If you think Obama and his government flunkies have done miracles with Government Motors since they saved this piece of shit union company with your tax dollars while ignoring bankruptcy law, wait until they are in complete control of your rectal exams. Obama loves to tout his saving of this awful company and the thousands of union drone jobs he was able to keep on the Democrat voting rolls. Who wouldn’t want to buy one of their death traps?

Of course, GM keeps reporting strong sales as they stuff their shitty inventory down the throats of dealers, use the government run ALLY Financial to dole out subprime 7 year 0% auto loans to the Free Shit Army Obama voters, and offer huge money losing discounts that guarantee losses for the company. They are using the tried and true method of selling each car at a loss, but promising to make it up on volume.

This is a joke of a company, reflecting a joke of a president.

The old saying “As GM goes, so goes the country” is truer today than it ever was in the 1950s.

GM Flunks Derek Zoolander School For Bailed Out Companies Who Can’t Build Cars Good, Recalls All New Camaros

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Another week, another massive GM recall, this time the bailed out company, which clearly is unable to build cars on the “first” attempt, announcing moments ago that it is recalling all current generation Chevvy Camaros “because a driver’s knee can bump the key FOB and cause the key to inadvertently move out of the “run” position, with a corresponding reduction or loss of power.” Supposedly, the issue, which may primarily affect drivers sitting close to the steering column (as opposed to?), was discovered by GM during internal testing following the ignition switch recall earlier this year.

Some truly divine comedy from GM:

Discovering and acting on this issue quickly is an example of the new norm for product safety at GM,” said Jeff Boyer, vice president of GM Global Safety.

One wonders how many wrongful death lawsuits are piling into the GM inbox as a result of GM “acting quickly” on what are now over 16 million recalls in 2014 alone! According to the release, GM is aware of three crashes that resulted in four minor injuries that it believes may be attributed to this condition. Is death considered a minor injury by the product safety team at GM one wonders?

Separately, GM also announced two safety recalls and one non-compliance recall involving a total of 65,121 cars in the U.S. all three of which were reported to the NHTSA on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. Including Canada, Mexico and exports, the total recall population is 69,839.

Here is the full and updated list of cars recalled by GM in 2014 alone:


And here is what happens to GM when month after month it confirms it has flunked the Derek Zoolander school for bailed out companies who can’t build cars good: GM has now recalled 70% more cares than it sold in all of 2013, and has recalled 83% more cars in the first 6 months of 2014 than it did in the entire 2008-2013 period!

At least all those votes Obama bought when he bailed out GM were certainly put to good use… just not for building quality cars.




    Feds Bust “One Of The Largest Food Stamp Frauds Ever”

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/13/2014 09:51 -0400

    With nicknames like “The Money Wizard” and “Gran Hustle,” 88 people have been indicted in what the FBI calls “one of the largest federal food program frauds ever.” Grocery stores were created for the express purpose of laundering WIC (Women, Infant & Children) and Food Stamp (EBT) funds from willing benefits-receivers who were given discounted cash for the “food” stamps canvassed from “low income neighborhoods” in Georgia. The government seeks the forfeiture of $20 million in bank accounts and assets, including two luxury vehicles, a 2008 Mercedes Benz and a 2008 Land Rover. Exceptional!

    Via The FBI,

    Georgia’s Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program provides infant formula, juice, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other healthy foods to low-income pregnant and postpartum women and to infants and children up to age 5 who are nutritionally at risk.

    The Food Stamp Program, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), provides “food stamp” benefits to low-income families through Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards, which are similar to debit cards. It is a crime to exchange WIC or Food Stamp benefits for cash.

    How They Did It…

    The 54-defendant indictment alleges that a number of defendants conspired to open purported grocery stores in Savannah, Macon, Atlanta, Garden City, Lithonia, LaGrange, Stone Mountain, Riverdale, and elsewhere for the purpose of buying WIC and Food Stamp benefits for cash.

    Once the purported stores were opened and approved as WIC and Food Stamp vendors, many of the defendants allegedly canvassed low-income neighborhoods and solicited WIC and Food Stamp participants to illegally exchange their benefits not for food but for cash.

    The defendants then allegedly bought WIC and Food Stamp benefits for cash at a fraction of the amount they received from the USDA by redeeming the benefits they had purchased. The defendants also allegedly conspired to launder over $18 million in proceeds received from their fraud upon the WIC and Food Stamp programs.

