I’ll be out of touch for the rest of the day. My lovely niece is getting married on a perfect sunny day. Time to celebrate with family and drink too much.

11 thoughts on “OFF-LINE”

  1. Congrats to the newlyweds-hope you have a great time. This has been the most wedding-intensive June I have ever experienced-one every weekend. Going to one later this afternoon, as a matter of fact. But the biggie was two weeks ago-my daughters’. Bittersweet, I must say.

  2. AKAnon … best wishes and much happiness to your daughter.

    Admin …. I expect at least one hilarious story about your niece’s wedding. Hopefully, it doesn’t involve you.

  3. This just in. The groom evidently made a snide remark about “Irish tempers” at Admin’s niece’s wedding.


  4. This just in. Admin’s niece announces that she and her groom announce that they’re going for a jog after the reception. (Yeah, right.)


  5. Ahhh – young love. Admin, your niece and i will share our anniversary – I have been married 22 years today.

    Marriage has taught me what happiness is. And now its too late.

  6. @20:17

    Judging by what she was NOT wearing; it looks like she did not want to waste any time after the probably-also-going-commando groom carried her over the threshold.

  7. What happened to one of my pics above? It posted, then pffft, gone. This just in. The honeymoon gets off to a slow start.



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