Maybe Comcast needs to market CNBC as a comedy channel. Or maybe they could have their vacuous bimbos report the business news topless. I must sheepishly admit that I actually bought one of Cramer’s books back in the 1990s. I haven’t watched 5 minutes of CNBC in the last five years. It’s a pathetic joke. If they are getting these kind of ratings with stocks near all-time highs, imagine how well they’ll do after the next crash. This is what happens when you disregard truthful journalism and provide propaganda in the form of entertainment, while kissing the ass of Wall Street oligarchs.

CNBC pays this douchebag over $1 million per year and he gets 2,000 viewers in his targeted demo. How do I get a gig like that? A TV version of TBP would attract 10 times as many viewers as Cramer. I’d have Billy and llpoh on as co-hosts.

CNBC Viewership Drops To Lowest Since 1997, Cramer Has Worst Month Ever

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While those in the financial industry who are forced to make profits by trading other people’s money (note: never their own) enjoy CNBC for the comedic content and the endless barrage of humorous propaganda (while getting their actionable info from Bloomberg and sellside soft-dollar services), the retail investor has traditionally relied on the Comcast channel for news updates, biased as they may be (remember: the Fed, ECB and BOJ are only micromanaging the global economy and injecting trillions because all is swell and self-sustainingly recovering and stuff) and trading recommendations.

At least that’s how it used to work. However, when one looks at the most recent CNBC ratings something odd emerges: either the “retail investor” has found an alternative media outlet for getting their financial information during the day (or simply is tired of being lied to about some magical recovery that only affects 1% of the population) or said retail investor simply no longer exists despite all the endless propaganda to the contrary spewed by CNBC itself.

The reason? According to the latest Nielsen Media Research data, in the second quarter of 2014, CNBC viewership for all viewers just dropped to 162,000 – a new (and depressing for Comcast) low, on par with CNBC’s viewership from Q2 of 1997!

Where things get funny is when one looks at the ratings of that consummate entertainer, that self-appointed “voice of the people”, Jim Cramer. Sadly for Cramer, the people are now gone. Because also according to Nielsen Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show just had its lowest ever rated month in the 25-54 demo, and is about to have its second lowest rated month ever across total viewers.


But the punchline is when one looks at Cramer’s ratings on a daily basis. It is here where one finds that this past Friday not only was Mad Money trounced by its competition including Fox Business’ Making Money with Charles Payne (at a ratio of some 9 to 1) and Bloomberg’s West show, but Mad Money had a laughable 2,000 (!) viewers in the targeted 25-54 demo.

Surely even the cancelled Larry Kudlow could find more viewers than this? And in other rhetorical question, maybe it is not too late for Comcast to ask for its money back?

13 thoughts on “CRAMERICA DOWN TO 20,000 PEOPLE”

  1. I used to have CNBC on in the background 12+ hours a day. My trading improved once I turned that shit off for good. There is one thing I do miss though, and that was the CNBC contrary indicator trade: if one talking head mentions some trend, you ignore it. If two talking heads mention the same trend, you get really skeptical. When you hear a 3rd talking head mention the same trend, you drop whatever you’re doing and setup a trade for the exact opposite of whatever those three assholes were pushing. Amazing results.

  2. Admin,
    A TV version of The Burning Platform would have to be on cable. You need a catchy name like “The Shit Throwing Monkeys” or “He Should Have Ducked”. You would have no shortage of writers and contributors. You just need a good pitch.

  3. CNBC can’t go away fast enough. It’s despicable. All markets are rigged in favor of the rich bankers on Wall Street. What kind of message does CNBC send to our young people? Get on board the greed train?

    JIm Cramer is a shill and shameless leader for Jewbag bankers and sociopathic warmongers. They are the cancer of the planet and proudly boast about being the intermediaries that profit from wars, genocides and plutocracies. The greatest disease to humanity.

  4. Last time I remember seeing Jim Cramer was during the first Iron Man movie when Robert Downey Jr. said that Stark Industries wasn’t going to make weapons anymore…

    My reaction was “Holy shit! Jim Cramer is still alive?!?” Hadn’t heard from him in years…

  5. It’s really simple. For CNBC to have viewers they need the middle class investing. Since the middle class is shrinking it only follows that CNBC is losing viewers.

  6. And yet with all idiocy aside that sorry assed excuse for a man supposedly ‘in the know financially’ (Jim Crammer) is worth somewhere around 700 Million – GO FIGURE THAT ONE !

    I would rather stick a pencil in one of my eyes than listen to 30 seconds of his obnoxious babel.

    I am so very glad that I unplugged my TV set from the world right after Ross Perot lost to Billy ‘skin dog’ Clinton. The world has been circling the drain ever since.

  7. unrelated, but then again, bullshit sells..for awhile ..

    Google Will Stumble
    Michael S. Rozeff

    In the news today is a Google acquisition of a company called Nest for $3.2 billion and an acquisition by Nest of a company called Dropcam for $0.555 billion. These companies make products that have nothing to do with Google’s main line of business. These are called “unrelated” acquisitions. Google has been acquiring one company a week since 2010. Since 2001, one partial list contains 158 companies. Based on the history of other companies that have followed similar acquisition practices, I predict that Google will have a major setback, such as an accounting scandal, an unexpected loss, an unexpected slowing in its rate of growth, or business problems in one or more of these units. I doubt very much that either the management of this company or security analysts actually know what’s going on in so many companies. It is possible that some sharp analyst will publish an expose of Google that shows that its growth has been through accounting manipulation. Buying companies at what have to be competitive prices cannot achieve exceptional returns.

    Beyond that, it is always possible, even probable, that a new search engine comes along that’s better than Google. It may already exist, but is not widely known. I don’t keep up with such things, but I’ve been increasingly disappointed with the kinds of searches that Google produces since they too often simply lead to commercialized web sites. I’m also one of those who thinks that Google is mucking up its clean page with its doodles and moving images.
    2:36 pm on June 24, 2014 Email Michael S. Rozeff

  8. Back when I used to trade, there was a sizable group of short side guys who took the other side of every rec Cramer made, at the end of the next trading day. Wait for the pump and then go short. It worked better than taking the long side.

  9. The man that taught me how to trade and actually make money at it suggested to turn of the TV, face the screen towards the wall and put on some music.

    Best advice I ever listened to.

  10. I honestly thought this was gonna be a Seinfeld post.

    This Kramer is a LOT more credible than the other Cramer.

  11. I hate sitcoms (except 30 rock) they should put TBP on the tube. it would last about an hour before admin go arrested for inflamatory, obscene, racist, sexist, seditious, revolutionary, and entertaining content.

    dang, I miss LLPOH. take as long as necessary on your walkabout, my friend. lock the doors, Stuck goes nowhere.


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