I’m an excellent gas passer, but sadly they don’t pay me to do it. Why is AWD always in such a bad mood? Look at those wages for doctors.

If you go to the very bottom of the chart you find the Obama jobs. These are the jobs being added in the Obama “Recovery”. When you see the headlines every month about the 180,000 of new jobs, they are mostly low level fry cook, retail clerk, and waitress jobs paying shit wages. That is why the real median household income keeps falling and is lower than it was in 1999.





  1. That is one long-ass chart. AWD is perpetually pissed because he ain’t passing gas. And lets see, who gets all my money…..ex-wife, accountant, insurance agent, and half goes to the government. Doctors have a lot of dependents….welfare and disability parasites dependening on us, so they can eat themselves to death, get so fat they can’t they can’t walk anymore while spending their SNAP and EBT benefits every month. Can’t let those SNAP benefits go to waste when there’s crates of Reese’s and doritos and cokes to be consumed.

    Anesthesiologists are quickly being replaced by PA’s and NP’s, and also computers/robots. What they do is simple, even a monkey could do it. Thanks to Obamacare, the independent doctor/physician is thing of the past. We’re commodities, renamed “providers” by the liberal progressives taking over the medical system, so when you die seeing a PA, you’ll feel better, since you saw a “provider” that doesn’t know shit, has no training. Doctors are fleeing medicine is vast numbers, and I’m getting out as soon as I can. People got a view of our coming medical system and care, vis-a-vis the VA. It’s coming, the government running healthcare is a disaster beyond reckoning, and nobody seems to do anything about it or care. Typical.

  2. AWD,Nurse Anesthetists are not PA’s or NP’s, most are nurses who have a master’s degree that allows them to pass gas. Just the facts. John

  3. From time to time Ms Freud is asked to do a “Fit To Return” assessment. The two most typical clients are kids in school and copfuks (really). As the name of the letter implies, it is her professional opinion as to whether or not a person is ready to go back to school or work after they committed some egregious act. It can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete, and that’s only after she’s counseled with that person for several sessions.

    Anyway, in her private practice she charges a flat fee of $250. One day a week she works at a hospital, and she completed one about two weeks ago. The new and improved payment by the hospital — (we’re not sure if it’s mandated by Obamacare) — is a lousy fucking thirty-five bucks.

    And that’s why she reduced her hours there to one day a week. And that will soon become a half-day a week. (She stays there because if allows her to quickly and easily become approved by virtually every insurance company … which carries over to her private practice.)

    And that’s why the hospital has a SEVERE shortage of licensed psychologists / psychiatrists.

    And that’s why the work of licensed psychologists with doctorate degrees and 20 years experience is now being done by fucking SOCIAL WORKERS, some with only two year degrees.

  4. I’ve treated patients under general anesthesia for more than 25 years. It used to be all MDs where I go. Now it’s maybe one MD to five Nurse Anesthetists. I’ve heard anesthesiology describes as weeks of boredom punctuated by minutes of sheer terror. it’s that kind of job. I appreciate having people who are good at it. Not at the routine part, but at the difficult part when patients have a laryngospasm and their O2 sats drop into dangerous territory.

    The hospitals continually demand the same service for less outlay. So far the system is intact and functional, but you can’t get more efficient every year forever. Not at this kind of work. At some point quality suffers.

  5. Guys, you don’t get it.

    If you have a degree, its because the government made it so that you could get that degree. Without the government you would be like a bum on the street, or living in a trailer with no electricity hooked up.

    Us successful people owe to the country to give as much of ourselves as possible so that those who cannot perform as well as us get the same quality of life.

    Some socialist policies I can understand (for example, public sector roads/utilities), but this communist bullshit has got to stop or there will be a full-fledged revolution on hand.

  6. That’s a pretty good chart. I am right about at the mean, which is probably right for one a year on the job here.

  7. My understanding is that it is the gas passers that determine if you live or die. Our old friend Howard is a gas passer.

    I know a surgeon who is able to refer anesthetists for me. There are only 3 he recommends and would allow to work on him or his family. If ever needed I will try to get those for me and mine.

    I have a friend who is an optometrist. He says that is the best of the medical professions. Says it is boring, but not stressful. He says he cannot kill anyone, so his insurance is low and he has never been sued. If he sees something unusual he immediately kicks it to a specialist.


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