Whatever Became Of Morality?

Paul Craig Roberts
June 5, 2014

Whatever Became Of Morality?  050614girls

What are we to make of this?  http://edition.cnn.com/2014/06/03/justice/wisconsin-girl-stabbed/index.html

Two 12 year-old white American girls who look perfectly normal stabbed their 12-year old friend 19 times in a murder attempt.  By murdering their friend the girls hoped to win the acceptance of a totally fictitious  cartoon character on a website.

Does this mean that not only has the enculturation process in the US deleted morality but also that American kids can no longer tell the difference between fiction and reality?

On several occasions I have written that Americans live in The Matrix, just as in the movie, only there is no “The One” to release them. Has the electronic existence in which children are raised destroyed their humanity?

I would bet that crimes that result from life in virtual reality will be used by governments to shut down free expression on the Internet. The Internet is the last medium in which criticism of the US government can be made.  As criticism is a constraint on unaccountable power of government, expect the Internet to become a member of the Ministry of Propaganda, just like the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, etc.

The 12-year old girls’ attempt to murder their friend does offer insight into why the American population, including the “christian” churches, has been mute for the entirety of the 21st century while the US government and its military have murdered, maimed, and displaced millions of people
in 7 countries that have been destroyed in whole or part, entirely on the basis of Washington’s lies. There is scant sign of any American remorse over these extraordinary crimes against humanity.

We see no sign of any moral conscience in Congress’ curtailments of the social safety net or in the constant stream of lies that intend to lead to more wars for the sake of the military/security complex’s profits and the neoconservatives’ agenda of US supremacy, which risks nuclear war and the extinction of life on earth.

I don’t think we can dismiss the 12-year old girls’ murder plot as just another aberration the way “law and order” conservatives do every time the police employ violence against the innocent citizens who pay the salaries of the goon thug police who body slam infirm 92-year olds, shoot down usually innocent “suspects,” kill the family pets, and throw grenades into the cribs of sleeping babies.

It is a mystery how the US masquerades as “a light unto the world,” when morality is totally dead in Amerika.

Can morality be resurrected?

Don’t hold your breath.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is now available.

25 thoughts on “Whatever Became Of Morality?”

  1. Kids learn their morals on Grand Theft Auto these days . The poor teach their kids to leach off of those that produce,the .01 percenter’s teach their kids that America is theirs to plunder…the rest of the USA….goes into debt just to stay afloat .

  2. It is hard to imagine a crime more shockingly stupid and over-the-top absurd than this one. It makes killing someone for a pair of sneakers seem almost understandable in comparison.

  3. You’ll probably have to be a Boomer/Silent to remember this movie….a quick study in psychopathy. The full movie is available on YouTube. Worth watching.


    Then again…..

    The two US 12-year-olds obsessed with online ghost stories ‘who lured classmate into woods and stabbed her 19 times’ to prove ‘Slender Man’ myth was real

    Two 12-year-old girls who are accused of viciously stabbing a classmate 19 times have been identified for the first time publicly since telling police that they plotted for months to commit murder.
    Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier face attempted murder charges after attacking their friend, saying that they did so because they wanted to join the cult of the ‘Slender Man’ after reading about him online.

    The girls told investigators they believed the Slender Man was real and they wanted to prove it by slaughtering their friend after inviting her for a sleepover in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

    The two suspects the knife back and forth between them before one girl held the victim down and the other stabbed her 19 times. It is not clear which one held the victim down and which had the knife.

    One girl told detectives she regretted it and the other said she was sorry.


    Geyser and Weier told police they read about the fictional character on a website known as Creepypasta Wiki, where scary stories are submitted by users.

    One of the suspects is understood to have told police a user must kill someone in order to climb into the Slender Man’s realm.

    They said they had planned to run away and join the Slender Man in his mansion in the woods outside of town. One girl even had a picture of her family with her. She said she packed it because she didn’t want to forget what they looked like.

    The Slender Man is a prevalent internet myth that has been a viral sensation since it emerged online in 2009. The paranormal creature stalks, abducts and traumatizes children for its own amusement. It can also supposedly control people and communicate telepathically.

