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Video of the Day – Introducing “iDouches,” The Google Glass Wearers Who Claim Discrimination

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 3.29.42 PMIf you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I harbor a great degree of derision for Google Glass. Beyond the fact that I think the contraption is essentially expensive birth control, the privacy infringing aspects of this device are dizzying. If you are my friend and start wearing Google Glass we can pretty much terminate the relationship right then and there.

Apparently, I’m not the only one, and in this hilarious segment by Jason Jones on the Daily Show, we are introduced to a new, and apropos term, “iDouche.” What is so amazing is the delusional mindset that pervades all of the “glass” wearers, to the point that one of them calls the act of being discriminated for wearing the monstrous headset a “hate crime.”

A great laugh heading into the weekend.


In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

13 thoughts on “GOOGLE DOUCHEBAGS”

  1. It’s probably because I’ve been seeing so much about ISIS rebel atrocities in Iraq, but all I kept think was how anyone who wears those things should have their head cut off with a scimitar. Your standard machete would do, too.

  2. These Google glass dipshits are not only annoying, they’re dangerous. Google, a subsidiary of the NSA, uses facial recognition software to identify people on the streets. These assholes are unpaid spies for the NSA, and they should get the shit beat out of them as often as possible (or macheted).

    Exclusive: Google Wants To Collect Your Health Data With ‘Google Fit’

  3. “If you are my friend and start wearing Google Glass we can pretty much terminate the relationship right then and there.” ————- from the article

    +one billion …. but not before I punch them in the face.


    iDontHaveAHeadAnymore … I’m one thousand percent with Iska … behead the motherfuckers

  4. Today Denninger loves Apple:

    Apple Does Something Right

    2014-06-14 07:00 by Karl Denninger

    I’m actually impressed, for once.

    {Beginning with iOS 8, Apple’s handheld devices will generate and use random Media Acccess Control, or MAC, addresses — rather than their real MAC address — when scanning for Wi-Fi access points. The change was announced in a closed session at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference and first called out by security researcher Frederic Jacobs.}

    For the uninformed every device that has a WiFi chipset needs a globally unique address called a “MAC” address. That’s because your device must be unique from every other in order for WiFi to work — the network has to know where to send things, in short, irrespective of the protocol in use.

    As such every device has such a globally-unique address.

    The problem is that if you have WiFi turned on but are not connected to anything, your device is both listening and probing for WiFi connectivity. In doing so it has to use a MAC address — and if it uses the real one you have just broadcast a globally-unique identity, allowing anyone who receives that transmission to know you’re there.

    There are retailers — and others, including governments, who have used this as a means to track people. If your town has “free” WiFi or even if it only has it for “first responders” that you cannot use, they can be and probably are tracking every WiFi device that comes within range. It’s trivial to do so.

    What Apple is doing here will destroy the utility of that tracking by randomizing the address, making such tracking impossible. Only when your device associates against an actual access point to communicate will it use it’s real address. At that point it must, but at that point you’ve authorized the connection — and can’t really hide from it anyway (since you’re using it.)

    Bravo Apple. Now let’s see the Android codebase and BlackBerry both adopt this same strategy.

  5. My fight against the iDouches is simple.

    I pull out my phone and start filming them.

    I’ve only done it once and the person put her head down and scurried off, I made it pretty obvious I was filming her.

    Turnabout is fair play. I actually think it was Denninger that brought that up a year or so ago. He says we need to find out where the feds, cops, banksters, and security agents live and record them and harass them (legally, and with cause) for everything they do.

    Screw this world. Freaking braindead morons are everywhere. It’s like the walking dead except instead of eating your brains they’ll record then sue or prosecute you to death.

    I’d rather be in fear of having my brains eaten.

  6. Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.
    [Neo’s eyes suddenly wander towards a woman in a red dress]
    Morpheus: Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?
    Neo: I was…
    Morpheus: [gestures with one hand] Look again.
    [the woman in the red dress is now Agent Smith, pointing a gun at Neo’s head; Neo ducks]

  7. If U have an Android phone, if U get the Android 4.3 OS, Google douchebags accidentally included the ability to change the permissions on your own phone. They quickly updated 4.3 & the newer 1 will not allow individual privacy settings. Stay on 4.3. U can customize your phone how U want it.

    Google believes your phone is being rented to U.

  8. So WTF is Google Chrome, my fastest and best computer program, not letting me get on TBP?
    “This site is infected with Malware,” they warn.
    And why are other TBP Google comments so hard to post?

  9. Yep, looks like google is on the attack Admin.

    I use Palemoon and just got the following when I hit refresh –

    Reported Attack Page!

    This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

    Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.

    Some attack pages intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.

  10. Admin – Google wouldn’t let me on your site either. I had to get on using Internet Explorer. Bastards!

  11. Also had trouble accessing TBP using the Google web browser – Here is their response

    Safe Browsing
    Diagnostic page for

    What is the current listing status for
    Site is listed as suspicious – visiting this web site may harm your computer.

    Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 9 time(s) over the past 90 days.

    What happened when Google visited this site?
    Of the 4514 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 17 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2014-07-20, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2014-07-14.
    Malicious software is hosted on 2 domain(s), including,

    2 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including,

    This site was hosted on 3 network(s) including AS13335 (CLOUDFLARENET), AS26347 (DREAMHOST-AS), AS15169 (GOOGLE).

    Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?
    Over the past 90 days, appeared to function as an intermediary for the infection of 4 site(s) including,,

    Has this site hosted malware?
    No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

    How did this happen?
    In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message.

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