“Of course, increasing energy costs drives up the price of literally all goods and services, in addition to destroying jobs, so this only scratches the surface. What we are witnessing is the deliberate lowering of the American standard of living out of ideologically motivated malice by executive fiat.

The highest price of all won’t come in terms of dollars, but will be paid in something more precious still: liberty. Obama and other extremists in the government tried to impose this regulation through legislative means but failed. So Congress was shoved aside; the rules are to be imposed by unelected and unaccountable EPA bureaucrats. The division of powers established by the Constitution is collapsing because Congress evidently does not have the character to defend its domain from usurpation by the executive branch.”

Dave Blount on Obama’s killing coal directives

How many more times does Obama need to shit on the U.S. Constitution, ignore Congressional and Judicial requirements, and cover-up his administrations crimes before someone with balls will step forward and start impeachment proceedings. Obama is a dangerous sociopathic tyrant who needs to be removed from office before he destroys what remains of this country.

Obama and his extremist sycophant followers do not care about making your life better. They know their rules, regulations, laws, and procedures will not actually do anything to save the planet. They want control over your lives at any cost. Their control freak initiatives are designed to provide government with complete control over every thing you do. Destroying the coal powered plants that currently provide 40% of our electricity, with no legitimate alternative, will have one and only one impact – driving the price of electricity higher. These communists dropped out of economics class in college to take classes in community organizing. The law of supply and demand is inconsequential to ideologues with an agenda of complete control.

The EPA’s own regulatory analysis of its rule to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants says it will hike retail electricity by as much as 6.5% by 2020 — all while forcing 19% of the U.S. coal-fired capacity to shutdown and decreasing coal production by up to 28%. “Under the provisions of this rule, EPA projects that approximately 46 to 49 GW of additional coal-fired generation (about 19% of all coal-fired capacity and 4.6% of total generation capacity in 2020) may be removed from operation by 2020,” the EPA says in its regulatory impact analysis of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. The decrease in coal-fired power will also cause natural gas prices to rise up to 11.5% as an additional 1.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas is used to make up for the lack of coal power in 2020. And this is information from the government drones who think this is a great idea. The true impact will be ten times worse.

But the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported that EPA’s power plant rule would increase peoples’ energy costs by $17 billion per year. In total, the EPA rule would cost the U.S. economy $50 billion annually and kill 224,000 jobs per year. Previous EPA regulations have already set the stage for skyrocketing electricity prices. The Mercury Air Toxics Standard (MATS), which comes in full effect in 2016, has already been predicted to force many coal plants to shut down and help drive up electricity costs.

These rules and regulations will add an average of $145 annually to all 117 million household electricity bills in the United States. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) says closing coal plants will drive up natural gas prices by 150% over 2012 levels by 2040, this cost rise will cause electricity prices to jump seven percent by 2025 and 22% by 2040. Obama and his minions are hanging their hats on the shale gas storyline of hundreds of years of natural gas. The entire storyline is a sham. The propaganda is false. Killing coal will drive the price of natural gas sky high and create shortages, blackouts, and misery for the American people.

Senator Thune has it right:

“Make no mistake, the administration’s proposed rule is nothing more than a national energy tax that will be yet another sucker punch to middle-class families struggling to get by in the Obama economy. These regulations, which will increase electricity costs, will especially hurt low-income families and seniors who live on fixed incomes and already devote a large share of their income to electricity bills. In addition to hurting families, the regulations will destroy jobs, while essentially doing nothing to improve our global environment. The president’s proposed regulations are lose-lose-lose.”

Everything Obama supports is designed to take money out of your pocket and put it into the hands of government drones who think they know how to spend your money better than you. While Obama destroys our energy delivery system and further impoverishes senior citizens and the poor, the government grows ever more powerful and infiltrates every crevice of our lives. Our liberties, freedoms, and right to live our own lives is stripped away.

As Obama and his apparatchiks destroy our economy in the name of saving the planet and providing “free” healthcare for the masses, China and India bring 4 coal powered electricity plants  online every week.

