham and Alsop, and rather censors himself by stating that Kennedy’s final decision “defies historical reconstruction”—a curious statement for an accomplished historian, which can be explained within Schlesinger’s refusal to come to grips with Kennedy’s Middle East policy and his battle with Zionism throughout his 872 pages.

    Alan Hart has convincingly filled in the blanks in Schlesinger’s account: both Graham and Alsop were strongly pro-Israel as well as pro-Johnson, and both could exert huge influence on public opinion. So “Kennedy was forced by Israel’s supporters to take Johnson as his vice-presidential running mate.”[8]

    Why would the Zionists want Johnson as Vice-President, rather than Senate Majority Leader, a much more efficient position to block anti-Israel legislation? It can only be because they saw the vice-presidency as a step to the presidency. And the sooner, the better, because the Zionists hated Kennedy as much as they loved Johnson.

    They hated him because of his father’s alleged support for the Nazis: “there is a question about whether the father did not inject some poisonous drops of anti-Semitism in the minds of his children, including his son John’s”, had wondered publicly Menachem Begin’s party Herut on September 9, 1960.

    Mentioning some of Kennedy’s advisers, Herut further asked: “How can the future of Israel be entrusted to these men who might come to power thanks to Jewish votes, strange and paradoxical as this may seem?” The Zionists also feared Kennedy for his pro-Palestinian stances: “his personal feeling of deep sympathy for the Palestinian refugees was a matter of record,” writes Alan Hart.

    In 1956, on his way back from a trip to Southeast Asia, he had visited a number of refugee camps, and on his return, had expressed on television his deep sympathy for the “displaced” Palestinian people. In February 1958, he told a Jewish group that the refugee problem “must be resolved through negotiations, resettlement and outside international assistance.”[9]

    The question that concerns us here is not: Was Johnson a Zionist mole, besides being a psychopath? The question is: Did Johnson collude with Israeli elements to have Kennedy assassinated? A clue can be found in Ruby’s own words regarding his role in the Dallas coup. Questioned by the Warren Commission, Ruby insisted to be taken to Washington, since, he said, “I am the only one that can bring out the truth to our President.” “If you don’t take me back to Washington tonight to give me a chance to prove to the President that I am not guilty, then you will see the most tragic thing that will ever happen.”

    Ruby did not detail this “tragic thing,” but made it clear that it had to do with the fate of the Jewish people: “there will be a certain tragic occurrence happening if you don’t take my testimony and somehow vindicate me so my people don’t suffer because of what I have done.” He feared that his act would be used “to create some falsehood about some of the Jewish faith,” but added that “maybe something can be saved […], if our President, Lyndon Johnson, knew the truth from me.”[xciv]

    Ruby seems to have wanted to send a message to Johnson, through the Commission members, a message containing a warning that he may spill the beans about Israel’s involvement if Johnson did not intervene in his favor.

    That impression gets reinforced when we compare the respect he shows Johnson, referred to as “our President, who believes in righteousness and justice,” to the accusation he would make in 1967 against that same Johnson, whom he would now call “a Nazi in the worst order” in a handwritten letter.[xcv]

    Ruby’s violent resentment suggests a sense of betrayal; perhaps Ruby was hoping that Johnson would get him out of jail, just like, in 1952, Johnson had managed to keep Mac Wallace away from prison despite being found guilty of first degree murder (normally a sure ticket for the death row in Texas).[xcvi]


    Ruby’s statement to the Warren Commission was leaked to journalist Dorothy Kilgallen and published in the New York Journal American, August 18-20, 1964. Kilgallen also interviewed Jack Ruby and boasted afterwards of being about to “break the real story” and publish “the biggest scoop of the century” in a book titled Murder One. The book was never published: She was found dead by an overdose of barbiturate and alcohol on November 8th, 1965. Her last published line said about the Kennedy assassination: “That story isn’t going to die as long as there’s a real reporter alive, and there are a lot of them alive.”[xcvii]

  2. Z, who cares if it’s a zionist plot?

    Are all the bankers jews? If so, then you might have a point, but they’re not, and you don’t.

    Where you err, is the side you have chosen, against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The God and Father of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

    In the fullness of time, you will be proven wrong. You are of your father, the Devil, a murderer from the beginning.

    Does anyone come on the forum and blast Zarathustrism? No, they don’t. So, why is it you take it upon yourself to condemn Jews? It’s a rhetorical question, you dumb ass white boy. It’s only a shame you were fooled into believing a lie. A shame for you, not me.

  3. Nonanon, that post is even below your typical standard on this site. What the fuck does a zionist plot to kill a president of the US because he didn’t want them to haz nukes have anything to do with religion. Are you really that stupid?

  4. “After Nixon won the 1972 presidential election, (Roger) Stone worked for the administration in the Office of Economic Opportunity.”

    Tells you all you need to know, Z. Access, access, and access. Stone had none.

  5. Z-man posts an inquiry into the murder of JFK and in turn gets called a murderer who apparently is seeking to kill Nonanon.

    Your plot was well hidden under a veneer of calm reason, I’m disappointed, Z-man.


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