    And here are the 54 defendants who ran the scheme (34 others who were involved were the ones illegally trading their oh-so-critical food stamps for cash)…

    Brandon Sapp, AKA “B,” 37, Austell, Georgia
    Kimberly Sapp, AKA “Kimberly Walker,” AKA “The Money Wizard,” 34, Austell, Georgia
    Calvin Williams, AKA “Slick,” 39, Atlanta, Georgia
    Isaac Martin, AKA “Ike,” 37, Jonesboro, Georgia
    John P. Jones, AKA “JP,” 39, Ellenwood, Georgia
    Wayne Jackson, AKA “J5,” 32, Atlanta, Georgia
    Gregory Thomas, AKA “Rich Gregg,” 37, Atlanta, Georgia
    Kerry Adams, AKA “Big Skreed,” AKA “Skrump,” 38, Atlanta, Georgia
    Brian Lockhart, AKA “Lock,” 47, Atlanta, Georgia
    Henry Ward, AKA “TY,” AKA “TYE,” AKA “Grand Hustle,” 32, Savannah, Georgia
    Vincent Harper, 40, Atlanta, Georgia
    Ostrando S. Brock, AKA “Shun,” AKA “Shawn,” 32, Mableton, Georgia
    Jesse McCoy, AKA “Jay Mac,” 42, Ellenwood, Georgia
    Terence Cosby, AKA “Me Gold,” 33, Savannah, Georgia
    Raymond Hargrove, 27, Savannah, Georgia
    Jacqueline Beauchamp, AKA “Jackie,” 25, Pooler, Georgia
    Elizabeth Beauchamp, 28, Pooler, Georgia
    Gerald Patilla, AKA “PT,” 30, Savannah, Georgia
    Clayton Talley, 32, Pooler, Georgia
    Ebony Jacobs, 28, Savannah, Georgia
    Olajawon Simmons, AKA “Wan,” AKA “Won,” 27, Savannah, Georgia
    Reginald Simmons, AKA “Reggie,” 28, Savannah, Georgia
    Gary Grier, AKA “Bundee”, AKA “Dee,” 37, Atlanta, Georgia
    Magregor Warner, AKA “KB,” 40, Atlanta, Georgia
    Benjamin Tookes, AKA “B,” AKA “Ben,” 40, Atlanta, Georgia
    Carlos Davis, AKA “Lo,” 38, Atlanta, Georgia
    Raymond Hixon, AKA “Dre,” 38, Atlanta, Georgia
    Thomas Thornton, AKA “Big Bo,” 27, Atlanta, Georgia
    Branden Jordan, 32, Atlanta, Georgia
    Mark White, 38, Atlanta, Georgia
    Tobias Render, AKA “Tee,” AKA “Toby,” 33, Atlanta, Georgia
    Eric Burkes, AKA “E,” 25, Atlanta, Georgia
    Aryay Strong, 31, Atlanta, Georgia
    Marshall Sears, 38, Atlanta, Georgia
    Suleyma Arreola, 21, Marietta, Georgia
    Emory White, 32, Marietta, Georgia
    Obryan Moore, AKA “OB,” 29, Powder Springs, Georgia
    Terry Mitchell, Jr., 43, LaGrange, Georgia
    Corey Mitchell, AKA “Stick,” 39, Atlanta, Georgia
    Luquoise Clay, AKA “Qui,” 30, Atlanta, Georgia
    Jessica Cameron, AKA “Keta,” 30, Grantville, Georgia
    Joshua Dunlap, 38, Monticello, Georgia
    Maurice Fudge, AKA “Reese,” 39, Macon, Georgia
    Quinton Matthews, AKA “Q,” AKA “Chuck Matthews,” 39, Macon, Georgia
    Charles Jackson, AKA “Cooley Slim,” AKA “Corey,” 35, Lithia Springs, Georgia
    Ronnie Zachary, AKA “City,” 29, Byron, Georgia
    Porsha Drewery, AKA “Parsha,” 37, Macon, Georgia
    Taquilla Johnson, AKA “Quilla,” 35, Macon, Georgia
    Raheem Waller, 30, Atlanta, Georgia
    Travis Rich, 35, Atlanta, Georgia
    Marlon Dobbins, 29, Atlanta, Georgia
    Derrick Heard, AKA “Da Man,” AKA “Heard,” 43, Atlanta, Georgia
    Rahdriq Turner, AKA “Rah Rah,” 36, Rockmart, Georgia
    Antonio Dorsey, AKA “Bear,” 34, East Point, Georgia

    The WIC and Food Stamp programs are designed to provide necessary nutrition for the most vulnerable members of our society,” said Brock D. Nicholson, Special Agent in Charge of HSI Atlanta. “HSI is proud to have assisted the U.S. Department of Agriculture and others in protecting this program from alleged fraudulent activity in the state of Georgia.”

