17 thoughts on “MAKE YOUR OWN FIREWORKS”

  1. I almost was afraid to watch this but then….Bwahahaha!

    He either went to wash his experiment off his face or call 911 to get his face checked for burn damage.

    Good Lord, the music was sooo apt.

  2. When I was a kid I made firecrackers by threading a needle through caps. Once upon pulling the needle out of a bundle of caps, I guess I pulled it too fast and the gunpowder ignited from the friction. Afterwards I looked like the guy in this video…had black powder all over my face and I exhaled smoke.

    I didn’t do that again 🙂

  3. Dumbass. Should name him Alvis Didway.

    We had a mechanic who was removing corrosion on a magnesium casting. Ground on it for an hour or so. Got his coveralls filled with the magnesium dust. Well he used a high speed die-grander and hit one of the metal nutplates on the casting and well he didnt explode but he sure burned his twig and berries. And thats the story of Alvis Didway.

  4. Zara;
    Caps don’t use black powder. They use a different composition. Caps typically use a potassium perchlorate / sulfur and antimony compound. It is closer to a flash powder charge mix. It’s a bit more shock sensitive than black powder composition, as you found out the hard way.

    One time I took a 3 lb drilling hammer to an entire pack of caps. My ears rang for 2 days. I didn’t do that again either!

    We used to cut the tops off of strike anywhere matches and put them between two bolts wired together and a nut between them holding the match tops and tighten the bolts on the cap tops. We would toss it up in the air and it would hit the asphalt hard and explode.

    BTW, I learned this trick from my father.

  5. Never messed with gun-powder, one of our favorites was making smoke-bombs [which never exploded] by just using pouring Pine-Sol on a small can of powdered pool chlorine.

  6. Alvis Didway? Sounds like a character in a John Grisham book. Read one of his books. I was far away from civilization and it was the only book available. Everybody was named “Snerdham Miggette” or “Darnell Fopply” or something. He should throw in a “Dave Johnson” just to fuck with people.

  7. Alvis Didway? Sounds like a character in a John Grisham book -Waran

    No, it is a true story, knew the guy quite well, sorry about some literary confusion that is none my fault =)

    We had a joke at the time in the hangar “What did Alvis do?”

    He did it Didway, was the answer.

  8. That video is AWESOME!

    And the Didway story is great, too.

    After the video, if you click on the Morons wih Guns vid, you can see some more great examples of human jennius.

  9. I just HATE fireworks. This is a horrible time of the year for the animals, who have much more sensitive hearing than we do. Last night, a couple of little brats in my neighborhood were setting off their bloody firecrackers in the street, dozens of them, as they have been doing for the past four nights. No pretty displays of color and light with these things- nothing but loud, ugly noises.

    They can blow their fat little fingers off for all I care- them, and the moron parents who procured the things for them.


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