Why Is Lying Not Impeachable?

Guest Post by Karl Denninger

Impeachment is a political process.

Washington DC takes our tax money and spends it according to how we direct; that’s why they’re called representatives.

So when you have an administration that is proved to have intentionally lied why is that not sufficient cause to remove all of the responsible parties — including the President?

A targeting memo sent to the State Department by the Defense Department’s Africa Command two days after the Benghazi attack listed 11 suspects with ties to Al Qaeda and other groups, counter-terrorism and congressional sources confirmed to Fox News.

This is significant because it arrived two days before then-UN ambassador Susan Rice appeared on television shows blaming the assault on an inflammatory video. It also came nearly a day before presidential aide Ben Rhodes sent an email also suggesting the video – and not a policy failure – was to blame for the Sep, 11, 2012 attack that claimed four American lives.

In other words the DOD and State Department — that is, the Administration — knew full well that Benghazi was an Al Qaeda attack before anyone went on TeeVee and blamed it on “an evil video” produced by someone in the US.

That wasn’t an error in analysis, it was a lie.

In her new book, “Hard Choices,” then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed the administration made new information available as soon as it was received.

“Every step of the way, whenever something new was learned, it was quickly shared with Congress and the American people,” she wrote. “There is a difference between getting something wrong, and committing wrong.”

That’s a lie too.

Hillary ought to be barred on a permanent basis from ever serving in public office — anywhere and everywhere.

She, like her husband, simply are incapable of telling the truth.

9 thoughts on “Why Is Lying Not Impeachable?”

  1. Why Is Lying Not Impeachable?

    Because the ‘rule of law’ is a selectively enforced scam.

    Paying lip service to it only serves to validate and legitimize the scam.

    Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  2. “Herself” was lying? Obongo was lying too? Obongo’s handlers, advisers, Grand Vizier’s, were all lying their collective asses off? What’s-her-face, the ex UN Ambassador was lying? EVERYONE involved was and is a lying piece of shit?

    Well… I am shocked! SHOCKED I TELL YOU!

    I’ve scraped shit off my boot that had more integrity than everyone in this Administration… and Herself can eat a dick…


  3. The immoral lying criminals in Washington will some day get their due. Obama and Hillary and Kerry and Holder belong in prison, or executed preferably. The shitstains don’t deserve fucking book tours and $200k speeches, they deserve to pay for what they’ve done to this country, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan. Obama’s murdered more than 130 innocent children with drone strikes, an incompetent imbecile coward war criminal. Obama, Kerry and Hillary have given weapons, money, and support to Al Qaeda, which is not murdering and running wild, a treasonous offense. What happens when they decide to use that support in attacking the USSA?

    There is no accountability, no checks and balances, no law. Obama does whatever the fuck he wants, a new catastrophe every day, every week. Nobody knows what the fucking idiot is going to do next, but everyone is scared, because he’s biblical evil and determined to wipe out this country.

    He lets in Murderous Mexican gang members and tens of thousands of worthless Mexicans to get more people on welfare and food stamps, and vote for democrats, breaking more laws. There seems to be no end to the treachery, fascism, and tyranny facing this country from the criminals in Washington. The Feds and government will soon start putting down the open defiance and protest that will some day come with coming collapse. They’ll be dragging people out of their houses and murdering whoever they choose, just like the fucking cops do now. Boston was a foreshadowing of what the fascists have in store for us all.

    We had a chance, however remote, to stop these criminals, but that time has passed. Obama should have been impeached long ago, and tried for treason, but he remains, the media and the FSA complicit, half the fucking people in this country getting their checks from the government, until the whole thing implodes. Then it’s going to really get interesting. As always, I hope you’re prepared for what’s coming. A country that can have a fucking idiot like Obama as president, with a fucking witch dyke on deck like Hillary is doomed. Let’s get it over with.

  4. At the federal level, Article II of the United States Constitution (Section 4) states that “The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    Ok, that answers the question posed by the article’s title. If not under oath, lying is not a crime. If under oath, it’s a felony, ie. perjury. Let’s look at how this has played out in a few impeachment cases. A=acquitted. R=Removed from office.

    Federal judge. Tax evasion (when you sign a tax form, you are under oath and subject to charges of PERJURY, corruption. R

    Federal judge. Tax evasion. R

    Federal judge (Alcee Hastings, currently serving in the House of Representatives). Accepting bribe, PERJURY. R

    Federal judge. PERJURY. R

    President (Bill Clinton). PERJURY, abuse of power. A

    Federal judge. False financial disclosures (you sign these under oath and subject to charges of PERJURY). R

    Anyone see a glaring disparity here?

  5. Even under oath you need only remember these words…

    “I dont remember”

    “I dont recall”

    “I misremember”


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