    “This investigation and prosecution should send a strong zero-tolerance message to those individuals who create businesses for the purpose of specifically defrauding the taxpayer funded WIC and SNAP programs,” said Karen Citizen-Wilcox, Special Agent in Charge, USDA-OIG-Investigations. “It should also serve as a warning to all stores, that participate in the WIC and SNAP programs as vendors, that fraud and trafficking (purchasing those benefits for cash) will be vigorously investigated and prosecuted by

    Now that is exceptional.

  2. Early this morning I came across a couple of videos of supposed Iraqi death squads driving around shooting up carloads of people driving down the street with AK’s (I hope they had ear protection because shooting from a vehicle is loud as all get out).

    I couldn’t help but notice how many of those vehicles were brand spanking new GM autos. Not that I want a new car, even a used GM for that matter, but where exactly do droopy pants wearing Iraqi teens get the money for those 30K+ vehicles? Why so many of them? What happened to the little donkeys pulling a Datsun pickup bed behind them we saw prior to the big US invasion of ’03?

    The Renaissance had a name for it’s time period, because rebirth. Our time will likely be known as the Big Grift.

  3. Between the Bernie Madoffs, government bailouts, taxes and Money Wizards fleecing as much as they can from the system, makes you wonder how much longer the honest people can hold out paying for it all.

  4. The corzine deal is still the benchmark for ‘wtf, over’, for me. If you spit on the sidewalk or jaywalked you’d face a harsher and more unforgiving outcome.

  5. They aimed too low, that’s all. Give a man a gun and he can rob the bank, give a man a bank and he can rob the world!

    BTW-Ever since the economist mentioned last year that he quizzes grocery clerks on food stamp users, I make a point to ask. Answers range from 50-75%, even in the suburbs.

  6. Genital Motors, Government Motors, General Maintenance, General Mistakes, General Misery, General Malpractice, Generally Malfunctions

  7. HSF, regarding the new GM vehicles you saw in the video…….
    I recently watched a video of Susan Landauer who was the first person to be prosecuted under the Patriot Act. She was a CIA asset who was working back channels to negotiate a peace treaty with IRAQ prior to the last war. According to her, the Iraqis basically caved on every single demand that the US govt, (read CIA) wanted. Part of the “deal” was that Iraq would buy one million brand new GM cars every year for ten years. I can only assume that that provision or a similar one was put in place after we imposed freedom and democracy on them this time.

    Yep, they hate us for our freedom!

    1. Growing Iraqi Car Market has “Huge Potential”

      Posted on 30 March 2012. Tags: Cars, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, IHS Automotive, Iran Khodro, Niva Car, volkswagen


      Bloomberg reports that Iraq is attracting the attention of global automakers including General Motors, Ford and Volkswagen.

      Western cars were shut out of the Iraqi market by sanctions during the Saddam Hussein era, and even today there are many old VW Passats that were shipped to Iraq from Brazil between 1983 and 1990 in exchange for oil.

      Now rising incomes and safer streets are fueling demand for new cars such as Chrysler‘s Dodge Charger (pictured), nicknamed “Obama” after the U.S. president by Iraqis.

      Another car popular among Iraqis is the Samand, a sedan manufactured by Iran Khodro Company.

      With a population of more than 30 million people and a growing economy, Iraq’s auto market has “huge potential,” said Stefan Mecha, VW’s managing director for the Middle East, projecting industrywide sales to rise by a third this year to 120,000 vehicles. Demand could get much bigger.

      In neighboring Saudi Arabia, which has a population slightly smaller than Iraq’s, there are about 6.5 million registered cars, according to IHS Automotive. That’s about five times the 1.35 million vehicles in Iraq, according to Hamid Algharbawi, owner of a high-end car dealership in Baghdad. Official data aren’t available.

      Iraq holds “a lot of promise,” said Larry Prein, Ford’s managing director for the Middle East. Ford expects sales to double this year after tripling to 2,000 in 2011.

      Niva Car Ltd., Ford’s dealer in Iraq, plans to invest $200 million over the next three years to open new outlets to tap the rising demand, said Mohammad Fuad Alanaswah, the dealer’s chief. “It’s a tough market to be in, but it is growing,” said Alanaswah. “We believe in our market. That’s why we are expanding.”

      GM plans to invest in new showrooms and service centers in Iraq after initially entering the market in 2003 by selling to the government, U.S. forces and aid organizations, said John Stadwick, head of GM’s Middle East operations.

      Last year, GM’s sales surged 68 percent to 32,000 cars, making Iraq its second- largest market in the region after Saudi Arabia.

      (Sources: Bloomberg, Digital Trends)

  8. All these programs are just bs. They should give people fruits and veggies, eggs and small amounts of meat. That would be only if we lived in a rational world…but we all wanna be rich n’ famous suckaa!

  9. Obombya has the nigga Midas Touch – everything he touches turns to shit.
    Actually, everything the government touches to shit. O is the current white house nigger.


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