Global demand for coal is expected to grow to 8.9 billion tons by 2016 from 7.9 billion tons this year. China is expected to add about 160 new coal-fired plants to the 620 operating now, within four years. During that period, India will add more than 46 plants. The U.S. has the largest supply of coal on the planet and we will be shutting plants as China and India build them. How exactly is the planet benefiting from this?

Lastly, do you find it interesting that the regions with the least economic impact from Obama’s regulations are areas controlled by Democrats and those impacted the most are controlled by Republicans? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Obama wouldn’t play politics with our energy.


  1. China & India Are Building 4 New Coal Power Plants – Every Week
    Date: 14/11/12

    Peter Galuszka, The New York Times

    Global demand for coal is expected to grow to 8.9 billion tons by 2016 from 7.9 billion tons this year. China is expected to add about 160 new coal-fired plants to the 620 operating now, within four years. During that period, India will add more than 46 plants.

    Last summer, nearly half of India’s sweltering population suddenly found the electricity shut off. Air-conditioners whirred to a stop. Refrigerators ceased cooling. The culprits were outmoded power generation stations and a creaky electricity transmission grid.

    But another problem stood out. India relies on coal for 55 percent of its electric power and struggles to keep enough on hand.

    Coal remains a critical component of the world’s energy supply despite its bad image. In China, demand for coal in 2010 resulted in a traffic jam 75 miles long caused by more than 10,000 trucks carrying supplies from Inner Mongolia. India is increasing coal imports.

    So is Europe, as it takes advantage of lower coal prices in the United States. Higher-priced natural gas on the Continent is creating demand for more coal imports from the United States, where coal is taking a drubbing from less expensive natural gas.

    Coal may seem an odd contender in a world where promising renewable energy sources like solar, wind andhydroelectric power are attracting attention. Anathema to environmentalists because it creates so much pollution, coal still has the undeniable advantages of being widely available and easy to ship and burn.

    The biggest attraction, however, is low cost. By many estimates, including that of Li Junfeng, longtime director general of the National Development and Reform Commission of China, burning coal still costs about one-third as much as using renewable energy like wind or solar.

    Coal is not subject to the vagaries of windless or sunless days, and can easily meet base-load demands of electricity consumers without interruption. So can nuclear power, but the nuclear industry is still reeling from the March 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan. Countries like Germany have turned away from nuclear reactors.

    Global demand for coal is expected to grow to 8.9 billion tons by 2016 from 7.9 billion tons this year, with the bulk of new demand — about 700 million tons — coming from China, according to a Peabody Energy study. China is expected to add 240 gigawatts, the equivalent of adding about 160 new coal-fired plants to the 620 operating now, within four years. During that period, India will add an additional 70 gigawatts through more than 46 plants.

    “If you poke your head outside of the U.S., coal-fired plants are being built left and right,” said William L. Burns, an energy analyst with Johnson Rice in New Orleans. “Coal is still the cheapest fuel source.”

    Besides strong demand for thermal coal, which is burned in power plants, use of metallurgical coal or coking coal, used in blast furnaces, is also expected to more than double in China, to about 1.7 billion metric tons by 2016, as the country’s steel mills churn out more steel for automobiles, skyscrapers and export goods, the Peabody study says.

    Coking coal will be increasingly in demand in other steel centers like Brazil and India, pushing coal companies to scrounge for new reserves in places like Botswana, Mongolia and Mozambique.

    In all, coal use is expected to increase 50 percent by 2035, said Milton Catelin, chief executive of the World Coal Association in London.

    “Last year, coal represented 30 percent of world energy, and that’s the highest share it has had since 1969,” he said.

    Within a year or two, coal will surpass oil as the planet’s primary fuel, Mr. Catelin predicted.

    For now, coal seems to be sidestepping a serious potential impediment to its use: international accords restricting greenhouse gas emissions. So far, such agreements to prevent climate change have been ineffective.

