It’s gone perfectly according to Cheney’s plan. We successfully overthrew an Al-Qaeda hating dictator of a country supplying us with ample amounts of oil, with now very rich Al-Qaeda jihadists who have our military equipment and will cut off oil to America. We get less oil and allow another extreme religious state to rise in the Middle East.

Mission Accomplished!!!

Take a bow Georgie and Dick.

Al-Qaeda Jihadis Loot Over $400 Million From Mosul Central Bank, Seize Saddam’s Hometown

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As reported yesterday, in yet another humiliating blow to US foreign policy and the State Department, Al Qaeda-linked ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) militants took over the key northern town of Mosul, where an unknown number of US-made Black Hawk helicopters were parked and have been captured by Al Qaeda (potentially the same forces that have been trained by the US across the border in Syria).

Adding insult to injury the Al Qaeda militants also appear to have looted some $429 million from local banks. From IBtimes:

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (Isis) has become the richest terror group ever after looting 500 billion Iraqi dinars – the equivalent of $429m (£256m) – from Mosul’s central bank, according to the regional governor.


Nineveh governor Atheel al-Nujaifi confirmed Kurdish televison reports that Isis militants had stolen millions from numerous banks across Mosul. A large quantity of gold bullion is also believed to have been stolen.


Following the siege of the country’s second city, the bounty collected by the group has left it richer than al-Qaeda itself and as wealthy as small nations such as Tonga, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands and the Falkland Islands.


The financial assets that Isis now possess are likely to worsen the Iraqi governement’s struggle to defeat the insurgency, which is aimed at creating an Islamic state across the Syrian-Iraqi border.

In other words, now that it is armed with US-made weapons, this particular al-Qaeda group also happens to be the world’s richest terror force!

And so with all disposable cash it needs for a long time and armed to the teeth, what is Al Qaeda to do? Why continue expanding of course. Moments ago, via Reuters, we got confirmation that the “insurgents” have just captured yet another symbolic Iraqi town, Tikrit: the birthplace of none other than Saddam.

Sunni insurgents overran parts of the Iraqi city of Tikrit on Wednesday, security sources said.


Tikrit, which is located 150 km (95 miles) north of Baghdad, is the hometown of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein

And on the map:

Will they stop here? Of course not. Expect the ISIS force to continue south until finally it overruns Baghdad itself and until all of Iraq, courtesy of a crippled army, officially belongs to Al Qaeda. America’s job is done here.

One can’t wait until Al Qaeda is also in charge of all the other countries recently liberated by the US and/or CIA.

USAID in action, supporting ISIS

US-supplied humvees captured by Islamic insurgents in the battle for Mosul


  1. Did they really blank out the face in the bottom pic? REALLY? Are they honestly concerned with Al-Qaeda’s privacy?

  2. This is what happens when pro-muslim, pro-Al Qaeda president fucknuts Obama supplies Al Qaeda with money, weapons, and training. Not to mention letting murderous Taliban leaders go free for a traitor/deserter. We pissed away over $1 trillion in Iraq, and Obama is funding the rise of Al Qaeda back to prominence. Obama needs to be tried for treason and put in prison where he belongs.

  3. Falujha-check. Mosul- check. Next up Bagdad. Shades of the collapse of Republic of South Vietnam, cue the hellicopters to the roof of the US embasy. Instead of discarding the surplus helicopters into the South China sea, this time we will just leave them for the enemy.

  4. Communism, socialism, terrorism, racism are all bad.
    Patriotism is one of the worst ism’s. It blinds the people to believe whatever story they are told, we ask to be taxed, we ask for loss of freedoms, we ask to fight and die, just let us wave the flag in the name of patriotism.

  5. Well….that worked out just fine. That is what happens when you have a war and leave any of the enemy still alive. If you have a war, kill them all otherwise don`t have a war.

  6. Oil Prices Will Hike After Mosul Falls

    Submitted by Pivotfarm on 06/11/2014 12:40 -0400

    Oil prices are set to hike in the next few days with the growing fear that fighting in the northern city of Mosul will spread southwards in Iraq. The country is clearly in line for a greater split between the north and the south, but this time there will be little or no intervention from outside of the country, leading to the belief that oil prices in the world will be affected. The US has stated today that it will support a strong and coordinated response to aggression, however.

