The Obama loving mainstream media have gushed about the “strong” ongoing job growth over the last two years. Oh yes. The Obama jobs recovery has been fantastic. The country lost 8.8 million jobs in the space of two years and has managed to gain back 8.7 million jobs over the next four years. Woo Hoo!!!!

To the talking heads and moronic pundits who are put in front of teleprompters to read whatever storyline they are instructed to sell, a job is a job. One little itsy bitsy problem – The jobs created by Obama have been shit jobs – McDonalds pickle ploppers, Ruby Tuesday waiters, clueless clerks at IKEA, illegal immigrant lettuce pickers, and the ever popular self employed Ebay entrepreneurs.

The quality of jobs has declined precipitously under our savior in chief. The jobs paying $50,000 to $60,000 per year have not come back. They continue to be shipped to China and Vietnam. Even the $30,000 to $40,000 per year jobs haven’t come back. There are 1.9 million less people employed in the higher paying job classes, while there are 1.8 million more people making $25,000 or less per year.

The Obama “solution” to this development is to raise the minimum wage to $10.70. Seattle’s “solution” has been to raise the minimum wage to $15. Why don’t we raise it to $50 and we’ll guarantee prosperity for all? The debasement of our currency by the Federal Reserve is the real problem, never addressed by Obama or the feckless corporate media.

If you think the chart above is bad news, you ain’t seen nothing yet. As the know it all control freaks successfully raise minimum wages around the country, less low wage jobs will be created, less businesses will open, more small businesses will close, and prices for goods will rise.

Most of the Obama jobs created have been in the hospitality, restaurant and retail industry. Their customers were the people making $50,000 to $60,000 per year. They grew because these people had access to easy debt. That ship has sailed. Without good paying jobs, they can’t make their monthly debt payments on the house, cars, and credit card.

The result of the Obama jobs recovery is plunging profits at retailers and restaurants. They will continue to decline. The mom and pop retailers and restaurants have already thrown in the towel and closed up shop by the thousands. The national chains will be next. Radio Shack will be gone in a matter of months. JC Penney, Sears, and a myriad of other retailers and restaurant chains will be shuttering stores by the thousands over the coming years.

Even those shitty Obama jobs will be disappearing. Keep believing that economic recover story. It never gets old.


  1. Obama doesn’t care about jobs, or the economy, all he and the socialist liberal progressives care about is getting people signed up for welfare and disability, and/or every other program designed to make people dependent on the government. Obama even instituted a “fast track” program for disability for people that only speak Spanish. Obama’s main goal is the utter destruction of this country, and he’s succeeding beyond his wildest dreams.

    He’s building the democrat FSA majority, and letting the barbarian Mexicans invade this country by turning our borders into a sieve. How many millions more Mexicans are coming, probably all of which immediately sign up for welfare, food stamps, free housing, and free medical? They sure as hell aren’t running across the border to work or do anything productive.

    It’s criminal what Obama has done to this country. He’s increased welfare spending by almost 50%, so now we’re pissing away almost $1 trillion a year of deadbeats, paying them the equivalent of $57,000 is cash and benefits to sit or their asses and reproduce, more people on welfare than have jobs in NY, ILL, CA, and seven other states. Meanwhile, kids that want to do something with their lives, went to college, and are in debt up to their eyeballs have a collapsing job market to look forward to and a lifetime of debt, again thanks to Obama. Socialism always ends the same way, reward the lazy, and punish and steal from the productive.

  2. There is absolutely no ‘jobs recovery’. I personally do not know anyone that is doing better today than they were before 2005 / 2006, and even back then it was an out of control fucking rat race. Today we find ourselves in situation ‘scramble’ here in the good old US of A. Most of us that actually do work and do have a job (job security a thing of the past) are running faster and faster (think George Jetson on the treadmill) in an effort to maintain our heads above the fast rising waters. We find ourselves getting squeezed from all sides. It appears to me to be a very tiring uphill ‘slog’ and ultimately a losing battle. A serious RESET is needed.

  3. This commentary is disingenuous through omission. It fails to take into account burgeoning growth industries such as game show contestant, reality show freak of the month, sports franchise acquisition through verbal entrapment, and fast food burn related lawsuits. The forecast for these and other rags to riches careers is bright and will only become brighter as American culture continues to circle the proverbial drain. The young folks just need to get off the couch and start filming their swamp adventures and/or dump some hot coffee on their laps so we can get this economy booming again.