    China plans to put carbon emission reducing equipment on new plants. But China and other big coal producers still have a long way to go in matters like mine safety. On average, about 2,500 Chinese coal miners die in accidents every year.

    On Aug. 29, for instance, a blast at the Xiaojiawan mine in Sichuan Province killed more than 40 miners. Officials blamed lax safety and overcrowding in the shafts.

    Industry officials insist that safety will improve as large Chinese coal companies like the Shenhua Group buy out smaller mines, and new technologies develop that can detect dangerous methane gas and automatically shut down mines.

    Nowhere are the controversies surrounding coal more pronounced than in the United States. Coal became an important issue in the presidential campaign, with the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, accusing President Barack Obama of being anti-coal.

    The American coal industry says Mr. Obama is waging a “war on coal” in response to his proposed regulation of air pollution and surface mining in mountain areas.

  2. bb – I hope EPA does go after the nuclear power plants next. If you think that’s a stupid comment, I’ve got a one-way ticket to Fukushima for you.

    As someone intelligent said a few days ago (it might have even been Admin), China and India are going full steam ahead with coal. Unless the whole world stops, what’s the point? We need about six billion less people on this earth.

  3. Backward , just where are we going to get electricity if coal and nuclear are put out of production?The article said there’s not enough natural gas.

  4. .1/.01 – +1! I was trying to be kind and not wipe out everyone.

    bb – there really is no answer. That’s why I get so angry when I hear people talk about growth, growth, more growth. Some of the bright lights should have been thinking about this stuff long ago. Instead, we’ve got pineapples being shipped 1,000 miles from where they’re grown, and products being made in China when they could be made here, saving valuable resources. How ridiculous! I don’t know the answer. Build the cleanest coal plants BUT there has to be a huge reduction in the amount of people being born. This needs to be front and center.

  5. about 60% of the population will get behind and support the OPPOSITE of anything Obama does. Obama’s created a multitude of coal supporters, people that maybe didn’t support coal until 2008. Same for everything else. Almost everyone I know supports Putin, simply because he’s adversarial to Obama. If Obama supported nuclear, they’d be anti-nuclear. Obama’s gotta go. He needs to be impeached.

  6. Last I heard, there are 75 executive actions by this commander in cheif which are illegal. There are lawsuits for a lot of these. However Obama can keep breaking the law much faster than the court system can keep up. Some of these cases have already been won by the plantiffs, but Obama ignores the judges rulings. Republicans won’t push for impeachmen because Obama is winning the next two elections for them. Of course Democrats wont do anything that goes without saying. Meanwhile Rome is burning.

  7. No one EVER answers my question … “If you impeach Oreo, then what??

    Joe Biden. Is that better.

    After the mid-terms, hopefully Oreo will be a total Lame Duck.

  8. You can’t reason with people who have opinions that were formed without reason in the first place.

    Like it or not a new people are doing the electing. Take a good look some time at ABC news. All these leftist sites are geared toward the mind of a women. And what is the mind of a women you ask?

    I’ll tell you the mind of a women. You may be able to reason as Nissem Taleb. That extreme events disproportionately determine the total outcome of things. Harp all you want about the Fed buying 85 billion a month in MBS it makes no difference to a women and won’t be even mentioned on ABC news.

    You see folks. It has to do with women. In a women’s mind all thing are equal. Here is the mathematical equation for you.

    Dirty dishes = earthquake = flat tire = acne = war = spider in shower

    You see folks. The Joo’s in the media tap in to this. And it’s one inconsequential issue after another.

    I don’t see any hope but repelling women’s right to vote.

  9. Mark says:

    “I don’t see any hope but repelling women’s right to vote.”

    It’s so obvious why you have to repel women.

  10. Stucky says–“No one EVER answers my question … “ The answer is YES, NO or MAYBE! That pretty much covers it.

    OB is smarter than Biden, but much more of an ideologue. Biden would spend so much time tying his shoes in the morning that he wouldn’t time left to sign anything into law. I vote Biden. I think OB is pretty lame now.

