1. Hillary’s interview was another shining example of the elites complete disconnect with the real world the rest of us live in.

  2. I don’t see the problem. Hillary is such an investment genius she turned 1K into $100,000 over night in the commodities market, she could do it again, right? That was legitimate wasn’t it? Just because the odds of such a return happening were at best 1 in 31 trillion, doesn’t mean anything shady was going on, what do you think?

  3. Let me tell ya what’s really going on, and what history preceded this BS. It’s much worse than you can imagine.

    My dear friend, Dr Tom OBrien, deceased a year ago @ 74, was at one time Merill Lynch’s first commodity trader, and at age 28 created that part of their company & ran it w/Adam Hewiston [still living, & an excellent investment analyst advisor online].

    After gaining fame in that position, he went on to advise more noteworthy people, such as the Hunt brothers when they cornered Silver, but the Clintons were the real stand-out perps here. Tom later formed his own commodity-trading company, SPECTRA [starting to sound like a movie, right?].

    He made much of their fortune by a straddle he devised buying long cattle and short corn futures [I believe was the strategy]. Unfortunately, they wished to hide their new wealth, & sent it to banks in the Bahamas and Bermuda, which was still legal in those days.

    However, the laws changed at a later date and made retroactive through the RICO manuever. The Clintons accused Tom of telling them to do this, although at the time he told them he felt it was a BAD idea and could lead to problems. Obviously a person in his elevated status cannot afford accusations of such dealings.

    After NINE Federal Grand Juries found Tom INNOCENT, so the Clintons went to the judge, had him close the case and seal it for fifty years.

    Two weeks after this, two men in black suits came to Tom’s home and told him to never talk about this in any way. If he did, they’d first come after his grandchildren, then his adult children, and finally his wife. But they’d leave him alone to live out his days in the aftermath.

    These creeps would sell their parents and children to further themselves. Think Satanic evil and you’ve got it. Hillary will be the first feminist Hitler in history. And you read it here first, if the NSA doesn’t pull this after a few hours.

  4. If La Clintonita wins in ’16, the ‘Making of the President’ would be subtitled: Chronology of a Foregone Conclusion. However, if recent history is any guide, Joe Biden and Rick Perry would seem to have more presidential timber. While neither one is an oak, both are a serviceable pine. At least they ‘got wood’.

  5. If it ain’t Hillary, probably Jeb Bush.

    Like choosing between an ass whooping & an ass whooping. Change U can believe in!


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