I can’t wait for the Olympics. I wonder if they’ll gun down protestors with machine guns.

Clashes broke out at Brazil’s Copacabana Beach when anti-FIFA protesters marched as the first World Cup game, between Brazil and Croatia, took place. Violent clashes also brought havoc to Sao Paulo, where Brazilian police used tear gas and stun grenades.


  1. A young lady is on park bench crying when she’s approached by a young man who asks if she’s alright. She shows him a headline that reads ” 20 Brazilians Killed” ….She said It’s so tragic. Yes said the young man. She looks at him and says I know how many is in a million but how many is in a Brazilian?

  2. I don´t blame the Brazilians one bit for being angry over the World Cup nonsense. The soccer (or “football”) hype in Europe and South America is almost as nauseating as the professional sports garbage that is forced down our throats here. In fact, it is in many ways even more artificial, with photos of wide-mouthed louts shouring “Gooooooooooaaal” plastered all over the place, their eyes as big as saucer. In fact, soccer is a boring game that ignores the need for upper body strength. Stupid. It is almost as bad as sitting there watching 7 foot freaks from the ghetto chasing da roundball. Sports are great and all Americans should PRACTICE them. Watching college football or some other sport is OK, too, as are the Olympics. But professional sports are for losers, in my humble opinion.


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