    After 4 days of intense fighting Iraq’s northern city of Mosul has fallen to the Islamic State and the Levant (ISIS), a break-away group of Al-Qaeda. A state of emergency has been requested by the Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki at the Iraqi Parliament, with almost half a million people fleeing the city. All of this means that there are worries that there will be another rise in oil prices on the books, in particular if fighting starts spreading towards the south of the country. Sunni militants have already been reported to have been in the oil-refinery town of Baiji, which is some 200 kilometers from Baghdad. Baiji is the largest oil refinery in the country. 1.5 thousand troops have deserted their posts. Of course they have added to the strife by leaving behind weapons and equipment that will be snapped up by the splinter group.

    • US crude saw an increase today of 33 cents trading now at $104.68 as London opened. Brent futures increased by 44 cents and reached $109.96 this morning.
    • The high this year so far was touched in March reaching $105.22 for the intraday high in the previous session.
    • US gasoline stocks fell last week and that means that there will be healthy demand coupled with a fall in supply due to the conflict in Iraq.
    • Gasoline stocks in the US fell by over 440, 000 barrels, while expectations were aiming for a gain of 843, 000 barrels according to data from the American Petroleum Institute.
    • US crude production reached the highest level in 26 years last month, with an average of 8.4 million barrels per day.

    The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) met today and has decided to leave production at 30 million barrels per day, even with the price of oil at over $100. Iraq is the second largest oil producer in OPEC. 17% of oil reserves are said to be located in the north of the country. The majority, however are located in the south. But, fighting in the region of Mosul has meant that the main oil pipeline running to Turkey has had all repair work stopped on it since the start of March this year. What it does mean is that investors will be wary of plowing money into a country where the conflict has still not been resolved and where Al-Qaeda or splinter groups may be in a position to take over the refineries.

    Iraq’s oil minister Abdul Kareem Luaiba has been trying to reassure the world that the south is safe and that there will be no knock-on effect on the price of oil or the supply. He stated: “The midlands and the south are very, very safe. There is no accident in this area, it’s only in the north and the government today has started to take very strong actions”. Iraq produces 3.6 million barrels of oil per day today and has plans to increase that by an extra 4 million by the end of 2014. But, Mosul and the growing tensions in the country will have an effect on the markets for certain. Iraq is selling more barrels of oil than ever before and has record levels of exports to the rest of the world.

    Some believe that oil prices may now increase to over $120 per barrel. It is hoped that the shortfall in oil production will be picked up by those that are able to do so such as the United Arab Emirates.

  7. Being the cynical bastard I am, I’m going to go out on a limb here and bet that every bit of this is going exactly according to the (hastily put together backup) plan.

    We’s be goin’ to war with Syria ya’ll, whether you like it or not!

  8. IS, I tend to agree with you. This situation is too fucked up not to be deliberate.

    FWIW, my neighbor is the office manager for an oil exploration company. She currently has 6 field engineers in Kurdistan at a camp somewhere near Kirkuk. Yesterday she was flipping out.

  9. Hey but we need to stimulate manufacturing! Someone needs to make the weapons they need to fight with us!! Then we can go in there and bring freedom to them again. Georgie and Dicky’s shares are doing nicely. And so is anyone else who holds shares of all those freedom supporting companies, which are sometimes sooo unfairly called the military-industrial complex. Goooo freedom!!!

  10. It’s utterly amazing. Obama undid 12 years and trillions in dollars of effort to stabilize Iraq, which is now slipping into anarchy. Not to mention all the lives lost fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq, all it takes is Obama funding and supporting Al Qaeda, and poof, they’re resurgent and back in action, with the full support of the government of the USSA. And the Taliban is back baby, thanks to Obama.

    Last time I checked, Al Qaeda was still the enemy of the USSA. Obama doesn’t just leave them alone, he gives them money, weapons, and training, and so surprise, they’re murdering and beheading people again, thousands of people, destabilizing Iraq. Obama is allied with Al Qaeda, a murderous terror organization, our enemy, and he needs to be tried for treason. The damage is done in Mosul, too fucking late for those people, and how many more will die and lose their heads in Iraq thanks to Obama’s support and backing? And after Iraq, Obama’s buddies will destabilize the rest of the Middle East. He’s opened Pandora’s box, and nobody is doing anything about it. The criminals in Washington, all of them, are complicit. Some day they’ll be setting their sights back on the USSA, with the blessing of our president.