    The girls said they believed the ‘Slender Man’ was real after reading stories about him online on a site called CreepyPasta Wiki, where users can submit their own scary stories.


    “The Slender Man is a prevalent internet myth that has been a viral sensation since it emerged online in 2009. The paranormal creature stalks, abducts and traumatizes children for its own amusement.”

    WHAT. THE. FUCK!!!

  4. This is what starts to happen when a whole society mocks GOD and the first principles it was founded on.You haven’t seen anything compared to what’s coming. You are going to see a hurricane of crime and violence hit this nation in the coming years.The lawlessness that coming will kill what’s left of the republic.

  5. “One girl told detectives she regretted it and the other said she was sorry.”

    Well there you go……..all better. It works for Obama and should work for them!

    Methinks morality starts at the top.

  6. @Pb: I see lots and lots of churches in parts of Detroit and Chicago where I would be lucky to survive an hour. Lots of crime in various Latin American and Caribbean countries that have far higher believer rates than the US. Compare Scandinavia, where crime was nearly nonexistent before they opened the doors to third-world immigrants, and where your chances of being mugged by the local Norse descendants are 0.00000… and where religion is almost gone among said Norse descendants, though still universal among the third-world immigrants. Germany is basically the same.

    Maybe we should outlaw religion, because it teaches magical thinking, undermines rationality, and teaches that consequences to people don’t matter when compared to the all-important approval of the invisible sky god. (No offense to Buddhists, the one religion I rarely if ever find anything negative about.)

  7. Persinickety ,I don’t believe you.You’re to much of a coward to go into Detroit or Chicago so how would you know.There was very little crime in America until the 1960s when the great rebellion started.Europe is not as Godless as people claim. In some ways Christianity is in better health there then here..

  8. @Pb: better be careful, you’re so dense I see some satellites getting drawn in. Oh, yeah, btw, I lived in downtown Chicago (not burbs, downtown, as in three-digit street numbers, walking distance to City Hall, Amoco Building (now “Aon Center”), etc.) for three years, and I was just there again two months ago. I know it very well. I never caused myself the misfortune of living in Detroit, but I did have the misfortune of working there – again, DOWNTOWN, as in 3-digit street numbers and walking distance to City Hall, the big fist, GM/RenCen, etc. for several years. I know it very well too.

    But, hey, don’t listen to me. I think you should ask me for some pointers on where you should go visit in each town. Wear a confederate flag, too. That would solve TBP’s current village idiot problem in a flash.

  9. Pb: Welcome! We hear that you want one of our amazing, truly exciting and fast-paced walking tours to the largest cities of the American Midwest. I am thrilled to offer you what will be, truly, the tour of a lifetime!

    Your no-expenses-paid tour begins in Detroit at the beautiful train depot. From there, you will get a bus pass and wait for a bus to pick you up and take you north of 8 mile. But boy you’ll be waiting a long time! After waiting for hours and giving up, you will walk north two miles from there, enjoying the local fauna and flora. Should you need emergency medical treatment – and you might! – you are only a few miles’ walk from Henry Ford Hospital and the Detroit Medical Center, both of which have centuries of experience in treating the kind of injuries you’re about to experience. After going north, you will then turn right and head towards Highland Park, the city so much better than Detroit it’s fully enclosed by Detroit! Your tour then takes you to the city morgue, where you will be stored until picked up by relatives. Please remember to pay us in advance!

  10. Only a simpleton, a Village Idiot for example, would equate such heinous human activity to a cut-and-dried religious formula … “You abandoned God”. Not only is it childishly simplistic, it’s pretty much bullshit.

    At 7AM we lost power (since restored) so we went out for breakfast, and then to Barnes and Noble. Serendipitously, I browsed the philosophy section and picked up a book to browse along with my African Tea and cinnamon scone, titled “The Lucifer Effect”.

    The author is Philip Zimbardo. You DO know who he is ….. he’s the guy who conducted the world-famous 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment.

