1. I would get real worried if the Ukrainians had any kind of air force, most of their planes are not air worthy. Ukraine is broke and owes Russia 15 billion for N.G.. Foggy Bottom praises Keiv’s restrait
    in straffing a city park full of civilians.

  2. Lastly, this George …. and why he would fucking hate The Head Nigger In Charge


    Thus endeth today’s Stucky pictorial essay.

  3. If you take Hitler’s mustache, divide it in half, then rotate the pieces horizontally, then you get Orwell’s. What does that mean?

  4. It means you spent WAaaaayyy too much time in 1st grade cutting paper in shapes and rearranging them.

  5. I imagine a place in Hell waiting for McCain and Kerry. I wonder if NATO (Americans) put in something to shoot down missiles, If the Russians well destroy it. Could make for some real theater.

  6. Reminds me of a scene from “When Mars Attacks”, where the aliens announce constantly over the loudspeaker “We come in peace, do not panic”, just as they vaporize anyone they see.


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