  11. This is what happens when those necessary acts of old-school, boots-on-the-ground, asshole-clinching intelligence performed by patriotic con artists and/or knuckle-draggers is replaced by professional management in the form of simian-like bureaucrats and privateer technocrats — I use ‘privateer’ here since ‘mercenary’ implies a Y chromosome that was bred out of this society long ago, so perhaps better to imagine them as swashbuckling, earring wearing guys who enjoy the company of other guys for long stretches at sea, yet still have the deepest depths of avarice required to slice their compatriots’ necks for a dollar — it is these two species that form the tip of that virtual spear, bravely scanning Facebook and Twitter and your Mom’s email for red flags, all from air-conditioned offices within walking distance of Starbucks.

    Please don’t feel any anger towards these surfing soulless wretches, instead have pity on them — in ten years, 95% of those surveillance jobs will be lost to budget cuts under a collapsing dollar, replaced by machines that cost pennies to operate and are programmed to exhibit even more mindless loyalty than even they can produce. I imagine Craigslist will be filled with personal services offerings, each bidding to perform more disgusting, demeaning and disturbing acts of sexual prostration in exchange for food. But for the grace of God and good conscience went you.

  12. Iraq Update: Kurds Take Kirkuk, Al Qaeda Surges Toward Baghdad

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/12/2014 08:02 -0400

    Now that 25 year old math PhD HFT programmers have finally figured out what this thing called Iraq is, and why headlines around it should factor into algo trading signals – especially those of crude oil – here, for their benefit is a summary of the latest events in Iraq, and also for everyone else confused why crude is back to levels not seen since last summer.

    In broader terms (via RanSquawk):

    The situation in Northern Iraq continues to deteriorate as the extremist ISIS/ISIL group took control of Mosul and then moved into Tirkit, which was later recaptured, in the north of Iraq which is near the Ceyhan-Kirkuk pipeline, which carries 1.6mln bbls per day. ISIS/ISIL forces then seized the Baiji refinery, the main refinery in Iraq, from Iraqi forces. (BBG/RTRS)
    Iraqi forces and militants have now clashed in Ramadi, 100km from Baghdad, as ISIL extremist forces push towards the Iraqi capital. (BBG)
    However Iraqi Oil Minister Luaibi said US planes may bomb North Iraq and denied ISIL took Baiji refinery in the North. The oil Minister also said Iraq average crude exports 2.6mln bbl/d, Iraq crude production 3.166mln bbl/d, Kirkuk production 167,000 bbl/d and Iraq has stored oil products and won’t increase imports. (BBG/RTRS)
    Washington has vowed to boost aid to Iraq and is mulling done strikes amid fears that Iraqi forces are crumbling in the face of militant attacks. (RTRS)

    And in detail:

    As the WSJ reports, after hard core Al Qaeda spin off ISIS (no relation to Sterling Archer) took over Saddam’s home town of Tikrit yesterday, Iraq edged closer to all-out sectarian conflict on Thursday as Kurdish forces took control of a provincial capital in the oil-rich north and Sunni militants vowed to march on two cities revered by Shiite Muslims. Kurdish militia known as peshmerga said they had taken up positions in key government installations in Kirkuk, as forces of the Shiite-dominated government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki abandoned their posts and fled in fear of advancing Sunni militants, an official in the office of the provincial governor said.

    Reuters adds that “The whole of Kirkuk has fallen into the hands of peshmerga,” citing Jabbar Yawar. “No Iraqi army remains in Kirkuk now.”

    This in turn has put the output of the key Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline, with a 1.6MM bbls/day capacity, at risk.

    The militia were operating out of the headquarters of the Iraqi army’s 2nd Division. The official said western parts of Kirkuk province were still under the control of fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, an al Qaeda offshoot.

    Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, a spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, said the al Qaeda-inspired group would advance on Karbala and Najaf, as well as the capital Baghdad, the Associated Press reported, citing an audio statement.

    However, as we showed yesterday, the final ISIS target is none other than the city of Baghdad, and the overthrow of the Iraq government entirely.

    In Tikrit, militants have set up military councils to run the towns they captured, residents said.

    “They came in hundreds to my town and said they are not here for blood or revenge but they seek reforms and to impose justice. They picked a retired general to run the town,” said a tribal figure from the town of Alam, north of Tikrit.

    “’Our final destination will be Baghdad, the decisive battle will be there,’ that’s what their leader of the militants group kept repeating,” the tribal figure said.

    The powerful Shiite leader, Moqtada al-Sadr, urged his followers on Wednesday to form military units to defend the two cities, which along with Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia are considered sacred by Shiites.

    Before he suspended its operations in 2008, Mr. Sadr’s Mahdi Army, once estimated to have nearly 60,000 members, played a major role in the country’s Sunni-Shiite sectarian conflict.