    Lucifer, as you know, was the Angel Of Light, the most magnificent of God’s creation. And then he went bad, very bad. Hence the title and purpose of the book …. to examine how and why good people turn evil. One of the things he says which I do not like, because it’s true, is that all humans have the ability to go to The Dark Side. All it takes is the right situation, the right peer pressure, the right cause, …. in other words, a Perfect Storm that can sweep any of us into doing evil deeds.

    I didn’t buy the book because I have a dozen on the shelf that still need to be read. But, it looked very interesting.

    He did a TED talk about it. Below is a 4 min clip. The link below that is the full talk (23 minutes.)


  11. Dinesh D’Souza’s dire warning: Americans ‘are being prepared for a political and financial shakedown’

    Obama is the antichrist, following Alinsky and Satan….

    “….In moving from the 1776 ethos to that of 1968, you speak to Saul Alinsky’s playbook. And one of the things you say, and something that I hadn’t seen elsewhere, is that Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” effectively are derived from the same playbook as that of the devil, which kind of explains why he dedicated “Rules for Radicals” to Satan. Can you expound upon that?
    (Source: Wikipedia)

    D’Souza: Well, something strange is going on here because Alinsky was obviously not a Christian; in fact, he was an atheist. So why would an atheist dedicate a book to Lucifer? I think to discover the answer, you have to pay careful attention to what Lucifer represents in the Western tradition. So I did a close reading of Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” and you begin to see how Lucifer operates. First of all, Lucifer is a master of organizing resentment, and so is Alinsky. Lucifer is also a master at making G-d the bad guy. So even though Lucifer rebels against G-d, even though G-d justly expels Lucifer from Heaven, Lucifer goes, “G-d, you’re a tyrant. I don’t have to follow you. I want my own kingdom.” So Lucifer practices, you may say, demonization against G-d. And finally, Lucifer is a liar. He is a master of dishonesty and deceit.

    Now, Alinsky adopted these Luciferian techniques, and so, for example, Alinsky openly advocates deceit. He tells the radicals of the ‘60s, “You know you people are middle class, but you hate the middle class, you hate middle class values, and that’s very good. But what you should do is pretend to be a friend of the middle class, pass yourself off as middle class, and use your position in the middle class to rub raw the sores of discontent. Try to radicalize the middle class by feigning or pretending to share their values.” And I think here, we begin to see the Obama and even the Hillary playbook, which is to say the ways in which Hillary and Obama both started out as Bohemians or Hippies, and then quickly adopted the Alinsky-ite approach of as Alinsky says “dressing square:” Seeming very respectable, being very self-disciplined, and ultimately pretending to be a friend of the middle class, whose values you are trying to undermine.”


  12. Crap… Burn all the “smartphones”, restrict access to internet access under the age of 21 (it’s far worse than booze) and if you know what’s good for your kids, keep them away from all of it until you’re sure you’ve taught them that what they see on the internet (except for multiple different information sites that agree) is pure bullshit or social evil.

    The internet is a marvelous tool that enables productive increases of human intellectual ability by several magnitudes. As an information source, it is totally unbeatable; it is also full of crap that is capable of poisoning the human mind to rational thought and derailing logic processes where achieving accurate results is impossible without extensive second or third source research.

    It is a tool of incalculable progress in human access to knowledge and an incalculable hurricane of total bullshit that offers nearly as many pitfalls as intelligence.

    Test any and all information from the internet from multiple choices. Pick and choose and then check it again.. Misinformation is present is likely 30% of internet sources. It will be up to to sort the wheat from the chafe!


  13. Not surprisingly, until yesterday I had never heard of “Slenderman,” then this.

    One girl said she was sorry, the other one’s statement was, “I don’t know why I don’t feel any remorse.” So, they were not both sorry.

    This morning I had a sit down with my darling daughter (nearly 9) about this, we talked about fantasy and reality, having internet access shut down, the value of life and the need to ALWAYS tell mom if one of her friends/acquaintances starts talking shit like this. Even if they are “joking.”

    We talked about wrong vs right, legal vs illegal, moral vs amoral, and above all, the VALUE OF HUMAN LIFE.

    In all our being protected, we, as a society, have apparently decided that only the government can determine that a human life is valuable, or not.