  4. Didn’t dems spin job losses on one of the main goals of the ACA? People are “empowered” to quit their jobs and pursue their dreams of being a poet, a mural painter, a child of earth, rather than be stuck in a job paying their own way.

    I can’t wait to see how Seattle turns out after they rose minimum wage, should be very interesting.

  5. Fact uncovered: Despite claiming to be “caught off guard”, the administration knew in JANUARY that an influx of immigrant children were about to flood the border:

    The Obama administration’s claim to have been surprised by the wave of children flooding over out borders may turn out to be another political lie of the year. Sundance of Conservative Treehouse noticed a very peculiar advertisement:

    On January 29th of this year, the federal government posted an advertisement seeking bids for a vendor contract to handle “Unaccompanied Alien Children“.

    Not just any contract mind you, but a very specific contract – for a very specific number of unaccompanied minors: 65,000.

    • Why would DHS and ICE be claiming “surprise” by the current influx of unaccompanied minors on the border in June, when they were taking bids for an exact contract to handle the exact situation in January?

    • Secondly, how could they possibly anticipate 65,000 unaccompanied minors would be showing up at the border, when the most ever encountered in a previous year was 5,000 total ?

    The bid specifics are even more suspicious:

    […] The Contractor shall provide unarmed escort staff, including management, supervision, manpower, training, certifications, licenses, drug testing, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide on-demand escort services for non-criminal/non-delinquent unaccompanied alien children ages infant to 17 years of age, seven (7) days a week, 365 days a year. Transport will be required for either category of UAC or individual juveniles, to include both male and female juveniles. There will be approximately 65,000 UAC in total: 25% local ground transport, 25% via ICE charter and 50% via commercial air.

    […] In addition, the Contractor shall have personnel who are able to communicate with juveniles in their own designated language(s).

    Link to the ad here:

  6. SKINBAG- no need to worry. There will be a reset in the next 5 to 10 years . It is going to be really interesting and scarey. WORL. I used to believe in free market capitalism but now realize that it is just a make believe BS that one branch of fascism is selling. Capitalists (being human) will morph into fascists as soon as they have enough wealth to impose their will on others.

    We are in a competition with other fascists and communists. The competition is to impose my fascist will on the other fascists and communists. Sad, but it is what it is.

  7. As much as I dislike Obama, I believe there is no one who could have totally prevented good paying jobs from disappearing. It is a function of international competition, and it is a function of the fact that low-skilled employees were over-paid for a very long time, and it is a function of demand being excessively fueled by debt for a very long-time, which also drove up wages. There was an overshoot, a bubble, in wages, which is bursting, albeit more slowly than many bubbles burst.

    And another unfortunate aspect of the bubble is that had there not been a bubble, it is much more likely that a steady state may have been sustainable, and may have prevented transfer of jobs en masse overseas. But because the US became so uncompetitive in the low/moderate skill areas, world competition seized upon the opportunity to grab those jobs, and US wages still have not collapsed back enough to prevent further loss.

    Obama has assisted the erosion for sure and certain. But it was inevitable. The debt bubble in particular ensured it.

  8. card802—All Seattle’s minimum wage did was make all $20-$25 jobs $15 jobs. They will all get laid off or fired and rehired at $15. Ala, Circuit City! Of course, you will have to work harder and longer and might as well forget the benefits.

    llpoh—Of course, ” no one who could have totally prevented good paying jobs from disappearing”. It’s the corporations that are running the Congress, You really don’t think they’re working for you! How much did you fork over for their election campaign? As John McCormick, speaker of the House of Representatives, said, pointing to an imaginary sign over the House door, “Nothing for Nothing”.

    The value of an employee, in terms of wages is whether an employer can make money on that employee at that wage level. US regulations and work and environmental rules cost employers. Hiring someone in a foreign country for 10cents/hr rather than $7/hr is hard to resist. H1-b has obliterated American jobs giving those jobs to foreign visa holders. Well when those corporation want to sell their cheap labor goods in the good ol’ US of A for biggo bucks, there won’t be any taker cuz no one will have money to pay cuz they don’t have no job.

    When is that you ask? When the ETB and credit cards dry up and the assets for cash disappear, like NOW, baby..


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