    His call for military mobilization came after Mr. Maliki said the government would arm citizens who volunteer to fight militants, after the fall of Mosul on Tuesday.

    Security was stepped up in Baghdad to prevent the Sunni militants from reaching the capital, which is itself divided into Sunni and Shi’ite neighborhoods and saw ferocious sectarian street fighting in 2006-2007 under U.S. occupation.

    * * *

    The Kurdish capture of Kirkuk instantly overturns the fragile balance of power that has held Iraq together as a state since Saddam’s fall.

    Iraq’s Kurds have done well since 2003, running their own affairs while being given a fixed percentage of the country’s overall oil revenue. But with full control of Kirkuk – and the vast oil deposits beneath it – they could earn more on their own, eliminating the incentive to remain part of a failing Iraq.

    Maliki’s army already lost control of much of the Euphrates valley west of the capital to ISIL last year, and with the evaporation of the army in the Tigris valley to the north this week, the government could be left in control only of Baghdad and areas south.

    The surge also potentially leaves the long desert frontier between Iraq and Syria effectively in ISIL hands, advancing its stated goal of erasing the border altogether and creating a single state ruled according to mediaeval Islamic principles.

    Maliki described the fall of Mosul as a “conspiracy” and said the security forces who had abandoned their posts would be punished. He also said Iraqis were volunteering in several provinces to join army brigades to fight ISIL.

    In a statement on its Twitter account, ISIL said it had taken Mosul as part of a plan “to conquer the entire state and cleanse it from the apostates”, referring to the province of Nineveh of which the city is the capital.

    Militants were reported to have executed soldiers and policemen after their seizure of some towns.

    * * *

    And while all of the above explains oil’s spike today, now that the world has yet another geopolitical hotzone to follow, following the China-Japan naval conflict, the China-Vietnam escalation, the Thailand martial law, the Ukraine civil war and now the Iraq collapse, expect the USDJPY rigging crew to ignite enough momentum to send the S&P 500 to fresh all time highs.

  13. the US dismantled the mostly sunni Iraqi army in 2003, instead of using it for keeping the country safe from uprising. we see the result today
    what is brewing now is a fuckup of unknown magnitude
    If they can’t be stopped, they will put the Saudi royal family down, trigger a war with Iran, trigger a proxy war in Lebanon…the only limit is the sky. half of the world’s oil at risk, and i don’t think china and russia will duck this time…

    what is obvious in my eyes now, is that the so called “elites” really want their world war, so they can wash, rince, repeat…

  14. Frenchie, I just put up a post about this. Iran is at full mobilization along the Iraqi border and Iranian troops are already fighting alongside the Iraqi government troops. Iran has the means to dispose of ISIS should they decide to do it. Then Iraq becomes an Iranian protectorate. Isn’t that cool?

  15. Iran’s president says the Islamic Republic will not tolerate violence and terror as foreign-backed Takfiri militants wreak havoc in northern Iraq.

    “As the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we will not tolerate the [acts of] violence and terror and we fight violence and terrorism in the region and in the world,” President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday.

    The Iranian president said Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) will hold an immediate meeting to review the developments in Iraq as the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) pushes ahead with its offensive in Iraq’s northern cities.

    “Why is an extremist and terrorist group treating people this way?” President Rouhani asked.

    “I hope that nobody would see the films [taken] of the savage acts committed by them (ISIL) in Iraq and Syria. Unfortunately, these people claim to be combatants and Muslim,” Rouhani stated.

    The Takfiri attack on Iraq’s Nineveh Province has forced “over 500,000 people in and around” its capital, Mosul, to flee, according to Geneva-based International Organization for Migration.

    Reports also indicate that on June 11 the militants seized the city of Tikrit. However, shortly afterwards, Iraqi forces managed to recapture the central city, located roughly half way between Baghdad and Mosul.

    Clashes continue between Iraqi soldiers and the Takfiri militants, who have vowed to march toward the capital.

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the acts carried out by the militants, calling on the international community to support the Iraqi government’s fight against Takfiris.

    According to reports, Takfiri groups are reportedly entering Iraq from neighboring Syria and Saudi Arabia to undermine security in the country.



  16. I am surprised at the lack of sophistication demonstrated by the readers of TBP . Let me explain the situation:

    Al Qaeda in Syria – AKA good Al Qaeda = Sell arms , encourage overthrow of Assad
    Al Qaeda in Iraq- AKA bad Al Qaeda = Bomb shit out of

    Difference between two groups less than a tank of gas

    See how simple


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