    Seems we now don’t even bother to teach our middle class kids about it.

    And we sit back and decry the urban youts and violence?

    Looks like their world is edging ever further into ours.

    What in the FUCK cause Boomers to mis-raise their kids, now those kids are completely destroying their children through complete abandonment of all parental responsibilities.

    Manners, morals, respect for history and elders, respect for private property, respect for others.

    Every year fewer and fewer are even shown glimpses of such a world.

    What my children think of as non-negotiable, has been totally thrown away by the majority.

    Scary shit.

    Time to start teaching the baby girl self-defense, and soon target practice. With the quality of her peers she has little chance of surviving the future without the ability to physically protect herself.


    Creepypasta-wikia (where Slenderman stories live) has warnings that the site is not meant for kids under 13, the TOS states it is a violation of law for them to be there.

    The statists will scream the “state should do something!,” but the truth is WHERE IN THE FUCK WERE THE PARENTS?

    My daughter bought her own tablet, but I went forth and registered the Youtube and game sites so that I would have 100% traceability of what she is doing, what she is seeing and with whom she is communicating (no one, she isn’t allowed chat or forums). And I check it pretty regularly.

    These girls needed love, responsibility, manners and hugs. What they got was technology and way too much private time to use it.

    Saddest part is that most parents won’t be able to connect with this. They’ll tell themselves that their little darlings could NEVER do something like that. Then they’ll justify NOT snooping as “respecting their privacy,” while sitting back and AGREEING with gubment snooping because it keeps us safe!

    Peak humans, way beyond peak intelligence. We are literally de-evolving.

    Next stop? I don’t want to think about that.

  14. TE

    Your daughter has a GREAT mom. Asking ‘where are the parents’ IS the $64,000 question.

    Ms Freud sees some really fucked up kids. Probably the worst was the 10 year old who burned his parents house down. Literally …. to the ground. They don’t come here of their own. or parent’s, volition. They come because they are ordered as such by The Court. Yeah … fucked up kids.

    But The Court orders the kids to get counseling, not the parents. Do you want to guess what percentage of parents STAY with their kids during the sessions? About ten percent. Yup.

  15. “Europe is not as Godless as people claim. In some ways Christianity is in better health there then here.” — Pb

    Pb, When was the last time you were in Europe ?


    Take a look at this chart of religions in England. Even an idiot like you should be able to see the trend.

    Religion 2001 2011
    Number % Number %
    Christianity 35,251,244 71.7 31,479,876 59.4
    Islam 1,524,887 3.1 2,660,116 5.0
    Hinduism 546,982 1.1 806,199 1.5
    Sikhism 327,343 0.7 420,196 0.8
    Judaism 257,671 0.5 261,282 0.5
    Buddhism 139,046 0.3 238,626 0.5
    Other religion 143,811 0.3 227,825 0.4
    No religion 7,171,332 14.6 13,114,232 24.7
    Religion not stated 3,776,515 7.7 3,804,104 7.2
    Total population 49,138,831 100.0 53,012,456 100.0


    What the fuck does Christianity have to do with this story? About one third of the world is Christian — using your logic two thirds of the children in the world should be killing each other.

  16. Who needs morality when we have entertainment ?




    On Wednesday, the keepers of our national morality inveigh against a priest or a coach who entices a teenage boy into sodomy. On Thursday, the same keepers inveigh against the Boy Scouts, for shying away from scoutmasters who might do the same. The unnatural experience of sodomy is so crushing to the heart of a normal boy—who simply wants to grow up like all the other boys, falling in love with a girl, getting married, and having children just as his father did—that he cannot get over it, not ten, not twenty years later, but breaks down in public, in mingled rage and shame. But within a single day, one might even say a single sentence, the same pundits will celebrate the same perversion as just an ordinary human variation, such as being left-handed or having a taste for kumquats.

  17. Something evil is taking hold of children and adults alike. I think is archonic influence but whatever the source, it’s undeniable that things like what is described in this post that were unthinkable a few years ago happen with regularity now.

    Anybody read “The Final Warning” by Kathleen Keating?


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