  11. Since Reagan’s second term, the president gets to ride shotgun on the stagecoach of state. As Garner might say now, the presidency is not worth a bucket of warm spit.

  12. Unfortunately we can’t just repeal the 19th amendment. Doing so would allow voting to be restricted by gender, but it wouldn’t define which gender. Since women are more than half of the electorate, they might restrict voting to women only. We should just require a random simple arithmetic question in order to get a ballot. Ex: “What’s 6 X 16?” “How many millions in a billion?” “What’s 30 divided by 5?”. I am convinced that Obama couldn’t answer any of those without a calculator. My evidence is the fact that he had literally no idea the size of the national debt when asked by David Letterman.

  13. “Dirty dishes = earthquake = flat tire = acne = war = spider in shower ”

    Okay… that got me laughing.

    Tried to have a conversation with the Missus about the European Central Bank trying their “negative interest rate”, where they charge you more to keep your money in the bank than you make in interest…

    She didn’t believe me. I showed her the Times article in black and white where it had the Euro Bakster SAYING they were going to do that, starting on the 11th. Still didn’t believe it. She called her MOM in Germany and they discussed it.

    Finally, she believed me. I tried to explain to her about how economies are grown from the bottom up, that the beating heart of any economy is small business and the free market, and that this “negative interest rate” bullshit was just a gimmick. That All Things Good do NOT flow from the Government – ANY government – and that we should yank any funds we have in any bank, anywhere and sink it into hard assets, lest the government take it… “for safekeeping” is the usual line of bullshit, like what happened in Greece.

    How this applies to the above equation is that her reaction to the negative interest rate and the impending confiscation of people’s savings/retirement/IRA/insurance money was considerably LESS than her reaction to the last time she yelled at me about my dirty socks in the mud room.

    Impending financial armageddon? “Oh… I should call Mom and talk about it.”


    Mark nailed it.. sorry ladies.

  14. The point I’m trying to make is it’s not possible for me to endure a half hour so called news program such as ABC.

    How are any of these issues important I ask myself? The only answer is that the target audience is overwhelming female.

    You simply can’t attract and brain wash a female audience with out a bunch of nick knack topics.

    It must be very stressful being a women no matter what your circumstance is in life. Rejoice that your a man!

  15. Billy–Mark—When I was in Junior High School, further back in time than I care to remember, the students had a class presidential election. I remember it vividly. All the girls voted for the guy that won because he wore red suspenders. The teachers were speechless as I recall. Women think differently and have different priorities than men. So what else is new?

    Women are verbal creatures, which is why a man can outright lie to them to get them into bed and women are confused and dumbfounded when the guy never calls back. Women have a hard time seeing the whole picture because they’re so thoroughly focused on their own needs.
    C’est La Vie!

  16. Women operate on consensus, which is why they look to the opinions of their girlfriends and mothers.
    They’re not risk takers. As it was once told to me, “Women are the security guards of the social order.”

    If I told my wife to put her money into GM stock, she would fight me all the way, but it some guy standing on the corner with holes in his shoes told her to put her money in GM stock, she’d go do it and I have here best interests at heart. Go figure!

    Tell a women what she wants to hear and she will vote for you. Words are more important than substance. The magic words for a women is “I’m sorry”.

  17. Homersays:
    “The magic words for a women is “I’m sorry”.”

    Dang, now I’m beginning to think Admin does need to start a marriage class. Saying ‘I’m sorry’ is attempting to paper over your mistake. It would be better to start with: ‘I’ve been so blind’ and after much elaboration, finish with: ‘can you forgive me?’

    Of course as guys we fantasize about just riding off into the sunset. But that won’t let us keep that precious motorcycle tool collection we have stashed in the garage, so we stay and tell the world we are responsible men…

  18. Stucky–Good use for electrical tape. Just kidding. I love women, they’re beautiful, but they can sure be problematic sometimes. In all fairness, I thing women think that about us. I had a woman tell me once that “men are so unfinished”. So true!


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